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Trump and the KKK

Yes, now we have Trump dodging and weaving about his non answer when confronted by Jake Tapper of CNN about Trump getting endorsed by famed Ku Klux Klan member David Duke.   Trump claimed he didn’t know of Duke, factually disproven, and then on Monday’s Today Show claiming he had a faulty ear piece and didn’t hear the question properly.  At no time did Trump disclaim or disown the famed KKK leader’s endorsement.

Best guess the reason has two possibilities.  1. He secretly liked the endorsement to help him in the deep south for tomorrow’s Super Tuesday primaries. 2. Or, the onslaught from mainly candidate Marco Rubio, with the help of candidate Ted Cruz, is getting to him.  Or a combination of both.  It is very likely Cruz will beat Trump in Texas on Tuesday.  Perhaps even by a clear margin saving Cruz in his home State and also breaking Trump’s strangle hold on all primaries.  Arkansas is also in play.  50-50 chances at present.

After thinking too long that Trump will burn out, Rubio has released a torrent of attack lines that have been hilarious at times.  Mainly that Trump is a “con artist.”  A “world class “con artist.”  Sighting Trump’s failures with the major lawsuits pending from Trump’s phony real estate college that never was licensed and charged as much as $36,000 per student.  Trump used illegal immigrants often on construction sights….his failed Trump Airlines attempt….filed four corporate bankruptcy’s….says Rubio, “who loses money on casino’s”.  Trump failure to release previous years tax returns now leading to all kinds of while speculation such as Trump may have contributed to Mafia controlled unions to get work done on numerous construction projects.  Or contributions to all sorts of non Republican issues..   Rubio’s onslaught is never ending.  “Trump should fire his phony painted orange face provider.”  Or the salty one about Trump having very small hands.  “And you know what they say about men who have small hands.”  Rubio says he is getting calls and emails from a multitude of disgruntled workers and contractors who never were paid because of the bankruptcy filings.

Will finally standing up to a bully work?  Not likely in the short run. It takes time for the no nothings and semi no nothings to get through to.  But, in the longer run it has a decent chance to catch on.   It will either destroy Rubio or help him.  More likely the latter because Trump has risen to the top based largely upon insults to his opponents and very generalized policy proposals.  He’s been a bully now getting it thrown back and with his thin skin, he may be having a tough time dealing with so many attacks and attack lines.    The tax return refusal is gaining momentum.  Rubio’s crowds growing by the day.

As for Super Tuesday, March 1st, keep in mind the delegates will be doled out proportionally.  If a candidate secures at least 20% of the primary vote in one State, he then is awarded delegates. Texas has 155 delegates and Georgia is next with 76. A little less than 600 delegates are up for grabs. It is not until March 15th when the winner take all primaries begin.  Such as Florida, Ohio Illinois and North Carolina.  The big ones.  That’s close to finality time.

As an indication of Trump’s vulnerabilities, he is now threatening to withdraw from his signed agreement to not leave the GOP for a third Party because, as he claims, he is not being treated fairly.  A sure sign matters are getting to him.   This David Duke KKK issue is major along with the tax returns matter.

What is gratifying is Trump is showing signs of significant blunders.  The GOP Party is desperate to take him down because they may lose the Senate majority and all will be for not and not to mention Trump losing the Presidential election.   Rubio, all signs point to, would likely beat Hillary assuming she gets through the FBI scandal.

This is easily turning into the most controversial, most mud slinging and exciting Presidential election in decades.  And, me thinks….”We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”  Why? Because Fox News, yes with Megyn Kelly again, is set for Thursday March 3rd on the Fox New Channel.   Who knows?  Maybe Trump will throw a punch as he has threatened to hecklers.

Stayed turned for or my facebook page for the latest. Especially the meaning of the primary results of Super Tuesday March first.


Trump Trounced!

Donald Trump was exposed as shallow and a hypocrite in a brawl at Thursday nights debate.  Plus, he was shown up in many ways from his lawsuits pending against him by a college he created to his use of undocumented workers for cheap labor and his totally inadequate answer of what he would do to replace Obamacare.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz pummeled Trump two against one in the wildest debate of the ten previous ones.  Overwhelming pundits from CNN and Fox News portrayed Marco Rubio as the winner.  The question is why did it take so long for “The Donald” to be exposed.   Rubio attacked Trump like never before recalling Trump brought in Polish workers for cheap labor in building his company.  He claimed Trump inherited 200 million dollars and he brought up Mitt Romney’s recent comments that Trump was stalling on releasing his tax returns.  Trump claimed he could not show his return because he was being audited.  Romney mentioned there may be “a bomb shell” in his returns. Plus, there is no good reason Trump could not release tax returns from previous years.

