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63,000 DEAD!

That number is true.  63,000 Americans have been reported killed by illegal aliens since 911.   And yes, they are illegally here no matter how majority media bleeds for those breaking our laws.  But, they don’t bleed, let alone report, the trajedy’s happening over and over in America.  Plus, that figure is only those reported.  Who knows the accurate record. And what about those scarred for life?

Friday President Trump held a televised conference of those who lost loved ones to illegals.  At least six spoke, one just could not hold it together, and told stories that simply breaks your heart to hear.  Son killed by an illegal who simply drove over him back and forth.  One shot in the head while not resisting.  Merely giving back change to an illegal over a counter.  Two girls, 16 and 17 years of age, hit by an illegal from behind in a car going three time the speed limit. The parent said he was told it was like an explosion going off.  Steve Ronnebeck  from Mesa, AZ  holds his son’s birthday at his grave site every year.  Plus a Christmas tree on his grave every year.  A woman lost her son and now wears his ashes in a necklace she was wearing.  She lost her only child.  She  thought of suicide until she felt hope when listening to President Trump speak of a crack down upon illegals crossing our borders.  A young woman raped, tortured, sodomized and thrown off on a road side. It came 24 hours after graduating from college.  And on and on.  You get the picture.

In California, since handing out drivers licenses 2017 to illegals (they use them to vote as well) highway fatalities are up 19%.  Hit and run accidents up 26%.  Over and over judges let illegals off with light sentences or probation only to commit more crimes.  Or never seen again after being let out on bail.  Illegals set free from court after a heinous crime without notifying police in advance.  Then that illegal kills and rapes someone within hours of release.  Doubt these stories?  Want to learn more?  Go to for insight into this post.  But, you may have to wait to get through because the site is overwhelmed since these tragic stories were carried on all three cable news channels.

So yes, it is natural to feel for families separated from their children while illegally entering the USA.  But, Friday at least 500 were reunited parent and child.  The process will continue.  However, remember those who will never get to see their children again because of some sanctuary city or soft judge freeing an illegal.  Or never catching them at all.

The vast majority of the media does not regularly report the crime rate of illegals.  Why?  Because that would hurt their cause of illegal entry to secure more votes for their personal liberal ideology.  It’s politics.  Not nobility.  And who verifies the accuracy of illegal crime stats anyway?

It always gauls  jacksjargon when hearing some reporter or famed correspondent such as Heraldo Rivera telling us how much lower the crime rate is for illegals in our country.   Their crime rate is lower than the national average?  This blogger still waiting to hear a response…yeah well, there would be no crime rate measured if they were not here at all.



Obama (not Trump) did it.

According to Newsweek magazine, May 2018 issue,  President Obama held  25,000 children back while relatives attempted to legally enter the USA.  10,000 are being held back today.  It was Obama who set up the internment camps.  But, no matter.   The Democrat’s finally have found an issue to run on and they will not cooperate in Congress on any bill proposed by Republicans.  This is high powered politics on its biggest stage.  Democrats overwhelmingly favor open borders to allow poor unskilled illegals entry because they will vote Democrat and keep power to change America into what it was never intended to be.  Socialism or worse.  Forget about them having noble intentions with illegals.  This issue is seen by leftists as their ticket to taking back the House of Representatives November 2018.  And maybe more in the Senate.  The House…it’s likely.   The Senate…not likely.

Congress is the entity to make laws governing the immigration issue. However, nothing will pass indefinitely because the Democrats want the issue. Then they can change matters more to their advantage when back in power.  What we have here at this time is a complicated mess.  Instead of wasting time on worthless Obamacare, Obama and the Democrats controlled everything 2008 and 2009.  Immigration plans could have been all theirs.  And stand by for the eventual government shut down.  Trump will not give in this time. There will be money for a wall “Come hell or high water.”

Under the greatest pressure of his Presidency,  President Trump has issued an executive order to have children stay with family while the process of granting asylum takes place.  What complicates matters is a judge ruled children cannot be held for over 20 days in Obama’s internment camps.  So the executive order faces the twenty days conundrum.  Why is this important?  Because the President will not allow immigrants to enter illegally.  An issue hugely supported by the public.  When Obama faced the matter, he merely issued court date papers.  Problem?  Only 3% showed up.  They are now submerged into society.  It will likely not be long before the administration will ask the judge to reconsider and grant more time. No guarantee on that. Plus, if it happens, the ACLU and others will sue immediately.  They are preparing for that eventuality now.

