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Hillary’s Circular Firing Squad

Hillary Clinton sightings lately have been about as rare as one looking for Big Foot. She has ammo coming from so many sides it must be hard for her to figure which to address or whether to address any of them.  She, supposedly, has been out raising money.  Question is what for?  She has more than enough already.  Two likely reasons for being aloof of reporters as always.  No official press conference in almost a year. Number one she doesn’t want to answer legitimate questions about one scandal after another.  Number two… Hillary has been waiting for Trump to stumble. As jacksjargon suggested earlier let’s wait for polls several weeks down the road for results from the different Trump campaign.  Well, the verdict is in.  Trump has cut her lead in half nationally.  He now has a 1% lead in Ohio.  Same for Florida in several polls. She had been up by 5 to 10% everywhere.  Momentum has shifted.

But first, Donald Trump took a major and very successful step today.  He took a chance on accepting an invitation from the President of Mexico to visit and discuss issues.  He knew he was walking into the “Lions Den.”  It is obvious it went extremely well because the venom coming from the Democrat’s, such as the overly bias and obnoxious Paul Begala on CNN, was over the top in his criticism.  He didn’t discuss who pays for the wall said Begala.  What leader, foreign or domestic, goes into a first get acquainted meeting with that kind of poisoning the well?   Ex Fox contributor, now CNN pundit, Kirsten Powers was giving honest positives of what Trump accomplished today standing next to the Mexican President.  Trump was Presidential in all respects.  He sighted five points of U.S. concern, and Mexico’s concerns.  He handled typical baited questions with ease.   He was Presidential in all ways.  He, with his negotiating strengths, knows how to “Make the Art of the Deal.  It went so well Wednesday that it may detract from his major immigration speech Wednesday night.  It took guts to visit Mexico, with all his past bravado, but “you have to squeeze to get the juice.”  And he did.

As for Hillary Clinton’s current arrows flinging her way, it’s hard to know where to begin. Her friends at the New York Times tells her to shut down the corrupt Clinton Foundation NOW.  The FBI has been ordered by a federal judge to turn over more and more emails suddenly found thought to be deleted.  Plus, all notes from her FBI meeting must be exposed.  Another judge has forced her to answer “under oath” 25 specific questions from Judicial Watch.  They had to sue long ago to get that granted.  It’s now going to be shown why she was not charged by the FBI.  Emails that were supposed to be deleted.  Benghazi again…the Clinton Foundation…and now her most trusted Muslim aid Huma Abiden is finally leaving her husband who exposed himself again on the internet.  Goodness knows what this pervert, Anthony Weiner, might have learned from her top secret documents in their home.

Latest polls indicate Independents in a huge way are swinging to Trump.  Plus, Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, along with Green Party candidate Jill Stein, is hurting Mrs. Clinton more than Trump.  If Johnson, now approximately 10% in the average of polls, gets to 15% he will be added to the debate stage with Trump and Hillary making matters easier for Trump in the first debate Sept. 26th.

Where do matters stand at present?   Hillary Clinton still is the heavy favorite.  However, the addition of Kellyanne Conway, an experienced political advisor, has made a huge difference.   It’s been known on this blog,  Donald Trump was never my choice for the GOP nomination.  He wasn’t my 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice.  But, compared to Hillary Clinton, and now seeing Trump tested in a Country he had verbally assaulted, there is simply no question who would best lead our Country.  Trump is a person more people can rally around.  Hillary Clinton is no leader, corrupt and a bore.  But, she has huge money and major sects of minorities who will stick with her.  She’ll hand out more “Goodies” for votes.

The legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight had a saying, in winning three national championships, “You have to put yourself in a position to win.”  I think of that now as Trump inches forward.


The sign of who will win: watch for this.

The key to watch in the Presidential election is to watch for the polls in the next two weeks.   With Hillary Clinton’s scandal after scandal being exposed even by liberal media and liberal sources is one key component.   The other is the new Trump approach staying on message with teleprompter well written speech’s.   His attack on Hillary is “vintage stuff.”   He is knocking out her argument before she gives her speech.  That’s the way debates are won in high school and college.  Knock out the opponents answers and attack points before they are given.

Trump is for change.  That is strong. It’s what people want in the USA.  Trump’s appeal to Blacks and Hispanics, although heavily criticized by liberals and well do to people of color, will have an affect.  The deluge of Hillary scandals and Trump’s dynamic communication now with a strong message is bound to have an impact.  Win or lose, the GOP nominee is taking it to the Democrats like no Presidential candidate has done since President Harry Truman in 1948.   If Trump can get his message out not just through speeches but with commercials ads in key battleground States, his momentum will get stronger.

