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Trump Reveal Secrets?

The truth is we simply don’t know if President Trump told the Russians anything they did not know already.  Even if the Prez revealed classified info there is no crime.   The President can reveal classified info at will.  Early afternoon press conference Tuesday will reveal more…so stay tuned.

A brief background.  In a meeting with USA top advisors with the highest security clearance, Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey  Lavrov.   During their talks discussing the ISIS problem to both Countries, they were discussing new laptop bombs in airplanes. Russia lost a huge plane and passengers to this issue.  A Washington Post story says the President revealed top secret info to Lavrov of details of new plots and new instruments to combat the ISIS  issue.  Possibly tipping off our secret informer(s). The Washington Post using anonymous sources in the intel community and a former intel person say Trump gave classified info to the Russians.  National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster in a brief statement Monday night made it clear no sources or methods were discussed in that meeting.   “I was there” he said.   The post fights back with while that is true, the President did reveal critical classified in formation.

So the situation Tuesday morning, awaiting a 1:30 ET White House press conference, is who and what to believe.  Anonymous sources or the White House.

Make no mistake, the media in their absolute hatefulness of Trump has their objectivity affected.  Their emotions take over.   Plus their sources not only anonymous, but very well are holdovers from the Obama administration.  And, yet it is known how flip the President can be.  It is simply unclear and this post is a mere brief summary.   Further details not included.  Trump opposition want any and everything to wreak havoc upon the President’s first foreign trip that is likely to give him a bump in his standing coming later this week.

Let’s conclude with the comments of a 16 year Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich.  “Why is the intelligence community trying to up end the President of the United States?  The question is why and who.?”

The press in cooperation with former intel people and ex Obama people will stop at nothing in their attempt to destroy the President.  The left is making it seem it is conclusive.  The right is waiting for more information.  Stand by.


Trump: Fire Everybody?

More and more word on a significant story going around with reliable sources.  President Trump is angry.  He’s tired of the leaks and tired of what he regards as ineffective  press conferences.  He may fire a slew of his top people.  This includes Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, advisor Steve Bannon, his White House lawyer Don McGahn and press secretary Sean Spicer. Likely safe to assume this would include associate press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Who to replace them?    Family members.  Daughter Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner and others experienced and trusted.  The President may feel family may be the only ones he can fully trust.  As for press conferences, he may do them himself once every two weeks.  And, let’s face it.  Nobody can handle a press conference better than President Donald Trump.  His message and record of significant accomplishments are simply not getting out.  And there are many.  Just last week a major deal with China selling them our beef is a huge plus and our plentiful gas supplies. Plus after plus as he is tireless.  And, nobody hears about America on the rebound. The Russia story he still regards as a hoax for the Democrat’s trying to falsify his Presidency.  His unprofessional manner of firing a deserving FBI Director Jim Comey has made matters worse.  Even though a huge percentage of Democrat’s wanted Comey fired as well.  Senators Feinstein, Schummer, and Congresswoman Maxine goofball Waters and plenty more are hypocrites.  Merely months ago they all wanted Comey fired.  Including Hillary.

Trump is likely correct on the Russia story.  Eight months and nothing found.  Four agencies still looking for evidence to support a Democrat conclusion.  Three intelligence agencies saying there is no evidence.  Plus it’s dumb.  Wishin’ and hopin’ to find something to damage Trump keeps them from doing anything else.  They have no leadership.  No proposals.  Simply nothing.  Trying to destroy Trump is not a winning strategy for 2018.  Hillary proved it.   But, there is no question in spite of all the noise, largely horrendous media coverage, Trump is getting things done.   If he can get tax cuts done the economy will surge and the media and Dem’s are the losers.  The people win.

Elsewhere, replacing Obamacare is a tall order.  Forget optimistic House predictions.  The senate is going to begin with their own bill.  We are looking at a year here.  Maybe more.  The Prez needs to move on.  Obamacare is going to leave millions without coverage.   Who’s fault is that?  Who created this mess without allowing the GOP have any part of it originally?   Perhaps a Republican stop gap measure until a new health plan is passed.

Obama left the USA a mess.  No foreign policy.  No border security.  Accept unvetted Syria refugees. Thank goodness we now have solid leadership in that area. No more amateur hour.  With North Korea, Iran and Russia always meddling into every country’s affairs, we need professionals.    North Korea now with submarine(s) carrying missiles.   Jacksjargon believes this is the most dangerous time for America since the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 60’s.

As for the new FBI Director, Ray Kelly, who has worked with both Parties, is a solid choice except he is 75 years old.  Best long shot….jacksjargon favors Bill Evanina. Not interviewed yet, but he is solid. Former FBI agent.  Plus head of counter espionage for the CIA.

