America has more than the virus problem. Millions of American’s have no money for routine expenses such as groceries, rent, mortgage money and bills. People are not working. Jobs gone. Layoffs everywhere. True, we have to be virus careful. Very careful. But, lack of money is not being covered by the media. It’s COVID-19 all day all the time. There needs to be balance. So let’s take a look at where America is right now.

The death rate in the USA has remained at 3.7% with a high percentage being the elderly, minorities and those with serious pre-existing conditions. Remove deaths in New York and the death rate is 2.1% France, for instance, has a death rate of 10%. All signs point to a reduction of new cases in the States. Hospital beds vacant, ICU reductions and thousands of ventilators not being used. The media is scaring the wits out of people ignoring balance needed. PEOPLE NEED MONEY. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, also a doctor, ” There has to be a balance between what we do for physical health and what we do for their financial health. We’ve lowered the curve. The problem is we have kind of put the weight on the physical health and now the financial health is suffering.” This why the President and loads of bipartisan governors are clamoring to get more funds into the hands of those who need it the most. This is about small business, 50% of our economy, and those who need money the most. Waiters/waitresses, cooks, those who do construction work, franchise businesses, hotel & casino workers, cleaning people and millions of others on the lower end of the wage scale living paycheck to paycheck. The media virtually ignores it The virus and the fatality scare is a better story for higher ratings.

President Trump says he is about to make the biggest decision of his life. When to tell Governors they can, if they wish, re-open their States as they please. He knows, along with the governors and economics advisers, that if nothing is done soon we are headed for a depression that some believe we are in right now. The crash of 1929 is ancient history but results live on. Now is the time to take action. The media won’t cover the ramifications of that disaster until it happens. Think about it. True, there will be more virus deaths. But, also domestic violence, suicides, bankruptcies, loss of all savings, stock market crash and even the possibility of civil unrest. Have you heard? Guns sales at their zenith. People can do terrible things without money and good food.

The President, Treasury Secretary, economic advisors and business leaders understand where we are now headed. Money allocated for small business runs out April 17th it is estimated. Trump and Republicans in the Senate proposed a bill hoping to get 250 billion immediate funds for small business. A so called “clean bill.” With another larger proposal, if needed, later. The Democrat’s, Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Schumer defeated it as usual. Among other demands such as money for new elections procedures. Maybe they want more money for the Kennedy Center. Yes, they put that in the last emergency package. The question is how much of what Democrats want will Republicans agree to in order to help common workers in small businesses. Democrat President’s of the past, Kennedy, Carter,Truman, Johnson, Clinton and Obama would never back a Congress hurting American’s in time of crisis with such nonsense.

Statistics in some States help keep matters in perspective. Here are current deaths percentages. Keep in mind these stats are of people who have contracted the virus. Not a percentage of 320 million total Americans. Lowest totals: Florida 2.2%, Texas 1.9%, California 2.7%, Pennsylvania 2%. States with the highest death rates: Louisiana 3.9%, Illinois 3.2%, New York 4.6%, New Jersey 3.5% and Michigan 5%. It’s likely when States with lower case numbers are reopened for business, they will have massive surveillance with care and treatment standing by ready to move in.

The media is waiting to pounce on President Trump when he eventually gives the green light for some States to re-open for business. Most certainly there will be more to die when that occurs. The networks and most cable news will never balance it with lives lost if nothing is done. As always they will attempt to damage the President. However, the governors will make the final decision for what they believe is best for their constituents. Does anyone believe North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and others should have the same restrictions as States with a more major problem? We’ve been through the media and Democrats Russia Russia Russia, the Mueller report,, Judge Kavanaugh hearings and impeachment that have found and accomplished nothing. While Impeachment was going on the nation began COVID-19. Eventually, it is likely indictments will be issued against those who illegally conspired to form a coup against President Trump. Long awaited coming report will deal with it. Indictments seem likely.

It’s a helava situation. Nevertheless, the President approval ratings are at an all time high. Even Democrat’s know joe Biden can’t beat the President. He’s never had the intellect of Trump or Obama even before his onset of early dementia. Party leaders have not given up on finding a different Presidential candidate. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s name keeps coming up. Democrat’s and the media (same thing) will make every effort to make the COVID-19 and the nations recovery appear as a disaster. But the loyalty of Republicans, Independents support, every day American’s and disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters will back the President. Mature people vote in higher numbers. They see through the three and a half years of nonsense. Joe Biden to beat Trump? The jokingly New Jersey State motto comes into play…forgetaboutit.