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A Donald Trump News Conference

In watching Donald Trump address a news conference today, I honestly think he answered more questions on virtually every subject than Obama and Hillary Clinton have answered in over seven years. It lasted well over an hour.  Dozens of questions.  He ducks nothing. He spars with reporters, he explains matters clearly and bluntly, captivates a national TV audience and he’s entertaining at the same time.  More polished now, but still “The Donald.”  And, I find him so refreshing that if he does not become our next President, we will miss one heck of a show with solid leadership.  Smart as they come, fearless, straight forward, decisive and a natural leader.  It’s no wonder how he made billions of dollars.  He is an absolute master of getting attention unheard of during the rival Party’s convention.  However, the press will exploit issues negatively he referred to today.  It doesn’t matter.  The average person loves it.  And Obama is clearing his October schedule to campaign for Hillary.  Speaking on the Today Show Wednesday morning, Obama made reference that Trump could win.  Said Trump today, “I am going to win. People are sick and tired of incompetence.”

Trump touched on it all.  Immigration, ISIS, lack of an American flag at Dem’s convention, emails scandal number two, police (all Baltimore charges dropped) trade, email hacking, “Hillary hasn’t had a press conference like this in a year and she took only seven questions. Let’s see how she does”….John Hinckley should not be released today from his mental facility…and was infatic that he has no connection with Russia’s Putin even if they did or did not hack Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s emails with Hillary. He described the contents of her emails disgusting with references to Jews, religion and atheism.  “There is no way Hillary did not know what the Party chair woman was doing.” “If I did that, I’d be up here now having to withdraw my candidacy for President.”  The headline grabber will be his call if the Russians have Hillary’s 32,000 emails they ought to release them.   Whoever did hack the Democrat Headquarters just might do that.  And there is no telling who did it.  “It might be some 300 pound guy laying in bed with a very high IQ.”   Vintage Trump.

Trump said Obama will go down in history as the worst President of all time. “He knew nothing coming in and knows less now.”  He mentioned his advisors tell him not to do this (have press conferences) but, “I like to do them to correct lies.”  “Obama’s view of the world don’t jive and the world is a mess.  Just look what’s happening with immigration, Syria, Libya, Iraq…with everything he’s touched.  It’s a disaster.”

There is a reference he made that is thoughtful and will largely be ignored by the press. He was making reference to giving Hillary security clearance.  Her chief aid, Huma Abedin is married to Anthony Weiner. “who is a sleaze ball and a pervert.” “I don’t like her, Abedin, going home at night and telling Weiner all of these secrets. (Weiner resigned in disgrace from his congressional seat after exposing himself on the internet to attract women) “So how can Hillary Clinton be briefed on delicate matters when it was just proven she lied and her server shouldn’t have that on it and she is missing 33,000 emails.  I don’t think it’s safe to have Hillary Clinton being briefed on national security because the word will get out.”   There is some truth in that remark.

And so it went.  Donald Trump was never the candidate I wanted to see win the nomination.  But, compared to “Crooked Hillary” there is simply no question he’s the right person.  Hillary’s experience factor proves to be a list of failures.  She is no leader.  Never has been.  Trump is a quick study.  He will surround himself with solid advisors.  He is extremely perceptive when it comes to people.  He has what I call “street smarts.” And right or wrong, and he’ll make mistakes, we’ll again know we have someone in the White House that truly cares and loves our Country.  And who else could make better deals for America than the man who wrote the all time best seller…..The Art of the Deal.

There will never be a dull moment.

Hillary’s America

Now playing in theaters across America is the latest film by scholar Dinesh D’Souza entitled Hillary’s America.  In a way the title is somewhat misleading because most of the film is devoted to an exploration and evolvement of the Democrat Party since it’s inception. It is historical in nature and worth a look.