Ted Cruz took no prisoners either.  It seems likely he will win the primary in his home State of Texas on March 1st known as Super Tuesday.  Twelve States hold primaries on this date.  Texas is likely to slow Trump’s momentum somewhat.  The problem is Trump being exposed now is probably too little and too late.  However, consistently Rubio has won the late deciders votes.   He trails Trump in his home State of Florida. But, that primary comes later.  600+ delegates are up for grabs this Tuesday.  It takes 1,236 to win the nomination.

Rubio threw punch after punch at Trump.  Trump ties sold are made in China…bankrupted 4 companies…health care plan, where is it?  (nothing more than he’ll breakdown States lines for selling insurance)…illegals will build the wall just like they built Trump Towers…he inherited 200 million dollars…Trump to remain neutral in the Israel/Palestinian debate (laughable with 3 year olds learning to kill Jews)…Rubio even nailed Trump repeating himself 5 times in five seconds after Trump tried but failed in that old Rubio debate problem……….but, as the Washington Post reports this morning, the killer against Trump is the debacle of Trump’s University fiasco.  The New York Attorney General is seeking 40 million dollars in restitution for students who were defrauded in what turned out to be nothing more than a series of real estate work shops in hotel ballrooms.   The so called University was never licensed.

What does this two prawned attack at Trump boil down to?   It is a desperate late attempt to stop Trump from getting the nomination.  Why?   Because he is the easiest for Hillary to beat in the general election.  You think last night was rough.  Wait until the Democrat Party unleashes upon him.  Currently, and for months, Rubio beats Hillary in the polls by 6%…Cruz beats her by 1%….”The Donald” loses to her by anywhere from 4%-6%.  Surprisingly, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio beats her by 10%.  Kasich was solid last night.

Should Cruz beat Trump next Tuesday in Texas, it will be up to Rubio to beat Trump in Rubio’s home State of Florida where he is currently behind by as much as 16%.  Last night will help, but he needs much more. Of note, the traditional liberal media is backing Trump because he is so vulnerable to Hillary Clinton.  That’s become obvious.

On a personal note, this blogger never backed Trump.  He always seemed more bluster than substance.  And, if anyone doubted that, last night was the clincher.  He will not be the conservative type leader the USA needs now more than ever. In fact, I believe down deep, Trump is more liberal than conservative.  He gives nary a clue how he is going to do all he says or pay for it any better than Sen. Sanders and Hillary.

There is a chance, although slight because Trump’s followers are bigger on emotion than substance,  (they won’t change because of last night’s Trump debacle) that Rubio and or Cruz can still chip away enough delegates from Trump to lead to a brokered convention.   The “horse trading” that would go on then (all delegates free to vote for whoever they want after a first ballot failure to nominate with the needed 1,236 delegates, leads to odds that Rubio would be the choice.  Overwhelmingly, the Republican Party wants no part of Cruz or Trump.

And what a sight.   Rubio and Cruz shaking hands during commercial breaks and before and after the debate.  Last night helped.  But, still doubtful it was enough. However, they still have to count the votes.  Next Tuesday should help Trump in the twelve mostly southern States.  But no decision in the offing anytime soon.  Same with Hillary Clinton as the FBI has expanded it’s probe to include her chief aide.  Who knows?  If the FBI really zings Hillary with their report, even then Trump might beat her.  Might.

Stay with for the latest political updates

Winners: Trump, Rubio & Hillary/Bush Quits Race

The story of the South Carolina Primary is Donald Trump. Statistics in a moment. He won easily, but consider his circumstances during the last week.  He had a weak debate, he called Ex President W. Bush a liar (The ex Prez still very popular in South Carolina), he got into a verbal battle with the Pope, of all people, he made remarks that taking the Confederate flag down was the right thing to do, he said Planned Parent Hood did good things, he had only five campaign workers in the State, TV vicious attack ads and Cruz’ robo anti Trump calls the finals two days never stopped.  Trump spent roughly 2-3 million on ads versus 20-30 million dollars spent against him and he still won easily by 10%.   And the end all of all end all’s, Trump tweet’s….”Obama would have gone to justice Scalia’s funeral if it was held in a mosque.”  Hilarious.  Vintage Trump.