Here is what is likely at this point in time.  There will be mammoth pressure by Republicans to get judges (court rulings) on these thousands at our border.  Senator Ted Cruz wants rulings completed in seven days. Is he kidding or what?  We’re talking a major contingent of courts and judges set up near the border, or wherever, to make rulings on thousands of cases.  If nothing changes with the 20 day court ruling, our President (and Country) faces a dilemma of what to do with those waiting and having no court ruling adjudicated.  There is  strong consideration of sending illegals to military bases.  Obviously, the courts would favor cases where children are involved.  Jacksjargon feels strongly DNA tests should be given to truly determine if this is really a family.  Time after time, the family is a fake.  Criminals, terrorists or M13 gang members ( eager to decapitate Americans) use this tactic.

With 10,000 children being held away from parents and alledged parents, the USA and President Trump may face the dilemma to end all dilemma’s. What to do with those still waiting for asylum. It may cost the United States millions of dollars to set up some sort of housing and food for thousands. The media and Democrats will holler regardless of where they are sent.  But, here is where the President may get major public support.  Trump will not cave.  He’d never say it.  But millions of Americans will feel…”let ’em wait.”  “Nobody forced them to come here.” Some may trek back to somewhere.  We’ll appear to be the bad guys to Democrats and their ilk…the media.  But, will Mexico take them in?  Forgetaboutit. And nobody will blame Mexico.

Lost in all this hand ringing is the harm many many illegals have done while in America.  Most remember Kate Stinely shot to death by a guy deported four times. Border agent Javier Vega Jr. killed by an illegal.  And how many robbed, beaten, raped or now hooked on drugs brought in the country.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, miss sour pus herself, stands a good chance of losing her coming reelection bid for allowing open borders creating havoc of all kinds.   The Brit’s made the same mistake with Muslims controlling a major part of London with their Sharia law in place.

The only good news for President Trump is the Inspector General’s report being a disaster of bias.  They are dropping like flies in the FBI. Charges to be brought.  Comey’s firing was absolutely necessary.  So much for the obstruction of justice case against the President.  The Special Counsel is awash in its credibility. Their only hope is they can get the President to sit down and talk with Mueller’s bias people.  It’s doubly certain now it won’t happen.  The only matter still stuck in the memory of jacksjargon is what was in those papers taken from Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohan.  Let’s not forget they were turned over to the court system.

It’s been said many times…”Politics is a dirty business.”   A very very dirty business.


Trump wins. Media loses.

Does anyone really believe President Trump will back off the agreement with North Korea’s head Kim Jung-un?   He’s just going to let them get away from what has been talked about. Only an ignoramus would believe that.  Listening to the media complain about what is missing in the deal is folly.  It’s like if a team does not score a run(s) in the first inning than that team has failed.  President Trump has done something no other President has come near to doing. And he did it in just 500 days.  He sat down with the head of North Korea’s head honcho to cut a deal.  It’s a beginning.  Not a finished product.  He signed a deal that North Korea will denuclearize in exchange for protection of his country.  Plus modernization of his country.

First the Democrat’s complain that Trump is too tough on North Korea and will start a war.  Now they are complaining he has been too easy.   Trump could walk on water and the Democrats would say…yeah but he can’t swim.  The media and the Democrats will do anything to keep our President from success.  It’s all about getting rid of him.

Says South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, “This President is not going to let the North Korean’s run out the clock.”  Meaning they will stall until Trump is out of office and meanwhile gain concessions.  President Trump Knows that.  If he was smart enough to get Kim asking to bring back the “summit” after Trump cancelled the meeting, he is smart enough to make North Korea live up to agreements.  What the media is criticizing in this agreement is it did not include this or it did not include that.  They want the game to be over while it’s still in its infancy.

The key to remember in all the media criticism is all they are pronouncing is CONJECTURE.   Nobody truly knows the outcome of it all. However, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is one smart guy.  He mostly put this together with much help from U.N Ambassador Nikki Haley working with China and Russia.  Add hawkish John Bolton at the table with Pompeo and we have a combination that will not be conned like previous Presidents.  If they don’t like what they hear and see, Trump will take action.  He deliberately gave Kim a concession on stopping military exercise’s with South Korea to see if they will reciprocate.

