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It Will Fail!

What will fail?  In a moment.  But, a fire storm was created today that the Obama administration, before President Trump’s went into office, the Trump team communications may have been picked up by U.S. Intelligence.  Cable news  channels are all over this story.  House intelligence chairman, Devin Nunes, says “surveillance was collected about the Trump transition team. Reports Fox News John Robert’s…”He has been told( Nunes) and it appears to come from people who came forward individually  saying there was incidental collection of U.S citizens conversations with the Trump campaign. The NSA, FBI or other intel agencies were listening in on conversations with foreigners who were allowed to be heard, under the terms of the foreign surveillance act, with people from the Trump campaign.”  Some could obviously be unmasked. This could explain how General Michael Flynn was exposed.

The health bill proposed by the GOP is going to fail.  At this hour it is highly likely the bill will be pulled (not voted on) to avoid the embarrassment of a major loss. Even it were to pass Thursday, what is lost in this matter is that in the end there will be a total of three components needed to be voted upon including Senate confirmation. The third being the most controversial.  To see all three parts approved is a very huge stretch.  Some feel it is an horrendous set back to the President and Republican’s.  Jacksjargon retains the view that defeat would then allow Obamacare to die under it’s own weight there by setting the stage for a demand from the public for change leading to a more comprehensive plan.   This bill was rushed, frail and better off in the ash heap.

Justice Gorsuch is sailing through confirmation making Democrat’s look silly trying to make an issue out of evading questions while Democrat Supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did the very same thing.  Partisan politics.

But, the unknown of what Intelligence committee Chairman Devin Nunes has forwarded to the President about listening in on Trump campaign people and possibly the President himself is a wait and see.  It could be major.  Keep in mind, just weeks before leaving office, President Obama permitted the release of intelligence from one agency to ALL intel agency’s knowingly laying the ground work for leaks and making it almost impossible to determine the source.  An unreported time bomb as a parting shot to Trump.  If the public only knew more of our un vetted past President.  Shamefully hidden by the media.

An MSNBC backfire

So…here we have MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, desperate for ratings (Fox 3.5 million viewers vs her 1.5 million viewers) with her thought to be huge scoop with a copy of President Trump’s tax return for 2005.  She drags it out for twenty minutes before telling her audience Trump earned 153 million dollars and paid 38 million in tax’s.   She did him a big favor.   It proves his success and it turns out he paid 25% in tax’s.  In Obama’s last return he paid 18% in tax’s.  Socialist/Marxist Bernie Sander’s paid 13% of his income in tax’s.  Earlier the New York Times reported President Trump had paid no income tax in 18 years.  More cable ratings coming up.

Reporter David K. Johnston said he received the two page return in the mail.  Asked NBC’s Matt Lauer…do you think Trump leaked it himself?  Said Johnston…”Probably not.”  Johnston figures Trump earned approximately 81 million on average over the last ten years.  Reports indicate even NBC sister station, CNBC, has mocked the Maddow’s thought to be expose’.

Says a Trump tweet….Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody knows, “went to his mailbox” and found my tax return?   NBC FAKE NEWS.   He never quits.  Said ABC’s legal analyst Dan Abram’s…”This is actually  a good return for Donald Trump.”

Cable TV ratings ending first week of March.  Fox news remains number one all day.  As for prime time: Fox News 3.5 million viewers , ESPN 1.7 million, HGTV 1.6 million, MSNBC 1.5 million.  And laughable, CNN tied for 7th with the History channel at 1.3 million viewers.

Elsewhere, jacksjargon’s opinion the Republican’s should make an attempt at health care reform and then let it go in favor of Obamacare’s total collapse is gathering momentum. Even if GOP health care passes in the House, very little chance it will pass in the Senate.  Other  news, home builder’s confidence is at its highest in 10 years. Never media reported, but optimism reins in the USA.   As business grows so does jobs. And better paying jobs as company’s compete for better workers.

Entertainment news, two time Oscar winner, Ben Affleck has come out that he has completed his second recovery from alcoholism treatment hoping to encourage others to get treatment.  Hasn’t hurt his work though.  He stars in the new Batman film in November.  Affleck is no longer allowed to play winning blackjack in Las Vegas.  Casino’s know he beats them regularly.


Let it die!

The best thing the Republican’s can do, with regard to health care, is to let Obamacare die by passing no new health care program.   Obamacare is simply awful.  Premiums have sky rocketed.  But, the worst is the deductibles.  $2,500, $3,000….even as high as $5,000 for a deductible.  Try as they might to pass a health care bill, it would be best to let their plan be a “good old college try” and simply allow Obamacare to continue and collapse on it’s own accord.   Let the public see what the Obama legacy has done.  Then, and only then, will the public demand a new plan and be willing to get over the Democrat’s and the media’s horrendous bias and put pressure on the Washington D.C. politicians to consider what he Republican’s have to offer.

