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Pay For Rebuilt USA? It’s easy.

Another trillion to rebuild our roads, bridges, airports etc.?  No Problem.  Cut every government department 3-5%.  Think it’s nuts?  No, not really. The waste is so extreme in government agency’s, they’ll complain to high heaven, but not miss a dollar.  Did you know that if the budget for any existing agency in government is not spent in full it will be cut the next year?  It’s true.  So why not spend it all?  Were you aware we have government departments duplicating the work that two other departments are doing? Politicians over the years have kept passing more and more bills always with some well meaning, or self serving, intentions creating more and more government bureau’s?  A “devil may care” attitude to suggest to their constiguents they are actually accomplishing something for their own good.   Anything to get re-elected.  Jacksjargon has long felt Congress should take a year to review old programs that are outmoded or useless.  Get rid of them.  But, they never will for fear some voters will complain and endanger their chances for getting elected again and again.  It never ends.

There is a chance, just a chance, House Speaker Paul Ryan, (if President Trump has not already thought of it) may propose such an act of cutting funding for all government departments by a small percentage.  Bingo.  Infrastructure across America paid for.

Want to help save Medicare?  Newt Gingrich had a wonderful idea years ago that fell on deaf ears in Congress as usual.  Why not have every Medicare patient, upon receiving their hospital or doctor bill, review the bill and if finding any over charges or false charges by medical people, give the patients 10% of the savings found in mistaken or false charges?   Why not?  So simple.   And yet, politicians aren’t interested in such matters.  They have no interest in savings.  Only more spending.  It is why our Country is 20 trillion dollars in debt and could collapse should interest rates rise in any significance.

These are the practical issues that, if noted by our new administration, that would not be passed over.  The trick is to have politicians work on behalf of their Country and its citizens and not preoccupied with their own political salvation.   Another reason for term limits.  President Trump has commented on the issue of term limits.  Impossible to pass such legislation?   No…it is possible.  Merely have term limits grandfathered in so it does not affect present members of Congress.

Ah yes,  All sounds good and realistic.   However, with so many major issues confronting the new administration, term limits arguing in Congress would clog up so much time, debate and bickering that the issue would go to the “back burner”.   But maybe some day….just maybe some day…well not likely.  But there is always hope some conservative might take up the matter.   But, for right now…slash every government agency 3-5%.   There would be hell to pay from bureacrat’s hollering.   But, if forced to do it, they’d find a way without hurting a thing.  And bingo…our roads, bridges and airports are paid for and thousands of jobs created.  It mainly takes leadership.  And, I have an idea who just might show the leadership.  If you catch my drift.

The New President Speaks

President Trump spoke not as a Republican or a Democrat in his inaugural address.  He spoke more as a third Party candidate .  It was a populous speech. It was short, 17 minutes, directed at the American people.  It was a speech all Americans needed to hear.  Not just those who followed him throughout the campaign.  Highlighted by the line….”We’ll no longer accept the politicians who are all talk and no action.  Constantly complaining but never get anything done.” Said CNN’s Gloria Borger “He was critical of Republicans as well as Democrats.” “The government is not ours.  It’s yours.” said Trump.  Said CNN’s Van Jones, an acknowledged communist who had to leave the Obama administration, “I think this speech is going to appeal to a lot of people who are hurting.”  “Part of which could have been delivered by Bernie Sanders.”   Rachel Maddow at MSNBC was somewhat unclear in saying “It was militant… dark…the crime…the gangs…the drugs…this American carnage.”  It sounded like she had never listened to any of his rousing campaign speeches that got him elected.

In listening and hearing him for months, jacksjargon sees a difference in Trump from previous Presidents.  Not a politician. A leader getting things done.  That’s what he has done all his life.  For instance, he saved 20% of his budgeted transition money and is sending it back to the U.S. Treasury.  Vintage Trump.  He’s beholden to nobody.  No Party…no financial backers or lobbyists.  He’s rich and can’t be bought.  And he never had full backing of his Republican Party.  So, in essence, he will do what he promised to do or give it every effort possible.  He is a straight shooter and knows no other way. Said Fox News Brit Hume, “not poetic, but very much Trump.”  Like him or hate him, any honest listener had to realize he truly meant every word in a speech he mostly wrote himself.  “I will work for you.” says Trump.  No question in this bloggers mind he means what he says.  Plus, the word “I” was not a word heard much.