Through the years, it was the Democrat Party that sought segregation and has been very innovative in it’s role of keeping Blacks from Whites.   Even up and through the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson in the sixties.  It was the Republicans since the beginning of our America that fought against slavery.   Even though Thomas Jefferson had slaves, he was benevolent with them and fought the “all men are created equal and endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights” meaning to include Afro Americans as well.  It was his belief that excluding Blacks was hypocritical to his writings.  There was a stalemate in the founding of our Country over this issue.  It was only when the Republicans gave in reluctantly to the Democrat’s that our founding documents could be ratified by all States.

Through the years it was the Democrat Party who sought to segregate.  After Republican Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves post our civil war, it was the Democrats who created the Ku Klux Klan and hung thousands of freed American Afro Americans post the civil war.   President Lyndon Johnson, a Texan, felt he could keep the Blacks in line by “giving them something.”   In the city where I grew up, Chicago, it is widely known it was Democrat Mayor Richard J. Daley who decided to build most of the projects for the poor on the distant south side to keep them away from the Whites and his beloved downtown Chicago.  This film takes you along the ride of Democrat segregation and the misleading of Black Americans.  It’s all quite convincing.

As for Hillary Clinton, D’Souza pieces together her college conversion under the tutelage of radical Saul Alensky.  She wrote her final thesis on this man who created a path for Marxist’s/Progressives.  He was the man who wrote Rules For Radicals that Obama has adhered to.  Hillary was in touch with him until his death.  It’s all there in the film.

Dinesh D’Souza who produced the film, Obama’s America, (the 2nd biggest box office hit of movie documentaries) was sought to be punished by the Obama administration.  He was arrested and charged for donating too much to a candidate, a misdemeanor almost always, especially for a man who had never been arrested for anything.  He was sentenced to eight months jail time and was sent to a high risk penitentiary.  The thieves, murderers and drug addicts in prison with him laughed when he revealed why he was there.. He also was sentenced to many years of community service and no longer has the right to vote.

It’s all there for anyone skeptic or believer to see for themselves and make of it what they wished.  As I left the crowded theater (and heard harsh comments of Hillary) I couldn’t help thinking this is a man who should always watch his back.  Body guards a must.  And, it would not surprise me at all if we hear a news report of D’Souza suddenly being killed in a car crash accident.   Or whatever.  Raised in India.  So proud of America.  Ivy League education, author of a number of books and now producer of two very controversial films.  I admire him.  And fear for him.

Mark Twain Once Said…

“I don’t belong to an organized Party. I’m a Democrat.”  That thought permeates thinking as an afternoon of chaos reigned at the first day of the Democrat convention in Philadelphia.  It all stems from the fall out of leaks of emails showing Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz deliberately planned ways to prevent Senator Bernie Sanders from gaining the election from Hillary Clinton.  She has resigned and any attempt by her to stay involved in the convention has caused a massive eruption by Sanders supporters inside and outside the convention arena.

There is actually a fear, as of Monday, if this eruption is not subdued, Sanders delegates (approximately 35-40% of the delegates) could boo the Party’s nomination of Hillary Clinton and especially her Vice President nominee Tom Kaine.  His supporters feel Kaine is too moderate and it should have gone to their man Bernie Sanders.  Hillary’s people and Sanders people are madly working on a plan to contain this disaster on the first day.   Some of his supporters began laying down in front of the entrance in an act of civil disobedience.

Actually the days most significant news buried in convention news was what was found in digging into the CNN polling showing Trump with a 3% lead and if protest candidates are included, his lead is 5%.  Get this…Trump now leads the crucial Independent vote 46% to 28%.  In mid July she led in that category 34% to 31%.  That is the highest Independent margin since 1992.

Even the very liberal but fair CNN’s Jake Tapper is astounded with what he saw Monday afternoon.  “I have never seen or heard of a Party Chairman resigning on the first day of a national convention.”  Nobody has.  In addition to this new email scandal, delegates are also frustrated with the super delegates who were in place making certain of Hillary’s nomination.  This opening day debacle is the last thing the Democrat’s wanted.  Especially after controversy at the Republican convention.

