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Trump Successful? Shockingly True

65%  of President Trump’s promises have been kept in his first year.  Unheard of.  Second poll just out concurs with the 1st one.  He is now at 50% approval.  Workers are thrilled with not just bonus’s, but raises in pay as well.  Companies are returning to the USA.  Unemployment heading towards an all time low.  Remember ISIS?   Remember how concerned the public felt with the endless daily news reports?  Regular beheadings on TV.  Virtually wiped out now. Their calafate down to almost nothing. Reduced to more guerilla type events. Fourth quarter Gross Domestic Product, GDP, over 3%.  Obama  couldn’t come close.  Not to forget he had it in for business…Israel as well.  Business is booming.  Public optimism soaring .   President Trump might as well announce he will run for reelection.  He did Tuesday.

Wednesday President Trump met with leading members of the House and Senate from BOTH Parties.  Televised again.  All cable news networks carried it.  The subject was what to do with the school killing massacres.   He leads it, but everyone has a say.  He gets verbal commitments on a bill with balance from both Parties. He seated Senator Diane  Feinstein next to him.  Smart.  Gains her favor and hopefully support from her in the Senate.  She is way down in California primary polls.   He gives his opinion but deference to all who speak.  And they do.  At the end he summarizes and points direction of legislation.

What we are getting from Trump is something we have not seen in the White House since Ronald Reagan.  LEADERSHIP.  With all his faults…his foibles…his terrible press…his nuttiness…he is sorting out major issues.  Taking action. It puts everyone on permanent record for all to see.  Less nonsense from opposition when push comes to shove later.  Obviously, the President is growing into his job. These sessions are a brilliant stroke.

When anyone watches CNN, MSNBC (who has passed CNN in the ratings war that still shows Fox News with more than double their ratings) and the three nightly newscasts, there is a superficial quality in their coverage of President Trump.  Instead of issues, or heaven forbid for them to report actual good things happening, they concentrate on personal attacks.  Massive tendency to maximize petty distracting issues.   Maybe it’s Trump misspelling a word in a tweet.  Or, Melania not dressed properly.  Jacksjargon loves to see Melania no matter how she is dressed.  Or does the President’s son-in-law have full security clearance for top secret info.   Who cares?  You will never know Trump cut one and a half billion dollars from Boeing’s original price for new Air Force One planes badly needed.  The President holding televised meetings with relatives who lost loved ones in schools. 35 Governors free to speak on what they propose to cut school shootings.  These are events hard for the networks to hide and Joe Sixpack can easily understand.

A final note.  Trump may have spoken too soon on praising Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel.  The Russia thing was/is a hoax.  No evidence in 15 months of searching.   But, rest assured Mueller will come forth with something significant against the President.  Perhaps it is why they came forward with good news for him.   Softening things up to offer credibility when blows land later.  More on this  in the coming blog.  Battles to come.  But,  the President isn’t going anywhere.  He will serve out his term come what may.

Plus, growing chances he will serve a second term.  The public is beginning to notice.  That’s far more important than the media Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Stand by for why he will overcome what his haters want to do to him.




Kids Die Again: Here’s a Look at a Fix or Two

Forget the gun nuts.  They shame themselves by coming out of the “wood work” even before all the body’s are counted.  Anyone who has studied the gun issue knows new guns laws won’t work.  Nor would they pass through Congress.  Washington politicians are hopeless and bankrupt in idea’s to help our kids and others.   All they suggest is get rid of guns essentially.

So let’s review some of the prospects for a solution.  First, let the States go to  work with Governors and State houses trying different methods.  Much better than D.C. fumbling around arguing, politicking and doing nothing.  Let each State be the laboratory’s for experimenting.  Consider all schools having the perimeter surrounded.  All entrances monitored.  TV monitoring.  Money?  If Obama could blow $800,000 on a supposed stimulus that did nothing  (he used it mostly to pay labor leaders and pensions in hock), Congress certainly can propose monies for States to use in school districts.  Tough though because Democrat’s hate losing any federal control.  But strong leadership can work.

Some possibilities:  let therapists tip off authorities  if they feel they have a dangerous “nutcase” on their hands.  It needn’t be anything more than merely reporting “this patient might be worthy of review.”  And before all the civil libertarians begin ranting, let’s face it, it’s time.  Enough is enough.  Las Vegas lost 58 people in a mass shooting and still nobody seems to know or say anything.  Incredible.  Why not begin posting an armed trained security person(s) at schools.  Money well spent to protect our kids. Our school children will adjust to the idea.  Probably value it.  Money can be raised if they are committed to doing it.  Or why not vet and carefully select a teacher(s) and make them receive proper gun training from local authorities.  Airplanes now have at least two armed air marshals on all flights.  So what’s the problem outside of the nay sayers and goodie two shoes complaining.  Israel has used armed teachers for years. Guess how many school shootings in Israel?   None.

One other area that has long troubled jacksjargon.  We have a society now where ten year olds can fire away killing people during video games.  Why has there been no study on this killing field impact on users?   Why has Facebook, youtube and other social media not been used to alert dangerous oddities?  Rap music and other trash makes all the killing disasters common place in sounds to youth.  Especially troubled youth.

