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How To Defeat ISIS

General Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA, says the way to defeat ISIS is to destroy their conviction to radical Islam.   How best to do that?   Defeat them in battle numerous times. It is his belief that as ISIS continues to grow and win confrontations it affirms to them they are doing the will of Allah.  It justifies their cause and allows them to continue to recruit.   Just as winning breeds winning, the opposite is true.   Consequently, what France and the Russians are now doing is spot on.  Bomb their key sources such as oil that increases their wealth.    It is striking how well their campaign is progressing.   Eventually, some ground forces will be needed from sources still unknown.

With one year of bombing by the USA, how is it we have been relatively ineffective?  The reason being Obama refuses to allow any of our engagements that might strike civilians.  So our planes keep coming back with un dropped bombs.  The problem with our President’s rationale is ISIS is killing far more civilians than Obama thinks he is saving.  In actuality, that’s Obama’s excuse for not doing what he should be doing that harkens back to his core beliefs in his religion and lack of true beliefs in the goodness of America.  He’s really not that hard to understand once you truly know what he is and the way it makes him react…or more significantly not react.

At this point France appears it does not want to invoke NATO’s action.  With Russia’s Putin and the French efforts, President Hollande may feel NATO may tie his hands and delay what he wants and needs to do now.  He knows Obama won’t be of much help and the USA normally must lead NATO.  France may convene the coalition that the USA should be doing.  Obama is merely words.   Can we ever forget, what is now becoming infamous, “The Paris attack is a setback.”      Ex President JImmy Carter can relax now.   Our National mistake will go down as our worst President in modern history.  At least Carter did react when necessary.  And one must admire Carter and his exemplary handling his battle with cancer.

Polls…..Donald Trump continues to play havoc with the polls and concerned Republicans.   His words like “Bomb the S___ out of Isis gives him popularity with many, but he is mostly visceral.  Few specifics.   His appeal is to peoples emotions.  First let’s look at Fox News latest poll of people who vote in the primaries.  Trump is at 28%, Carson the biggest slippage to 18%, Rubio at 14% (up 3%) Cruz at 14% (up 3%) and Bush at 5% (up 1%.  Christie would easily make the main debate stage now with 3%.  Keep in mind in a general Presidential election, likeability is number one. and issues number two. Ted Cruz is easily the least likeable.  Here’s a key….honest and trustworthy.  It is Trump by a wide margin, the least trusted among Republicans.  Not even close. For instance, Rubio is gets the highest overall marks.  Trustworthy 57%,  31% no.  Trump comes in at 41% trustworthy while 55% find Trump untrustworthy.  Trump down 4% while Rubio is up 20%.   Only Hillary Clinton is worse than Trump at 58% untrustworthy. Down 20%. If the election was held today, taken of both Democrat and Republican registered voters Rubio beats Hillary by 8%. The rest beat her by about 5% including Trump.  It is the Donald leading in both the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary. But, he is stagnant.

The key elements, at present, helping the GOP is the immigration issue and terrorism. 65% of the public think Obama is not aggressive enough on terrorism. 26% think he is about right. 4% think he is too aggressive.  That 4% must be Islamic’s.  83% of the public think it is very likely to somewhat likely Isis will attack the U.S. soon.  As for accepting Syrian refugees, at last count 25 governors are refusing to accept any Syrian refugees.  Naturally, our President wants his brethren in.  Up to 65,000 over a multi year time span. Technically Obama can override the Governors.  But, even numerous Democrat’s are balking. It’s possible there might be enough votes to override Obama’s veto.  BUT, here’s the kicker.  The House has to appropriate funding for incoming refugees.  New  Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, says all items are “on the  table.”  Meaning no money no refugees.  Ryan knows the public is behind him on this  winning  GOP issue.  Ryan explains matters well and is tough enough to see to it.

So twelve months from now we shall elect a new President.  Thank goodness we’ll have a true  American President again.  This is the man who suggested getting jobs for the terrorists would help.  But, if Republicans are  smart, a TV ad with Hillary telling us “We need to have empathy for the terrorists” would be joy to behold. Stay tuned for updates on this  site.

Why Obama Won’t Change

President Obama is cornered.  Why?   Because French President Hollande has declared war.  He is overwhelmingly likely to call for article five of NATO, an agreement established in 1949 that calls for action by all NATO members to come to the aid directly should a member be attacked.      Used once after 9/11.  This calls for leadership that normally comes from the USA.     The problem is Obama couldn’t lead a two car funeral procession.  He refuses to acknowledge the severity of the situation.  Late last week Obama told us Isis is being “contained.”  This after Isis shoots down a Russian plane with hundreds dead and forty three killed in Lebanon.  Over the weekend Paris is attacked by a well planned killing spree with 129 dead, 352 wounded and of those 99 seriously.   What does our National mistake say?   “It’s a set back.”   “Our strategy is working.”   A set back?    And what strategy?   Nobody knows.   Russia has now joined forces with France to go after serious Isis targets.  Our attacks have been “pin pricks” and largely restrained with our planes coming back with bombs never dropped.  Obama  orders restricted engagement more for show than results of any consequence.