Trump is not only outrageous, but he is a tireless worker, extremely smart, (faster than fast learner) tells the voters what they want to hear spot on, seldom off message, and is a master at remarks destroying his closest Presidential candidates. Speaks without a TV prompter saying whatever he wants to say.  Pundits on all three news channels agree they have never seen the likes of Donald Trump in politics.  Absolutely confounding.

Here’s the final vote tally from the Republican South Carolina primary…Trump 32.5%, Rubio 22.5% Cruz 22.3% Bush 7.8% Kasich 7.6% and Carson 7.2%.  Jeb Bush has now quit the race leading speculation of who his followers will now support.

The second major story from the primary is the comeback of Marco Rubio.  Here was the scenario going into Saturday’s primary.  Trump had to win big. Cruz had to beat Trump. And, Rubio had to beat Cruz.  Rubio coming off a bad debate performance before the New Hampshire primary finished 5th there with only 11% of the vote.  Now he is seen as the only candidate who has a chance of beating Trump for the nomination.  And, endorsements a plenty are already coming in for him.  The establishment of the Republican Party fears Trump for three main reasons…Trump is the only one of the now three man race that loses to Hillary in polls over many months…he may very well lose the Senate to the Dem.’s and he is not a true Republican and conservative.  Trump calls himself a “common sense conservative.”  The truth is nobody knows what he will do as President.  He probably doesn’t know either. Plus, his biggest fault is he is notoriously thin skinned.  How would that work with Congress?

Here’s the latest poll of the three man race versus Hillary Clinton. Rubio beats her by 5% Cruz by 1% and “The Donald” loses to her by 5%. Trump’s answer to this he will win over huge numbers of “Reagan Democrat’s.”   Maybe yes.  Maybe no.  Plus he says he will win States that Republican’s normally lose such as Michigan and maybe even New York.   New York?   Fat chance.  Some think Gov. Kasich would be the biggest winner versus the woman who 88% of Nevada voters said yesterday they don’t trust.

Meanwhile in the Nevada Democrat caucus, Hillary Clinton 52% Bernie Sanders 47%. She once had a 20%+ lead.  What is most interesting is only 80,000 voted against 120,000 voting four years ago.  GOP voters are turning out in huge numbers.  And, she lost the Hispanic vote to Sanders 53% to 45%. The Democrat Party is in an absolute quandary as to planning a back up strategy with what is likely to be a hugely negative report coming from the FBI.  It’s never mentioned in the liberal media, but it’s hanging out there big time.  Ex New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg may jump in even as an Independent that would be a killer for the Democrat’s.  VP Joe Biden is the most mentioned along with the “usual suspects.”

Now the main subject will be where will supporters of drop out Presidential candidates go.  Jeb Bush’s nearly 8% is figured mostly to go to Rubio.  But, bad blood may hamper it.  Polls indicate Trump is a very poor second choice for voters.  Most think Bush’s 8% is headed  to Rubio and Kasich.  The Republican Party will throw everything they have in support of Marco Rubio.  The Hispanic vote, Trump would likely not receive, his rags to riches story is enormously appealing, he is very well informed on foreign affairs, his youth may be more of a plus than hindrance, he is older than JFK when elected (44 to 43) and he is a very good campaigner.  Cruz is hated by the GOP. Known as a nasty man, pompous, arrogant and self indulgent.  The laugh in the Senate dining room is always who has to sit next to him.

And this said referring to Donald Trump by a Democrat pro…..”When the goin’ gets weird…the weird turns pro.”   Hunter Thompson…controversial iconic journalist.

Stay with for the latest political happenings.  Most also posted on my facebook page.


#1 In News?/Latest S.C Poll

Care to guess which network news is most trusted?  Don’t bother.  Here it is: Fox News 28% CNN 13% CBS 9% NBC 8% ABC 7% MSNBC 5.9% COMEDY CENTRAL 4.8%.  That’s correct.  MSNBC beats Comedy Central by only one per cent.  They’re both equally funny.

