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Major Poll results/Trump & Hillary

Hello everyone….”all that glitters” and you know the rest.  This goes for Donald Trump today as the first major poll post debate is now out. Trump leads in Fox News national poll of Republican primary voters.
Huckabee and Walker tied with 6%    Biggest losers Bush and Walker.  More and more I see Walker fading.   Seems Trump all day all the time.  He is Batman, Superman and
Captain Marvel (remember him?) all rolled into one.   HOWEVER….. Huge negatives for Trump make him highly unlikely the GOP Prez nominee.
Worst debate performance….no contest…Trump 32%.
Least likeability…..again Trump…..37%
If the Election held today…..Rubio beats Hillary 46% to 44%…..Bush beats Hillary 44% to 42%….. Trump clearly would lose to Hillary 5+%
So why Trump mania?   According to renowned columnist George Will….”Voters are giving a primal scream to send a message to the candidates. However when voters realize Trump would have the power to use nuclear weapons, at that point I think things change.”
Trump appears to be summer time entertainment.  Much like the kids movies out during
the summer.  Summers breeds more low news/information voters and much less news/political interest.  Things have not gotten serious yet.
Here’s the least likeable candidates from todays major poll.
Lindsey Graham….4%…Chris Christie…9%…Rand Paul…11%….TRUMP…37%
Best qualified to be President: Bush 67%, Rubio 63%, Hillary (Oy yoy
yoy) 62%, Sanders 48%, Cruz & Fiorina 47%, Dr. Carson 45%, Trump 45%. Walker 45%
And here may be the death knell for Trump.  After forty successful years, Las Vegas odds maker, Jimmy Vaccaro, has just posted the betting odds for the Republican nomination.  Ready for this? Bush at 2 to 1…..Walker at 5 to 1….Kasich 10 to 1 (I’ll grab that one)….Huckabee and Rubio 12 to 1. Trump?   15 to 1.
Meanwhile Hillary desperately trying to weather the storm. Says famed Watergate reporter/author Bob Woodward, “Potentially this is really a big deal.”  “An endless process.”   Frankly, Hillary is a mess. Telling guarded canned attempted jokes of her situation.  Pathetic. She turned over her illegal server to the FBI voluntarily.  Yeah right. The FBI was going to take it otherwise.
Says candidate Carly Fiorina, “Hillary gave her server to an IT Tech company in New Jersey to make certain it was scrubbed completely.”   Trouble is there may be a back up server according to a State Dept. leaker. Everything Hillary says is parsed.  I received no emails MARKED top secret.  ABC’s John Karl reports Hillary staff had a way of scrubbing off Top Secret from all her emails. 60% of the entire public says she is lying. Secretary of State John Kerry says “yes, it was likely China read her emails.”  Very likely they are reading mind too.” Here is a core of her issues.  The FBI is trying to determine what was learned from foreign sources from her emails.  It could take months. However, when they are done, what will
they do with that server?  Or any other back up server they may find.  Turn it over to the Inspector Generals who found 2-4 of 40 of her emails revealing classified info
or hand it over to Obama’s Justice Dept. where it very well goes no where. What
would the FBI disclose publicly?
Leading Democrat’s looking for a Hillary alternative. Forget Bernie Sanders as a national candidate. (the Donald Trump of the Left).  He leads her in New Hampshire, but not a chance nationwide. Here come the names again…..Al Gore….VP Joe Biden, great for
hilarity and somebody cracked “Maybe they can dig up Michael Dukakis from somewhere.”  My guess is if Sec.of State John Kerry wins the Nobel Peace Prize in October, he’d love to jump in and try again.  Note they are all previous big time election losers.
In a weekend Wall Street Journal editorial, former Attorney General Michael McCasey said “Hillary Clinton is vulnerable to prosecutors for one misdemeanor and three felonies.”  “Her judgment makes her unqualified for the office she seeks.”
What I shall never forget is Hillary telling families of the dead bodies coming back from Benghazi it was all because of that audio tape that caused the raid.  She absolutely knew it was not many days previously.  Absolutely despicable.
So what if she pulls another Houdini escape from this debacle?  Still get the nomination? Will she win? Peter Harkin, an excellent Democrat poll taker says, “In every Presidential election since 1948, with Nixon the exception, the most likable candidate wins.” “Doesn’t go over well for Hillary.” Hillary likeable?    Off the wall hilarious.  And, I’ll drink to that…and another.
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