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NFL Wild Card Week Pic’s

Jackjsjargon spent years in the sports reporting business so let’s give it a go. My guess is at least worth a look.

Game 1 Saturday has Buffalo at Houston. As of Monday the Texan’s are a 3 point favorite playing in Houston. Don’t under estimate the Bills. With them it’s defense and defense travels well. Plus a young QB in Josh Allen with a rocket arm, can run, but still learning his craft. Houston is a good week bad week team. They get by with QB Watson who loves to throw long to wide receiver Hopkins. And he can run. Plus, they may have J.J. Watt back on defense. But, their inconsistency makes them not a great play. Also, Buffalo is much better coached. Take the points.

Game 2 Saturday finds Tennessee at New England. The Patriots are a 5 and a half point favorite. Experts agree the Pat’s dynasty is in decline. Something is wrong with Tom Brady’s arm. He lacks receivers and their once thought great defense has declined likely because they have been on the field too much. Plus Bill Belichick always has trouble beating his ex coaches. Tennessee is a sturdy lot. They have enjoyed a brilliant QB out of no where in Ryan Tannehill. Well coached. They have better players. But beating the Pat’s at Gillette stadium and the great Bill Belichick is always a tough go. That’s why the line is too high. If Miami could beat them Sunday in a important game, so can the Titans. New England should win, but I’d go with Tennessee plus 5 and a half. Wouldn’t surprise anyone if the Titans win out right.

Game 1 Sunday features Minnesota at New Orleans. The Saints are a heavy favorite at 8 points. Wagering against New Orleans in their domed stadium is almost like a knife at your throat. And they are on a roll. Drew Brees looks like he got his 2nd wind after his four week injury absence. Minnesota finished with 10 wins and 6 losses. They feature a stout defense. However, scoring points doesn’t come easy for them. Their QB, Kirk Cousins, reminds us all of the proverbial Forrest Gump line…”You never know what you’re going to get.” His reputation for not winning big games is pretty well founded. Hate to give that many points. However this is a time it might be worth while. New Orleans should find “The Beat Goes on.”

Game 2 Sunday has Seattle at Philadelphia. The Eagles are an insignificant 1 point favorite. You can flip a coin on this one. Seattle has better players. They won 11 and lost 5. While the Eagles won 9 and lost 7. But there is a time weathered phrase in sports…”He has carried his team on his back.” Philadelphia has had more players out with injuries than most teams ever experience. However, they have a quarterback, Carson Wentz, who has been nothing short of sensational. He has been passing successfully to replacement players who replaced other replacement players. His favorite receiver tight end Zach Ertz is out. Nobody knows the status of who will be playing Sunday. With all their problems Philly beat out Dallas for the division title. Seattle is a better team and they normally play well away from home. QB Russell Wilson is one of the best at what he does. In a spectacular finish Sunday night they almost beat San Francisco. 49ers considered at the top of most lists in the NFC. Their defense not good. They too have had injuries. And coming off that extremely emotional game travelling all the way East to play in who knows what weather does not bode well. I wouldn’t wager 50 cents on this game.

Weather in January can be awful for football. Luckily two of the games are in a domed stadium. If the Patriots get bad weather it should help versus a Tennessee team. Also it likely would help the Eagles. So this post is all for fun and meant to enhance your enjoyment of the NFL wild card week end. Any wagering you are strictly on your own. The great thing about sports is it is live and totally unpredictable. No team is unbeatable.

Pres. Trump: 2019 Top Ten Accomplishments

10. Unemployment now at record lows. Wages up the most for those who earn the least. 9. More jobs than workers to fill them. Able bodies must work to receive food stamps. 70% say they are doing better since he was elected. 8. NATO now $130,000 billion richer. Number of countries now contributing their 2% has doubled. 7. Signed the Democracy Act standing up to China in favor of protests in Hong Kong. 6. Withdrew from IMF Treaty that prohibited USA from expanding weapon progress while our enemies had no such impairment. America can now improve missile systems. 5. Iran is crippled from tariffs. Inflation out of control now limiting monies destined for terrorist organizations. 4. Forced Mexico, through tariffs threat, to not only guard the U.S. border but now controlling their own southern border. Illegal immigration reduced substantially. No more caravans en route. 3. Cut funding for abortion clinics with the Protect Life Rule. Selling baby parts and terminating babies at birth greatly reduced. 2. Killed the head of ISIS and the second in command. Considered far more dangerous than killing Bin Laden. 1. Appointed 50 conservative judges to Federal Courts. The Supreme Court hears only a fraction of Federal Court decisions.

