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Home town newspaper says: Step Aside Hillary

A well respected columnist in Hillary Clinton’s home town newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, is asking for Hillary to step aside for the good of the Country. Proper and noble thought.  For someone who can never admit to anything significant, there is no way this is going to happen.   Unless, and only unless, she is confronted with the evidence she knows will cause criminal charges. Word is there is a possibility the 32,000 emails she destroyed may be included in the laptop her top aide shared with her husband.

For those who keep suggesting to jacksjargon that the early voting of over 20 million votes cast favor Mrs. Clinton and doom Trump. Forgetaboutit.  ABC/Wash.Post poll finds those returns are even.  Polls taken BEFORE Friday’s bombshell find Trump has tied with Clinton nationwide and in many battleground States.  Likely new polls will be out Wednesday with more conclusive findings.  And, in many area’s, Republican’s have thousand’s more mailed in votes.  Republican voters will show up in droves.   Democrat voters have even less enthusiasm now.   Trump’s road to victory is still slim.  Decent chance now he will capture the needed battleground States.  However, he must “pick off” at least one State Democrat’s normally carry.  Such as PA, Col, Minn. or Wisconsin. Or even New Hampshire might do it. It would be close.  Real close.  Odds are still with Hillary.

With 91% of all media reports about the Presidential campaigns negative to Donald Trump, it’s no wonder we’re are hearing  such nonsense  from the typical reporting.  Hillary and company demanding a full explanation of why the FBI report was used.  A smoke screen.  They know no information can be released from an on going investigation.  In actuality they would never want it released.  New reports indicating Director Comey’s memo only indicated there is “pertinent information” related to the case against Hillary Clinton.  Most in the know believe Comey has the goods on Hillary and word will be passed on to her comrades.  It is thought to be his hope to stop what will occur post election if she is elected.

It is being reported that there are close to 600,000 emails to go through on sleezeball Anthony Weiner’s smut filled laptop he shared with his wife and top 20 year aide to Mrs. Clinton, Huma Abiden.  To nobody’s surprise, Hillary might betray her devoted aide and make Huma the scapegoat.  On a tip to Fox News Bret Baier, comes the following…an intelligence source says “”It is a virtual certainty that new Clinton records are on that computer and likely contain classified information.”

Once again, there is no chance FBI Director Comey would make such a shocking revelation if he did not think he had “the goods” on Hillary Clinton.  As jacksjargon has reported Comey was facing a mutiny from his agents who were going to go public if he did not.  Resignations from agents are sitting on his desk.

However, it is jacksjargon opinion FBI Director James Comey mostly conceded to his Friday shocker knowing if she is elected there will be years of evidence, trials, expose’s, impeachment hearings and even a possible conviction in the Senate if she is elected. That is anathema to Comey.  It is possible results from the extended investigation could be received before inauguration day, January 20, 2017.  Talk about a national calamity.  More likely results will be concluded during her first year.  Who knows what a Democrat Attorney General would do with the FBI’s recommendation. However, the House of Representatives can move by itself with impeachment sent to the Senate for conviction and removal from office. But, without a Justice Dept. indictment little chance of success. One notable item.  It is more likely now the GOP will retain control of the Senate.  More likely, but no sure thing for certain.

If elected, could Hillary Clinton pardon herself?  Noted a attorney Dan Abrams reports it is within the realm of possibility. Even getting around the House of representatives and the Senate.  It has never happened.  But with the Clinton’s anything is possible.  Power, dishonesty and money at any cost. for news and commentary.

FBI has Hillary “Dead to rights.”

That headline reflects the view of well known Las Vegan Wayne Allen Root. He was scheduled to be the opening speaker Sunday for the Trump rally in Las Vegas.  Root is obviously a Trump supporter who writes a regular column in the Las Vegas Review Journal.  His remarks in a moment.

First…ABC/Washington Post poll, including only one day of the FBI shocker, finds Hillary’s lead from 12% to 1% in one week nationally.  In that poll 34%, including Democrats, now say they are less likely to vote for Mrs. Clinton.  Early reports indicate 3rd Party candidates are voting more for Trump.  One of Hillary Clinton’s greatest supporters for 20 years, Doug Schoen shocked everyone by saying Sunday he cannot vote for Hillary Clinton.  A long time political operative, confidante for her and pundit thinks the turmoil of her being elected will cause endless investigations, possible indictments, trials or possible pardons. Too much for our Country to handle post election.