So the question is why?  Why does the President do virtually nothing to lead us and the world?   Ex Congressman, now TV  political talk show host,  Joe Scarborough kept pressing his Monday morning guests for an answer.  The normal line, especially from liberals, is the President does not want to engage in another war.  Said Scarborough, referring to Paris,  “This changes everything.”    Says Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio, “It’s not a question of containing or diplomacy.  It’s a question of who wins, ‘we win or they win.’ as he puts it.”  Newt Gingrich says “They are going to kill us if we do nothing.”   Fortunately, NATO may be part of the answer.  And, yet, Obama and his rep’s tell us they, Isis, does not have the capacity to hit here (USA).  Sheer nonsense.  They are already here and  there is growing fear they will hit us  in as many as twelve different area’s within weeks.  Holidays are perfect timing.

Here’s the key to Obama and his thinking.   First, he is no leader.  More of a loner.  He does not counsel with even his own Democrat Party.   Let alone foreign leaders.   None trust him anymore.  Especially Israel.  His word is no good.  He only deals with his inner circle who believe what he believes.    But most of all it is his ideology at the core of it. Time and again Obama acts and says things as that of a Muslim.   HIs father was a Muslim (a Shite)….his step father Lolo Soetoro was a Muslim…he went to schools  as a youth that only taught Islam.     This quote in a speech, Set. 25, 2012, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.”   In one of his books, Obama refers to the  Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”    He has often shown scorn for Israel.  He deeply bows to Saudi King Abdullah…shakes hands with the Queen of England.   And who can forget one of his first acts as President was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill out of the Oval office and sent back to the British embassy.

Obama’s Pastor for twenty years, Jerimiah Wright, (who he was forced to disown during his 2008 candidacy after calling him family) says some revealing things back then and throughout Obama’s Presidency.  It was Wright who married the Obama’s, baptized his daughters and brought him into his church.  Said Wright, “Obama was steeped in Islam when I first met him.”  Said Wright, he (Wright) accepted Obama telling him he would not have to renounce his Islamic faith.  Did Wright baptize Obama?   “I wouldn’t go that far.” says Wright.  There is no record of Obama ever being baptized into Christianity.  There are some who have studied Obama believe he sides with the Shite’s (Iran) in their battle with the Sunni’s and it helps explain him virtually giving them the nuclear weapon.  The media won’t touch this issue with the proverbial ten foot poll.   Why?    Because it would be an anathema to millions of their listeners and viewers.  So many still believe in him.  It would be lunacy.  Simply unbelievable. Ignorance is still bliss.   But,  “those in the know” know what he is and believes.  But, after seven years nobody cares.  Comes to mind, ‘If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck” you know the rest.

So Obama is trapped now.  Trapped by his core beliefs and yet with the clarion call coming from France and likely NATO, he has to show American’s he is doing something besides saying he is “containing Isis.”  But, don’t look for him to lead in NATO.   He’ll appear to do so.  But, other Countries will have to step up such as France and now the Russians.  Obama has to feel the pressure even from the once adoring American media.

Let’s end this column with a note of levity.  Hillary Clinton now says she tried to enlist in the Marines at age twenty six and visited a recruiter.  I’m serious.  But, she says, unfortunately she was turned away not having “the right stuff.”   This one the tallest of her tall tales.  Hilarious Hillary.  A second coming of Private Benjamin of sorts.











11/10/15 Debate Review

Nothing new.  That’s a decent summary of last nights debate. Really well run with the emphasis on the candidates and issues of substance.   Consensus overwhelmingly, Rubio won again. As one  focus group member summed it up.  “Rubio showed passion, vision and leadership….especially military wise.”  Most feel Cruz was second with Carly Fiorina  But, keep in mind with Cruz, although he’s smart and gives convincing answers, he is unlikeable.  Most people vote on that and issues second.  He preaches…forces dramatics and Hillary would beat him as both Parties agree and Cruz is the most hated man in the Senate.  Arrogance second only to Trump.   Mark Halperin, Managing Editor for Bloomberg Politics, (consistently grader in Chief) graded it this way.  Rubio B+  Cruz B+  Bush, Carson, Fiorina, Paul and Trump all get a B.  Kasich a B-.  “All had good moments.  No one has a disastrous moment.”      Poll driven leaders, Trump and Carson were stagnant with Trump drawing loud boos twice.   “We don’t have to listen to that guy.” referring to Kasich.  “Why does she get to keep interrupting.” referring to Fiorina.      There’s an old saying “when you start standing still, you usually end up going backwards.”  That’s Carson and especially Trump who has his hard core of white Blue Collar male diehards.  Once again we heard…..”I built this great Company….”  at one point Trump said “Let Putin bomb the hell out of them.” referring to ISIS.  Problem is Putin is bombing the rebels in support of Syria’s maniac leader Assad.”   He was scorned on his idiotic notion of deporting eleven million illegals.  It’s impossible said Kasich.   O’Reilly,” The courts would never allow it. My opinion, Trump has maxed out his support.