On the flip side, Trump has appointed a very conservative cabinet.  And, as smart as he is, he knows he needs the Congress to get many of the issues he wants accomplished.  That’s where the new found cordiality with House Speaker Paul Ryan comes in.  Legislation will have to be passed.  Most will come out of the House of Representatives and then on to the Senate.  Sen. Chuck Schummer, Democrat leader in the Senate, a man Trump had often contributed huge sums for his campaigns, will fight him on most all fronts. Not necessarily just out of his strong ideological differences, but to attempt to reinvent his Party and regain control.  As of now the Democrats have very little power.  However, they can stall as they are needlessly doing with some of his cabinet choices.  But, Trump has one advantage over most all modern President…except Ronald Reagan.  He speaks clearly and directly to the American people in language they understand. Trumps knows how to use his leadership skills vocally and through social media. He will be hard to negotiate with for sure.  And as the public warms to him, they will put pressure on their own legislators.  That includes Democrats.  Reagan was a master at it.  While other politicians drive by closed factories and accept crime as the way things are.  It makes Trump angry.  People can feel Trump speaks from his heart.   A no nonsense.

Give Ex President Obama and Michelle a salute for their cooperation with the new Trump administration.  They forged a relationship with the Trumps.  Jacksjargon believes the Obama’s were ready to leave the White House over a year ago.  Trump was pretty much President the day he was elected.  But, stand by for Obama’s criticism as he will forge against Trump.  He is about the only leadership his Party has left.

As for post ceremony, there are protesters in the streets attempting to block the parade as of this hour.  The police are having none of it.  So far 95 have been arrested and police have used pepper spray.  The National Guard has been called in.  Protesters are stubborn, but best guess, with so many law enforcement members present it’s doubtful, so far, much of consequence will occur.  Less we forget, the same has happened in the past.  CNN is reporting Trump supporters over whelm the area.  The parade will go on.  It appears less protesters than expected, have no chance of much disruption.

So here we are.  An off/on light rain was no bother this day. Trump’s speech was short, blunt, to his core issues and very well received by even Democrat’s who now realize they are going to be dealing with a “different breed of cat” in Trump.  The celebration party’s will go on well into tonight as always.  Trump may work lightly over the weekend…”lightly with Trump?  Come Monday, stand by. Will he get everything he wants done.  No…no President does.  But with his leadership skills and control of the House and Senate it might surprise many how much he can accomplish.  And, knowing his energy level, nobody will out work his dogged presence.  Instinctively, Trump knows how to get things done.  Plus, he’s quick study.  If wagering………I like his chances.   “Hang on snoopy hang on.” for the ride.  Here we go.




TV ratings for election coverage

According to the Pew Research center poll, Fox News election coverage garnered higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC combined.  In spite of on camera personel changes FNC continues to dominate year after year.  Here’s the numbers:

FOX News 19%, CNN 13%, local TV 7%, NBC 5%, MSNBC 5%, ABC 5%, CBS 4%.  Incredibly Facebook received 8% and no newspaper made any rating points.

The Obama legacy?  Here’s the word from one distinguished Senator: “Obama pardoning Chelsea Manning.  Here’s a man, now woman, who committed treason.  He released 70,000 documents revealing CIA names, foreign country people aiding the USA, exposed some of our best friends likely leading to the death of hundreds of friends…and families. He was sentenced to a minimum of 35 years escaping the death penalty by a plea bargain.   Plus Obama pardoned a terrorist named Rivera.  An unrepentant terrorist who killed American’s in numerous countries.  Our friends world wide are now skeptical in helping the USA. They are fearful of reprisal.  House Speaker Paul Ryan, along with Democrats called Obama’s action outrageous.  Obama leaves us with a world on fire. America is easily more racially divided now than before he took office.  Police now feel embattling nationwide.  Less arrests everywhere.  China is now asserting itself aggressively putting pressure on South Korea.  North Korea is closing in upon a missile capable of striking our west coast.  Russia is now strongly involved in the middle east.  400,000 have died in Syria and there are six million refugees looking for a safe place to live.  (Anyone recall Obama drawing that infamous line in the sand at Syria and did nothing.) He withdrew ALL troops from Iraq leading to the establishment of ISIS now almost world.  The European Union has an enormous strain of handling millions of refugees.  (Obama foreign policy was no foreign policy.)  This is what happens when America backs off its position of world leadership.”  Who’s the source?  Senator John McCain.   McCain goes on to say he is very impressed with a number of people President Trump has surrounded himself with.  “I disagree with a number of issues with the President elect.  But, he has been elected and legitimately elected in spite of my Democrat friends throwing temper tantrums.”