Fox News Anchor Bret Baier is reporting on Sunday, a key culprit in the current FBI case, sexual pervert, on line to underage girls, Anthony Weiner, has voluntarily turned over the laptop computer he shared with his wife at that time Huma Abiden.  She is Hillary’s closest aide who has not been seen or heard from since the story broke on Friday.  Weiner needs any good will he can get from the FBI.  He faces federal charges.

The court order has now been given to the FBI for the go ahead to dig into thousands of emails on the laptop Abiden shared with her husband.

As for Roots remarks In his Sunday column…”It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out why they (the FBI) made the decision to announce this with 11 days to go—because they have her dead to rights.”  “The remarkable irony is of all people to halt, (or end) the long Hillary saga comes from Anthony Weiner.”  It was Hillary who introduced the two of them leading to the Weiner/Abiden marriage.

Quoting from Root’s Sunday column….”When the FBI got into Weiner’s computer they found more than smut. They found classified and top- secret emails from Hillary, kept by Huma on her personal computer.  You know just sitting alongside the porn and sex text’.”  “Can you imagine with all the cover ups and bribes Hillary was done in by a sex addict and pervert.”  “All the phony bribes, disguised as donations from Countries that fund ISIS…the million dollar birthday gift to Bill Clinton from Qatar…12 million from the king of Morocco…the $700,000 bribe to get the head man investigating the Hillary emails scandal to handle matters…”all this still to come.” “And I hear WikiLeaks has the biggest surprise for all of us this coming week.  We may yet see Hillary and Huma in that white Ford Bronco making a run for the Mexican border. Let’s hope President Trump has the wall up by then.”

Who knows if Root knows what he is talking about.  He is close to the Trump campaign.  He is controversial, flamboyant with an unusual background of running for President on the Libertarian ticket two years ago to running a website selling pay for play NFL picks. Who knows if he truly knows anything?

But, the one thing Jacksjargon keeps thinking about, FBI Director James Comey must have something of substance to make one of the momentous actions anyone could make in a lifetime.  And, if by doing so Hillary Clinton loses, he may have prevented one of the all time scandals, trials, impeachments and possible convictions in the history of the United States of America.

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Why FBI Director Had No Choice

It’s true.  The Director of the FBI really had no choice.  First some background.  Director James Comey has a stack of resignations sitting on his desk. The remaining agents ignore him.  No pleasantries in passing by.  In essence, after all their work, they feel he betrayed them.  It being ignoring the need for a grand jury to decide on the Hillary scandal case in summer.  The silly argument “There was no proof of intent by Hillary.”  How could having a private email serving in her home bathroom, never done before by any Sec. of State, not show intent.  Destroying thousands email, 30,000+, AFTER a soepena had been issued for them…lying about having only one server…lying about having no classified or sending and receiving…lying about her lawyers reviewing all private emails before ordering them “bleached” totally destroyed.  Bill Clinton meeting with the head of the Justice Dept. a week before his decision.  In a plane to be hidden was the plan. It will be a bore to list more.  Even Comey’s wife was outraged by his “get out of jail free card”  issued for Hillary.  Plus there is one more lasting item that infuriated FBI agents.  Comey was deliberately releasing emails damaging to Hillary on the proverbial late Friday document dump.  This is normally done by political Parties to have the least exposure.  To be buried over the weekend.  And Comey ordered it twice.  Plus, the man Comey put in charge of the investigation was found to have his wife paid $600,000 + for her ill fated Virginia State House run for office by the Clinton’s closest ally the Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe.  Money likely from the Clinton’s with plenty of buffers in between to disguise the source.

The reason Comey had to continue the case against Hillary Clinton was he was facing a mutiny in his FBI.  Present agents were going to go public.  To the press and out in the open.  This from resigning agents and remaining ones.  They all knew at the very least the matter deserved a grand jury indictment.  And normally a respected man, Comey knew he did wrong.  He suffered terrible regrets and felt he brought shame upon himself, his agency and from many of the best legal minds.

When different agents, other than the bias man he put in charge of the Hillary email scandal, came to him with thousands of previously unseen emails they accidentally found reviewing the Federal case against disgraced ex Congressman Anthony Weiner, Comey knew he had no choice.  Weiner, a sexual pervert using the internet to expose himself to under aged girls.  Most significantly, Weiner was married at that time to Hillary’s best friend and confidant Huma Abedin.  She had numerous email addresses and one shared with her now estranged ex husband.  Comey also realized, justifiably so, if he had withheld this newly, likely incriminating evidence, until AFTER the election, he would face further shame, not just from Republican’s, but from American’s across the Country.  Faced with this horrendous choice, he knew at this point he had to continue (it was never closed) the case against Hillary Clinton.  Plus, if this further evidence for saw an obvious indictment of a newly elected President, the Country would be faced with scandal never seen before in United States history.  He couldn’t risk that happening.

