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Brief look at Wednesday debates

NBC pushed the candidacy of Elizabeth Warren by asking her the first four questions. Among other comments she tried to convince Americans that they need to drop their company health plans, many of which are Cadillac plans, and go on government doles. Losing position.

Democrats favor open borders.  Merely want better care for illegals breaking our laws. Losing remark.  Three candidates pandering to Hispanics by speaking Spanish.  Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio did it to no avail.  Bedo O’Roarke appeared lost. Unprepared. Major loser.  Cory Booker saved his candidacy by not bringing up how much he favors reparations for Afro Americans.

And trying to convince Americans how bad the current economy is for small business and average people in general is absolute nonsense to the point of being silly.  Optimism reigns  for small business, we have the lowest unemployment ever for Blacks and Hispanics, we have essentially full employment in the USA, wages went up 10% last year…highest increase in decades and unemployment claims lowest in a decade. Only an ignoramus would believe these  Democrats.  Nobody on that Wednesday stage has a chance of being President.

Here’s The Dem. Nominee for President

When watching the first round of Democrat debates over the nights of June 26th and 27th keep in mind it is all about who can get the most DELEGATES before or during the convention. Naturally the nominee of the Democrat Party needs to have the “right stuff.”  It has been said many times (especially in the Presidential election) a large number of voters cast their ballot for who they LIKE THE BEST.  Not necessarily the most qualified. Nevertheless, the candidate in a debate has to demonstrate knowledge, temperament, what is their plan if elected and do so without being disagreeable.

Off the top, that would eliminate Bernie Sanders. He built his following in 2016 when Hillary Clinton proved to be a terrible candidate.  He’s a good speaker, but attracts largely college younger voters and Whites.  At this time he is old news.  There is virtually no chance he would get the Democrat nomination. Too many others are more presentable and sing the same song. Not to mention this Socialist/Marxist honeymooned in Russia.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has the highest poll numbers at present.  That is meaningless.  Especially after the first debate.  At 76, Biden has not aged well and looks it. He seems slow on his feet and is always gaffe prone. His campaign has almost had him hidden so far.  He carries a ton of baggage from three plus decades in congress that will be exposed by the young Turks who oppose him.  Traditional Democrat’s want him as the nominee of their Party.  However, traditional Democrat’s are outnumbered these days. He may stay a factor…a contender…but the leftists now dominate and he will fade enough not to be the nominee. Democrat’s want someone more dynamic.   Dynamic is never a word that applies to sleepy Joe Biden.

So who else then?   Elizabeth Warren is getting more attention with her give away plans. But harsh, angry, mean spirited candidates have gone the way of George Wallace. Young nice looking gay Mayor of South Bend, In, Pete Buttigieg has charm and can speak well.   And he’s as left as the rest.  But, really do American’s really want this boyish inexperienced gay guy conferring with Russia’s Putin or North Korea’s Kim Jung Um?   Age ten years Pete and try again later.

So who then?  Loud mouth obnoxious Afro American Sen. Cory Booker pushing his reparations agenda. A man in love with himself who just destroyed his candidacy.  The best he can do is be a spoiler for a more logical candidate. Bill de Blasio…go home Bill if they’ll take you back…Amy Klobuchar is pleasant and more moderate. But, too moderate for most.  Beto O’Rourke?  Arms waving and keeps putting his foot in his mouth. The great White hype needs to impress because his campaign has collapsed.  Kirsten Flip flop Gillibrand? She betrayed her Party.  Say anything for a vote. It shows.