Obviously, we are on poll over load for this weeks South Carolina primary.  Here’s the latest as of Thursday morning, 2/18 from Fox News.  Note first figure is now.  To the right is as of last December.  Trump 32% was 35%, Cruz 19% was 14%, Rubio 15% was 14%, Carson 9% was 15%, Bush 9% was 5%, Kasich 6% was 1%.   For all his unworthiness, Cruz is running a good campaign. He now leads Trump amongst very conservative voters by 2%.  Trump had been ahead by 14%. White Evangelicals finds Trump still ahead by 8%.  It had been by 19%. However, veterans have increased their support of Trump by 8% now at 37% while Cruz stayed at 22%.  This poll comes after last Saturday’s debate. Besides Evangelicals, veterans are a strong S. Carolina contigent

Of note Marco Rubio has increased his strength in all categories.  He is up 1% in the over all poll. However, he is up 5% in Evangelicals and up 4% with those who call themselves very conservative.  Endorsements seldom mean much in voting.   But, this one might make a difference in South Carolina.   With an 80% popular rating in her State, Gov. Nicki Haley, Senator Tim Scott and well known Congressman Trey Gouty have all now endorsed Rubio.

Those losing soundly in the South Carolina primary may begin dropping out.  Jeb Bush is not expected to do well even with his mother and brother, W. Bush campaigning for him.  Same for Dr. Carson.  Kasich is more questionable.  Campaign funds might decide the issue with Carson and Kasich.  And, Bush may finally realize there is no hope if he cannot perform well in the State where President Geo. W. Bush remains very popular.  Those three make a total possibly of 24% of the vote.  Trump is not a likely second choice for most.  He’s pretty well topped out.  It boils down to a strong possibility Rubio will gain the majority of the drop outs support. Especially after those major endorsements.  True, significant conjecture here.  But, quite possible.  Majority of that 24% would make a huge difference moving on from South Carolina.  Throughout this long campaign, Rubio has been shown to have the widest lead in beating Hillary.   Trump the least.  Cruz is unelectable.   South Carolina is important, but not critical.   Remember Newt Gingrich won easily there four years ago.  And then poof.

On the Democrat side of matters, Hillary Clinton is in near panic mode in possibly losing this weeks Nevada caucus where she once led by +20%.   It is now a tie with Bernie Sanders.  She should win convincingly in South Carolina as we still await a negative FBI report.  Right now nationally Sanders is polling higher than her.  Even beating some Republican candidates.  But, it won’t last. Still a decent chance of others entering the Presidential race such as ex New York Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg who likely would be the death knell for Democrat hopes for retaining the White House. Bloomberg would overwhelmingly gain from Democrat voters.

I’ll leave you readers on a “Fearless Fostick” note of another shameful act by  President Obama.   He is about to become the first President in 80 years to not attend the funeral of a Supreme Court justice.  In this case the iconic Antonin Scalia.  Instead he is flying to Cuba for only goodness knows what.  His edict as always…make enemies of your friends and friends with your enemies.   What a guy.  Ten months and counting.

Stay with for the latest on the campaign trail and this weeks South Carolina primary.

Scalia Tragic/Trump No Magic

Stunned.  That’s the feeling when I heard of the death at 79 of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  A stalwart of conservative opinions by the Court and a giant of mutual respect from all Parties.  Thirty years on the bench.  Gregarious, fun loving, biting writings upon decisions he opposed and characteristically his best friend of the Court liberal Justice Ruth Ginsburg.  Far and away the most influential Court member.  Catholic with nine children.  Appointed by President Reagan.

Now here comes politics before Scalia’s final respects.  Obama will no doubt do any and everything to get in another liberal on the Court before he leaves office. Can he do it?  Very very unlikely..  Here’s the way it goes.  The President can only nominate a candidate.  Next the Senate has to approve that candidate.  Republican Majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, can stop this nomination in two ways.   First, he can and will refuse to hold hearings on Obama’s nominee.  No assignment to a committee.  And, consequently no vote.  Then there is the matter of the President making a recess appointment.  A Justice who would only preside until the end of Obama tenure.  That Justice could be critical in pushing through legislation pending of what Obama wants such as Immigration, an abortion case and The Little Sister’s of the Poor issue.  To stop a recess appointment, McConnell would have to keep the Senate in Pro Forma Session keeping Obama from such a recess appointment when the Senate is out of session.  This can be done.  Might, MIGHT be a bit challenging.  Best guess, McConnell will find a way with his Senate majority of Republican’s.

With only eight members left on the Court, 4-4 ties would be likely mean all cases decided by lower courts would stand.  Bye bye Obama’s immigration plan of five million work permits and protection from deportation.  Bye bye the Texas abortion case that will reduce, in Texas, abortion clinics from 40 to 10.  And, put new restrictions and requirements upon abortion clinics.  Plus, the Little Sister’s of the Poor being forced to provide under The Affordable Care Act (affordable…need a laugh today?) to provide contraception methods at their facilities in violation of their religious beliefs.   Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, of all people, put a stay on that action last New Year’s Eve.  Hobby Lobby already received a favorable ruling on the matter.  This issue still needs a final resolution.  Expect a major battle on all the aforementioned issue’s coming at the worst time.   A further dividing matter during a Presidential election year. What next?   Liberal Justice Ginsburg (cancer victim)  suddenly retires?   Wouldn’t  that be a doozy?