Some may rant, but why not ban the sale of just AR-15  type automatic weapons. How anyone needs one I’ll never know.  Rapid firing while squirrel hunting? The NRA, National Rifle Association, will howl.  They are extremely powerful in D.C. Surely a bi-partisan group in the House or Senate could yield something. And pay no attention to majority of media.  It’s the same old nonsense.  All they want is to blame President Trump when Obama did nothing.

Oh how I can hear it now from those civil libertarians telling us we can’t do this and we can’t do that.  Yeah right… until one of theirs dies. Allow me to ramble here for there is a correlation needing more USA attention. There are those on the left  who would like to disarm us or the world for that matter. Naïve to say the least.  Hands off any terrorist they think.   Get them lawyers. No enhanced interrogation.  Sounds nice. But, when North Korea goes nuclear and or Iran and they begin selling nuclear bombs to terrorists look out.  The scenario goes something like this.  Terrorists nuke or cast a “dirty bomb” on American city killing hundreds of thousands.  They then announce they will set off several more unless America bends to their will.  We capture a terrorist, or perhaps two,  with knowledge of how to stop it.  But no, we have to wait.  Read them their Miranda Rights or get them a lawyer.  There comes a time when civil liberties must be curtailed to save millions from disaster.  This is a different age we are living in never before seen in the USA and elsewhere.  Not long ago 60 minutes ran a story as to how close a West Coast power grid came to being rendered useless.  Meaning no power for the millions for weeks or months.  No police force could handle that situation.  Vigilante justice would prevail.  Horrendous to even think it.  And yet our intelligence sources are aware.  Cyber space war fare could render us powerless as Dan Coats, our National Director of Intelligence warned Congress last week.

Jacksjargon hopes this blog gives credence to some who prefer to look away.  “It just ain’t going to happen” they think.   “Jargon” never feels prone to those who come up with trite expressions.  But, in this case…”Let’s get real America!”  In our schools, cities and show support to prevent disasters that just keep on coming.  Oh one more old one…”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

New England Patriots? Likely Big Change Coming.

Stand by for what is rumored and actual tension with Super Bowl losers the New England Patriots.  Seldom a peep from the Patriot’s top brass. Running a tight ship is putting it mildly. But, strong actions and reactions seep into Las Vegas from Boston’s media inner circle. Coach Bill Belichick may be ready to leave the dynasty he built.  It’s wait and see among the northeast faithful.

But why?  Here is the most reliable basis of rumors coming from those who work with the team.  Coach Bill Belichick has always dumped players he sees as having past their prime in order to get solid draft choices to keep his 18 years of success moving along.  In his view, a soon to become 41 year quarterback, Tom Brady, fits that pattern.  Success is first.  Loyalty a distant second.  He proposed a trade sending Brady to San Francisco for two 1st round draft picks and use youthful Jimmy Garoppolo as his new starting quarterback.  With the two draft picks he could select another top rated QB coming out of college and help on defense.  Always having full control, this is a key to his success and in his mind, and most others, it makes perfect sense.  However, this time owner Robert Kraft, who treats Brady as a son, said no.  Furthermore, Kraft forced the trade of Garoppolo and his 3rd string quarterback, Jacoby Brissett receiving virtually nothing in return.  All this done to protect Tom Brady.  Add to this, Brady had his own trainer guru with him always.  In the club house and on the plane.  This so called guru was now being approached by other team members.  Belichick had enough.  He banished Brady’s trainer.

Ask yourself how you think Coach Belichick will react with the season over.  Here is a man responsible for building a dynasty in New England.  He turned owner Kraft’s multi million dollar buy of the Patriot’s into a BILLION dollar empire.  Arguably, he is the most successful coach in NFL history.  But, now he is faced with no back up quality quarterback.  A defense that needs help.  His defensive and offensive coordinator leaving. Some believe Josh McDaniel is hedging his bet at present not committing to the Indy Colts as head coach just yet.  Rob Gronkowski, after a history of serious injuries, indicates likedly he will retire.

If you were Coach Bill Belichick, what would you do?   Better than 50-50 he will quit the Patriots.  Jacksjargon would agree with that decision.  That Brady trade would seem disloyal.  However, loyalty at the expense of continued winning is too heavy a price to pay for Belichick. There a huge list of great quarterbacks traded past their prime. The coach knows it and gets it.  It is a reason he has been hugely successful for so many seasons.  No coach of this era has come close to what he has been able to do.  Now, his way, has been foiled.  In his mind he has been hand cuffed and unappreciated for what he has accomplished. And angry.

Another piece that may fit the supposition.  Why would suddenly offensive coach Josh McDaniel not announce he has accepted the Colts offer to become their head coach with Quarterback Andrew Luck as a strong foundation. True, Luck’s injury may never return him to what he once was.   But, would it not make more sense that he is being considered as the new New England head coach should Belichick quit.  Surely he would be aware of that possibility.