Jacksjargon feels Obama came into office with no leadership experience and even less knowledge of foreign affairs.  His entire tenure has been one of gifted oratory with only one main agenda.  To remake America into what he believed was a flawed nation and one he never thought was a exceptional nation.  His charm and speaking ability carried him a long long way.  American’s still don’t know what and who he truly is.  He leaves office responsible for 47% of our nations 20 trillion dollar deficit.

Of note:  jacksjargon welcomes your comments.  However, anyone writing using reference to any vulgarity or profanity shall be closed off from my sites.  Those who do such are classless. In addition, these types never use quotes or identify sources.  It’s merely some off hand reference without a source.  Jacksjargon shall continue to use quotes and identities.  And, when there is commentary it is labeled as such.

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Civil Rights Icon: SHAMEFUL

Civil rights icon John Lewis (D/GA) set back his own civil rights movement with ridiculous comments about Donald Trump not being legitmately elected as President of the United States.  He says he will not attend the inauguration. Says Lewis, ‘The Russian’s destroyed Hillary’s candidacy” grasping for any false premise to justify his remarks. Five days before the inaugaration, Lewis comes off as being angry, vindictive, wrong and perhaps fearful of Trump (as Trump campaigned) that Trump will help the inner city problems more than Lewis has done in decades in the House of Representatives. Plus, he certainly has concerns new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, will crack down on violence and help beleaguered police nation wide. After eight years, Obama leaves the USA more racially divided than when he came into office.  Afro American income is down significantly.  Now Lewis deliberately using self serving and wrong comments hurts relations further with this, yes I’ll say it, stupid, not ignorant, comments.   Totally irresponsible.

James Clapper, Director of the national intelligence community who serves as the principal intelligence advisor to President Obama…”There is no evidence that anything that was done during the course of the election changed the results of this election.”  Chief strategist for President Obama’s campaigns, David Axelrod  “I just don’t want to see this constant churning that leads to a reflexive reaction every time we elect a President we don’t like.”  Trump’s new Chief of staff…”Lewis started a firestorm. Trump won 128 counties out of 159 counties in Georgia.  (Congressman Lewis’ home State)  He won 200 counties Obama had won. This was the biggest Republican landslide since Ronald Reagan.”

To say Donald Trump was not elected in a legitimate election just because a respected civil rights leader who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and had his skull fractured is an absolute shame.  It’s not right. Five days before Donald Trump is sworn in as our next President, these comments do nothing but stir up racial tensions further.  Demonstrations have been organized across the nation.

To those of you who are still Democrats, understand this is not the Party that you may have grown up with.  These are not the people such as Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, Lyndon Johnson and even Bill Clinton.  These so called progressives are nothing more than radicals who seek U.S. dominance to make us into a socialist/Marxist country in order control us through government. Obama is a good example of their failed way of running a country. A system that controls individuals and has never worked.  China, Russia, Cuba and around the world, do you really expect places such as these and Iran to offer you what you now have?  These progressive seek one world globalization.  They, the entertainment industry and the media have no clue how the economy works and what gave us the highest standard of living the world has ever seen.  What is ironic is Donald Trump, a New Yorker through and through, is more of a traditional Democrat than they are. The Democrat Party stops at nothing, simply ruthless in denying Trump the office he was elected.  Recounts, the Russians, change the electoral college, intimate the electoral college voters and now they are even going after CIA Director James Comey.  Blame him now for Hillary’s defeat.  In reality he did them a favor in not indicting Hillary Clinton for her crimes.