And now comes word the email hackers, supposedly Russian, may very well be releasing Clinton Foundation emails.  Whoa!   But, having all this in mind may end up meaning nothing.  During the 1968 Democrat convention in Chicago there was absolute bedlam as Mayor Richard J. Daley had his police clubbing Viet Nam protesters for four days.  Inside Chicago Stadium was a battle royal with pro Daley supporters versus the rest of his Party appalled at the outside happenings.  Almost lost in it all this was an attempt to nominate a Presidential candidate after Lyndon Johnson decided not to run again.  Finally VP Hubert Humphrey received the nomination.  After that convention the polls showed Humphrey so far behind Republican nominee Richard Nixon that it hardly seemed worth a campaign.  HOWEVER, Nixon only won by 7 tenths of one per cent.  Nothing is certain in politics.

CNN New Poll Post Repub. Convention

The new poll from CNN is even worse than Democrat’s expected.  Plus a new email scandal posted late Sunday on this website.   Trump 48%  Hillary  45%.  Pre convention it was Trump 43%  Hillary 49%.  A swing of 10%.  Hillary’s negatives at 68% are higher than anyone has ever seen.  After a 25 year career in political lime light, it is inconceivable that will change much.  The FBI report will never go away.  In a four way race post convention: Trump 44%..Hillary 39%..Johnson 9%..Stein..5%.  Pre convention Trump 37%  Hillary 42%  Johnson 13%  Stein  5%.   This bodes well for Trump as the protest voters hurt Hillary more and are more likely to swing Trump’s way in November.

The poll shows the bottom dropping out from blue collar voters for Hillary.  Same for Independents where Trump has opened up a huge lead.

Sanders supporters are up in arms over the new email scandal showing the chair woman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, swung the many emails for Hillary.  She’s been fired.  The Democrat Party protected email server has been hacked.  It is believed by the Russians.  Goodness knows what they have gotten off of Hillary’s unprotected server.  Shultz will now work for the Hillary campaign who naturally denies any knowledge of the new email scandal.  Heck, she probably orchestrated it.  More nasty emails expected to be released.   Likely drip by drip.

Heading into tonight’s Democrat convention, it is in total disarray.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (you didn’t build that!) will offer a keynote address.  Likely the best of all anti Trump convention speech’s.  Look for the media to applaud it many times.  Michelle will also speak.   Would you believe at the Democrat convention they are going to bring onto the podium families of those who had loved ones shot by police?   A plus for Republicans who won’t get the Black vote anyway.  And, many  others will hate it big time.  Police organizations are outraged.

No doubt Hillary Clinton will also get a bump from her convention.  There is a long way to go until November.  The race will be close.  Trump, unconventional as always, will be campaigning all over this week with tweets galore.  Trump’s convention speech was a winner incredibly to CNN’s pundits.  For Trump to win he must win States that normally vote Democrat.  There is much evidence he will do that.

“Hillary heads into the convention with more baggage than Delta Airlines.”  Mike Huckabee,


You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

If you are one of those who thought the Republican convention was off the rails, wait until you hear the goings on even before the Democrat’s begin their convention.  First…the Democrat email server gets hacked.  Most believe by the Russians. And if you think a protected server gets easily hacked, think of what they have on Hillary’s unprotected server.  Trump was probably correct saying she can be blackmailed.  The hacked emails prove that the Democrat’s were working against Sen. Bernie Sanders.  Even talking about bringing his religion, or no religion, into the negatives against him.  Any and everything done to stop Sanders from hurting Hillary.  Remember he won 23 primaries and his followers are almost fanatical. So what happens?   Democrat Party chair woman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets the heave ho on the eve of their convention.  They now had to find someone last minute as an interim Party chairman.  Emails even show Schultz working with  Feeding them info and approving their stories before publication.  Schultz takes the fall for the Clinton’s mischief as usual.  If that isn’t screwy enough, word is Hillary is going to let Schultz speak to the convention likely on Monday.