Let’s face it.  Nobody, outside of New England, really likes Bill Belichick.  Nasty, arrogant, uncooperative with the press and others.  However, in this matter Jacksjargon sides with him.  The team he built has multiple holes.  Holes he was ready to act upon.  Now he has a fractured depleted team and what he must feel as unappreciated for what he has done and stripped of some of his autonomy left “holding the bag” of a team needing help.  Help he was ready to begin fixing.

Tell them to shove it Bill.  Take off a year and decide what you want to do. Nobody should begrudge you that right.

Super Bowl Pick/Belichick Leaves New England

Quarterback Tom Brady vs. Nick Foles?  Only an ignorant boob would pick Foles.  But, this years Super Bowl is more than that as always.  Philadelphia is bigger, stronger, more talented than New England and loves being an under dog.  4 and a half points at present.  So what’s the deal here?

As shown in the past, the only way to beat New England and Brady is to maul Brady. No quarterback can throw effectively while sitting on his butt.  Or constantly pressure him.  Hurry him.  Move him off his spot.  The problem is time after time no matter how strong the defensive line pressure is initially, by the 4th quarter that pass rush is never the same.  It is why the Patriot’s come from behind so often against better teams.   Same situation this year.  Plus the Eagles defensive back seven are not top grade.

Then there is the matter of Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles going to have a near perfect performance as his last game rout of Minnesota.  Very unlikely. He is a substitute 2nd string QB finishing out the year following the injury to a far better injured Carson Wentz.

What I call the big 3 will finish off Philadelphia.  Experience…less mistake prone…and luck.  Yes, jacksjargon has long felt the Patriot’s are the luckiest team I have ever witnessed.  There is no substitute for experience in a Super Bowl game.  This is old hat for New England.  Nearly an annual event.  The Eagles?   I feel for them.  That never ending half time show (double the normal length) is routine for New England.  Tough when you have never experienced it before. Intensity rebirth can be non existent. Plus Coach Belichick is the best at half time adjustments.  What is seldom noticed, Coach Belichick selects players who are smart, normally not problem children and consequently more disciplined.  All this makes them less mistake prone.  They next to never beat themselves with penalties and turnovers.  Fumble the ball?  To the bench you go.

Finally the element of luck.  Tom Brady is a marvelous quarterback.  A sure Hall of Famer and an all time football icon.  But, the greatest of all time?  No, not really.  Coach Bill Belichick may be the greatest football coach of all time. Lombardi and Belichick were and are incomparable. He is unapproachable, nasty to the press, and a proven cheater.  Does anybody really believe he didn’t know Brady was lowering air pressure on footballs?  But when it comes to coaching football as a teacher and strategist he is a football genius. And seldom does that word come in to play. Hated by  the public and press outside of New England.  However, he has reached legendary status already.

Returning back to the luck factor.  The press likes to refer to Tom Brady as the best of all time.  He’s won 5 and lost only 2 Super Bowls.  New England wins year after year. Think of this for a moment.  Seattle is first and 10 from the one yard line to beat New England in the Super Bowl.  They have a bull dozer of a running back waiting to run it in.  Inexcusably they throw a pass that’s intercepted in one of the dumbest plays ever called in the history of the game.  Atlanta outplays the Pat’s all game, defense out of gas because they scored so fast early, nevertheless, a mere field goal would beat New England last year.  The second dumbest call of all time.  They decide to pass, Matt Ryan gets sacked and they lose the yards needed to make a game winning field goal. Take away the two dumbest play calls of all time and Brady wins 3 Super Bowls…loses 4 and is no longer the greatest quarterback of all time.  Argue all you want, but stick Drew Brees instead of Brady into the Belichick system…little difference. Brady out the first 4 games this year…two inexperienced subs win three of four games.  It’s Belichick and his system.  An absolute master at his profession.  Only by luck turning things around…New England creating mistakes (nobody is perfect) can Philadelphia win Sunday.  They MUST pressure Brady all game.  That is the absolute key.

Finally a word about coach Bill Belichick.  Multiple reports indicate Belichick will be coaching his final game for the Patriots. Tensions between him, owner Bob Kraft and Brady are at a boiling point.  Belichick demands and always has had full authority about everything with his team.  Kraft has over ruled him this year. And he has admitted it recently about the disagreements. Plus Belichick is left with no back up quarterback. His two prospects unwisely were forced to be traded with next to nothing in return.   Kraft wanted Brady to feel no pressure knowing how quick Belichick can make moves if he sees slippage in play from a player.   Brady is 40 years old.  Both his offensive and defensive coordinators are leaving.  And one other oddity.  The coach inexplicably is enjoying himself this Super Bowl.  Happy banter with the press he has hated.  He arrived from the plane unusually well dressed sporting a Sinatra like fedora.  This is so unlike him.  A beautiful lady friend who adores him…a legendary status…all the money he will ever need.  Why not?  He has had it with being overruled and having to placate owner Kraft’s favorite and a Brady trainer who the coach banished. Best guess he decided some time ago he had had enough.

Nevertheless, come game time Sunday, see the coach dressed always in his hoodie.  Should they win again, as expected, he likely will show the unusual joy he showed after beating Jacksonville.  And, let’s see how “the greatest of all time” does with leadership changing.  Playing until he is 45… not likely.