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Thee debate: Winners/Losers

Hands down it was Carly Fiorina’s night.  So says Fox Brit Hume, Bret Baire, Morning Joe’s whole crew and guests.
Rubio almost tied with a strong second and Chris Christie third.
     Veteran Campaign manager, Steve Schmidt…..”Carly’s a star. Nobody can duplicate what she did last night.
Fluent on policy issues and the ability to articulate cogent answers.”
Carly nailed it on Iran (moving money concept), drugs, having lost a child to drugs, perfect on Trump’s insult on her
looks and him trying to switch to “it was her persona I was talking about”   Said Carly….”We all know what he meant.”
And combining an answer as to Planned Parenthood and Russia was nothing short of stunning ability hitting the mark
on both.   Can you just picture Hillary bumbling and stumbling in a debate with Carly Fiorina?
     Joe Scarborough, as to Fiorina…”one of the strongest performances I’ve ever seen in modern American politics.”
He thought of memories of the “Iron Lady” Great Britain’s conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
     Said Republican Nicolle Wallace, a campaign advisor/top assistant to many….”I think Trump crashed and burned last night.”
“But, I don’t think his supporters will care. He was everything his critics thought.  His poll numbers should dip. If Trump
ultimately is not the Parties nominee, it began last night.”
      As for Dr. Ben Carson….nothing special.  A loss last night.
Elsewhere, Marco Rubio made Trump look foolish on foreign policy.  Said Trump, once again when questioned on foreign
affairs…..”I will assemble the strongest team to blah blah blah.  Rubio pounced….”The President needs to be ready
on the first day.”  “The world changes very quickly and does not wait.”
      Donald Trump, way way over featured on split screen to a fault by CNN, was merely OK and will have to improve
dramatically over the coming debates.  His lack of depth on issues was exposed.  Faded as time went on.
Weekly Standards Stephen Hayes…”Trump was out of his depth…as well as Ben Carson.”  “Both have peaked.”
      He got too much air time.  Seventeen minutes.  Nobody else came close.
      Chris Christie was the guy I have always favored.  Witty, gutsy as always, controlled.  Strong performance.
The rest….Bush better not great.  Great line “My brother kept us safe.”  Huge applause.
Huckabee, Paul (Trump correct, he didn’t belong there) Walker, Kasich, Cruz ( understandably neither Party likes)
did nothing to better themselves.
       An opinion, with the exception of Trump and Paul, any of the others would be a far better President than
anything the Democrat’s can scrounge up.
      As for CNN….mediocre at best.   Tapper shutting off candidates would have been better with a bell or buzzer.
Who needed those other two questioners?  A waste. Far too much on Trump.  Again those split screens were
unnecessary and distraction.  Done for ratings. Also, late in the debate prep, CNN added an extra hour to run up
profit from extra expensive commercials.  Too long for many.  Not me though. It gave me more insight and
others more time.
New York Daily News front page hilarity:   C….Clown
Final thought….Steve Schmidt reminds all, “New Hampshire is the only State with two female Senators and
a female Governor.     Carly Fiorina’s supporters smiling all day today.

Trump…yes or no?

“Donald Trump is an ego driven maniacal maniac. Trump is not
the same as the idea’s of Donald Trump.” Bobby Jindal,
Presidential candidate and Governor of Louisiana
Says Trump….:”Look at that face (referring to President
candidate and a woman Carly Fiorina). Would anyone vote
vote for that? Can you imagine that the face of our next President?”
Now he claims it was her persona. Baloney.
Don’t get me wrong. I have enjoyed watching and hearing
Trump. He can be fun and compelling.
Fox News senior editor/commentator Brit Hume says at times he simply
can’t stop listening to him. In his office, he says,
he’ll hear Trump’s voice on TV, glance up and is enthralled hearing what
he has to say until Trump is done.
BUT, on a later day, Hume goes on to say after the Fiorina
comments…..”Is this the behavior of a strong and confident man
prepared to be the leader of the free world?
Or is this school boy stuff? Sounds like a boorish sexist taunt from
somebody who has not grown up.
And there it is for so many taken by this man. And it’s not
just the no nothings and the semi no nothings, there are many
otherwise smart people backing Trump. It’s much like a cult following.
Anything Trump says is fine with them.
Here’s the latest from a ABC News/Washington Post poll.
1. Trump…33% 6. Paul…5%
2. Carson..20% 7. Huckabee…3%
3. Bush…8% 8. Kasich…3%
4. Cruz…7% 9. Fiorina…2%
5. Rubio 7% 10.Walker…2%
Simply amazing. Inexplicable. Trumps says anything and
anything goes.
Trump’s candidacy rests upon one thing…..I can do this job.
But can he? Really? Trump’s businesses have declared
bankruptcy four times. No other U.S. company has done
that in the last thirty years. His idea’s lack substance. For instance
he declares, on immigration, send them all back.
And then let them back in if they are worth while, more or less. What’s
he going to do? Have the Government pulling people
out of their houses…..packing them in a bus. And how will he find
them all? At the cost of billions. It’s nonsense.
And, is Trump really a Republican? He has a long list of
liberal stances.
1. Single payer health care. The liberals have always wanted it.
2. Take private property for businesses.
3. Supported the Wall Street bailout.
4. In favor of partial birth abortion. (kill the baby at delivery)
5. Said Hillary would make a terrific President.
6. Declared he is a Democrat.
Trump is the most liberal candidate running next to Bernie
Sanders. What many don’t see is polls also
show, at present, Trump would not beat Hillary Clinton. She’s up 3% A
woman who may be indicted in the future.
And Joe Biden is waiting, healing and meeting with money men. Author
John Heilman says Biden leaning now for a run.
The public has not vetted Trump, as I listed above, anymore than anyone
vetted Obama before he was elected.
We have no idea what he’ll do anymore than he does. Does he
truly believe Congress is going to go along
with all his proposals? Thin skinned as he is, he trashes anyone who
says a word against him.
So where does all this leave us at present? He appears to be
pulling away.
All is not lost as yet. Trump has made it known, he only wants to
appear in major events. The people in Iowa and New Hampshire want a
closer look at their candidates. They want one on ones. To talk with
them in person. Ben Carson
is doing that and it’s working. Kasich, Christie and others as well.
Kasich remains the fall back guy from Trump.
Keep this in mind. There is the second major debate this
Wednesday, Sept. 16th on CNN. Six PM (eastern time)
and eight PM for the main eleven on stage. Trump’s bluster, insults and
arrogance may very well wear thin.
ABC’s Matthew Dowd says Trump is a shoo in for the nom. Weekly
Standard’s William Krystal says no way.
Let’s not forget who was well ahead at this time last election.
Gov. Rick Perry with 29%. He dropped out
last week. Heaven help us if the American Republican primary voters
buy us another “pig in a poke.”
Sixteen months to go to retake our Country in this worst of
times. Four to six months until caucus/primaries.
Plenty of time to see though the bluster. He will not and can not
“Make our Country Great Again.”
Thin skinned arrogance does not work in the long run.