Naturally Sanders followers are up in arms. NBC is reporting thousands are now or will be soon taking to the streets in protest. They feel betrayed in several ways. They thought they would get a progressive VP candidate.  Obviously it’s a Clinton betrayal using their Party chair woman who was more than happy to comply. Their system was rigged. Hillary is now moving more towards the middle politically.  She selects Senator Tim Kaine as her vice president election.  Not a bad choice.  He’s rather bland, but speaking Spanish is a real plus for her.  Especially in the critical State of Florida.  But, Kaine is way too moderate for the Sanders supporters.  All that Sen. Sanders worked for is down the drain.  It is now estimated close to 90% of his followers are working to find a new movement.  Trying to find a way to dump Kaine from the ticket.  Futile, but protesters may create havoc on the convention floor.  Perhaps a walk out when Sen. Kaine comes out to speak.  To them, Kaine is unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the thought being why would the Russians leak those damaging emails?  Most believe Russian President Vladimir Putin wants Donald Trump to be elected.  Why?  Who knows.  But, incredible as it is, the Russians are interfering with American Presidential politics.   Again, my goodness, think of what they got from Hillary’s destroyed emails.  Our national security exposed.

So what is Donald Trump up to now?  For what it’s worth, Trump never uses emails.  After a weekend of rest, rest assured Trump will tweet and campaign his way through Ohio and Pennsylvania this week.  He’s probably going to blow up the email/Russian scandal that is no small thing.  One can almost hear him now beginning Monday.  If anybody knows how to get attention, no matter the circumstances, it’s “The Donald.”  There is no clear poll as yet as to any bump he got from the Republican convention.  Only the CNN poll immediately after his speech showing 75% approved of his message.  But, their internal State polls indicate Trump is even or winning in some States that have not voted Republican in decades.  He leads in Connecticut of all places.  And most battleground States.

Of note, Fox News not only received the highest ratings against CNN and MSNBC convention coverage, but they also beat all the main network coverage.  Keep in mind, millions do not have cable.

So stand by everyone, we’re about to hear from Michelle Obama Monday, likely Sanders as well trying to quiet his followers and fired Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  But, that okay by me.   At least we won’t have to hear that awful screeching noise coming out of the mouth of Hillary Clinton.   Hearing her trying to rem up a crowd with raising her voice is about as inspiring as a bunch of cheerleaders performing to a mostly empty stadium.

Trump Triumph

“I will work for you.  I will fight for you.  I will win for you.”  so said Donald Trump in his acceptance speech.  The knifes are out in a big way.  “It was a dark speech.”  “His tone was mostly shouting.”   “It was a disgrace” from Van Jones on CNN.  Leaving the Obama administration in controversy and shame.  David Axelrod…”relentlessly negative speech.”  But this came from Democrat pundits.  Stand by for CNN’s post speech poll and the Frank Luntz focus group.

Trump painted a picture of America in deep trouble.  Terror…crime…jobs….immigrants killing Americans….ISIS on a world wide killing spree…. police being regularly slaughtered…unemployment with 95 million Americans out of the work force.   What American voters have to decide is our Country in the trouble Donald Trump says it is.     Trump described problems that he would solve.  Is America broken?   That is the question.  If you agree the Country is in trouble, than his speech was spot on.  If not, you thought he was just spreading worthless fear.

Trump spoke with force, power and credibility.  Jacksjargon knows Trump is very smart. Trump is a leader.  And he has a record of success that is hard to match.  With that in mind and knowing Hillary Clinton will give us more of the same and is horribly untrustworthy it clarifies matters.    Mrs. Clinton is running for herself.  Her past in leadership as Secretary of State is terrible.  Trump is running for more philanthropic  reasons.  Sure there is ego involved.  But, in a way it appears he is running to give back to a Country that has given him so much.  As his son Eric said…”Dad doesn’t need this job.

Here are results from CNN”s poll after Trump’s speech.  57% thought it was very positive…18% were somewhat positive…24% thought it had a negative effect.  That’s 75% positive to the dismay of CNN’s pundits.  What direction will Trump’s policy’s move the Country…73% said right direction…24% said wrong direction.  Before the speech it was only 60% positive for Trump.

