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Obama Knew Everything

Said his email…”Keep me informed. I want to know everything going on.” Barack Obama.  Sure he could have been referring to other matters.  But when one remembers he had his Attorney General Eric Holder securing the phone records of former Fox News reporter James Rosen even including Rosen’s parents phone records, it says a whole lot of President Obama and his cadre of leftist advisors.

So now we have had at least one, possibly two or three, spy’s in the President Trump campaign camp.  Media claimed Trump was spewing nonsense when suggesting his phones were tapped during the campaign.  Who knows if and when it has stopped.  Says George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley, “The President has legitimate reason to be concerned.” “I don’t understand the media’s lack of attention.”

So let’s look back at the many minimized reasons to suspect what Obama and company were doing during his eight year run.  Jacksjargon has long been frustrated with two major unanswered questions. Who shot JFK (no way Oswald acted alone) and who is Barack Obama who smooth talked his way from organizing Black Chicago communities to eight years as President.   Soon jacksjargon will fill in his faithful readers as to what Obama really is all about.  Same for Michelle and Valerie Jarrett.

More pressing now is the current unraveling of an elaborate unconstitutional scheme to rid the USA of President Trump.  It involves the Justice Department, the CIA and FBI.  All done never fearing they would get caught.  Surely Hillary was going to win.  There are many facets.  Who can forget Hillary Clinton acid washing her 33,000 emails and having computers and phones smashed completely. Evidence now indicate many emails were directly to and from President Obama.  Much of it begins with a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton that was created by anti Trump forces to humiliate the President.  This phony dossier was used to get a FISA warrant in order to listen in on innocent American’s connected with the Trump campaign.  That warrant was used 3-4 times to infiltrate the Trump campaign. Former FBI Director James Comey was a major part of it and this phony document provided the basis for Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel. The main stream media has chosen to by pass Hillary’s failings and her crimes James Comey pointed out to Congress…Bill Clinton’s meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a airport tarmac and the kid gloves treatment of Hillary and her camp.  And why Trump is still being investigated with no evidence of a Russian connection?  If there was evidence, no question it would have leaked by now.

Attempting to entice  the President to a sit down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and company by saying he could wrap things up by September first, Trump would be absolutely nuts for such a meeting.  He’s tempted because if he does not, a subpoena  would be issued and the matter would drag on indefinitely.  Says Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz on the Judiciary Committee  “Anyone who tells the President to meet with Mueller should immediately notify their malpractice insurance.”

So where do things go from here?  The President still wants to know why he is being investigated.  Congressman Trey Gouty and Devin Nunes, following an invite, went to the Justice Department expecting to be shown what was used in court to allow the Special Counsel to be created.  Instead they were shown redacted memo’s and learned nothing.  Nunes was furious saying he will not try again until he is shown what he has a right to see.  The law is Congress has legal right to oversee the Justice Department and FBI.  Congress created them.  Goofy Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says he is being extorted.  Laughable. Worthless Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out of sight.  Maybe hiding under his desk somewhere.  Some say he has the “Stockholm syndrome.”

Former CIA head John Brennan appears frightened telling House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority leaded Mitch McConnell they will be responsible for not stopping Trump and doing a great disservice to the nation and the GOP.  Want a bet he lead this whole mess at the direction of Obama.

As it stands now, here is what seems likely.  Inspector General Michael Horowitz is finalizing his report on matters.  If criminal charges are found, it then goes to the Justice Department where Rod Rosenstein will be forced to make a decision he won’t want to make.  The options facing those in charge need to decide on whether to create another special counsel or have an independent panel of experienced prosecuting attorney’s make decisions.  The Jacksjargon favors the latter. This has gone on too long.  The public is mostly disinterested.  Plus, President Trump should declassify everything pertinent.  American’s have a right to know what happened.

What the public truly cares about is good jobs.  And guess what?  A Gallup poll says 67% of Americans say this is a good time to find a quality job.  This is for all income levels.  And President Trump gets the credit.  This is the best percentage since Gallup began polling it since 2001.   Obama never came close to 50%.

