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A Travesty

“I did it for years. I never exonerated anyone. I found is there enough evidence to bring a charge or isn’t it there?  If there is not enough evidence to bring a charge, end of case. When a prosecutor can’t reach a decision that’s the decision. So there’s no case of obstruction and there’s no case on collusion. ”  Rudy Giuliani

Attorney General William Barr: “Mueller told me the Department of Justice guide lines ( you can’t indict a sitting President) had no impact on his report.

When the head of the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, said today no decision could be made because you can’t indict a sitting President, he was lying.  Before President Bill Clinton was impeached the Special Counsel, led by Ken Starr, said guilty 11 times in his report.  If Robert Mueller was speaking the truth, than what has he been doing two years 30 million dollars later if he can’t give a conclusion.  That was the reason for a Special Counsel.  He was doing his best not to clear the President for his own personal reasons.

Best guess is Mueller was merely trying to muddy the waters in his dislike for the President. In actuality, a cowards way out. Meanwhile House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still treading water on impeachment saying there has to be a clear case in order to secure a conviction in the Senate where 67 votes to convict are needed and she needs Republican votes.  Forget it Nancy. No chance.  As her radicals howl and wail for impeachment, Pelosi knows 65% of Democrat’s and Republican voters want no impeachment. President Bill Clinton became more popular after being impeached. 

The public has pretty much had it with this never ending investigating. The Democrat’s are digging their own grave because they are seen by the public as a waste. They may be doing the biggest favor they could give to President Trump. And they may, just may, be giving the House of Representatives back to the GOP in 2020.   Good grief…how can they not help the absolute mess at our Mexico border? That’s even a worst travesty than Robert Mueller’s fiasco.


Special Counsel head Robert Mueller said today that he could not issue a conclusion (as to the guilt or innocence of the President) because you cannot indict a sitting President.  Absolute nonsense.  Special Counsel head Ken Starr declared President Clinton guilty 11 times.  Mueller did the Democrat’s a huge favor in a nuanced statement.  His problem is he has NO EVIDENCE. His report was clear on this issue.  Now the 95% anti Trump media will go ballistic with this shameful statement costing 30 million dollars on a “fool’s errand.”  An absolute disgrace from a man who had hoped to find evidence, but couldn’t.  So he issues disgraceful fodder.

However, it’s not all bad. The Democrat’s are almost obliged now to impeach President Trump that 65% of Democrat’s and Republican’s don’t want. Plus, there is no way the President shall be removed from office because it takes 67 votes in the Republican controlled Senate to convict. It won’t happen. After the failed attempt to remove President Clinton from office he became more popular than ever.  The general public does not want this…only Mueller and Democrat’s do.