In the Frank Luntz focus group he has used all week made up of the cross section from both Party’s, he polled his group after the speech.  Now there are none in the group that would vote for Hillary.  Six would vote for Trump and six still undecided.  A plurality were moved by the speech.   Several felt it was enormously effective.  When Trump looks into the camera and says “I am your voice.”  “I will work for you.”  He is credible.  And this blogger believes the American people, in majority, believe him as well.

Stand by for savage attacks from the liberal media and Hillary’s people. There is a good chance she will name her VP pick Friday in order to dampen any Trump impact.  It’s either Sen. Tom Kaine of Virginia or Tom Vilsack former agriculture secretary.  Best guess it will be Kaine.  He is boring, but he is fluent in Spanish.

At this point it appears Trump’s gamble on painting a dark picture that he will fix is resonating.  Why wouldn’t it resonate?  75% of American’s think our Country is headed in the wrong direction.  CNN pundits must regret taking that poll and are crying in their beer tonight.  Prepare for the Democrat’s convention next week.  But they have a big problem.  Hillary Clinton simply can’t give a good speech. Not even close.  Trump has a shot.



Cruz Blues

For months jacksjargon has been reporting Sen. Ted Cruz is an arrogant self absorbed egotistical blowhard.  If you had any doubt, last night he proved it at the Republican convention.  At Trump’s invitation, Cruz was allowed to address the convention given 15 minutes.  He took over 30 minutes and at no time did he show any appreciation or give any indication the crowd should vote for Donald Trump.  “Vote your conscience” was the best he could do.  Booed off of the stage.  His wife taunted (Goldman Sachs) as a Wall Street benefactor.  She needed an escort to leave the convention floor.  Nobody can ever remember a more disgraceful disgusting moment in convention history.  Ever the opportunist, Cruz preaching like a preacher, took the occasion to promote himself for the 2020 Presidential election.  No wonder he is the last man anybody wants to sit next to at the Senate dining room.  Good chance his future in the GOP is over.

Some thoughts and notes in watching every minute of the convention through the channels of CNN, C-Span and Fox News. Let’s really hear it for split screen television.  Outside of Megyn Kelly’s sexy black dress Wednesday night, Fox news has been disappointing.  Simply too much avoidance of the speech’s with too many interviews and commentary.  Most all missed, except for C-Span, Laura Ingraham’s speech was terrific.  Deeply personal, funny, totally poised and made it clear why she supports Trump.  If she wasn’t becoming so wealthy, she would be an ideal female candidate for any Republican office.  CNN’s coverage seldom misses a speech. And has a very balanced panel with very good insight.  C-Span…no commercials.  Just wall to wall coverage.

There has never been a time in political history where the family of a Presidential candidate was so involved.  And, most importantly, so effective in their presentations. If anybody has doubts as to Trump’s character, his children are a wonderful example of the kind of man their father happens to be.  Trump Jr. is destined to be a Republican future star in the mode of the late John Kennedy Jr.  Noted is how the family includes the one sibling from Trump’s second marriage (to Marla Maples), a step sister, as one of their very own.

Thank goodness Newt Gingrich talked about a subject dear to me that is virtually ignored.  He explained the Islamic terrorists would blow up an entire American city when they possess nuclear weapons.  Killing hundreds of thousands.  We must be vigilant and destroy them in this war as much as possible.  Obama, Hillary and the Iran deal make it a reality.

The police have been terrific.  They have done what needed to be done.  Over whelming force (presence) nipping any problem that may have potential to create havoc.

Of note, the man who made FOX News the biggest cable channel anywhere, Roger Ailes, has been let go by Rupert Murdoch’s sons who now run much of their father’s empire.   Having looked for an excuse for some time, they found one in sexual advances made by Ailes with female reporters over his more than 20 years building this industry giant.  All charges are alleged.

Tonight is thee night for Donald Trump to step forward and give the speech of a life time.   Nothing is more important at this time until the debates with Hillary.  I fear his one hour speech may be too long.  Also, Trump has never taken to using a teleprompter as well as his family.  There is cause for concern from his supporters.