Not bad for somebody the Democrat’s want to get rid of anyway possible. Too bad the vast majority of media never informs the public. Doesn’t matter. American’s can feel it. Christmas sales huge increase from 2018. Let’s face it. The media and Democrat’s know odds are overwhelming President Trump will be reelected. Most likely by a larger margin this time. Landslide? Quite possibly. May even win Minnesota. The only State Walter Mondale carried versus Ronald Reagan. Mondale’s home State no less.

Pelosi’s Paradox

Things have gotten so bad for the failing impeachment hearings that Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell may not even have a trial if the House impeaches President Trump. He may simply have an immediate vote on an acquittal. He and Sen. Lindsey Graham think it’s best to end it quickly. President Trump wants to embarrass the Democrat’s. Things like bringing Adam Shiff under oath on the stand. Jacksjargon supports end it quickly. Give no more credence to this baseless event. TV hearings are a ratings disaster for the Democrat’s. President Trump’s approval rating is now higher than President Obama’s at the same point in their Presidency.

“Impeachment is so destructive to the nation that it has to be overwhelming, compelling and non partisan.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi May 2019. Fact is none of it has happened. Democrat’s forgot to bring a “case.” First it was quid pro quo. Poll tested that wasn’t strong enough. Next Dem.’s switched to obstruction of justice. No proof. How about extortion? When poll tested that failed along with bribery. So at long last they came up with “abuse of power.” Vague enough it might allow give them an excuse to just keep throwing up anything they think might stick. This is one of the few times Republicans have stuck together and defended themselves very well. Nationally only 44% of American’s favor impeachment. Plus in Battle Ground States President Trump beats all Democrat Presidential candidates. In their hearts Democrat’s know Trump will win reelection. Said new entry former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg….”Trump will mop up the floor with all of them.”

So why do it the impeachment thing? Originally it was thought the proceedings would damage the President so severely he could not win reelection. Instead Trump’s poll numbers have increased. The public confidence is way up as wages have increased. Plus, there are more good jobs available than people to fill them. The USA has the lowest unemployment in 50 years. The impeachment issue has failed and Democrat’s want to get rid of it ASAP.

Now here comes Pelosi’s biggest problem. Her paradox so to speak. There is a battle within Democrat House members. 31 Democrat’s won in Districts that the President won by healthy margins. Their reelection is in danger if they vote for impeachment. Some already have had to face chaos at their town hall gatherings back in their districts. A rebellion of sorts. To win impeachment Pelosi needs 217 votes. There are 233 Democrat House members. If 17 of those 31 members vote no to impeachment it will not pass. An enormous rejection after endless televised waste of time hearings. Nobody will know until until the House votes. If it is delayed from next Tuesday it means Pelosi does not have the votes. Not likely. But possible.

Normally Speaker Pelosi can whip those Democrat’s back in line by her well known tactics against those who stray. Things like run a strong candidate against them in their next primary. Well finance this opponent. Also strip them of committees they are on or want to be on. That works normally with a few who stray. But 17? That’s a different story. This the mess she now faces. Some of the straying Dem’s want merely a censure. A slap on the wrist. A disaster after weeks of hearings that proved fruitless. Tactics against a group that large could not only create havoc, but more importantly, cost the Democrat’s the House of Representatives Nov. 2020. The entire case of impeachment has back fired. Pelosi knows it and is beside herself. She will push for new legislation to distract from the mess she is now in.

The President’s rallies are now bigger and more energetic than ever. Polls indicate Trump might receive more than 20% of the Black vote. The swing States are still in Trump’s favor. Sometimes when one hates someone so badly they try too hard. Don’t see themselves as others see them. They go “over the top.” And it shows. This time it does doesn’t just show. It glows.

Of note, has been offered a position as a columnist for a respectable publication. More details are needed before a decision is reached. However, I do ask if you like the posts click on the like portion on any post. Many thanks for your loyalty.