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Bulletin: President Trump has Resigned!

In an incredible inexplicable action, President Donald Trump resigned from the Presidency as of midnight April 1, 2019.  The nation is stunned and there are still no credible reasons as to why he took this historic action.  Only President Richard Nixon resigned from office prior to Trump’s unexplainable action.  Vice President Mike Pence was sworn in immediately following the resignation.  The reaction  forthcoming is world wide.  Congress is demanding an explanation as rumors circulate throughout our nation’s Capital. has learned exclusively what happened!


Democrat’s Watch What Channel?

Comedian/Host Bill Maher says “Democrat’s look weak.  (Referring to them not having one debate on the Fox News Channel.) “There’re running from a fight when they should be in there throwing punches.  Republican’s come on knowing the only people cheering them on are their three companion aides.”

He’s correct.  Especially when one looks at the latest polls of what media do Democrat’s and Republican’s get their news:   Fox News Channel 19%       CNN 13%       Facebook 8%        Local TV  7%     NBC 5%      MSNBC 5%     ABC 5%    NPR 4%       CBS 4%      New York Times 3%        Local newspapers 3%

All this for Fox News when they are next to never seen in airports and public area’s forced to show CNN.  One of the sadist factors is CNN has international viewing.   Millions in other county’s think CNN is giving them news.   Other than bias slanted stories that  foreigners actually believe.  Score one for the internet.

Elsewhere, the U.S. Mexican border mess is worse that ever.  70,000 illegals have crossed recently. There is no choice but to let them go because there are no more beds or facilities to keep them.  Fortunately, ankle bracelets are now being used in order to keep track of illegals and maybe, just maybe force some to show up for their court asylum request.   Best bet, some enterprising souls are selling bracelet clippers or doing it for an illegal for a fee.

Democrat candidates, instead of talking of issues, they are working on methods to get their power back in any method possible.  Get rid of the electoral college to use the popular vote. No way will it happen.  It would take two thirds of the House and Senate PLUS three fourths of all States.  It’s silly talk noise and Dem’s know it.  Stack the Supreme Court with 3-6 more judges.  End life time tenure.  The Democrat’s are grasping at straws.  Trouble is other than talking socialism they simply can’t match a soaring economy, more jobs available than people to fill them, ISIS is virtually gone, NATO is being forced to pay their fare share of the budget.  Wages are up 3.5% in the last year.  The biggest increase in a decade.

Gimmicks won’t beat President Trump.  Nor their endless list of Presidential candidates.  Can’t you just imagine Sen. Cory Booker debating President Trump. A blood bath.

The Great White Hype

Progressive (D) Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is a multi millionaire with a tycoon rich father in law who favors the following:  Voted against ICE who protect are borders. Anti border wall. In favor of tearing down existing  border wall. Favors the “Green New Deal.” Voted against any restrictions on late term abortions.  Is against Iran sanctions. Against tax cuts. Against “Kate’s Law.”  Called police “The new James Crow.”   Supports single payer health care. For those who don’t understand, if these leftists somehow voted in Medicare  for all, anyone with a gold star plan from where they work would lose it and Medicare would  be forced upon them.  Doctors would be trapped into accepting government directed wages.  Obviously fewer doctors heading into the field.   And as in Canada, and elsewhere, a by-pass surgery would put you on a waiting list of 2-3 months.  That’s why Canadians, who can afford it, come here for significant surgeries.

When Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked what O’Rourke had accomplished in his terms in the House…she stumbled and the best she could come up with was ” He was enthusiastic.”  He’ll present himself as a moderate (as most all Democrat’s do) and when in office so much for being a moderate.   Obama fooled us once.

Beto will be a darling of the media because he looks the part.  Reminds Dem.’s of a Kennedy.  Other than that, he has little going for himself.  He is a pretty good campaigner, however he waves his arms about so often, he appears freakish.    Trump has already asked if Beto was crazy.  Surely he’ll be getting tagged “Bozo O’Rourke.”   That may sound silly, but think back how those names stick and automatically identify a candidate…. and not in a good light.  Who is Pocahontas?    Lying Ted?   Low IQ Maxine Waters…Little Marco…Low energy (Jeb)

With 93% of all media coverage being negative, the President still has approval ratings the same as Obama at this time.   71% of American’s approve of the economy and majority attribute it to Trump.  Like him or hate him…odds are he will win reelection.  Even with Dem’s desperately looking for something to get rid of him.  And sooner or later they’ll find something.  Doubtful it will do much.  He is enormously popular with Republicans and Independents now leaning his way.

So “Bozo O’Rourke” hands waving like crazy…has a long long way to go.