Are the changes working?  It takes time to register with many people who are not politically astute.  If the polls show a significant increase for Trump in the next several weeks, he has a reasonable chance to win.  Plus one more thing…..there is growing indications WikiLeaks will announce damaging info on Hillary before the election.  Those sources are clear they want Trump to win.  They truly dislike Hillary.

So watch closely now for a change in the polls in the next several weeks.  If his momentum grows as it appears will happen, he has a solid chance to win.  If no gain in the polls, it will show his efforts are not going to cut it.   Wait, watch and listen the next two weeks.  And, you’ll have true incite as to the next President of the USA.  Throw in solid debates by Trump and he just might make it.

We are approaching an absolute key boiling point.

Women Played Better

Sunday afternoon, 2:45 ET, the maligned men’s Olympic basketball team plays for their 3rd consecutive Gold Metal.  They play Serbia after taking down Spain Friday in what was thought to be their toughest test.  They should beat Serbia handily.  But this team is no where near the dominant team in recent years.  Many questions are being asked why this years team does not excel as in past years.

Saturday the Women’s Olympic team won their 6th straight gold medal.  Again they outclassed easily all their opponents. Why are they so good?  They play more as a team. A much more experienced and cohesive team.  Plus, they are no nonsense bunch.  Their purpose for being there is to win.  Not to take a vacation.  It’s dedication.

On the contrary, the USA Men’s team has rather staggered through their competition, but still winning.  Why don’t they play as well as the ladies?  Two main reasons: 1. the most talented players from the NBA are not in Rio.   Said Lebron James after watching this less talented and more taking things in stride team….”I should have played there.” 2. They do not play together very well as a team.  Some reports are the players are out too late and too often.  Reports indicate some players feel they are on a vacation.  Being quartered on a cruise ship, one would think it would make them more cohesive. They are not.  Hall of Fame Duke Coach Mike Krzyewski has had his hands full trying to mold these players into a true team concept.

Will they win gold for the 3rd straight time on Sunday?   Sure.  Serbia is not Spain.  Lately the USA have played better as they had to do.   Thank goodness for Kevin Durant.  A true dedicated pro who always plays hard.  A real winner.  So they will roll along into another Gold Medal on Sunday.  Coach K. should get two Gold Metals for working with this bunch.  Let’s hope Carmelo Anthony gets his act together and plays to his potential.   But, even if he doesn’t it won’t matter.  Even our 2nd string NBA players are better than their competition.  And yet, somehow that 3rd straight Gold Metal for the men’s Olympic basketball team this year will seem a bit tarnished.


Can Trump Still Win?

If the election was to be held today, it would be a blood bath.  Or more apt, a land slide in favor of Hillary Clinton.   She leads in all the polls including critical battle ground States.  However, Thursday night’s speech was something Trump simply knocked out of the park.  This was a more humanized Trump.  At the onset he said he regrets past comments especially those that may have caused personal pain.  And then he went on to  effectively take Hillary Clinton a part from limb to limb.  The impact of his two new advisors was clearly on display.  At this point in the campaign it was Trump’s finest hour.  So now the campaign truly begins. Post Labor Day most poorly informed voters begin to pay attention. No question the Hillary camp took notice.  Unquestionably the polls are going to begin to change.   Her national lead down to 4%. Plus his base will begin to come back.   But, one speech is merely one speech.  However, he began his comeback Thursday night.

Here is what he needs to do to win:  The start of Trump’s TV ads.  They begin today and they are solid.  Hillary has spent over a hundred million dollars.  Trump has spent virtually nothing.  This ends now.  He needs to continue the temperament he showed Thursday night.  Sincerity, leadership qualities and going straight to the American people including everyone. He made special remarks to Afro Americans and Hispanics with common sense thoughts and idea’s.  At one point Trump remarked 70% of the American people think our Country is going in the wrong direction.  Hillary Clinton is more of the same.  “We need change people.” “What have we got to lose?”  In the debates to come beginning late September, Trump can make a direct appeal without the media filtering it. Hillary Clinton now knows what she is in for.  Also, the email scandals and now the Clinton Foundation is a new scandal being investigated to Trumps favor. Stand by for a possible October surprise expected from WikiLeaks revealing emails hacked.  Goodness knows what they might reveal. Democrat’s are worried and now asking reporters if they know anything of what is to come.  Hillary and her supporters likely are over confident and less motivated.  But, they do have a much better get out the vote procedures but with less enthusiasm.  Perjury charges may be leveled at Mrs. Clinton for obviously lying to Congress revealed by FBI Director James Comey.  Another consideration is “closet Trump supporters.”   These are the ones who will vote for Trump but wouldn’t tell a calling poll taker.  Hillary’s health is in question. According to famed Doctor Drew Pinsky saying she received improper treatment for her Deep Venous  Trombosis.   A condition that can cause blood clots.  He feels she may have used some long time family Arkansas doctor who was using 1950’s treatment.  Probably to hide details from the public is jacksjargon thought.  Remember she had a bad fall.  Possible concussion.