Does this shocking further expose’ of a woman, Comey knew in his heart was corrupt, mean Hillary will lose the election in just over a week?  Not necessarily. Of the normal 120 million votes cast in a Presidential election 20 million have already voted.  Complicating matters further, there are at least four States that permit a voter to change and recast their vote.  Also, with the huge lines in most all States voting early, it appears likely more than 120 million will be cast votes.

Clinton supporters and Hillary, outraged naturally, are saying Comey must release his findings now or certainly before the election.  Legally, an on going criminal investigation cannot release information until a conclusion is reached. If there are the thousands of emails to be reviewed along with court procedures and such, it appears impossible at this time to release any information.  Facing the greatest pressure any person could possibly receive, it appears likely Comey will make some kind of further statement. If he is smart, he will do it in written form.  Most all knowledgeable TV pundits are saying the FBI Director must now have something truly substantial or he would not have made such a monumental decision shortly before a Presidential election.

Can and will Hillary still win?  Yes.  She and her inner circle of advisors are claiming this episode is already “baked in” to the voting public.  Meaning this is a mere extension of what everyone already knows.  Foul play proclaimed everywhere by her supporters.  None yelled the same when Comey previously did her the greatest favor this past summer.   Democrat’s…the no nothings and semi no nothings won’t change because of this Friday exposure.  They simply don’t care…don’t know any better…or will do anything, right or wrong, to retain power.  Plus, Democrat’s mobilize Democrat voters overwhelmingly better than Republican’s.  They are better organized in their ground game.  Also, Trump is less nationally organized than a more traditional  Republican candidate.

However, Trump supporters will vote even if the Country is being bombed by terrorists.  Loyal to the end.  And, the wavering voters…undecided voters (how can anyone be undecided at this point) and millions who mildly favored Hillary  will be swayed.  However, the Independent voters are not a high percentage.  One final note that is significant.  Many who slightly favored Hillary, largely Democrat’s, simply will decide not to vote wanting neither of them to be President.  And that, my faithful readers, could very well make it extremely close if not an out right win for Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.   Perhaps sacrilegious, some are calling yesterdays events as “Divine Intervention” for the United States of America.

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SHOCKER: FBI Announces New Hillary Investigation

Shocker of all shockers in this maniacal President campaign.  FBI Director, James Comey, suddenly announced they are pursuing Hillary Clinton further in her endless scandals.  No warning.  Democrat’s are furious coming eleven days before election day.

It’s bizzare.  CNN’s Gloria Borger “Hillary is going to have to address this issue.” Early Friday afternoon while campaigning,  Mrs. Clinton continues with her usual campaign. Director Comey is a savvy Washington insider.  No way would he drop this bombshell without good reason.  Early word is the new evidence is outside the bounds of the original investigation according to NBC’s Pete Williams.  Says Williams the issue will drag on well after the election.  Eleven days is not enough time for court issues, search warrants and more.   Apparently a different device is involved with emails or laptops. Says Williams…”It is politically significant. Legally it may not be.”   He hopes at least.

Now this gift to the Trump candidacy has to be handled adroitly.  The “lock her up” chants have already started. Trump must not shift around new info without stepping upon it.  But, he has already used it to major advantage at rallies today.  All are asking the question why now?  At present everything is speculation.  Nobody in either camp knew this was coming. A total shocker.

This is more than a gift to Trump.  It may have huge implications upon the critical Senate campaigns where the Dem.’s had hopes to regain a majority.  24 GOP Senators are on the ballot now versus only ten Democrat’s.

One thing is clear.  FBI Director Comey was fully aware of what this all means coming at this time. He must have something significant.  We may know nothing further before the election. Now we wait to see the effect on the Presidential election.  It seems to jacksjargon that Comey would be wise to not disclose more details than he has already.

Personal note, voting early today in Las Vegas, pollsters who have worked many Presidential elections said this mornings turn out much greater than normal.

So now we wait.  The squeeze is on the FBI.  Can they handle the enormous pressure forthcoming.  This all seems surreal.

Stay with for updates.