On to Saturday night’s debate.  The fur really flew. Say’s famed columnist George Will…”Jeb Bush’s best performance.   Trump made a huge mistake going against former President George W. Bush who remains number one in popularity in South Carolina.”  He actually accused W. Bush of lying, knowing ahead of time there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but still went in anyway.  And, as brother Jeb said last night, “my brother kept us safe” Trump exclaimed 9/11 was on W. Bush’s watch.   What a sham by Trump. What nonsense.  I can’t help think of the old line against Sen. Joe McCarthy….”Have you no shame sir?  No human decency.”  Everybody  with foreign intelligence…the Brit’s….France….Japan all said the same thing.  Sadam had those weapons.   CIA Chief George Tenant told President W. Bush it was “A slam dunk.”  Hillary and a cadre of leading Senate Democrat’s all saw the intelligence and voted for the war.  Plus Colon Powell.

The rest of the debate, according to Newt Gingrich, Marco Rubio was the winner with genial Gov. John Kasich second.  Kasich thought the whole debate flare up’s were a sham.  Typical Kasich.  It is now thought Kasich is doing much better than thought in South Carolina.  Rubio confronted Cruz skillfully with his lie after lie and dirty campaign tactics.  Trump loudly agree.  Those in the know understand nasty Ted Cruz would have no chance in winning the Presidency.  No chance.

Here’s the poll numbers before  last night’s debate for the GOP.   Trump 42% Cruz 20% Rubio 15% Kasich 9% Bush 6% and Dr. Carson 6%.     Hillary Clinton 59% Sanders 40%.  Her with 73% of the Black vote…Sanders with 26%.

So now we wait for the latest post debate polls and the South Carolina primary.  How much, if any, was Trump hurt and did Cruz take any lumps.  My guess?    Yes.

Stay with for the latest poll numbers coming out and campaign updates. The “Beat goes on….la dee da dee dee ….la dee da dee doe.”

Bernie Bernie! Donald Donald!

Bernie Sanders slaughtered Hillary Clinton last night 60% to 38% in last night’s New Hampshire primary.  She even lost the women’s vote by a wide margin.  Donald Trump slaughtered everyone with 35% over closest rival John Kasich with 16%   Others…Cruz 12%…Bush…11%…Rubio…11%…Christie…7% (ABC News reporting Christie is quitting the race today)…Fiorina…4% and Dr. Carson…2%

What does it all mean?  What does it all tell us?   First the Democrat’s have a jumbled up mess on their hands.  Next Primary is at South Carolina February 20 with another all important Republican debate on CBS this Saturday night 9 PM EST.  Hillary should make a come back in South Carolina because she traditionally draws the strong Afro American vote.  However, Sanders huge progress could limit her there somewhat.  It’s a goofy winner take all primary only it isn’t.  The winner automatically gets 29 delegates.  But , the remaining 21 delegates are selected from the their seven Congressional districts.  Go figure.   As the now trite expression “elephant in the room” goes, Hillary still has the FBI report soon due.  Essentially everything is on hold for the Democrat’s.   Mrs. Clinton was clearly rejected and humiliated last night.

Meanwhile with the Republican’s.  Trump is making a historical precedent.  Runner up last night John Kasich is a good man finishing 2nd with 16%, but he has no money or a solid ground game in South Carolina.  Cruz has good Evangelical So. Carolina support, but is too extreme and obnoxious making him unelectable.  Hated by both Parties.  Bush, with millions spent in New Hampshire, at 11% is no comeback kid.  He will carry on with little chance of winning anything.  Rubio’s ill fated last debate cost him dearly.  He was the big loser last night also with 11% after a head of steam coming out of Iowa all but gone.   And yet, his speech of eloquent candor last night still reminds us he has a chance of getting back in the race…a chance.   Said Rubio last night…..”Let me say this (to his supporters) you didn’t lose for me tonight.  I did because of my poor debate performance.  Let me assure you IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.”   Oh the pressure coming upon him this Saturday night.  Somehow though, I think he will come through.  With Christie dropping out today, surely Fiorina and Carson will follow soon.  This brings us down to five GOP candidates representing  50% of the vote.  Trump tops out around 30-35% with the highest un favorable  ratings.