On the personal side watching Trump with Jung it appeared the President knew Jung was “out of his element.”   As the leader said…”This all seems like it is out of a science fiction movie.”  Trump was watching over Jung, almost paternal, to make sure he did not embarrass himself.  Plus, he did something unique and affective. Towards the end of their meeting, President Trump took out an iPad and showed a short video made on his behalf laying the opportunities that could come from an agreement to eliminate his nuclear arsenal.  “Two men, two leaders, one destiny” “A new world can begin today. One of friendship, respect and goodwill.”  It was also played for about eight members of the Korean delegation. Spoken in Korean naturally. Trump said “I think he loved it.”   Also showed him the impressive Presidential limousine. Truly impactful stuff for a man isolated from the world.

This is remarkably smart.  Now we wait for negotiations to begin.  One thing for certain.  People living on the west coast tonight can sleep easier. President Trump did something nobody thought he could do.  It’s called leadership.   And he has it in spades.


Look at accomplishments. Not personalities.

In America a Harley Davidson motor cycle costs $9,000.  Out of America it sells for $20,000.   Why?   Bad trade deals.  The USA began making bad trade deals to help other country’s rebound after WW II.  Now we are supposed to listen to some kid Prime Minister of Canada, in a cowardly act, knowing he caved at the G7 to President Trump, trying to save face in an immediate press conference after our President left for the North Korea summit in Singapore.  Bad mouthing him in “fight back” terms to save himself domestically. His election coming 2019.  Shameful. No mention how Canada has a 270% tariff on U.S. dairy products.  Why are members of the G7 so upset?  Because they are about to lose millions of dollars in over charging the USA. Says Trump. “We are tired of being the piggy bank for the rest of the world.”  Incredibly, America pays 26% of the NATO costs.  We’re lucky if a few  other nations pay their required  2%.  It was our President who shamed them at his first Nato meeting telling them to pay up.  Said Trump to advisors later…”I should have asked them to pay up missed payments plus interest.”

For those of you who primarily listen or watch biased CNN, MSNBC or other liberal outlets, you have no idea of all good things happening in our Country.  For the first time ever in recording job numbers, there are more job openings than there are unemployed workers.  6.7 million job openings to 6.35 million unemployed.  Overwhelmingly, Americans feel the Country is headed in the right direction.  We have the lowest unemployment ever for Blacks and Hispanics. Unemployment numbers are low enough to be classified as full employment. Most all biased channels use merely slanted conjecture.  And personality remarks.  Nothing good.

We finally have a President who has courage and won’t be intimidated by anyone or any other country.  Instinctively, he knows what needs to be done and does what is necessary to make it happen.  North Korea…this the first time any President has come this far in an attempt to defuse their nuclear program pointed at the USA. It may fail.  But, Trump feels it is worth a try.  Accompanied by the best advisors that can be found, he is fearless.  Would you ever see Hillary or Obama doing this?   Don’t make me laugh.  Obama…”If they use poison gas on their people (Syria’s government) that will cross the line.” for action. Then does nothing.  Obama knew in advance you wouldn’t be able to keep your health plan or doctor.

No President has ever been subjected to such overwhelming criticism from the media. And to his family.  It often appears CNN and MSNBC go to work in the morning to find a mole hill and build it to a mountain by night time.  Incredibly, President Trump’s approval rating keeps rising.  Nobody hated the nomination of President Trump more than ex President candidate Mitt Romney.  What does Romney say now?  “President Trump will win reelection 2020.”

So now we wait for the first face to face meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un.  As ex-Governor/diplomat Bill Richardson suggested, President Trump will meet with Kim Jong-un one on one with only interpreters.  Although Un may have a slight advantage because some say he does understand English.  Scheduled to meet for one hour. Would not surprise jacksjargon if it rambles on far past one hour.  After their meeting both are scheduled to leave the city and leave it up to their teams to negotiate.  Richardson, who has visited North Korea many times,  suggests Trump not smile in any pictures with Un.  North Korea will use a smiling picture of Trump for propaganda.   The President says he will know in a minute if Kim Jung-Un is serious about negotiations.

This historic meeting is easily the most major foreign event since the Cold War.  Experts say to negotiate with North Korean’s across the table is pointless.  It never produces.  Good luck Mr. President.    As he is prone to say all the time…”We’ll see.          Be sure to review previous posts on for insight into many issues still pertinent.


Economy booms! USA booms! Trumps booms?