Campaign Manager for Obama, David Axelrod says “take out Trump and Carson and Rubio walks away with it.”   Keep in mind these early voters in the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary are unique in the sense they are more keenly aware of issues, less personality.  Dr. Carson being the exception.  But Carson showed he was clueless on breaking up the banks.  And, as Bill O’Reilly put it, “Carson faded into the background.”  Jeb Bush was better, but no knockout performance.  Look for his support now drifting to Rubio as the “Establishment Candidate..”

One major change during the debate, there was far less criticizing each other and turning their attention to Hillary.   She was bombarded.   “She represents the past.”  “We can’t take another four more years of Obama.”  At one point Dr. Carson said….”I don’t mind being vetted.” “Everyone should be and it should be truthful.  However Hillary Clinton tells Chelsea and one foreign leader the Bengazi raid was a deliberate by Al Qaeda and then tells the American people the incident was all due to a video, that’s a lie in my book.”

Said famed award winning columnist Charles Krauthammer of Rubio…”He’s amazing. He stole the night. There’s no subject he is not fluent and forceful upon.”  So all in all, not a night of excitement.  Brief flare ups.  May have bored many.  Having down to eight on the stage was a major help.   HOWEVER, if you saw the earlier debate with Christie, Huckabee, Jindal and Santorum, you would have seen vintage Christie who nailed Hilary again and again like nobody before.    Said The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes….”Christie won taking it to Hillary.”  Somehow the GOP head Reince Priebus needs to find a way to get Christie on the main stage   And a word of Fox News and their business network.  Superb.  It was candidates, not moderators, all night long.  But, don’t expect huge movement in the polls.   Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary voters still assessing and assessing and assessing.   And, that’s the way it should be.


Debate Prologue

For Tuesday night’s Republican debate, look for fireworks, but solid moderation and questioning.  Fox Business Network is the host beginning
6PM Central time and the main event set for 8PM Central time.  In the first debate, business questioners Trish Regan and Sandra Smith will handle matters
with Christie, Huckabee, Santorum and Jindal for one hour.
        At 8PM, Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiloma take over.  Look for solid economic issues and more lengthy answering time by the candidates.
        Thin skinned Trump is out trouncing the first choice in Iowa, Dr. Ben Carson, for being pathological in his early childhood.  He gangs up with
the media.   There is vetting (Obama never received) and then there is vendetta.  Today, Parade Magazine ran a piece where Dr. Carson’s mother,
many years ago, in an interview did support her sons claims of violence in his youth.  Carson is the Dem.’s worse nightmare because he is a
Black conservative Republican.  No doubt, regardless of Party, he would secure many Afro American votes away from presumed Hillary.
        Marco Rubio will be likely be questioned again on his using the Party’s GOP American Express card for personal benefit.  This was totally
reviewed in Florida and found nothing unethical as Rubio paid back all monies owed on the card.  Old news.  Trump’s 3 bankruptcy’s will surface again.
        This debate should expose weaknesses in any of the candidates on their plans for the economy. Area’s where Carson and Trump may
show weakness.  Forget Rand Paul.  He’s done.  Bush has to show something that he essentially is incapable of doing. Cruz will preach as usual and
keeps waiting to steal votes from Trump should Trump fade and is still thought to happen.
         Keep your eye on Rubio.  His foreign affairs knowledge was a triumph during the last debate.  Another solid performance should keep his stock
rising.  Carly Fiorina will be Carly Fiorina with more of flashes of smiles.  Kasich needs to do something….a moment.  Unlikely.
         As for Trump on Saturday Night Live, ratings were very good.  However, critics say the show was a bomb.  A bore.
No other GOP candidate but Trump criticized Dr. Carson on the media vendetta.  Meanwhile Carson raised 3,5 million during the personal attacks.
Most believe it won’t hurt Carson a bit.
        Interesting So. Carolina poll…..Carson 28%….Trump….27%….Rubio 11%.   Average of all polls…..Trump 25%….Carson…24%….Rubio 12%.
Trump’s constant bashing of anyone beating him or close in the polls has gotten stale.   His numbers have been frozen for weeks.
That says a whole lot.
       Watch, learn and enjoy Tuesday night.   Should be a refreshing well run night.