Can Trump beat Hillary Clinton?   The odds are pretty slim.  She will have all Black’s, Hispanic’s, Democrat’s and the major portion of the female component.  Are there enough White males and closet Trump supporters to pull it off.  Doubtful.  One positive note, with her millions spent on political commercials, Trump is virtually tied with her in polls.   And, swing States look fairly good at present.  He needs to get commercials in place.   Mike Pence has proven his worth already within the Party, his speech was excellent.  And, the big money people may come around.  Trump now knows he selected the right man.  Also, few can ever remember a convention totally bludgeoning their opponent as has been effectively done to Hillary Clinton.  That is until next week.

This thought for what it’s worth.   If you are female reading this and plan to vote for Hillary mainly because she is a female, I say this to you.  Should the day come when there is more than one female running for the same office, I am going to vote for the prettiest woman.   Makes perfect sense to me.  Right?

Good luck Donald.


Convention Triumph Marred By Controversy

Don’t think for one minute the accusations of plagiarism against Melania Trump will cause major damage to the show the Republicans put on last night  It was the first night of their convention in Cleveland.  It was a triumph of the first order.  For one of the first times jacksjargon can remember, the Republicans absolutely destroyed Hillary Clinton with truths about what she has done.   Mostly as Secretary of State.  It was patriotic, highly emotional at times and informative for a TV audience that certainly included more than mere Republicans.

The highlight of the night, and their were several, was the speech from Melania Trump. The writers of her speech, that she helped write, inserted three lines (58 words) that were virtually identical to the speech given by Mrs. Obama during the Democrat convention 2008.   Oh one would think, according to the media, all the gold had been stolen from Fort Knox.  All three morning network shows showed over and over the sentence by sentence comparison.  It is true somebody writing that speech for her should be fired.  Unless, of course, it was Campaign manager Paul Manafort.  But, Mrs. Trump, courageous as they come, gave a speech about her husband that was a triumph according to Fox News Brit Hume.  Chris Wallace echoed the same with the remark “and she was drop dead gorgeous.”  Married 18 years to Donald, she speaks five languages,  Among her remarks, people know of what she speaks….”Donald gets things done”  “Donald never gives up.”  “He’ll never let you down.”   He’s an amazing leader.”  All this from a woman foreign born, never a speech giver, this took enormous courage.  Some people are afraid to speak up at a PTA meeting.  And, Trump’s entrance to introduce his wife is one for the ages.  Darkened entrance, seen only his shadow in a blue lit cloud like sight with the music “We are the champions” blaring.  Nothing wrong with a little showbiz fun.

Of note, Hillary Clinton accused, and was correct, Barack Obama plagiarized for one of his speeches….VP Joe Biden was forced to drop out of one of his Presidential runs for President due to plagiarism.   Of this you will never here.

But, going against the main stream media’s focus, the first nights speeches were special.   The Lone Survivor, Mark Luttrell, the mother of a son lost at Benghazi, Patti Smith, Rudy Giuliana, Sen. Tom Cotton ( a definite prospect for a future Presidency) General Flynn were spot on.   To target at Hillary in a way the media and no Republican Presidential candidate has ever done before.  “Red Meat” sure, but they spoke the truth the TV audience needed to hear.   I urge to go to to see a speech or two yourself.  Especially Patty Smith and Rudy Giuliani.  Among things Rudy referred to…”what happened to “there is no White America…there is no Black America.”  And to Islamic terrorists….”we’re coming to get you.”  And the sheriff of Milwaukee, David A. Clarke, comes out to speak, says an opening line, and than belts out…”Blue lives matter.” to a roar of approval.

Some other notes….Fox News concentrated too much on panel discussions and missed important speeches.   CNN’s coverage was better.   Bill O’Reilly blundered by using a phone conversation with Trump and missing Patti Smith’s brief and terribly emotional talk.  Gov. John Kasich justifiably criticized for not attending the convention in his home State ignoring the oath he took.  Fox New Founder and CEO, Roger Ailes appears to be a goner for sexual harassment not just at Gretchen Carlson, but others coming forth now.  Megyn Kelly reportedly confirming his advances.