A sensational jobs report out Friday, June 1st.  Black unemployment at 5.9%.  First time ever under 6%.  Jacksjargon has to laughingly recall Trump at rallies “What have you got to lose?” American cities ruined and run by Democrats it seems forever. But, there is so much more the media will do its best to hide from the public. Some nonsense that Trump broke an unknown rule by announcing this excellent report ahead of it coming out. Don’t make us laugh.  Here’s what we learned from this report of May 2018.

223,000 new jobs created. 190,000 was expected. Unemployment now at 3.8%. This is an 18 year low.  Many consider this full employment.  Previous months all being adjusted upward.  281,000 came off of unemployment.  There is a shrinking pool of workers causing wages to rise.  Rising wages creates more consumer spending making it look likely 4% growth of the economy.  All in one and a half years.  The tax cut and cutting business restrictions Obama imposed mostly responsible.  Obama never hit 2% in eight years and playing make believe that he left this economy for President Trump.  The man has no shame.

Never forget business and labor (capitalism) built America.  Not government as the Democrats, liberals, socialists and communists want us to believe.  Obama surrounded himself with those people.  Unqualified close advisor Valerie Jarrett for one. With no portfolio background  of qualifications. Born in Iran and raised completely by a family of Communists.  Her father, grandfather and father in law all in the Commie club.  Obama was largely mentored, as in one of his books, by Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii who was a Communist/poet/columnist with an FBI sheet as long as a receipt from a CVS drug store.  Obama told us so many jobs are gone forever.  Google Frank Davis and scroll down past Wikipedia soft ball bio.

Part of the beauty of Friday jobs report on May 2018 is that not one industry has caused growth across the board.  6,000 new mining jobs alone.  How can we forget Hillary and Obama wanting to shut the mines down.  Growth in manufacturing, health care, goods producers and even retail.  Plus, Trump has cut down the fat in the federal payroll by eliminating 24,000 government jobs that were merely doing the same duties as other departments.  Female unemployment is at 3.6%.  President Trump is restoring America’s health and wealth as promised.

Tariff’s scare you?   Don’t let it.  Our President has dealt with many country’s putting the screws to the USA trade wise for decades. He knows much better than the average routine politician who are best at only campaigning and saving their own jobs.  Trump knows the ways of the world from his business experience. His tariff plan is to bring back the steel and aluminum industry.  Ruffle friends feathers?  Sure.  As he told everyone…America comes first.  If he sees true harm from tariffs, he will adjust.  Much like the smarts he used cancelling the North Korea confab knowing they need us more than we need them.  Suddenly they came back after using their usual tactics such as not showing up for planned meetings with our officials and bellicose announcements.  The President saw through that while the media jumps on him for cancelling the meeting.  Democrat’s are actually wishing Trump fails in the North Korea talks.  They value power more than their own country and the world.

President Trump, sometimes as outrageous as one can be, has what is known as “street smarts.”  Politicians mostly don’t know what that means.  His intuitive nature is serving him and us well. Plus, he never stops working.  Oh how the media wanted to convince us he was leading the USA into war.  They simply don’t want to remember President Reagan did much the same.  Unabashed…”Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall.” And it happened.   Our enemies sense weakness in our Presidents.  But, not with this one.

It is hard to fathom how Obama and inexplicable Secretary of State John Kerry actually “gave away the store” in that stupid Iranian deal.  Giving them 150 billion dollars in which the Iranians used, in part, to finance terrorism (Kerry even said so) and help along their nuclear program. Ever wonder why Obama seemed to favor Iran over other Muslim country’s and especially Israel?  Obama’s father was a Shiiite Muslim as was his step father Lolo Soetoro and Black Kenyan grandfather.    Lolo adopted Barack and renamed him Barry Soetoro when enrolling him in a Jakarta, Indonesia school that taught Islam. Young Barry studied the Koran at that school.  He still can speak the Indonesian language. Obama, in his book Dreams FROM My Father, described the call to prayer (Muslim prayer) “One of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”

Arabic Muslim country’s west of Iran are Sunni.  They and Shiite’s hate each other.  Any wonder when Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia, he was not greeted at the plane.  For President Trump and Melania (women not always accepted there) they actually rolled out the red carpet at the airport. threw much at you my faithful.  Just do not fret over our present leadership.  His favorable ratings keep growing and growing.  Uncouth or not.