If the remaining four consolidated, Trump could be stopped.  No way though with Cruz, Rubio and Bush hanging in there.  Trump appears unstoppable.  The only outside chance is Rubio.  Still regarded as having the best chance, lowest un favorable, of beating Hillary if she is not indicted first.  Rubio and Kasich are the two best GOP candidates.   We need Rubio as the “comeback kid.”

So, we have unelectable Sanders (most of those kids loving him have no idea of what socialism means), Hillary still the best chance at the Dem Nomination if not exposed as the corrupt congenital liar she is by the FBI.  And three guys chasing Trump.  So many variables.  You try and figure it all out.

Best thing to do at present is to watch the Saturday night debate.  See if anything changes.  The Republican Party still fears Trump will lose the general election when the Independent’s, no nothings, semi no nothings and Democrat’s vote.   But, what is crystal clear of the American public in watching Sanders and Trump is that they want drastic change from the Obama horrendously bad Presidency.

And, look at it this way…..if Bernie Sander’s makes it to the Presidency, gets sick or dies in office, they can substitute Larry David and nobody will know the difference.     Stay with www. as the endless battle continues.

Rubio Flunked/ N.H. Poll/A Final word on the Super Bowl

Saturday nights Republican debate proved to be a falling down of Marco Rubio.  After a withering attack from Gov. Chris Christie, Rubio lost his bearings and repeated a set up line about Obama three times.  With all the Iowa momentum, Rubio’s star lost luster badly even though later in the debate he came back well, it was too late to recover from those opening moments.

Therefore, what we have now going into Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary is a four man race for second place. And, Trump showing signs of softening support.  Here’s the latest from a morning poll after Saturday nights debate:  Trump 30%  Kasich 14%  Rubio and Bush 13% and Cruz at 12%.  As figured, Cruz received no bump from his debated Iowa victory. Christie 6%,  Fiorina 5% and Dr. Carson collapsing with 4%   For the Democrat’s….Bernie Sander’s 52% Hillary 42%

Of all the remaining candidates it is becoming clear, with his excellent work in Ohio, Gov. John Kasich is best qualified to run our Country.  His background of excellent work in Congress and the private sector and now easily winning a second term in Ohio, gaining from all minority groups, he stands alone.  However, just because he will do well in New Hampshire by no means makes him the favorite.  He was everywhere, seemingly forever, in New Hampshire.  Who knows about South Carolina coming up next?  And will his positive genial folksy style serve him well in the long run?  But, there is no question, if you remember me months ago, he has been a winner in most everywhere he has turned.  And, let’s not forget Jeb Bush making a comeback thought dead weeks ago.

For those who really care about such matters, Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary is a big deal. It will be interesting to watch the votes on Marco Rubio from his poor debate performance Saturday and all three main competitors hammering him with endless TV commercials.  In favor of Rubio, Saturday night television is the lowest rated night of the week.  But, afterward pundits on all news networks keeping reminding everyone of his poor showing.

Finally this from famed ex Super Bowl winning coach and CBS sports analyst Bill Cower on Peyton Manning after his team, the Denver Bronco’s tortured Carolina in Sunday’s Super Bowl. “Peyton Manning always had great respect for the game.  He always acted with dignity and always showed great humility and that’s what I take away from him.  He is, without a doubt to me, the Face of the National Football League.”

I take away 18 years of admiration of the skill of his craft,  his tenacity of never quitting through all his injuries and this last year being most incredibly difficult with more injuries and at one point suffering the indignity of being benched behind a novice quarterback.  And playing in a different system with a new coach and suffering with diminished skills.  Peyton reminds me of the old saying…”Character isn’t built through adversity.  It is revealed.”   No question this was his last game.  He’ll plan his timing and announcement with his usual preparation.  Rumors circulate he’s trying to put together a syndicate to buy a team.  But, that’s a long shot.  I see him more as General Manager of a team than as a coach.  But, who knows?   What we do know is he will remain in the game he loves and will, once again, work to be the best at what he will do.

Stayed with for results and comments on Tuesday New Hampshire primary.



GOP Debate Tonight/Rubio beats Hillary

ABC TV sponsors the final Republican  debate tonight (2/6)before Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire.  Begins at 8PM EST.

Biggest story is the match up’s Hillary versus who nation wide:  She beats Trump 46% to 41%…45 vs 45 on Cruz……however Rubio beat Hillary 48% to 41%.