So let’s watch and celebrate our new President.  He has already made noticeable progress as President elect.  Trump has appointed an excellent cabinet who will give him very good advise and support. Pay attention to his early days.  Count on swift positive action on many fronts that the American people shall favor. And what these radical leaders don’t understand, in the end, the American people see right through them.   Trump’s actions will speak louder than their words.  Over 60 million voters believe that and want it.  The Democrat chaos and demonstrations will merely solidify their thinking.  i.e. Black Lives Matter who visited the Obama White House time after time.

Stay tuned to   Fireworks just beginning.  Donald Trump…the Energizer Bunny.”



Trump’s 1st Press Conference

Wow.  It was like nothing the media and the public has seen before.  At least not in anyone’s memory.  And yet it was a throw back to the way all contemporary President’s have held press conferences.  From President Kennedy through Bill Clinton and W. Bush.  Unlike Obama’s taking 6-7 questions from pre arranged reporters, Trump took close to 20 questions. Blunt as always.  Succinct, direct, informative, defiant, combative and entertaining would sum it up.  Well organized with opening statements from his press secretary and a thorough explanation from an attorney representing the prestigious law firm of Morgan and Lewis explaining Trump’s divesting himself of all control of his massive business empire.  For the record, Trump said all monies from foreign countries staying at his hotels would go to the U.S. Treasury.

Some bullet points: Most important was the total condemnation of a blog called Buzzfeed, with no supporting evidence, in saying Russia had compromising information on Trump’s personal life, financial matters even going to the extent of saying his associate, Michael Cohen, had been to Prague, Czechoslovakia to meet with Russian leaders.  CNN, and only CNN, had been exploiting this story endlessly with no verification.  The New York Times, and all other networks refused to cover this report as fact likely leaked by U.S. intelligence sources.  CNN even mistakenly found another person named Michael Cohen.  The real Cohan proved he has never been to Prague.  Jacksjargon feels strongly, if you watch cable news, stick with Fox or even liberal biased MSNBC.  Never CNN desperate from poor ratings.  NBC’s Morning Joe refused to validate any of the CNN story.  Trump thanked media for not reporting this “fake news.”  But, openly refused to taking any question from a CNN persistent reporter shouting repeatedly to ask a question.  He called them a disgrace.  “I have no deals with Russia. I have no deals forthcoming with Russia. I have no loans with Russia.” said Trump.

Elsewhere…The wall…to be built fast as possible not waiting for eventual reimbursement from Mexico.  But, they will pay.  There will be a huge “border tax” upon any company that moves their companies to Mexico.  Drug prices are over priced says Trump.  He will open competition from other companies.  The VA has a new director who will be working with the head of the Cleveland Clinic with additional assistance from the Mayo Clinic.  Trump wants immediate repeal of Obamacare and a replacement at the same time.  In addition to saving nearly 1,000 jobs from Carrier leaving, Trump has Ford Motor company to build a new plant in Michigan.  Also Fiat/Chrysler has agreed to new plants in the USA.   Trump friends with Russia’s Putin?  “It could be an asset.”  “But does anybody really think Hillary Clinton would be tougher on Russia than me?”  Referring to her silly reset button.

Let’s face it.  There never has been a President anywhere near the likes of Donald Trump.  The press will be endless with looking for any scandal or inconsistency with anything he or his administration does.  And, surely they will always find something to make headlines.  And, of course, more fake news.  CNN won’t stop.  He’s right.  They are a disgrace.   But what does the average American think or feel.   They care next to nothing about President Trump divesting his empire properly.  As long his compliance lawyers keep matters in check.  His dealings with Russia?   So what.  Most administrations have unsuccessfully tried.  What they truly care about is good paying new jobs returning to America.   That we are as safe as possible from harm countries and terrorists.   That illegals immigrants stop flowing in and getting U.S. welfare, housing and education benefits.  Lower energy costs likely when Trump begins using all energy sources.  We have tons of oil and gas that Obama has kept us from extracting still wasting time and thought upon environmental  matters which simply are worthless so long as China, Russia and India won’t comply.  And there is absolute certainty there is no scientific evidence, as yet, that proves man kind is responsible for global warming.

America is in for leadership, controversial as is, that will help their lives.  That’s why he is our next President.  And Trump has the smarts to know how to get around the negative press and get through to millions.  Plus there are millions more Trump supporters.  They just don’t know it yet.  As for Obama….don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Coming soon on…HOW America became great.  Stay tuned.