This is not just a dangerous time for the USA.  But, it’s a sad time.  True, Trump is in a hole and needs to stop digging. But, the media and the Democrat’s are useless.  They need to help our country.  All they think about is regaining power and blocking everything the President proposes.  They are not interested in helping at a critical time.  Instead of giving help…all they give is noise.  Shameful.



Cable News Ratings Minus O’Reilly

Many Fox News fans and the industry were and are very interested in how much of a hit Fox News would take without Bill O’Reilly as the lead in to their prime time programs week nights.   The answer?   Not bad.  Not that bad at all. This comes from week ending Friday May 5th.

First things first.   During the average cable news total day Fox News beats CNN and MSNBC combined.  Fox News has 1820 (we are going to assume that’s one million eight hundred thousand homes.  MSNBC 934,000 and CNN 708,000.   During prime time Fox News stays number one with 2,715,000 homes.  MSNBC at 1,867,000.  And hopeless CNN at 902,000.  It would appear always looking for the dark side of President Trump posing as a straight news network finds the general public fed up.  At least viewers know where MSNBC and Fox News stand on political matters.

Here’s the breakdown beginning at 4 PM EDT….CNN 286, Fox 264 and MSNBC 111. Neil Cavuto’s continuous absence due to health issues seems to have taken its toll. At 5PM it appears Erick Bolling’s news show The Specialists is a bomb.  Absolutely no chemistry and most feel it’s a bore.  Barely hanging on to their time slot after The Five crushed the competition for years. The Specialists 323, CNN 297 and MSNBC at 180.  Fox News Special Report still strong with 462 to CNN’s 342 and MSNBC 172.  Somewhat of  surprise for MSNBC now featuring long time Fox host Greta Van Susteren in that slot and losing big time.  Martha MacCallum at Fox 7 PM holding quite strong with 428 to CNN’s 315 and Chris Matthew’s still bringing up the rear in that time slot with 293.   Matthews is simply too abrasive for the masses.  A nasty arrogant guy.

Now here’s the prime time ratings beginning at 8 PM EDT.   Tucker Carlson, taking Bill O’Reilly’s old time slot, is doing pretty well so far.  Surprising to many including jacksjargon.  He has 608 to Anderson Cooper’s 342 and whoever at MSNB 338.  The potential down side for Tucker Carlson is will his ratings stay up there.   Remember he has the number one time slot he inherited from Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor.  It’s still early for his show.  Can he hang on?   Note the regular promoting of his show on Fox News promo spots.  The Five is doing very well in their new 9 PM time.  To the surprise of many who dislike Bob Beckel, he amounts to the perfect foil on the show.  Fox took him back after a brief stint at CNN with the proviso he act more professionally with his contrary comments. There has to be some conflict to make that show click.  The public simply likes those people. One never knows what will come out of the mouth of Greg Gutfeld.  And Sean Hannity, still bashing away at all liberals and constantly having the same guests, stays most powerful.  He is a solid end of prime time for Fox News.  Hannity 590, Lawrence looney tunes O’Donnell, (he calls himself a European socialist)  the polar opposite of Hannity politically, has a solid  following with 447 and Don Lemon going down with the sinking prime time ship at CNN is at 313.   Even the Tucker Carlson repeat at 11 PM is still a solid number one over a first run of Brian Williams and Don Lemon at CNN.

Best guess is, so far, the brass at Fox News is relieved that O’Reilly’s absence has not caused the dip (or disaster) some expected.  But, for how long?  However, being surrounded with a strong Martha McCallum and The Five solid hit show followed by Hannity gives him a decent chance.  Don’t think the Fox brass aren’t standing ready for a Carlson replacement should he start lagging.  Prime time lead in is critical and they took a huge chance using Carlson in that  time slot.

Meanwhile…be sure we have not heard the last from Bill O’Reilly.  Even with what damage he may have suffered (his ratings never suffered) the huge audience has dwindled for Carlson,  O’Reilly is big time income for whoever lands him.  His audience is extremely loyal and will rejoin him wherever he lands.  Anytime he guests on any other program their ratings that take a nice spike. Why else would David Letterman put up with him so many times.  Bill will figure it out.  Rest assured he is not done.  Jacksjargon has to drag out the old line….”He shall return.”


Assassinate Him!

Ever since his communist regime began in 1959, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency was trying to kill Fidel Castro.  They used a woman he favored to poison him, the historic Bay of Pigs was done, women of the evening tried to get poison into his food.  Even a laughable failed  attempt at an exploding cigar was tried. Nothing worked.