All this leads us to the most logical choice.  California Senator Kamela Harris. Her for a number of reasons.  Remember it’s all about garnering delegates.  3,768 delegates vote. To win on the first ballot the candidate needs half…1,885.  Harris has the best chance even if it goes to a 2nd ballot at the convention.  Think about it.  Harris is 54. Former District Attorney for San Francisco, California Attorney General and now Senator from California. She can speak well, poised, has a nature that can be pleasant, experienced more than most and possibly most important…she is a minority person with a Jamaican father and a mother from Madres. Her grandfather used to say “I am Black and proud of it.”  And most critical…she will win the vast majority of California’s 495 delegates.  March 3rd, 2020 is Super Tuesday for Democrat’s.  What States involved beside Cal., southern heavily Afro American States such as Alabama, Arkansas, N. Carolina and Georgia. Just those represent 913 delegates. Add Votes from So. Carolina (63) and Illinois (184) and that tallies 1,160.  True, not all those States will give her all delegate votes. Some are proportional and some winner take all.

The spoiler for Harris could be Afro American obnoxious Sen. Cory Booker taking away some African American votes. However, when he realizes he has no chance, he’d pledge his delegates to Harris and momentum is huge during a convention. That’s how it looks to  President Trump will have huge dollars, the bully pulpit, very well organized in every State using technology to zero in on voter pockets. This won’t be a “seat of the pants” campaign as 2016. He will need to garner more Hispanic votes due to a likely loss of Black votes. It’s doable. Plus, nobody but nobody out works President Trump. Harris vs. Trump. The media will go nuts when they realize it’s four more years.

EX VP Joe Biden will not get the Democrat nomination.

At age 76, Joe Biden shows plenty of wear. With him leading in the polls his campaign has virtually kept him hidden.  Keeps him from making more mistakes.  Such as…China is our friend.  We need a kinder relationship. Suddenly he flips as he learns Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi both back a tougher stance on China who has taken advantage of America for decades. Next…he continues to back the Hyde Amendment that keeps federal money from abortions. Uproar happens.  So old Joe flips positions again. These blunders are not going to stop.  He is simply incapable of thinking smart on his feet.  Never has.  Worse now.

The Democrat debates are slated for two nights because there are so many candidates. They’ll be on NBC & MSNBC (they refused to allow Fox question them) June 26th and 27th. These mostly younger candidates will be quicker on their feet.  Likely better informed and old Joe will show his wear.  Jacksjargon  sees a drop in the polls post debate for Joe Biden.  Even though mainstream Democrat’s desperately want Biden to get the nomination, tons of cash pouring in like Hillary, but communication skills, fresh idea’s and personality off set cash.

Let’s glance at the meaningless Democrat polls at this time. They do change quickly.  Biden is supposed to have anywhere from a 23% to 19% lead over Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren has been gaining from 9% to 19%.  Followed by Pete Buttigieg, South Bend, Indiana mayor at 8% and same for Kamela Harris….8%.

Let’s give a quick critique of each.  Joe Biden…he’ll hang around a while, but slowly even Democrat’s (especially the new breed) will see Biden as old news. Bernie Sanders gets the nomination?  Laughable.  Appeals to Whites and young college educated. No chance.  Elizabeth Warren has some appeal with her giveaway plans and how to tax for them.   However, she comes off angry most of the time.  Seems mean spirited. Radicals like her, but under financed.  She may shine in the debates. But, very little chance of the nomination.  Next is the gay Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg.  Speaks well.  On the surface seems moderate.  However, digging deeper he has nothing but leftist views.  He can answer a tough question well without really answering it.  Good politician, but can anyone really see this school boy looking gay guy speaking with Kim Jung Um or Russia’s Putin. Ridiculous.  Then we have Senator Kamela Harris. More on her in the next jacksjargon.

Forget polls. Forget cash on hand. The deciding factor to all of this is delegate vote count. That’s what it’s all about.  Who has the best chance of getting the 1,885 delegate votes needed on the first ballot.  That candidate needs to be personable, smart with a solid background of work related experience, appeal to Whites and minorities and has an air of confidence reassuring the Independents that this is the best choice.  We’ll give our pick in the next jacksjargon and explain why.