Shocking Death List 2016

At the risk of making this post sound macabre, the famous were dropping like flies during 2016.  Tripling lists from previous years.

Starting with the obvious news of Carrie Fisher’s death at age 64, the shock of her famous mother, Debbie Reynolds, dying one day later brings to mind the old saying “died of a broken heart.”  Actually most doctors agree a death that soon of an elderly person, Reynolds was 84, more likely comes from the enormous stress on the death of a loved one and the strain it puts upon someone of that age.  But, who really knows?   Debbie Reynolds was a star of movies, dancing and singing for over 50 years.  She never had a dancing lesson and first danced in one of her earliest films.   She was forced to work past working age due to her husband squandering her fortune gambling.  Miss Reynolds owned and performed in a Las Vegas casino/hotel she purchased that eventually failed.  But her star in Las Vegas packed them in for years at the major venues.  Of note, Doris Day’s husband squandered her money as well.  Ladies…always keep an eye on your own hard earned money.

So here goes with the those passing 2016…Nancy Reagan, Muhammad Ali, pop stars Prince, George Michael, David Bowie and Glenn (The Heat is On) Frye. Not to be missed is Fidel Castro. Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia passed, ex Senator astronaut John Glenn, Bill Clinton’s 5th pick for Attorney General Janel Reno as controversial as they come.   Well let’s not go too far considering we still have ex AG Eric Holder hanging around.  The sports world, in addition to Ali, we lost golf’s most famous name in Arnold Palmer, Gordie “Mr. Hockey” Howe, basketball players Nate Thurmond and, Dwayne “Pearl” Washington.  Musicians Frank Sinatra Jr., Leonard Cohen, Merle Haggard.  Artists and entertainers include Gene Wilder, Abe Vigoda (selected as a walk on for the Godfather), Florence Henderson, Man from Uncle Robert Vaughn, Comedian Garry Shandling, Doris Roberts, and the gifted British actor Alan Rickman never to be forgotten as Hans Gruber in Die Hard.  His best work most believe was the magnificent award winning HBO true story Something the Lord Made.  Never seen it?   Don’t miss it.    Alan Thicke died recently, along with Anton Yelchin, Otis Clay, Harper Lee, the most famed Oscar winner hyper manic depressive Patty Duke, 60 Minutes veteran Morley Safer. the most famous women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt, Rev. Tim LaHaye, the man who began the TV political panel controversy shows, John McLaughlin, outspoken conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, PBS news anchor Gwen Ifill and the never to be forgotten woman famous for being famous Zsa Zsa Gabor who loved being married so much she had nine husbands.  The Kardashian’s would have loved her.   There are more for sure, but enough is enough.

Two other events finished off the death knell for 2016.  The Chicago Cubs ended (killed) their 108 years of Baseball World Series oblivion.  And Hillary Clinton must be noted for her personal suicidal ways.  But, then again, who wouldn’t die having to continue and defend eight years of Barack Obama.  A man who made enemies of our friends and friends of our enemies.  No way will he politely slip away in dignity as George W. Bush.  Too ego driven. A legacy of failed policy’s who’s greatest achievement was his ability to speak convincingly to low information voters.  Leadership was never his strong suit. With the exception of the media, he could not even convene with his own Party.  Eight years of a ship without a rudder.  The USA has the lowest work force in decades.  Military in shambles, middle east in turmoil, true unemployment at 10-12% (those who quit looking are never included in unemployment percentages) health care a mess, race relations worse in years, police shying away from crime producers, a borderless country, cities giving sanctuary to illegal immigrant criminals, labor force moved elsewhere, economic growth a puny 1-2%, job creation of menial labor, food stamps tripling, thousands of new regulations crippling business…thankfully his socialist agenda failed.  But, stay tuned for boasting of his legacy that he’ll make it sound wonderful leaving our nation more divided in decades.  Our domestic and world wide decline obvious.

Of note: jacksjargon was vacationing in December.  Now the fun begins.  Here comes the Trump administration.  The antithesis of Barack Obama. The media will say nothing positive of Trump.  However, so many out there will be his supporters.  They just don’t know it yet.

Stay tuned