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Iran Deal + Hillary

Hello everybody……Here’s the deal with the deal.  There is no deal.  Never can I remember so much crap over dealing with a so called Iranian nuclear deal that was merely a verbal agreement.  More or less a hand shake. Might as well have been a hand shake with Charles Manson.

There is no written agreement.  Already there are disputes over the verbal deal.  Iran thinks the sanctions will come off immediately.  This is all they really want.  Plus, they want notice before anyone inspects their facilities.  Obama talks about a “Snap Back” of sanctions should Iran violates the deal.  Forgetaboutit. Once U.S. business goes in after this so called deal is finalized there will be no “Snap Back.”

If it ever come to a written agreement, should Obama cave again, it won’t be worth the paper it will be written upon.  Iran will never comply.  And, Congress is the only legislative body that can lift the sanctions.  Doubtful when they see it all in writing.  Senator Lindsey Graham (R SC) has the best take. Keep the deal and stall until the next President 2016 and get a better deal.
Even dovish France thinks this deal stinks.

Meanwhile Hillary, wounded badly, moves along getting ready to announce for Presidency. She has a rough balancing act to do.  She must keep her base of leftist Democrat’s and yet try to distance herself form Obama.  Tough task.

Her destroying all emails is a mess. Latest Fox News poll of registered voters finds 81% believe
she broke the law, or did something unethical or used bad judgment. Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris says “It’s beyond a mess.  It’s a disaster..”  I saw ex Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley say he will run against her in the primaries.  There may be others. Possibly ex Senator Jim Webb or Senator Elizabeth Warren who keeps saying she WON’T RUN FOR PRESIDENT. But, not saying she wouldn’t accept a ground swell draft of her that the media and leftists want.
Also, some think Secretary of State John Kerry will jump into the mix again.

Hillary has tons of money and a strong organization.  Likely will get the nomination.  But, we felt the same in 2008 when nobody had heard of Obama.  In the long run, even the no-nothings and the semi no-nothings will note her unsavory character and dealings. TV commercials will prove that again. Discontent will grow with Hillary.  A weak campaigner, debater and gaffe prone. O’Malley could beat her in some early primaries.  He was a bad Governor, but good campaigner.

Oh, I have to admit Hillary’s cleverness. In having her own server and destroying all her own emails she knew the only way they could be retrieved would be by order of the State Department. And that’s just not going to happen.  As George Will said…”Hillary could find a loop hole in a stop sign.”

As for the Republicans declaring for President.  Rand Paul today.  Ted Cruz already and Marco
Rubio on April 13th, any poll you see means absolutely nothing. I keep hearing what a wonderful orator Cruz is.  As noted earlier, Cruz is hated by his fellow Republican’s. He’s the last guy anyone wants to sit next to in the GOP dining room.  To me he sounds like a strident used car salesman. He has no chance of getting the nomination. Same for Rand Paul who will spend the next many months denying he is the Isolationist as he is at a time when that’s the last thing we need.

Marco Rubio has gained strength and has a shot at the nom….important he is Hispanic,
smart as they come, likely win Florida and explains things well.  Set back is he too youthful looking after the Obama disaster and too serious.  Needs to losin’ up.  Huckabee a very good campaigner, but his Evangelical minister status is a killer.  Jeb Bush has money and some support.  But, no enough gain for all he’s done.  His name hurts him.  Dan Walker is OK, but now making campaign goofs too obvious.

Who do the Democrat’s fear the most?  That’s easy. Unannounced Ohio Governor John Kasich. He has done a masterful job turning Ohio around in a conservative strategy, re-elected by a huge margin including many Dem,’s and minorities, done some measures to help the have nots, a very good talker and explainer (having subbed for Bill O’Reilly on Fox News) very personable and likeable. And the latter is the key.  He’s thinking about running.  If he does, and I think he will, that’s the guy I’d put my support and money on.

But, Kasich sure needs a hair style.  Always has a bad hair day.

All the best,