In New Hampshire, Sander’s beats Hillary 61% to 30%   Nationwide Hillary Clinton beats Sander’s by only 2%.  It is why the draft Biden talk is beginning with ultra liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren as VP on that ticket.  GOP polls just out are consistent in one area.  Rubio has made the most headway following Iowa.  Three polls just out.  I’ll give you one from. the Boston Globe/Suffolk U.   Trump 29% (slippage) Rubio 19% (plus 8%)…Kasich 13%…Cruz  7% and Christie with 5%. Of note, one third of New Hampshire voters undecided.  This indicates it likely will get closer.  Independents can come in and register either Dem. or Repub. making it harder to predict.  One poll shows Bush gaining to 5th place.  He’s much tougher now with family support and should really take on Trump on his multiple corporate bankruptcy’s tonight. His mother Barbara was sensational yesterday (Friday) walking with her walker at 90 years in the snow.  Trump couldn’t make do to the snow.  Mrs. Bush pummeled Trump yesterday effectively.

The race in the Republican primary, at present, is a three man race…Trump, Rubio and Cruz. Rubio gaining support from numerous sources with expected numerous endorsements if another good showing in New Hampshire Tuesday. Look for numerous dropout. after Tuesday.

Of note, Bernie Sander’s is a buffoon promising a zillion handouts that have no chance of ever passing in Congress.  Tell college kids free tuition and of course they love him.  So many are ignorant as to what socialism does.  Simply put, it allows government to even more run your lives.  And this 5% unemployment number is a misnomer. Over a 100,00 American’s have quitting looking for a job and they don’t count in the poll.  Real unemployment is closer to 10% to 12%.  And new job are not good jobs.  And, Hillary Clinton’s campaign performance is awful. With the FBI closing in.  If Sander’s keeps rolling and Hillary gets a bad FBI report, my guess is VP. Joe Biden will be drafted to run.  The Democrat Party will stop at nothing to keep power and keep a our government take over the Country.  Catastrophic.  Labor and business gave us the higher standard of living ever seen in the world and yet, too many American’s have no clue.

A whole lot is at stake Tuesday in New Hampshire making tonight’s debate critical.  Look for a pile on against Rubio.   And Bush going after Trump harder than ever.   Cruz likely fading.

Thank goodness a Super Bowl Sunday.  Stay with following Tuesday primary.

Super Bowl Prediction

Anybody who tells you with any degree of certainty who is going to win…don’t listen.  Nobody knows.  Hall of famer Steve Young just predicted a blow out for Carolina 35-10 over Denver. Denver is a very big underdog.  However, 6 of the last 8 Super Bowls have been won by the underdog including four in a row.  This post is more of an analysis than a prediction.

Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton is to become this years Most Valuable player. Their record is 17 wins and one loss.  They seemingly have it all.  Great defense.  Newton is 6’6″ and 250-260 pounds.  Really hard to bring down.  His passes are like rocket’s.  Carolina has an excellent defensive line that should stop Denver’s running attack.  They are going to try and make Peyton Manning beat them by him passing.  His arm has never been strong since the four neck surgeries.  He will be 40 years old next month.  The oldest quarterback to ever start a Super Bowl game.  So why even play the game?  Denver is already beaten.  Right?  Not so fast.

Here’s some things to consider before we hand the Lombardi trophy to Carolina.  First, the two week layoff.  All the distractions.  Players are creatures of habit.  Forget that now.  Newton has about had it with all the interviews.  More Denver players have been through this before.  Like just two years ago.  After slaughtering Arizona, the word is Carolina is very loose.  Maybe too loose and over confident.  Denver is not Arizona.  The Panthers played a weak schedule. They just got by the Giants by 3 points blowing a 35 point lead.  They just got New Orleans by 3 points.  Playing at home, Indianapolis took them to over time before losing by three points. In their last regular season eight games they played all losing teams.  Atlanta, who beat them, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Dallas, Washington, Tennessee and Atlanta a second time.  They almost blew their huge lead to Seattle as the Seahawks came roaring back. Newton is slow on his feet,  A great runner like a fullback, but he likes to throw deep passes that take more time.  More time for Denver’s terrific pass rush.  Also, they’ll be playing, arguably, the smartest quarterback of all time.  Limited in his ability now, but not his mind.  By now Peyton knows Carolina like a book. And, the forecast calls for no wind.  That helps Manning. And, after one week they may have adjusted to it somewhat, but there is a three hour time change for Carolina.  Body chemistry takes more time to adjust.