A Trump comeback?/Urgent….Clinton scandal expands

Note:  (This blog was written just prior to national major scandal news breaking Thursday morning.  Focused on the front page in the New York Times, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. See Morning Joe Video on my facebook page.  The Clinton Foundation’s main man , Doug Band, while securing donations was seeking and receiving side monies directly for Bill Clinton in the amount of $66 million +.  All time sleazy. This story will be hard to hide in the bias media. Plus, the Media Research Center reports 91% of all media reports were anti Trump.)

When I see Donald Trump making stop after stop everywhere in the key States, I think of that old Energizer Bunny ad…he keeps going and going.  Should he make a spectacular comeback, I am sure of one thing.  He will work and work hard and demand the same from his administration.  CNN’s Donna Bash had the gall to ask Trump Wednesday at the ribbon cutting of his new Washington D.C. Hotel if he isn’t (more or less) wasting time when he should be out campaigning.  To wit Trump said…I can’t believe you’re asking me that.  I made eight  stops Tuesday and the same for today and what’s Hillary doing.   She makes one appearance and goes home and sleeps.”  Vintage Trump.    (Hillary was at an Adele Concert)

The truth is there is no question Trump is seriously on the move momentum wise. Hillary’s lead nationally cut down to 3% from 8% ten days ago in new Fox Poll..  Trump now has taken the lead in Florida.  A shocking new one just out…he has come all the way back in Nevada and now tied with Mrs. Clinton. His gains are showing up most everywhere.  Hillary has out spent him 3 and at times 4 to 1 in ads.  Republican Party Chairman, Reince Priebus, is pleading with Trump to add 50 million more for TV ads.

So where is Hillary?  Why the let up?  Could be one of three things or all three issues. She’s sitting on her lead coasting.  She’s fearful of being exposed by reporter questions she does not want to answer.  What Presidential candidate ever refuses to take random questions from reporters or hold a press conference?  Except for fluff questions known in advance on comedy and variety shows.  And, jacksjargon continues to believe with her on a serious drug Coumadin to prevent another blood clot in the brain…her six majors falls, one causing a non routine concussion, her health is an issue.

WikiLeaks emails are causing Hillary, Obama also, strong problems.  April, 2015, Mrs. Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, sends an email to campaign manager John Podesta. following the concussion, “She is still not perfect in her head…needing more and more note cards.”  Then The Governor of VA, Terry McAuliffe, likely the Clinton’s closest friend, donates over $600,000 to the wife of the FBI agent who ran the Hillary FBI investigation.  This wife was running for State office.  Smells to high heaven as a conflict of interest. Likely the Clinton’s gave the Governor the money. Obama has said he never knew of her server.  Now emails show he was emailing her back and forth.  And another…Podesta talking with a Clinton Advisor as to why the home hidden email server wasn’t made publicly earlier.  Answer?   Well she, Hillary, simply thought she could get away with it.   The Clinton’s.  If only more of the public paid attention.  It was Hillary Clinton who threatened and hired “hole plugger’s to intimidate Bill’s endless illicit sexual predatory acts.  She was the enabler in chief.  Raised millions in foundation money from Country’s who stone woman to death, punished for being raped among other heinous acts.  And yet the media attempts to destroy Trump for inappropriate sexual vulgarities.  Anyone know what her campaign is about other than I’m a woman and Trump is bad?

Think of this.  Trump gets no help from the media…historically out spent…his own Party is of little to no help.  It’s Trump and Pence against the world.   One thing for sure.  If Trump somehow could pull off the all time biggest comeback, he will owe nothing to anybody.  He will do what he thinks is best for America.

Democrat Congressman Adam Shiff tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer…”There may be many people polled who simply will not admit they are voting for Trump.  For that reason I take these even more optimistic polls with “A grain of salt.”  (Forwhatitsworth, doesn’t Wolf Blitzer look like an ex U-Boat commander?)  And a huge break for Trump, and Republicans, is Obamacare premiums are sky rocketing nationwide.   Arizona up 125%. Not to mention deductibles are in the neighborhood of $2,000 to $4,000.  “We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.” House leader Nancy Pelosi…remember?

And these are the people American’s want for four more years?   Well,  win or lose, the pressure is beginning to concern Democrat’s.  Who knows?  Maybe Hillary will have to go out and campaign at least two times a week.

Stay with Jacksjargon for commentary updates.

