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The Oscars: A Tribute to the Minorities

Hands down, the best way to watch the Oscars is to record it.  Then, about 60 to 90 minutes into it you can begin watching and eliminate the horrific waste of time saluting a bunch of people full of themselves.  I’ll never understand what compels me to watch this rubbish every year.  A bad habit of a entertainment kind of guy I guess. It gave great pleasure to fast forward through some awful heavy medal rock song that opened the night. Must be a pitch to attract a younger audience.

This year appeared to be a make up year for every minority group one could oblige on stage. It makes one think so much for the “White power structure.” As for the films…worst bunch of not worth seeing ever.  The biggest story of the night was Christian Bale, overwhelmingly the odds on favorite for portraying Dick Cheney in Vice, did not win best actor.  It went to some guy named Rami Malek, Egyptian no less, in Bohemian Rhapsody playing a gay man  Not quite on my must see list.  In fact, only Vice is on my want to see list. Bale as Dick Cheney became Dick Cheney.  The third remake of a Star is Born with Lady Gaga might be worth a look.

Best actress went to Olivia Colman in The Favorite.  Who?  What?  Didn’t they know Glenn Close was sitting out there.

Best picture…what else but still making up to minorities.  Green Book got the nod. Another African American story about a famed pianist.  Good Grief it never ended. Well, thankfully, it did end.  Another bomb wrapped up in three hours and 18 minutes.

One episode that always gets my attention is In Memoriam.  With age, one always perks up and remembers the loss of Burt Reynolds, Neil Simon,  Tab Hunter, Penny Marshall and the brilliance of Albert Finney. I still haven’t forgiven the Academy for ignoring Farah Fawcett.  These Academy people are in their own “Bubble.”

A nice moment was music and song from Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.  Nice tune well done.  Lady Gaga looked her best ever.

If you missed the Oscar night, you did not miss the Oscar night.  Thank goodness they kept Barbara Streisand down to about five minutes giving her usual blabber of how important all these films are.  And only one mile wise crack I heard about the current administration.  At least they wised up on this one knowing it offends so many Americans.

If this un hosted Oscar night improves the terrible ratings of last year, it’s a miracle.  If you have any interest in this type awards show, best bet would be to watch Good Morning America Monday morning.   They sum it up quickly and will somehow find great things they watched that bored America from coast to coast. Next year that’s my plan.  I just can’t take it anymore.  Oh how I wished Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon could have come out from behind the curtain.

Do We Really Need a Wall?

In 1970 there were five million Hispanics in California.  Today there are fifteen million.  California is now a one Party State. These statistics come from one time Fox News star Bill O’Reilly.  California elected Republican Government Ronald Reagan to two terms.   Richard Nixon was from California.  And Arnold Schwarzengger , a so-so Republican, was elected in California.  Today it would be impossible.

Of those fifteen million Hispanic’s 55% vote Democrat. 17% vote Republican.  And 24% have no Party affiliation. Whites are and have been moving out of California ASAP.  New Mexico is a Democrat State.   Nevada has turned that way as well as Arizona.  Even Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz had no easy reelection.  He got a scare.  All because of the rise of the Hispanic population.  The vast majority of these transient Hispanics are unskilled, poorly educated and poor.  Why wouldn’t they vote for a Party that gives out goodies. Democrat’s are givers as the vast majority of Hispanics coming here are takers.

Democrat’s want no wall (or fence) barrier not just to stop President Trump, but they have now realized the potential of what this is doing for their Party.  New York keeps growing of foreign nationals.  Another one Party State.  Even though just five years ago or more Democrat’s such as Sen. Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, the huge majority of Democrat’s in the Senate, plus President Obama all wanted monies for the building of a Mexican border wall.  All that is gone now.

Open borders are now seen as a way for Democrat’s and non Whites to spread their power throughout the United States.  It’s happening.  It’s a way to punish the White power structure.  Does anyone really believe if these were Republican’s crossing the border illegally the Democrat’s still would oppose the fence/wall structure.  Laughable to even think it. It’s all about power and changing what made this Country have the highest standard of living the world has ever seen. The idea of illegals having a lower crime rate than American’s is absolute nonsense.  According to former ICE Director Tom Homan, these people commit 2-3 times the crimes of ordinary American’s.  Our jails are full.  60,000 per month are crossing our southern border says Homan.  1,800 Americans were murdered by illegals 2017. 48,000 violently assaulted.  This talk of fewer crossings now is meaningless.  If we go from 80,000 to 60,000 there still is a huge problem. Border guards and tighter security measures have helped.