As I analyze this game, the outcome may very well be decided by something the average fan may not notice.  Can Denver’s offensive line hold up against Carolina’s very strong defensive front.  Can Denver have any kind a running game to take the pressure off of Manning having to pass.  That’s it.  Then there are the unknown intangibles.  Both teams don’t commit turnover’s. But, they do happen.  And, Carolina might very well be over hyped up early in the game.  Too much adrenalin can drain a team late in the game.  It can happen to a team less experienced.

A final thought or two.  Denver needs to score first.  A touchdown, not a field goal.  If that happens, it changes much.  Carolina will know they are in for it.   Plus, the Panther’s regularly blow big leads in the second half.  Denver is not likely to quit on themselves.  One other strange happening I noticed today.  Here in Las Vegas, suddenly the wagering line came down a half a point meaning more money is now coming in on the Bronco’s.   Go figure.  I expected the opposite. Denver has a decent chance to win.  Maybe a strong chance because the pressure will be on Carolina who is expected to win.  Dent their over confidence and anything can happen.  I’ll take Denver and the points more for sentimental reasons than anything else.

If everything goes according to plan, Carolina should win the game.  But, Denver has the best defense in the league this year.  They will really rush Newton.  Especially from the out side with Ware and Miller.  Up the middle they are strong too.  Remember, Cam Newton is still a young quarterback without the veteran skill to spot secondary receivers fast like Brady, Manning, Rodgers and the rest.  All these small details come into play.  One more thing ( as they say on The Five) I strongly believe this will be Peyton Manning’s last game. Should he win it, it will be his 200th victory.   A double bonus if he can “ride into the sunset.”

And thanks for the ride Peyton.  Win or lose, you have given me more sports pleasure than any other athlete I have ever watched.

Cruz & Rubio winners/ Trump’s a loser

This is being written with Hillary Clinton holding the slimmest lead possible over Sen. Bernie Sander’s.  About .2 tenths of one per cent.  A shameful performance.  Likely she wins by that margin.  But, still not enough votes counted to make it a certainty.  It’s a virtual tie.

So Trump was to win said the polls with Cruz close and Rubio surging late. Sorry Donald (the mouth that roared) is a loser in the Iowa Caucus.  Heck, Rubio almost beat him.  The final percentages:  Cruz 28%…Trump 24%…Rubio…23%,,,Carson…9%…Paul…5%.    The rest 2% or 3%.  Huckabee has quit..  A solid educated guess is Rubio will win the Republican Presidential nomination.  Why? Because Cruz gave Iowa his whole enchilada said Fox News Brit Hume.  He was there longer than everyone. He had the best ground game support. Rubio was thought to be an also ran with maybe 10% to 12%.  He almost left Iowa early to head for New Hampshire. But, as his people saw him surging late, there was a change. He stayed eight more days. Plus, Trump’s no show for the last debate might have done him in.  Cruz is terribly disliked by the GOP.  As more Republican candidates drop out, their support overwhelmingly won’t go to Cruz or Trump.  Now a three man race with Rubio in the best position to gain their support.

Marco Rubio’s speech was excellent after his terrific showing.  Think about it compared to Hillary.  Rubio’s youthful inspirational speech of his coming from a poor family.   Optimism for the future and a sure thing to gain a large Hispanic vote.  He, alone, is the one Democrat’s always feared the most.  Cruz unlikable, too right wing and unelectable.  Trump now shown to be a blow hard. However, he still holds a big lead in New Hampshire.

Let Cruz have his moment in the sun for now.  It won’t last.  There is simply not enough American voters who would support and vote for this pompous, too conservative. nasty guy in love with himself.

Now, let’s not forget Hillary Clinton and her miniscule assumed win over Socialist Bernie Sander’s. Truly a poor showing. By .2 of a point she beat a 73 year old Socialist Bernie Sanders with no accomplishments in 25 years in Congress.  Whoop de do.  Hillary will look as America’s past compared to Rubio looking to a better youthful future.  Add the horrendous email scandal that will show her law breaking.  Obama won’t indict.  But, majority of American’s know she cannot be trusted.  An obvious congenital liar. And, the Clinton’s have too much they can release (leak) on Obama.  So he’ll hold his fire even though the Clinton’s and Obama are not friends.

Check the morning news for final results of Hillary vs Sanders.  And, stayed tuned to www.jacksjargon for all the latest on the current political happenings.