Hillary/Trump Debate Remarks

Why oh why wouldn’t Donald Trump look Hillary in the eye and ask her “How many payrolls have you ever paid?  How many jobs have you actually created?”  Why oh why not explain…..”Nobody ever got a job from a poor man?”  Why not explain lower tax’s on business creates more jobs and raises wages because of competition?   And  when business and workers make more money they pay more in tax’s that helps reduce the deficit such as under President Kennedy.  Why not explain the actual unemployment rate is 10-12% because 95 million workers have quit looking for work.

Why oh why not rattle off Congressman Trey Gouty questioning FBI Director Comey on: Did she have classified information on her server…yes.   She said she had just one server…true?  No, she had several.  Did she ever send or receive classified information?  Yes.   Did she turn in all her emails as she said back to the State Dept.? No.  Did her lawyers clear all her destroyed emails before destroying them?   No.

Why not describe in detail the horrendous methods how babies are destroyed in partial birth abortion?  How their skulls are crushed.   Why not explain how a woman can have a partial birth abortion by merely saying she has had head aches at Planned Parenthood.  80% of work at Planned Parenthood are abortions.

True, it was Trump’s best debate.  He told her to return money from Countries that abuse woman.  He made some good points.  More under control.  Nixon lost to Kennedy in 1960 because of mafia controlling polls with union workers cancelling Republican votes.   Black Panthers with clubs standing in front of a Philadelphia polling place 2008.  Instead he takes enormous criticism for suggesting the election results can be rigged.

He was better, but no game changer.  He needed a knockout.  Did not get it.  Hillary was just okay.  But, no huge set back.  Hillary Clinton tragically is a shoo in for the Presidency.   An American tragedy.

Trump is going to lose

Forget Donald Trump as our next President.  There are only two caviots that could enable him to win.  1. Hillary health problems.  2.  A direct “smoking gun showing Hillary did favors as Sec.of State for money.”  Notice Hillary is no where to be seen on the campaign trail.  Surely she doesn’t need all this time for debate prep for Wednesday’s final show down.  Surrogates galore speaking for her.  But, where is she?  Her health, hidden, is an issue.  She has fallen many times.  And not just at the 9/11 cerermonies.  She has fallen frequently according to husband. Dehydration?  Nonsense.  She fell and broke her arm.  She fell and gave herself a concussion.  She had a blood clot on the brain…dizzy spells…vertigo…needed to wear special glasses for these problems and will remain on a serious drug, coumadin, given as a blood thinner to prevent more clots.  Coumadin causes eating issues in her diet, difficult breathing, Vitamin K has to be prevented at all costs.   Pneumonia isn’t at the cause of all these continuing problems.  No question she is not in good health.

Then there are the problems with the Clinton Foundation.  And wikileak emails indicating her wanting to debunk the Catholic and Evangelical faiths..  Any suppression of abortion and gay marriage is a big Clinton no no.  And daughter Chelsea, recently in charge of the Foundation, was so shocked to see the goings on (“Dad would never allow this”…youth being naïve is not a new thing).  She was upset enough to contact a prestigious accounting firm to review the findings (they found a multitude of errors, irregularities) that led her subordinate who has run matters at the foundation to call her a spoiled brat meddling and in over her head.  Records indicates the Clinton’s doled out millions to Haiti rebuilding monies given to Clinton friends and cronies.  That’s just small potato’s.

The Clinton’s are experts at hiding matters, legal or otherwise, and with the mass media in her corner, nobody will know of these issues unless something happens that is blatant.  Never in my life time have I seen more bias pro Hillary.  Never.  WikiLeaks emails are overwhelming in their disparagement of Hillary and her scandals.  Plus she has lied upon lie about virtually everything and now hides from reporters.  Or her illnesses or both.

With all this known, not likely to happen or be exposed, she has smooth sailing to win the Presidency.   Two main reasons: Presidential elections are decided by people who are politely called low information voters. Or Independents.  Jacksjargon calls them no nothings and semi no nothings.  They know the Country is in bad shape.  But, they have no clue as to why.   They wouldn’t know a conservative from a liberal from a dogwood tree.  They catch glimpses of coverage, but are not informed enough to know what to make of it.  So they decide their vote based on feelings.  Who they think is more likeable or unlikeable in Presidential elections.