It’s amazing how a majority of American’s, 53%, oppose the building of a barrier. The media and Dem. politicians dominate the airwaves convincing too many to think technology will be the answer.  Year right…like a drone in the sky is somehow going to stop them.  True technological advances will help.  But, more man power and only a wall/barrier will stop the barrage.  Last week I heard someone trying to convince me the illegals will merely go around the wall or build tunnels to get through.  Ridiculous.   A small percentage will be able to do that, but 90% will  be stopped.  The wall in Israel has proven it.  And young Palestinians are very capable.

So yes…we need a barrier in the worst way.  Anyone with common sense knows it. If you want our capitalistic system to continue that made America the most free and successful country anywhere, support President Trump and the barrier.

The ironic issue is the President did not need to declare a national emergency. Jacksjargon felt for a long time it was not necessary.   Consider that the President has unused 1.9 billion in use now with contractors proceeding.  The dumb compromise bill he signed gave him 1.37 billion more dollars. Six hundred million available now from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund, 300 million more from a non functioning fund, 2.6 billion can be transferred over from defense using monies for USA civil protection plus the capture of the drug kingpin may add another billion dollars.  If the courts do eventually rule in favor of a National Emergency, likely from the Supreme Court, it could add upwards of 10-15 billion more dollars. However, he almost doesn’t need it.  Instead of the emergency money sought, the President could have gone again to the border, use footage of illegals crossing, the frustration of the border guards and he likely would have gotten enough money merely by taking action transferring money from other departments.   He has that legal power says Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley of George Washington University.

The issue is and has been always clear.  If we want America to remain America we must stop the flow of illegals entering the USA.  We have no choice unless we want brainless publicity hound Casio Cortez telling us what America should be. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cannot control the new radicals in her Party.  Those declaring for a Democrat Presidential run don’t believe in America as it was meant to be.

As jacksjargon has never seen a happy smiling atheist…same can be said for this band of radicals wanting to control our Country with the millions of illegals.  They’re like an angry mob ready to lead an angry mob.   As Keith Jackson used to say…….”Whoa Nellie.”



Take the deal Mr. President

That new compromise bill on immigration issues is worthless. More on the bill in a moment.  First it must be noted how well  President Trump can do in front of a national audience when he is not being filtered by the media.  78% of the audience polled approved of the State of the Union speech. 72% of Independents  Approved. CNN must have gagged.  As well as the goof balls at MSNBC.  93 % of all media coverage of the President is negative.  His approval rating is up 9% to 52%. With the endless beating he takes everyday from the media, it’s remarkable.  Also, many polled are hesitant to admit support for the President.  It’s fear.   Doubt it? Try wearing a Make America Great Again hat out in public.

The compromise bill being pushed even by Republican Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.  One billion plus for the wall.  And a slight lessening of beds for illegals.  Democrat’s pulled that out of the hat last minute.  Less beds for illegals means more seeking asylum, including criminals, will be released into our country and likely will never be heard from again until they rob, kill or push drugs for a living. The problem the President faces is to veto it forces a 2nd partial government shut down and normally Republicans get more of the blame.  Even though the last one seemed to have no impact on his approvals ratings.   So Trump will hem and haw and criticize it before signing it.

What’s next?  We keep hearing about the President declaring a national emergency and make a go of it to get funding for the Mexican border wall. The problem is Democrat forces will quickly go to court and tie up the issue indefinitely.  Although if it ever reached the Supreme Court it is likely Trump would win. The issue can’t wait.  More caravans coming with one being touted as having 7,000. Many trying to get in before action is taken.  And it is not just Central Americans.  Border agents say they are getting illegals coming from all over the world such as Pakistan.  Good grief.  Jacksjargon’s experience working in politics for years has found that 90%+ of immigrants vote Democrat.  They come from area’s where capitalism has never been experienced.  Ironic, they come here to experience the benefits that made our country great seeking to join those looking to limit or destroy it.   I wonder if  that Casio Cortez congresswoman has figured out the three branches of our government yet.  Paraphrasing Churchill…never have we heard so much from so little.

Democrat Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is already mouthing off trying to tell us the President can now do nothing unless congress approves.  Nice try Chuckie.  As we have been reporting since December, he does not need your approval Schumer.  On the Sunday political shows, acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney asserted the administration can reprogram monies already approved by congress.  President W. Bush held back five billion dollars after the Iraq war. It’s in abeyance.  Same for Obama wasting a 528 million dollars on green energy companies such as Solyndra  that filed bankruptcy. Millions wasted on Obamacare and Iran.  Best estimates have Obama leaving 2-3 billion dollars held over upon leaving office. It will take some effort moving the funds for instance out of the military.  But the President has the power to do so.