It’s possible they MAY have backed off somewhat, but, North Korea has nuclear weapons and their primary goal is to put a nuclear tipped missile into Seattle, L.A. or even a more easy attempt at Hawaii.  What are the U.S. options?  Quite limited. If we were to launch a centralized missile bombing attack, North Korea could, in six minutes or less, destroy South Korea killing our 25,000+ troops stationed there and more than 25 million South Koreans.  Try a limited Navy Seal type landing to take out their nutcase leader Kim Jong Un?   Too much of a long shot.   If the USA sees a N. Korean nuclear missile ready to be launched, we will attack severely and fast looking to take out a dozen or more missile launching sights in North Korea. Trump’s military cabinet is standing ready.

As jacksjargon sees it, President Trump seems to have done something no President has been able to accomplish.  Thus far he has enlisted aid from China and their President Xi Jinping after two days of talking for close to six hours.  Plus, wining and dining with him and his wife. Also Melania, it has been said, befriended China’s first lady.  Somewhat limited but China has now turned back oil and coal supplies to North Korea.  Plus food the North Koreans depend upon.  In addition, unlike any time one can remember, China abstained on voting on a U.N. resolution that all others, except Russia, confirmed.  A definitive gesture.

President Trump has done an astonishing mission of knowing and mostly befriending foreign leaders.  Even sourpus Germany’s Angela Merkel seems on board.  Very smart knowing what may come our way in the near future.  Said Senator Lindsey Graham, “I am really impressed with his Commander in Chief skills.  He is not going to let that nut job in North Korea develop a missile with a nuclear weapon.  He doesn’t want war anymore than I do. But, he’s not going to let them get a missile (to hit the USA) ”

So now what with North Korea?   Trump is dropping conciliatory remarks about Kim Jong Un.  Not likely to help.  As jacksjargon see it, the best way to end the North Korean threat is to assassinate their leader.  But how?  Red China is the best bet. Word floating around is a mole is planted in North Korea.  If true, that mole would need to encourage an ambitious successor to open the opportunity to take out Un.  Would that successor be any better?  How could he be worse?  Their people are starving… shut out from the world and now China is cutting supplies.  Plus his entire country and people would be destroyed.  Strong reason for a successor to give it a try.  Difficult yes.  Impossible no.  Other military leaders could follow in a coup d’état.  Possible internal battle. Could even set off an errant missile.  But, if the launching of a nuclear missile is ready for lift off, getting rid of Un far better than total destruction of their country.

Other notes:  Trump should let Obamacare die on its own accord.  Anything approved by the GOP will be picked to pieces.  They can’t win.  Let Obama take the fall for his massive failure.  Then, and only then, will congress and the country be ready for a new plan.   President Trump should stop waiting for the new health care plan. He has waited because it would free up millions for him to use on issues like fixing our infrastructure.  Forgetaboutit.  Our GDP (gross domestic product) is nil.  Go forward with tax cuts.  Initially it will cost, but it will fire up the economy.  Let companies bring back trillions of dollars now out of the country.  The egg heads in the media and D.C. know nothing of civics.  Or if some do, they will never give Trump credit.  America was built by business and labor. Not government.  When business sees opportunity they grow.   Wages rise as companies compete for the best workers.  As profits and wages rise…guess what happens?  They all pay more in tax’s that helps, if not totally, wipe out the initial cost of the tax cuts.

Obama’s idea of more restrictions on business was mostly retaliatory.  More and more red tape to start a business were all part of his ideology .  Remake America.  Down deep, jacksjargon believes Obama never truly was proud or even liked America. He saw it as “keeping ‘the man’ down.”  His mother Ann Dunham was brought up by her communist father who she learned her world philosophy from.  All his life Obama was around mostly afro American’s (remember his cabinet) that felt America was against them.  Does anyone know his chief advisor Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran? A Muslim who developed U.S. business housing with the help of Tony Rezko in Chicago.  A convicted felon recently released to a half way house after serving seven years for 16 counts of federal corruption.  The same fellow who help Obama get his house with extra property in Hyde Park, Chicago.  Jarrett’s father, maternal grandfather and father in law were all communists in records obtained by judicial watch received from the FBI.  The only positive of Jarrett was she always had a nice hair style. The media never touched these issues widely known. But, let Trump take a pass on the correspondents dinner (that failed)  and hold a huge rally and the media acts like the sky is falling.

The media absolutely hates Trump. There has never been anything like it.  But, after a while their harping falls on deaf ears.  Americans care about jobs, terrorism and defense of their country.  Like it or not, Trump is on his way giving it to them.  Let’s see if they can stop him.