Obama gave us food stamps and welfare.  Trump gives us jobs.  No contest.


Trump’s Up: Knights up

Thank goodness we finally have a President that has the smarts and courage of his convictions.  Tuesday President Trump essentially told the Iranian leaders to “Go suck an egg.”  He ended that stupid Iranian deal. How could Obama be so desperate to cut a deal with nuclear bomb makers who repeatedly say “Death to America” “Death to Israel.”  Plus Trump is going to slap sanctions upon Iran that squeezed them to negotiate originally.   What kind of a deal did we have when the Iranians tell us when and where we can inspect nuclear testing sites? And we give them 150 billion dollars cash in suit cases. Was that nuts or what? Israel has excellent intelligence.   They showed and know Iran was not living up to their end of the deal.   Let the pundits blab on about how the President puts us in danger.  Most any informed citizen knows peace come through strength.  As President Reagan used to say “Trust but verify.’   We had no trust and couldn’t verify.  And ex Sec. of State John Kerry running around condemning Trump’s move.  What gall.  A true time to use the Logan Act Democrats threatened upon Gen. Flynn who was a part of government.  The Jews have a word for Kerry and Obama…Hutzpah…unmitigated gall.  There will come a time when jacksjargon will explain the why behind Obama’s moves.

Meanwhile the latest Rasmussen daily tracking poll finds the President approval rating at 51%   Other more Democrat weighted polls show the increase as well.  CNN and MSNBC are almost gagging at their own polls where Americans approved much of our country making a strong come back in many area’s.  How about this for a kicker?   Kanye West, famous Afro American entertainer, who backs Trump finds Afro American males now approve of the President 20%.  An increase of 10%.   Dem’s can’t win without the Black vote in huge numbers.

Saturday Night Live featured porn entertainer Stormy Daniels last week.   What does that tell you.  It has been said “Any publicity is good publicity.”   She is in it for money making opportunities.  This is a superficial story that will blow away from the media and is no real threat to the President.  Do many truly know what a porn star does in her films?   Absolute filth.  Truly anything for a buck.  Shameless.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has run into all sorts of problems.  A U.S. District Judge, T.S. Ellis, told Mueller’s henchmen in their case against former Trump campaign aide, Paul Manafort, “You really don’t care about Manafort.”  He accused them of being more interested in information leading to the treatment of the President.  He has demanded to see an unredacted  “scope memo” and a document showing how this has anything to do with the Russian probe.  “What do these 12 year old charges have anything to do with the President’s campaign.”  Think of this.  The Mueller people raided Manafort’s home at 3 AM and in the process actually handcuffed his wife.  Plus now Mueller’s Russian indictments finding themselves fighting a trial they never expected.  They are stalling for more time to prepare.  The judge says no.  On with it.

What has been lost in all this rubbish, and far more critical, is what the Special Counsel found in the raid of Trump attorney Michael Cohen.  What they found has been passed on to the courts.  This is something that could be of major significance.

Changing the subject big time is a sports story.  Yours truly made a living covering sports and always remained interested in the goings on. What is happening in Las Vegas with the National Hockey Leagues Vegas Golden Knights is attracting national attention because it has never happened in ANY major sport. This is the first year for this team. An expansion team.  They selected their new players from other teams that were left unprotected.  In many cases unwanted. A totally new team with no experience together being tossed into hockey combat.  The hope was they could win 12-14 games.  Shockingly they keep winning and winning.  They not only won their Pacific Division but have just won the playoffs second round and are preparing for the conference finals.  Las Vegas is bonkers for this team.  Their first major sports team. Everywhere the locals wearing Knight hats, jerseys, sweat shirts, tee shirts.  A city absolutely in love with their guys.  New T-Mobile arena is packed every game and the noise level easily the loudest anywhere.  And leave it to Vegas to have a pre game show that has to be seen to be believed.  This first year can never happen again. It will be different next year. More will be expected.  A little “bloom off of the rose.”  But this ride is incomparable.   Come what may, Jacksjargon has seen it all now. Including Don Larsen’s perfect game in the World Series.  Go Golden Knights!  Nothing is impossible.