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Kavanaugh’s Thursday Strategy

First a word about President Trump.  Who else would go in front of the world (United Nations) and tell them he has accomplished more in two years than any other U.S. President in History?   Some chuckled…maybe snickered…even Trump laughed it off.   But, those listening inside and world wide know they better not mess with him.  He is tough, a shrewd negotiator, bold and courageous.  He gave a helava speech putting everyone on notice America comes first and he will not stand for the USA being taken advantage any more.  Blunt to Germany and other allies.  Especially on trade and tariff’s.   On the early consequences of tariffs it may, may, sting prices here upwards. So far next to nothing.  But, in the long run Trump knows the world needs the worlds biggest economy more than we need them.  It means more domestic productivity, jobs and a lessened trade deficit. Eventually even China, putting up a brave front, will blink.  Same for Canada and their boyish immature Prime Minister Trudeau.

As for Thursday and Judge Bret Kavanaugh defending himself.  At present, Professor what’s her name may not show.   Word today she is having second thoughts now knowing she will be cross examined by an experience lady lawyer and under oath.   50-50 as of now.  After watching the judge and his wife being interviewed last night jacksjargon felt he came off OK.   However, he needs to come on stronger.  Show some emotion or grit.  He won’t be like the infamous Clarence Thomas rebuke of the judiciary committee.   But, he needs to be stronger in his defense.  There is no evidence…no witnesses…no dates….no knowledge of where it happened… vague recollection that even her best friend did not know about.  This matter would never be heard in a court of law.  Thirty five years ago?  She’s merely a left wing pawn of the Democrat’s. Plus, her parents were denied a bankruptcy petition by Judge Kavanaugh’s mother.   Also a judge.

The matter shall be adjudicated by appearances and nuances of the subject matter.  Who is more convincing to the committee?  It’s no way to select a Supreme Court judge.  Committee Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley has been more than accommodating to the professor.  Some say too much so.   But enough is enough.  It’s all a stall sham.   The Democrat’s really don’t care a hoot for this woman.   All they care about is how they can use her to stop Kavanaugh.

Here’s what is likely to happen…assuming she shows up.  Who is likely to be more convincing.    Assuming the judge toughens up somewhat…shows some passion in his defense….he is much more skilled under this type of pressure.  Especially with a lady lawyer cross examining the accuser.  It was only a matter of time for the Dem.’s to talk some other woman to come forward.  Likely another before Thursday as the Senator’s staffers are working over time to find some one…anyone.  But, Republican’s have had enough.  It still almost incomprehensible that this woman had to drive from California to D.C. because she refused to fly.  One stall after another. Democrat’s will demand more time.  Nonsense.   Sen. Feinstein had this road block report in her hip pocket since July just for this plan B.  There shall be no more stalling.  Cross exam both and then vote.  Yea or nea.   Most likely confirmation.   Democrat moderate Senator Joe Manchin tipped his hand a bit on a TV interview mentioning he wants to hear evidence.   He knows there is none.  It’s all who is most credible.

Here’s a bit of a shocker after months of Democrat’s being shown as favored widely by most Americans.  Gallup’s poll (traditionally weighted in Democrat favor) now shows American’s favor Republicans 44% to 43%.  A huge swing.  Perhaps the public has had enough.  It may force the Democrat’s to come up with an issue for November elections.  Something more than Trump is bad.  Stayed tune.

Dem’s hold a joker/Trump holds an ace

The Democrat’s and their leftist friends are absolutely despicable.   Despicable in two huge developments.  I’ll an try to be succinct because jacksjargon has learned readers don’t want long winded columns.  This is the age of info speed. Post would have come sooner but for vacation.

Here’s the scenario in the heinous battle to prevent President Trump from his appointment for the Supreme Court Judge Bret Kavanaugh.  The Democrat’s thought they could derail the judge during the hearings.  Surely, they figured, we could rattle him and or dig up something to force the Republicans slim margin of votes to vote no.  They failed. This Judge Kavanaugh is about as good as anyone could find…including some Democrat liberal women agreeing.  One was included in the presentation of the judge to the Judiciary Committee.

Having failed they went to a miserable Plan B.  Let’s use this woman to accuse him of sexual misdeeds they thought.  As you read this think for a moment…you could have done the same thing with a letter to partisan Senator Diane Feinstein last July.   Just speak out and accuse the judge of something.   Anything.  You’d need no witnesses.  No proof.  Merely say he did it.  Doesn’t matter if it was over 30 years ago and there is no evidence.  Demand investigations and do not comply with an appearance before the committee even though they offered to fly to California to get her testimony.  Make it a “me too” issue.  Stir up gullible woman and anyone else.  This feeble attempt is only a stall tactic in an attempt to delay a vote of confirmation long enough that maybe, just maybe, they could get rid of the judge after the November election.

The reality is this nonsense will fail.  It has angered on the fence Republican Senators and more or less assuring his confirmation.  Judge Bret Kavanaugh is going to be on the Supreme Court before the first Monday in October.  The only negative for Republicans is some women believe this phony tactic.  But. that’s about all the Democrat’s are good at.   They have no issues, but always stick together.  Ignore or debunk the huge improvements under President Trump in less than two years. Just continue the barrage of personal attacks on the President and anyone associated with him and or his administration.  And the massive never ending assaults do hurt his job approval numbers. Plus there are times he is his own worse enemy.

As for the November elections it still appears the Democrat’s will win the House of Representatives back. The House is more local issue oriented.  But, don’t look for a return of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  The huge string of losses under her leadership negates her ability to successfully raise money for her Party.  However, whoever replaces her may turn out well for Republicans.  Why?    Because the new leader will be even more a leftist…more a progressive or even a socialist.  Even the poorly informed don’t want socialism.  Especially as we now have higher wages and more jobs open (even to high school drop outs) than skilled people to fill them. More people are now working in America than ever before.  Jacks jargon still believes Republicans will increase their margin in the Senate.  Likely by 2-3 more.   And Trump has been excellent with his rally’s getting Republicans elected.

Next up…the most horrible corruption in our government agencies that’s ever been noted before.  It puts even the President Grant’s corrupt administration to shame. If it wasn’t a certainty, nobody would believe what has happened. And guess who started it?     Why Hillary of course.

That’s next on    Many thanks for your texts, emails and other communiques looking for our take on current affairs.