Bernie Sanders get nomination? Super Tuesday 3/3/20

The Democrat Party is going all out to stop Bernie Sanders from getting the Democrat nomination for President. Their leaders know he has little chance of beating President Trump. Forget Joe Biden’s So. Carolina win. He has no organization, little money and can hardly put two sentences together without stumbling. He won thanks to 50% of the voters being African American. His candidacy is on life support. Tuesday, March 3rd, is known as Super Tuesday as primaries are to be held all over the nation. 38% of all delegates to the convention will be elected. Of note: Tom Steyer, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar have all dropped out of the race presumably to help gain some delegates for Biden.

Bernie Sanders is well financed and organized most everywhere. Especially in delegate rich California and Texas. He will do very well Tuesday. The question is how well. Here’s the nuts and bolts so to speak. The nominee needs 1991 pledged delegates to win the nomination. A key to stopping Sanders is how well mayor Michael Bloomberg does. And if Biden can win some delegates. Bloomberg, with millions to spare, purchased two three minutes commercials on major networks and was on 60 Minutes Sunday night. He is bland, no charisma and a terrible debating candidate. However Democrat insiders see him as their only hope, as of now, in stopping Sanders. Meaning nobody has enough votes to secure the nomination. That is likely. After one round of delegate votes with no winner, round two is when the super delegates vote (Party hacks) and likely could steal the nomination from Sanders. Then it is wide open to almost anybody including Hillary (yes, that is correct…she is standing by), Michelle Obama or anyone else the Party thinks has a chance of beating Trump. Quite a few think it will be awarded to Bloomberg. The Clinton’s and Obama’s will likely be instrumental in that process. Joe Biden has a slight chance…very slight. Pat Paulson and Professor Irwin Corey have no chance.

Meanwhile, President Trump held a South Carolina rally Friday night. It is worth noting 38.6% attending were Democrats and Independents. Plus 16% of African American Americans attended. Blacks, generally, want no part of Bernie Sanders. Sunday they turned their backs on Bloomberg as he spoke to an African American church. The night before Trump’s rally, attendees were camping out such as an NFL tailgate party. If the election is “stolen” from Sanders, his fanatical followers will vote in mass for Trump as in 2016 or not vote at all. If you ever watch a Sanders rally note the people standing behind him. Largely what most would call kids.

So what does jacksjargon think? Well forget the coronavirus hurting him even though Democrats despicably try to make it a political issue. It was Trump, angering some Democrats at the time, not permitting an influx of people coming in from China or flights to China in January. Or, we’d be far worse. Whatever the President loses in white suburban women (it’s a personality issue largely) he will gain in African American votes. From 8% in 2016 to 12% or higher 2020. Many Blacks realize the benefits of Trumps best economy in 50 years and Blacks unemployment is the lowest ever. Majority of voters who pay attention to the news feel the President has their back. He’s been treated unfairly. Plus, Democrat’s have become so radicalized a high percentage of voters want none of it. Sanders calls himself a democratic socialist. Nonsense. It’s his way of getting around that deep down he is a communist.

President Trump will win another four years. Good chance of a landslide. If somehow Sanders gets the nomination, nightmare scenario for Democrats , they won’t just win the Senate. They are likely to lose the House of Representatives. Sanders having no coat tails. Whoa Nellie. Bye bye, soon to be 80 years old, Pelosi once and for all.