For those of you discouraged by the horrendous negative coverage of the plagiarism in Mrs. Trump’s speech, don’t be.  It was a very good night for Republicans.  The news cycle turns over quickly.  With Chris Christie Tuesday night and Trump’s children speaking, by Thursday and Trumps speech, Monday will be history.  Trump’s, reportedly one hour speech Thursday night, is for “All the marbles.  Tuesday may provide more delegates fighting to put Ted Cruz’ name in nomination.  It’s fodder for media attention.  But meaningless.

As for convention momentum slowed……Momentum?   I think of the old grumpy manager of the Baltimore Orioles, Earl Weaver.   When bugged by reporters about his team losing momentum, he growled…”Momentum is tomorrow’s starting pitcher.  Catch my drift?

Who Is Mike Pence?

Before I forget…Mike Pence will be interviewed Friday night on Sean Hannity…an exclusive. The new Republican Vice President candidate is 57 year old Indiana Governor Mike Pence.  Born in Columbus, In, southern Indiana, and was part of a an Irish Catholic family who adored John Kennedy.  He is no longer Catholic but devout in his Evangelical faith.  He graduated from Indiana U. and went to law school as well.

Pence served 13 years as a Congressman, on the Foreign Relations Committee and rose through the ranks to the 3rd spot as the Party  Republican Conference Chairman before being elected Governor. Personality wise, he is the opposite of Trump.   He’s a Hoosier.  Known for their hospitality, a more laid back nature that can easily be under estimated.  Having lived in Indiana over 30 years I vividly recall Pence hosting his call in radio program daily on Indy’s most popular station.  I was a regular listener.  Pence liked to call himself  “The Rush Limbaugh on decaf.”  Smart as they come.  Always a gentleman, but he always knew what he stood for and expressed it in a very convincing manner.  He provides solid balance to the GOP ticket

This move by Trump shows he will listen.  Typical Trump would have wanted a more combative VP,  but his family and advisors thought he needed to show proven conservative credentials.  In a way, he might be best for “The Donald” because Pence is very convincing without being confrontational.

The new VP candidate will be criticized for signing a bill that allowed business people, with religious views, not to have to serve those who conflicted with their religious values.   Such as married gays, trans genders and the like.   This created such a fire storm and pressured the Governor to amend the bill eventually.  Other than that, it will be hard to fault him.  If ever needed, he could serve as a very good President.  He’s is well liked, respected and a man of impeccable character with strong views on what he believes.  He has the judgment to know to do the right thing.

For those disappointed in the Pence selection, rest assured Newt and Chris Christie will have important slots in a Trump administration.  Can you imagine Christie as Attorney General?  Perfect.  Especially after the nightmare of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and their leftist and weak character nature.  And, Newt Gingrich is sure to have Trump’s ear anytime he wants.   Likely he will have a key spot.  Perhaps a cabinet post or something closer to Trump.   And Pence is no wall flower.  Trump will get an ear full from his Vice President.  Very important is how much Trump’s family loved Pence.   From his wife to all of his children.  They were a key.

With the rules committee making certain Trump is the nominee, look for an entertaining Cleveland convention beginning Monday.  Trump was involved in the planning.  The news channels will offer the best coverage. And for those wanting to hear and see every convention crumb, there is always C-Span.

Hillary Clinton shocked the TV world Thursday night by phoning in and speaking with Bill O’Reilly.  He gave her the platform.  No hard ball questions.  Likely so he can get her back on again during the campaign. Her appearance came about because Trump had already been on and the France terrorist disaster was on everybody’s mind.  She had to say something.  But, there is no way she can get away from her support of even more Syrian refugees than what Obama has done.  Deny deny here it comes.  Trump is surging in the polls.  Should get more of a bump post convention.  The question is will it last.  Frankly, I think the Country is willing to take a chance on Trump because Hillary has been exposed blatantly as a liar…only 28% of the public think she is honest and trustworthy.  Plus, she won’t be able to get away from more of the same that Obama has given us.