Liar Liar…Pants on Fire

The late famed Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, William Safire, called Hillary Clinton a congenital liar. (a condition from birth due to heredity or environmental aspects.).  This was back in Bill Clinton’s early years.  Nothing has changed. Change positions on issues to fit current conditions…no problem.  Talk with a Southern accent when speaking in the Southern States… fine and dandy…lie under oath while speaking to a Congressional Committee….a breeze.  Telling family members a video caused the deaths of four Americans from an attack at Benghazi….oh, why not.   That very night she told Chelsea and Egypt’s Prime Minister it was a direct Jihad attack.  Nothing about a video.  Shameless.
NBC/Wall Street poll says 27% think Hillary honest and straight forward.  53% say no. The rest?  Well you can guess how much they know about anything.
And yet, same poll, she would beat Donald Trump if the election was today. Dr. Carson would beat her by 10%….Rubio beats her by 5%…Cruz beats her by 3%.  Trump loses by 3%.  Why?  Because Trump would lose the vast majority of Hispanics  (ship them all back to re-enter if qualified…absolute nonsense.)  Black vote?  Forgetaboutit.  Women’s vote…no way.  Trumps fanatics are largely white males and a smattering of others.  Fortunately, in spite of what he says, Trumps numbers are fading or stagnant while Rubio is showing large gains.  Trump’s act is getting stale.  He should zero in on Hillary…
not his fellow nominees.  He is hurting them.
Back to Hillary.  She has the Democrat nomination except for one thing she can’t control.  The FBI investigation with Director Comey actively engaged.  Two solid sources have leaked to author/pundit, Monica Crowley, that 671 of Hillary’s emails contained classified material. Four emails are “extremely problematic.”  Two of those four reached the highest classified designation. And, one of those two contains satellite data about North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.  This document is an open and shut violation.  Clinton faces gross negligence of handling classified data.  And, obstruction of justice.
The FBI will bring those charges to the Attorney General of the U.S. Loretta Lynch.  It’s likely Obama will tell her what to do. Nothing. However, the charges made public will create havoc for Hillary.  Good chance it will cost her the election assuming Trump won’t be the nominee.  The Washington Post is all over this story.
The next Republican debate is Tuesday, Nov.10th on the Fox Business Network. Headlined by Neil Cavuto and others.  And if there is a more gorgeous questioner at Fox than Trish Regan, I’d like her to step forward.  Times are 5PM Central time for the “under card” and the main event set for 8PM Central time.  Unfortunately, fast gaining momentum, Chris Christie will
not be on the main event because his poll numbers were too low in the average of the polls taken. And yet one poll used did not have Christie listed in that poll.  His New Hampshire numbers are good and growing.  He’s competitive.  A former prosecutor turned
New Jersey Governor, Christie is smart, very fast on his feet and knows how and when to strike. He and Carly Fiorina would be Hillary’s worse nightmare.   Instead we get going no where Rand Paul.  He’s as dead in the water as Jeb Bush.
Always surprises in Iowa and New Hampshire….New Hampshire more important.  Here’s the latest New Hampshire poll numbers.
Trump..18%..Carson..15%..Rubio..9%..Christie, Kasich and Bush..8%.    Rand Paul at 3%.
A word about the new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.  Easily the best choice.  Laying out legislation for ALL House members.  Ryan has unquestioned integrity, vision, tenacity and smart as they come.  Boehner, a good man, was not a public fighter and “out of gas.”
And keep this in mind.  Forget all the polls at this time.  They don’t win elections.  It is won by State by State primaries. Trump, the man with “the mouth that roars”  is no shoo in.  History shows New Hampshire is full of surprises.
Trump may get the surprise of his life.
I shall be more active on my blog, This blog will be posted soon. Stayed tuned.  Politics and NFL wagering…tons of American fun.
All the best,


Same old Trump.  Always trying to tear down a fellow candidate.  Now it’s Rubio.

As Speaker of the House in Florida, Rubio had an American Express card to use for

State business.  Somehow it appears he used it for a personal reason and quickly paid the money back.  This is old buried news in Florida.  Rubio is now releasing all info pertaining to this issue.  This is nothing compared to Trump’s bankrupting 3-4 of his businesses.  Mr. perfect is not perfect.  Trump has no idea how to ship all eleven million+ illegals back to their native Country.

What’s he going to do…pull people out of their houses in to what?   Busses?  How do you find them all?  At what cost?   And, wreck families.  All this nonsense has done is for the GOP to lose the Hispanic vote.   It would never work.  It will never be done.

New poll shows all the leading candidates would beat Hillary.   Except one….Donald Trump.