The second reason is the video/audio tape of Trumps comments on his sexual advances to woman.  This had been held for months to use in the campaign against Trump.   Now women are coming out of the wood work against Trump.  For 35 years no women came forward.  Now suddenly they are everywhere.  This issue ties into reason number one.   No matter the Country is going to hell in a hand basket.  Real unemployment is closer to 10-12% because over 95 million Americans have quit looking for work.  As bad as the Great depression.  Isis and terrorism is a major problem.  Hillary won’t even call it what it is…radical Islamic terrorism.  Syrians and illegals still a dangerous problem with the immigration issue.  Hillary wants five times more Syrian refugees to come here. The middle east is dangerously out of control thanks to Obama and Hillary.  Our foreign policy is no foreign policy.  Iran running wild with the billions we gave them sponsoring attacks against the USA.  We just past the 600 billion dollar deficit mark for 2016.  The Feds still with a zero interest rate have created a huge bubble.  According to Reagan’s ex budget chief, David Stockman, with baby boomers retiring and with our huge growing debt we are facing another big recession or worse.  Top business spokesman Carl Icahn and Mark Cuban say don’t put a dime in the stock market.  Stay liquid.

Horrendous as this all is, the no nothings and semi no nothings will vote for Hillary because he talked about his sexual efforts upon woman.  The impact of seeing it out weighs the mess our Country is in.  Nuts I know.   But reality yes.  Post Hillary’s election, nothing will get done because the House of Representatives can stop her legislation… with one exception.  She will use Presidential power to allow more Syrian and other country’s refugees.  Investigations into her scandal will continue and Stockman thinks impeachment movements will begin.

As for Trump, he needs nearly a clean sweep of all battleground States.  Forgetaboutit. At present he is close to losing traditional Republican States.   Georgia, Utah, Arizona and North Carolina.  The only hope is Wednesday nights debate where it is the only time the public actually sees and hears from Hillary.  And Chris Wallace, as his famous father Mike Wallace, will ask tough questions of both.  Trump may be good…better than her again. Just hope he doesn’t take the Senate down with him.   It’s 50-50 at present.  And after all this endless campaigning down goes Trump.  He was just too nasty on a video tape.  Aoy yoy yoy.

Trump=”The Great Houdini”

A wise man told me many years ago….”Jack, when you’re boxed into a corner…come out swinging.”  Sunday night Donald Trump came out not only swinging, but landing blow after blow. It is the first time Hillary Clinton was forced by anyone to defend herself against serious charges after always being protected by the media.  Many pundits are saying she was merely playing it safe. Sitting on her lead.  Baloney.  She was forced to defend the indefensible.

After receiving a unrelenting barrage of condemnation from all sides, for two days.  Including Republicans asking him to step down after a video showing how he used vulgar talk and the sexual methods used to obtains favors from women, Trump stepped into the debate with nothing to lose.  His campaign was on the brink of total collapse.   From the onset he was the aggressor.  Mrs. Clinton lost her poise and seemed confounded by being confronted with serious charges and realistic questioning that nobody, especially many overly polite Republicans, have never done before.  It was Trump being Trump, but at his best. Inventive enough, almost over the top, he had flown in four woman who were physically abused by Bill Clinton with one, Juanita Broderick, saying she was not only raped by Bill Clinton but threatened by Hillary Clinton.  Trump said he used words. Not violent acts.  All of them sat in the audience, with Bill Clinton seated near by, as Trump pointed out how one woman, Paula Jones, had to be paid off with $850,000 to end her lawsuit against Bill Clinton.  Who lost his license to practice law and was impeached in the House of Representatives.  Trump made clear, what was known to millions who followed the Clintons for years, Hillary was the enabler who went after these woman with threats and intimidation viciously to keep them silent.  Fear kept many of them quiet.   The older public knows the Clinton’s will stop at nothing to gain power and wealth.  The “Bonnie and Clyde of America.”  Or the  more contemporary  Francis and Clair Underwood of the famed Netflix series House of Cards.  At one point Trump said if he is elected he will get a special prosecutor to look into her email scandal.  “You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”  Hillary responded it’s good Trump is not in charge of law in our Country.”  He responded “You’d be jail.” invoking a roar of laughter.

Comments from media pundits….CBS Bob Schieffer “This was just disgraceful.”  ABC’s Matthew Dowd…”if this was poker, she didn’t lose any of her chips.”    But Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough and co host Mika Brzezinski saw it quite differently.  “The media may not want to hear it, but that was Donald Trump’s most effective performance.  There’s not a close second.. She was unsure of herself.  He dominated the debate.”  Said Mika “No Republican in America could have done what he did. He produced a day long show that rocked the political world. It was vintage Trump.  It was epic.”