And if you support the President and worried about socialism/communism for America, forgetaboutit.  It is difficult to unseat a President in bid for reelection 2020. The Democrat Party is an absolute mess with radical battling moderates, Virginia caving in to a governor who refuses to leave office. He cannot be impeached because his Black Face garb was before he was in office. However, his Lt. Governor is likely a goner. One radical announcing after another. Do you really think enough American’s are going to fall for free this and free that.  Hey, Cortez wants to give you a paycheck if you don’t want to work.

In order to get reelected, President Trump’s biggest challenge is securing back white suburban women.  They no little and care little about accomplishments. They don’t like his personality.  It’s an emotional issue. But there is nobody on the horizon, so far, that has what it takes to beat President Trump.  Many are touting Joe Biden. He will be 78 soon and in his previous two attempts at running for the highest office he couldn’t get over 5%.  The President is a terrific campaigner and nobody has seen the likes of his endless energy.  And in the end do you really believe Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack  sitting and watching out there really want one of these radical Democrat’s promising ever kind of giveaway program they can concoct put in office.

Besides…with Trump there never is a dull moment.  We’d miss all the laughs the Democrat’s take serious. How can we forget….”Hey Russia…if you’re out there listening, maybe you can find Hillary’s 33,000 missing emails.”


So Many Didn’t Know.

President Trump’s popularity has grown to 48% in the latest Rasmussen poll. 2% higher than President Obama at the same period in his Presidency.   Even CNN is choking on their poll suggesting a similar rise in his popularity.  How can this be ask CNN pundits and talking heads. He has been continuously blasted by media and print media endlessly for two years.

Tuesday night in his State of the Union speech many American’s awoke and could see the why of it.  Few State of the Union speeches are memorable. This one likely is one. It was a speech of American success past and present. History interspersed with his many accomplishments in just his first two years.  The use of wonderful members in the gallery was spectacular.  Terribly moving.  Even both Parties sang Happy Birthday to a holocaust survivor.  And in return he shouted…”thank you.”  A ten year old girl finishing her chemo after brain cancer…A Black American woman whom he pardoned after her 22 years in prison over a first time drug charge simply couldn’t control her tears…A man shot 7 times tracking down a killer in a church…D-Day survivors  in the gallery….The speech was so well written and delivered it was impossible for Democrat’s not to stand and applaud at times.

So now the media will go ticky tacky looking for any mistakes or distortions the President mentioned.  It won’t matter.  The non political American’s and those who are unaware of what the President has done during just two years had to marvel at matters they were unaware.  The media never reports any good he does. Think of it.  What past President had the guts to go tell NATO members to pay up their fair share and they are doing it.  He shamed them.  Unforgettable line “America is not the ‘piggy bank’ of the world.” Details of what he spoke about you can find on later reports from many sources.  Many of them negative as usual. It won’t matter.  Those Independents or “fence sitters” saw and heard the good news.

He did speak about the wall being built.   It shall be done one way or the other. He was convincing.  He called out those talking socialism.  America shall never be run by government was a huge reference and ovation.  It is so obvious he has grown into the job.  Even with all the noise from opponents and himself, accomplishments can’t be hidden.  Just in January this year when all the media was ready to pounce on the harm supposedly he caused the economy due to the partial government shutdown, 304,000 new jobs were created. Incredible.  The economy is roaring ahead.  We are the envy of the world.

There were numerous times when he was so non partisan and uplifting about the greatness of America, Many Democrat’s couldn’t restrain themselves.  Like him or indifferent, what he has done and is doing was uplifting.  He didn’t have to say “America first.”   You could just hear it and feel it in the House chamber. He took his opportunity Tuesday night and made excellent use of it. And Speaker Nancy Pelosi, seated behind him, behaved herself quite well.  At one point it appeared she motioned to Democrat’s to restrain. Word was she would respect the office of the President.  Smart.  Her popularity is in the pits.

So wake up America!   Our Country is stronger, more prosperous, wages are up and we have more good jobs available than people to fill them. More Americans working now at any time in our history.  Thank goodness many American’s now realize it.

And even if you hate him, you’ve got to admit looking at gorgeous Melania was well worth seeing and hearing the speech.

Who Wins Super Bowl 2019?