Meanwhile the man who is hated and expected to lose by the media.  Someone who has been bashed for two years unmercifully with 93% of all media stories being negative.  Now it’s being revealed the massive intelligence used by the FBI, head of the CIA and Nation security advisor all put in motion with Hillary Clinton money to defeat him has over 53,000 people in Florida waiting to hear his second run for the Presidency.  People started in line as early Monday morning.  Donald Trump can lead a rally like no other President.  He gets through to the average person and they know things are much better since he became President. Optimism reigns over the USA.

It’s going to be helava blood bath of 2020 for the President. With President Trump, anything is possible.

Don’t miss my pick for the Democrat nomination for President  and the why of it.   All on

Texas Is The One

There is no way President Reagan could become Governor of California if that were an issue today.  California is a one Party State.  It carries the most Electoral College votes with 55. New York is a one Party State with 29 Electoral college votes.  This totals 84 making up 31% of the 270 votes to win the President of the United States.

This matters because the Democrat’s have their eye on something that would change America forever.  Radical, liberals, progressives, socialists and Communists want total control of the USA using centralized government to determine how we live. Control and power is everything to them.  And they don’t want a fair fight. They are more ruthless today than anyone can remember.  And they have their eye on something that clinches it all for good.

There’s talk of using total votes to decide the Presidency.  It’s not going to happen. Too many State’s will never give up that power. New Hampshire losing it’s 1st in the nation primary? Forgetaboutit.

Here’s the gist of it all.  How did California become a one Party State?  They did it by allowing hundreds of  thousands illegals settle in and become citizens.  They are not people of means so generally they want the “goodies” Democrat’s always dish out.  Plus there is one other major contributing factor. As Hispanics continued to pour into California, these illegals receive welfare, drivers licenses, health care, food stamps, schooling and become more or less citizens . HERE’S THE MAJOR ISSUE.  Illegals vote in California.   Thousands upon thousands vote. There is little control of them registering to vote.  Democrat’s see to it they are registered to vote. It’s been the norm there.  And wallah!  California is a one Party State.

Is it any wonder Democrat’s want no control of our Mexican border. Sure they want to keep President Trump from having a victory.  And no they are not being noble and merely caring for these poor people. This is their plan. Have you noticed which State is being flooded with illegals.  Thousands are pouring into Texas with its 38 ELECTORAL VOTES . Our Country captures a fraction of these illegals. True to his word, President Trump is shipping many to sanctuary cities.  But, that’s a mere fraction. Over 11 to 14 million have crossed our border with no authorization.  They escape into Texas unaccounted for and will eventually go the same route as California.  Getting the picture?  The Democrat’s goal is to convert Texas and their 38  electoral votes to insure the Presidency forever.  It’s hard to see any way, if Texas is lost to the Democrat’s, of ever seeing a Republican President again. Texas is their key to it all. Doubt it?  It’s happened in Nevada turning purple (leaning to Democrat control) as well as Arizona.  New Mexico is long gone.

If you agree with this eventuality, it is absolutely essential we stop the flow overwhelming our border in a Texas crisis situation. BACK PRESIDENT TRUMP in his increasing 5% tariff upon Mexican goods coming into America beginning in June.  Media, even Republican Senators votes (protecting their States) and the stock markets winces at the 5% tariff.  Virtually all seem against Trump on this issue. DON”T GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS SILLINESS OF LOSING OUR AVOCADOS.  I not sure anyone has ever seen an avocado in Chicago.  Bring out the Italian beef and the sausage with the peppers and the onions. And surely there must be a domestic tequila maker in the USA.  If not, you can live without a Margarita for a while. We’re talking about saving America here. The wall can’t be built fast enough. It takes years. Other than jacksjargon you likely won’t hear this anyplace else.

Once again… back the President on his tariffs on Mexico. So what if they don’t like it. They’re part of the problem. Not part of the solution.  Good news is they are quick to come to D.C. knowing the tariffs will slaughter their economy.  The point is Mexico must stop the flow they are allowing to come through their Country and right into the USA.  Odds are they will stop it…or curtail it.  If not, there goes Texas and America shall become what it was never intended to be.  Aah…but, you’ll have all the Avocado’s you want.