A snap CNN post debate poll said Hillary won, but, as they admitted, it was overloaded with Democrat’s.   The vast majority of partisan media pundits say it will make no difference in the race.  I urge any of you who missed some or all some of the debate to go to  Frank Luntz’s group said Trump won.  No contest.

Trump took Mrs. Clinton to task on her awful behavior for the last 25 years.  Republican’s have been waiting for someone to expose her for years.   Nothing Trump said about Hillary was untrue. Trump even said the Gold Star family who lost their son, the Democrat convention denouncing of Trump, “He’d be alive today if I were President.”  “Two hundred emails from our post in Benghazi asking for more security were denied as our four men died.”    He missed almost nothing.

So what does it all mean?  Don’t listen to the media pundits on either side of the political spectrum. What they say is partisan.  All that really matters is what the voters thought while watching the debate.  What were they thinking or feeling as they watched.  That’s all that matters.  And, we simply don’t know.  One thing for certain, Trump stopped the bleeding after his campaign was almost over.  But, it was a one for the ages performance by Trump.  Under all that pressure and to do that….simply remarkable.     Oh, in case you don’t know.  Houdini was a magician and the all time greatest escape artist.  Trump pulled a Houdini Sunday night.

Stay with for at least one update per week.

Even Liberal Media Agrees

If a big time movie producer was ever looking to cast someone to play the part of the President of the USA, Mike Pence would have to be his 1st choice.  Not only does he look the part, he played the part as he whipped the daylights out of smug over bearing Hillary Clinton VP candidate, Tim Kaine.   Kaine must of thought he could simply overwhelm Pence from the very start.  Overly aggressive, interrupting Pence 70 times, yes that’s right, 70 times.  Instead he came off looking silly and foolish. He was trying to play a role he was ill suited for.  Trump phoned Pence immediately to congratulate him.  Hillary simply emailed Kaine.

No question millions of Americans looked at that 90 minute episode Tuesday and thought….this is the guy that should be at the top of the ticket.  GOP talk already centering around Pence for a run in 2020 should the worst happen.  He’s a true blue family man, same wife, 5 kids, religious with an all American look and posture.  Now the thought for Republicans is can Donald Trump come anywhere close to what Pence did come this Sunday night for the most critical debate of this campaign.  Trump doesn’t just need a stalemate.  He needs to clearly win.   It’s a town hall format hosted by CNN’s (The Clinton News Network) Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Radatz.  It seems impossible they could be worse than this amateur woman Elaine Quijano, CBS, who shut off Pence on the Clinton Foundation while he still had ample time to talk.   Word is Trump is actually preparing this time.  It’s possible he will do better in this type format where questions will also come from the audience.  And he might have learned a few lessons from his running mate.  Plus, the final debate hosted by Chris Wallace of Fox News, the most important one, on Oct. 19th, a Wednesday, will find Wallace will show no mercy on either candidate.  Nothing like awful Elaine Quijano agreeing with Tim Kaine Tuesday night.  Trump will get very tough questions from Wallace, but finally, so will Hillary.

Trump is now behind almost everywhere with even Ohio seems to be slipping away.  With the media simply looking for even the most minor slip up, Trump has to absolutely stick with his teleprompter, shut up about inconsequential issues, study the issues for once.  It’s still a long shot.  He’s being outspent by Hillary 5 to 1 most everywhere.  But nobody really knows what the enthusiasm gap is like nor what so many quiet Americans are thinking.  I’m still trying to figure out how not paying tax’s because he had no income has to do with anything.  But that’s fodder for the media and the no nothings.

And I’ll trot out Yogi Berra’s old trite line now…”it ain’t over ’til it’s over.”  I was trying to find a way to work in a better Yogism…..speaking of restaurants said Yogi….”Nobody goes there anymore.  It’s just too busy.”      But, never found a way.

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Trump Suicidal?

I don’t like Hillary Clinton.   I don’t like Donald Trump.  Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is a silly buffoon.   And Mrs. Stein is wasting her time.  So now what?  How can we elect a woman who has lied repeatedly her entire career…and I’ve seen it all.  Exposes our national top secrets and was an inept senator and even worse Sec. of State.  And what many don’t know, Mrs. Clinton was an enabler for all her husband illicit sexual activities  But, even worse, hired and used private henchmen to threaten women who were revealing her husbands terrible acts.  At least one of them, Paula Jones got $850,000 out of her lawsuit against the Clintons.  The others bad mouthed and even threatened.  Doubt it?  Check out Kathleen Willey or Anita Broadwick on  Never mind she took in millions for her Clinton Foundation from Countries that barely let women walk across the street.  Her maniacal lust for power far exceeds any accomplishments or abilities.  And now her entire Presidential campaign is based upon destroying her opponent.  After winning the first debate her smug gloating said it all.  Seek and destroy is the Clinton’s forte.

