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Trump…Washed up?

Ok…so President Trump is the most miserable man on the planet.  A racist womanizer who is in bed with Russia. Nobody should be allowed to wear a red Make America Great Again hat or get beaten up. (It happened). His tariffs will destroy us. Ruined relations with allies.  And on and on from 90% of the media and Democrat’s.

Warts and all.  Unconventional in that we shall never see the likes of him again.  If you look up the word courage in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Donald Trump.  Said 30+ year retiring Senator Orin Hatch, “President Trump is likely to go down as the most accomplished President in our lifetime.”   Think about it.  Friday the Gross National Product (GNP) came in at 4.1%  Obama average 1.8 % over 8 years.  W. Bush not much better.  Our economy and jobs are soaring from the tax cuts and loosening Obama’s job killing restrictions on business.  Wednesday President Trump got the European Union President Juncker to agree to buy natural gas and soy beans.  In return, he got a promise of no USA tariffs.   He now has NATO finally committed to building up their defenses, fulfilling their monetary committment and strengthened against future enemies.  They ought to pay interest on delinquency.   Not a peep out of North Korea.  No missiles launched.  No more threats. Reports indicate they are tearing down a missile site.  And 55 remains of our guys killed in the Korean war now returned.  Russia?  Does anyone really think President Trump will go easy on them?   Obama was their patsy.  “After my election I will be able to be more free to make moves.” said Barack to their President to tell Putin.  Trump has ended Obama’s embargo and sent arms to Ukraine and Georgia to prevent Russian aggression. Increased sanctions.  Hammered Germany for paying billions towards a weak Russian economy to receive Russia’s gas pipeline. Lowest unemployment ever for Blacks and Hispanics. Women now their lowest unemployment in decades.  New steel plants being built.  And why should American cars be at a 23% tariff to China and we charge them a 2.5% tariff?  He knows China needs our business more than the opposite. We have more jobs than people to fill them and wages are going up. Plus, whatever happened to head chopping ISIS?  He let our generals do their job.   Obama never cared for business. Against his socialism ideology (or worse).  He  actually advertised for more use of food stamps. What was he doing for eight years anyway?  Well…he spoke nice.

Why reiterate much of the above?    Because few American’s realize it.  All they are told by the media and Democrats is Trump is guilty of such nonsense as treason.  Is that nuts or what?  They absolutely hate the President and know little to nothing of his accomplishments.  However, the media and Democrats have over done it. The President’s supporters have turned a deft ear to the endless barrage against Trump.  Most American’s totally bored with the Russia dribble.  Trump’s popularity is growing. Many polls are deceptive because many fear saying they will vote Trump.

The Democrats take over of the House this November is now closer to 60% yes.  Trump will be relentless in campaigning to hold the House.  Democrat’s have no leadership other than some 28 year old socialist woman who doesn’t know a red State from a blue State  No plans. Spout nonsense.  Full of hate. They never stop to realize you can put too much hot fudge on a hot fudge sundae. But, hatred can be powerful.  Often voters come out to vote against someone. Best bet, Republicans will gain 2-4 seats in the Senate. However, the overwhelming enthusiasm of Democrat’s should win the day.  If so, no way Nancy Pelosi will not be retained as Speaker of the House.  She seems nuttier than ever spouting rubbish.

What hurts the President the most is personality/emotional issues swaying a higher percentage of largely women voters.  Far too many don’t pay enough attention to sift through the “noise” and have little , if any,  idea of all the positives.  Ignorance is not bliss.  Emotions and the constant media barrage, like never seen before, takes a toll.  The semi know nothings and know nothings accept the nonsense and don’t want to hear the good being done.   There are zillions of Whoopi Goldberg’s running around.

So where do we go from here through 2018?  Upon taking the House of Rep’s there will be an immediate move by the Democrat’s to impeach President Trump. And there’s a good chance they will be successful.  Their problem will be finding some basis for high crimes and misdemeanors.  Ex Trump lawyer Michael Cohen still appears the main concern.  Thus far they have nothing.  But, they will keep looking to build a case. For example, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is actually trying to find obstruction of justice in Trump’s tweets. Appears desperate.  Nothing but hate is not good enough. President Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 because he lied (perjured) to the Fed’s….obstructed justice and went on TV and lied to the American people.  Not to mention his disgusting behavior taking sexual favors regularly from a White House intern. Trump is a boy scout compared to Clinton.   Should Trump be impeached without blatant high crimes and misdemeanors there will be no conviction in the Senate with 67 Senators needed to convict.  Plus,  it is highly likely there will be more Republican Senators.

The economy will continue to be strong and American’s will prosper.  The rancor will continue against the President.  He will continue to fight back and be controversial as always. Mistakes will be made. Neither side will change. And no meaningful legislation will pass. But, sometimes that’s a good thing.  Less chance of screwball legislation.

Successful numbers in our economy and growing respect around the world are going to be hard to hide. Even from CNN.  And they didn’t even try that hard on Friday.  Facts are facts. The President will continue to be successful. He is skilled dealing with problems and foreign leaders.  Nothing intimidates Trump. Plus there are millions who want to stand for the flag…wants a border and legal immigration…a strong military…and a good paying job.  Fighting the media will continue. But he enjoys being President.  His accomplishments in 18 months, his instincts and his uncanny ability to get things done in face of the greatest media onslaught ever is remarkable.  Who’s going to beat him in 2020?   Bernie Sanders? Cory Booker?  Joe Biden?  Elizabeth Warren?  That 28 year old Cortez know nothing woman?  Would you believe Hillary wants to try again?

As Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) used to say hardee har har har.