A couple of final thoughts.   Look for a huge effort planned by agitators to disrupt the Republican convention.  In attempt to take away from the goings on. How will Cleveland handle it?   Can they handle it?   But, it all may back fire again to Trump’s benefit.  He is the “law and order man” he now says.  And with terrorism so prevalent, a strong leader is awfully tempting.  And polls can be very deceiving.  Keep this in mind.  It has happened before.  There are what I would call “closet Trump supporters.” People who will vote for Trump who won’t tell pollsters because of assorted reasons.  Mrs. Clinton begins with California and New York in her pocket.   But she knows the trouble she is in.    Why else would she “lower herself” (in her eyes) and go on Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor.

Finally, with his nomination, Trump can begin TV ads.  He has been out spent 15 to 1.  And he is doing better than anyone expected.

GOP Fast Moving Headlines

Here are headlines, mid day, about Republican issues.  Convention and otherwise. Then details.  VP?  Signs point to Pence. 2. Rules Committee in Cleveland delayed in “anybody but Trump” movement. 3. New CBS poll has it dead even Trump/Hillary  4. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg apologizes.

All signs now pointing to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as Trump’s Vice President pick.  All just circumstantial thus far.  His staffer seen flying to New York City.  Gingrich and Christie slotted for speaking at the convention next week.   No slot for Pence.   Pence seen meeting with his Lt. Governor today. Thought being it’s preparation for a transition as Pence leaves his governor role.  Newt Gingrich says it’s Pence. Newt says he’ll know for sure this afternoon…Thursday.  But, with Trump’s flare for the dramatic and suspense building, nobody knows for certain.  Trump loves it.  He’ll officially announce 11AM Eastern time Friday.  But, actually decide later on Thursday says his son Trump Jr.

A new CBS/New York Times nationwide polls has Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tied at 40% each.  One month ago Hillary was up by 6%.  It shows Hillary’s honest and trustworthy listing at 28%.  Smallest anyone can remember pre election.  Trump has the Independent vote 40% to 28%.  Says long time Face the Nation host and 35 year political/newsman pundit Bob Schieffer at CBS…”This poll is devastating for Hillary Clinton. This big a lead with Independents?   They’re going to decide the election. She needs the middle.”  The FBI report obviously damaging.  Will it stay this low is the question.

The Republican rules committee meeting was suspended after a brief start this morning.  First blaming it on a broken printer.  The “anybody but Trump” people began causing a fuss.  Says one of their leaders Curley Hoffman “It’s about allowing the delegates to vote for whoever they want.  Says Steve Lonegan ” Trump only received 20% of all Republican voters.  The delegates represent all others.  It still doesn’t mean Trump won’t get the nomination.”  Things are now stalled within the rules committee at this hour.  Decent chance their vote won’t come until Friday.  The vote will be about unbinding the delegates.  The rules committee can do whatever they wish.  It’s always been this way pre convention.  But, never this critical.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has apologized to Donald Trump.  This coming after her outrageously and unusual outspoken remarks calling Trump “An egotistical faker…it’s gone to his head….he is unfit to be President.”    The New York Post ran a morning headline “Darth Bader Ginsburg.”   She received huge criticism from all sides including the New York Times and Washington Post.  A Supreme Court Justice has no business commenting on political issues because that justice may have to future rule on matters involving on what could be the President of the United States.  She very well may have to recuse herself on any of such future rulings.  Some are questioning her state of mind with age and her long battle with cancer.

In the forwhatitsworth category….reports are Sean Hannity paid the bill for Newt Gingrich’s private flight to Indianapolis to meet with Trump.

Above all else, don’t get lost in this multitude of news stories.  The one that truly stands out above everything is the rules committee decision on whether to allow and unbind all delegates to vote “their conscience” on the first ballot nomination for President.   The old jazz tune….The “it’s” Where It’s At comes to mind.       If you love politics, here it comes America.