Then we have Donald Trump.  A man so insecure…so thin skinned that he does not have enough self control to minimize or ignore even the slightest insult.  If it is even an insult.  Wastes valuable time responding to some silly Miss Universe controversy.  Refuses to prepare for important events.  Prefers to wing most everything and time after time creates a new controversy by saying dumb stuff.  Remember the judge was of Mexican decent fiasco.  Before the first debate, Trump was on the brink of taking the lead in a major way over a miserable candidate that most any on that GOP primary stage could have truly had a solid chance of beating this horrendous candidate.  Trump fights like he is still in business.  He has no clue in how to run a Presidential campaign.  Making matters worse he seldom listens to his advisors.   What we have here, in true almost part of our lexicon, “is a failure to communicate.”

Plus the media overwhelming is pro Hillary.  Who every heard of a major story being not paying income tax on no income? Trump loses over $900,000  in terrible real estate times, that loss cannot be written off the next year because he didn’t make that amount the next year, and it’s supposed to be an horrendous.  Only the business illiterates see no tax paid as being a terrible undertaking.  What is most remarkable is that he made one of the all time great business comebacks all lost in the Clinton seek and destroy machine.  The same Democrat seek and destroy mssion that went on against a truly decent man of faith and success in Mitt Romney.  At least, clumsy as he is, Trump is the first Republican who openly fights back.  He just is not good enough at it and is well on his way to losing to one of the nastiest incompetent lying candidates of all time.

Before the debate, Trump, incredibly, had a one point lead in blue State Colorado. Now?  He is down there in double figures.  He’s behind now most everywhere where he was ahead except in Ohio.

So where do we go from here?  Let’s assume Trump will not change.  And the media and Hillary keep pounding away at him.  Well, he could catch a break if his VP nominee, Mike Pence, does well in the Tuesday night debate.  Might stop or slow the bleeding for now.  Trump’s rallies and campaigning the rest of the way won’t stop Hillary’s momentum.  His only chance are the final two debates.  Sunday night, up against Sunday night football (a pretty good one between Green Bay and the New York Giants) so there goes the already gone New York market and the State of Wisconsin.  What Trump needs to do is memorize Hillary’s failure one by one.   Memorize every single lie Hillary  told to the public that FBI Director Jim Comey stated to the Congressional Committee.  Memorize every mistake after mistake Mrs. Clinton made with her Foundation and as Senator of New York.  It’s simply not good enough to merely say “upstate New York was a disaster.”  He needs facts and figures.  Wouldn’t it be easy to visualize a fellow like Senator Marco Rubio nailing her point by point.  It would be devastating.  Hell, I could do it better.

Will Trump actually do his home work and be ready to save our nations future by scoring big in the final two debates?   And should he do well, can he keep his thin skin from saying more stupid needless remarks neutralizing any gains from the debates?   Very very unlikely.

So, who should the average know very little voter vote for?  We know what we will get from Hillary.  More and more government.  More regulations upon business keeping our Country’s growth stymied. Doesn’t anybody realize nobody ever got a job from a poor man?  More liberal Supreme Court justices who will defy the constitution for what they think is more in line with their leftist agenda.  Her main difference is she will be more hawkish than Obama.  Of course, almost anybody would be.  Her track record is an open book.  With Trump we simply don’t know.  In spite of a myriad of flaws, we do know Trump is a leader.  Someone who knows the system and the ups and downs of business and where we should headed.  He will do what he always has done.  Surround himself with good people, listen and then decide after weighing the pro’s and con’s.  He is no conservative.  So he will be very flexible but not a knee jerk reactionary as Hillary tries to scare voters.

There are at least two plus’s at present for the GOP and Trump.  Number one are Trump’s children. No way could anyone see they are not quality young people who love and respect their father.  As a father he had to be good.   And, chances are, as of now, the GOP is likely to hold the Senate.  Although still contentious.  This could halt Hillary’s agenda big time.  But, the Supreme Court vacancies being filled?   Can’t stop that and our Country is not now or ever will be the same.  Always remember, America created the highest standard of living the world has ever known.  In many many cases our poor would be middle class in foreign countries.  How did America do it?   We built it because of labor and business.  Not government.

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