New England coach Bill Belichick is the greatest NFL coach of all time.  Quarterback Tom Brady is NOT the greatest quarterback of all time. Does anyone really believe had the Buffalo Bills (or Cleveland Browns) drafted Brady he would be talked about as the greatest of all time. It’s this arrogant curmudgeon coach Belichick who built this dynasty.  Not that Brady isn’t great at what he does.  He is. He is amazing with his football IQ, dedication and extreme accuracy in throwing. And most of all,  he comes through when needed the most. Clutch. But, many quarterbacks  have done that such as Peyton Mannning who won 5 Most valuable player awards compared to Brady’s three.  Stick Drew Brees into Belichick’s system…bet on things being much the same. People think Brady is the greatest because they’ve seen him so often and is a clutch performer.  Put him with the Cincinnati Bengals and he’d be lost in the shuffle.  More on this later. Read on.

So lets talk about Sunday’s game matching the L.A. Rams versus the New England Patriots.  All the heavy money  bet on the game is on the Patriots. They are slight favorites.  On paper the Rams have better personnel.  Games aren’t won on paper.  Strategy of the game plan and putting the players into the best way to defeat the opponent is the key to everything.  And that is the genius of Bill Belichick.   And it’s been said…”Experience is your best teacher.”  35 New England players have played in the Super Bowl.   Five for the Rams.

In order to win, Belichick has been a master at taking away the strengths of the other team.  Rams 33 year old brilliant coach Sean McVey must now do the same.  Without going into too much intricate detail, I’ll give you my take on what McVey must do to win.  Not easy, but Philly beat the Pat’s last year. So it can be done. In order for the Rams to win it’s much the same old story…put pressure on Tom Brady. “Get him off his spot.”   But how?  Jackjargon looks at it this way.  The L.A. Rams must take away Brady’s short passing game.  Edelman…Gronkowski…double team Edelman if possible.  Why?   Because if Brady cannot have his short passing game (passes in the flat as well) and should the Patriots fall behind it will force him to pass to longer routes.  Consequently Brady will not get rid of the ball as quickly and that opens up the pass rush.  And the Rams have that strength.  Second key for the Rams…they must not let the Patriots run the ball at will. They are not very strong at linebacker, but if they don’t stop the run, the Patriots will eat up the clock and keep the Rams defense on the field too long and that fatigue is a killer late in the game. That is what killed the Falcons blowing their 23 point lead late in the game two years ago. Those two factors won’t be easy.  Especially doing them both.

Note, Rams quarterback Jared Goff is very capable with a stronger throwing arm. His key is overcoming nerves in the 1st quarter. And they have a strong twosome in the running game. L.A. can put up mucho points when rolling.

Turnovers are huge factor in football. The Patriots seldom make foolish errors. If L.A. can keep fumbles and interceptions to a minimum, they have a decent chance of winning. These factors make predictions guessing games.

On a personal note…Jacksjargon is sick and tired of hearing Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time.  He is the luckiest of all time. Most of all being selected by the greatest coach in NFL history. He has won five and lost three Super Bowls. Remember Seattle with the ball and seconds remaining  on the Pat’s one yard. They had a Sherman Tank in Marshon Lynch who would have scored the winning TD.  No…instead the Seahawks called the most stupid play in playoff history.  Decided to pass…intercepted at the goal line and Brady won.

Remember Atlanta scoring so fast that the Patriots kept the Falcons defense on the field all day.  They were gassed at the end blowing a 25 point lead.  However, they would have still won with an ideal field goal all set. Then the 2nd dumbest play in playoff history.  They decided to pass…Ryan got sacked. Took them out of field goal range and the Pat’s lucked out again. Instead of 5-3 in Super Bowls Brady is 3-5 and not being called the greatest of all time.

Nobody has seen the likes of coach Bill Belichick.  He made a dynasty with players not always the best.  Remember when Tom Brady was suspended for 4 games after under deflating footballs and throwing away his cell phone. Belichick used inexperienced quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.   1st game won easily.  Second game Garoppolo used again and won again.  Third game Garoppolo is hurt.  So Belichick takes his 3rd string quarterback, Jacoby Brissett in his 1st start, gives him only  5 plays to use and he wins.  What does that tell you about that coach?

So who wins Sunday’s Super Bowl?  My feeling is it will be close.  Dead even with predictions from a host of NFL players.   I lean towards the Rams mainly because the Pat’s have won enough. Only New Englanders are rooting for the Patriot’s and grouchy old coach Belichick.  Or put it another way…with New England being only a two and a half point favorite I won’t wager.  If it goes to  being a 3 point favorite, I’ll take the Rams.

Final note…this will be New England’s tight end Rob Gronkowski’s final game. His body has had it.

If Los Angles wins the toss….GO ON OFFENSE RIGHT AWAY.  Don’t defer. Let the chess match begin.  A young brilliant young coach against the best of all time. Enjoy the game everybody.