At present, there is little to no chance the GOP will get their health care bill passed. With the media backing the Democrat’s, plus conservatives balking at the proposal…forgetaboutit.  Never in the rather long life time of this blogger has there been such media bias against a President.  Never.  It is outrageous.  Jacksjargon learned a long time ago that nobody is all right or all wrong on everything they do.  It is always a mixture.  And yet the television and print media make it seem that President Trump is terrible and does nothing right.   He is bad bad bad.  And Trump has brought this upon himself, to some degree, with tweets that are factually wrong or, at the very least, misleading.  Use only when necessary and with accurate info.

Ask yourself have you ever heard from the standard media what the President has done with companies returning to build here in the USA?  Carrier, Ford, Samsung, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Chrysler/Fiat and others are committed along with wealthy investor’s from abroad to build new plants here and or keep their plants from moving to Mexico.  New job expectancy for February 2017 was 190,000.  Instead their were 238,000 created with more going back into the labor force. Unemployment is down.  And these new jobs are well paying (not Obama waiter and waitress part time jobs) in construction and factories.  Business is optimistic for the first time in eight years.  The stock market rallied big time since Trump took office. Obama never agreed with the age old adage “The business of America is business.” He was a man devoted to socialism or worse.  Trump is releasing hundreds of restrictions Obama put on business. And yet, the Democrat’s howl about the rich getting richer. The usual.  Keep in mind nobody ever got a job from a poor man.  Trump has surrounded himself with successful people.  He will listen to all comers.   This includes talking with Civil Rights leader and Congressman John Lewis about lowering the price of needed drugs for the American people.  It was Lewis who said Trump would never be his President.

On the Mexican border, January 2017, 31,000 trying to illegally enter here.  February? Only 18,000.  A 40% reduction. What the Democrat’s, with media backing, are doing is a sham.  Trump, almost two months into his Presidency, has still not been able to complete his cabinet with their first meeting on Monday.  Why?  No particular reason.  The Democrat’s merely stalling to block him from moving forward with his agenda. More or less punitive.  They have organized group’s to create havoc at Republican town hall meetings.  Some of the same protestors seen at different State town halls.  Anything to disrupt.

President Obama was seen by the media as above reproach.  They would never report before leaving office he sent 330 million dollars to Cuba.  Or, in his final weeks, suddenly he gave the okay for ALL intelligence agencies to receive the same data.  Why wouldn’t he do this long ago?   Now leaks come from who knows where.  Every President fires their attorney hold overs in order to replace them with others more loyal to their agenda.  Yet, the media makes it sound as this was cruel and unusual.  It simply never ends.  And the Russia issue the Democrat’s cling to hoping for something to turn up where, after six months of digging, all intelligence agencies report there is not a shred of evidence.  Jacksjargon believes there is a better chance of Obama’s people tapping Trump’s phone conversations than any  Russian skullduggery.

In time results will be all that matters.  It will be impossible to hide from the public a better economy and stronger nation.  So let the health care initiatives from Republican’s die.  Let Obamacare take the blame.  Show the effort for better care, but let it die.  Newt Gingrich says the President should be working on a number of other issues now.  He needn’t take things one at a time.  That’s what he did successfully as Speaker of the House.  Good idea.  Take health care out of the constant spot light.

And stand by for more nonsense from the media as never seen before making mountains out of mole hills.  However, they can praise President Trump in one area. He and his family have brought Saturday Night Live back from the brink of going under.  That’s the one Trump area they love to praise.

Obama tapped Trump’s phones?

There’s a report, if true, that would shake the foundation of American and political history.  Says President Trump…”I have just found out that President Obama had my wires tapped in Trump Tower just before the election.”  As yet there is no evidence.  However, it is widely known around Congress that Obama did ask for a Pfizer court ruling to allow such a tap in June of 2016.  It was turned down.  Then in October of 2016 Obama submitted a second Pfizer court request to tap Trump’s phones and received permission due to the suspicion that candidate Trump had connections with the Russian government in some form.

Former Obama aid Ben Rhodes has quickly responded “No President can order a wire tap.” That is true.  But, a Pfizer court ruling would allow it.  With all the noise of Russian involvement in our election it is reasonable to suspect a judge (especially one favorable to Obama) would give the okay for the tap.  President Obama is too smart to issue a statement of any kind because that would make it a more major story.  Especially knowing his friends in the media will cover for him.

Senator Lindsey Graham says he will investigate.  House Speaker Paul Ryan indicates a concern. There are two possibilities with regard to this issue.  Either President Trump is using this accusation to take the story away from his Attorney General Jeff Sessions controversy.  Or the FBI (with Obama involvement in some form) was looking into criminal involvement somehow with the Russians.   It has been confirmed President Trump was furious that Att. Gen. Session’s recused himself from any Russian involvement.   Now Trump must rely on his non appointed Obama holdover Deputy Attorney General to look into this issue while the Democrat’s in the Senate will further stall the President’s appointee.

It much appears the latter is more likely.  Trump had been suspicious and following these developments for some time.