That’s a partial list of what Trump now needs to do and what may happen.  Still a long shot.   But significant change is in the air.  And who knows what domestic or international events might occur.  A major terrorist attack and who knows what else could change everything.  She’s way ahead. But, there is no sure thing in politics.  Especially a candidate who is a weak campaigner at best and fears having a press conference.  No way Hillary Clinton can come close to what Donald Trump did Thursday night.

If you are a Hillary supporter, don’t think she has it in the bag.  If you are a Trump supporter…….he’s back…….

The Presidential campaign is now on.   Stay with jacksjargon for political updates.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

On the one hand we have the Republican Presidential candidate saying regularly “stupid stuff.”  On the other hand we have the Democrat candidate who, along with her husband, are “The Bonnie and Clyde of American politics.  One thing after an other in the wackiest of all time Presidential election campaigns.  Coming off of a praised performance on his economic plan/speech Monday, Donald Trump did it again.   But, that’s just the half of it.  Hillary’s messes are in the mix as well.

At a rally Tuesday, Donald Trump speaking about the gun rights second amendment, “Hillary wants to abolish the second amendment.”  Harking back to his winging it on the stump ways, said Trump in part…”If she gets in she picks the judges. There’s nothing you can do folks. Although the second amendment people…maybe there is…I don’t know.”  So he creates another firestorm in a joking attempt suggesting gun rights people might take action if she’s elected.   Oh Brother.  The Secret Service is on alert.

Meanwhile Hillary has more of her own problems. Likely worse, but over shadowed by Trump’s latest gaffe. Newly released Hillary emails once again showed top donors to the Clinton Foundation were seeking favors from the State Dept. while Hillary was in charge.  The New York Times touted “sometimes overlapping interests between the Clinton Foundation and the State Dept. while she was Sec. of State.”  Ex Bill Clinton advisor, Doug Band, called Hillary’s office looking to get a job at the State Dept. for a person “who was important to take care of.”  Hillary’s top aid Huma Abedin responded “We’ve had him on our radar for sometime.  Personel is sending him options.”  Another request also revealed.   And the beats goes on.  At Hillary Clinton’s Florida rally spouting concerns for anymore shootings such as in Orlando it turns out none other than the father of the killer, who slaughtered 45 people, is seated prominently right behind her.  A man who is still under investigation by the FBI and a prominent pro Taliban supporter.  How in the world did he get in there waving a Hillary for President flag?   Plus, Mrs. Clinton is still taking pile on criticism for her lies in the email scandal. She is now lying about her lies.  But wait.  There is more.  There is reason to believe an Iranian nuclear scientist who was hung two days ago in his home Country, was mentioned on her email home server, having helped United States.  Her server being hacked likely extended a death warrant for our likely “helper” as mentioned.

Back to Trump Tuesday, says Bloomberg political editor, Mark Halperin talking about “The Donald” suggesting violence in any way being dangerous.  “Trump’s remark is certain to dominate this news cycle and be in the political blood stream for a long time.”  Said his co host Donnie Deutsch, “Asasination jokes are not funny.”  “Trump simply does not have the temperament to be President of the United States.”

Plus influential Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins came out Tuesday morning saying there is simply no way she can back Trump joining the growing club.  She listed all his unforgettable remarks in her announcement.  In addition, a growing list of military advisors say Trump is unfit to be President.

So it’s over for Trump right?   Not so fast. The influential Wall Street Journal praised Trump’s economic speech as did other prominent Republican sources calling it excellent.  And how can anyone forget Hillary’s list of her other potential problems that could devastate her.   At any future moment WikiLeaks could release hacked copies of her 32,000 deleted emails that would end her political aspirations with possible criminal actions or charges.  And, to top it off, two families who lost their sons at Benghazi are suing Hillary for negligence and defamation for her essentially accusing them of lying when she told them a video caused the raid as their bodies were being unloaded from the airplane.

Where does this cavalcade of fiasco’s leave us at this present time of the Presidential election?  Incredibly, considering Donald Trump’s disaster during the last two weeks, says Bloomberg political editor Mark Halperin….”Forget the national numbers. State wise he’s in decent shape. If I was him I’d say wow…what if I didn’t have a bad two weeks.”  With Hillary throwing tons of money for ads in key battleground States, Trump virtually doing nothing, he is tied with her in Florida. Seven per cent down in Ohio and down only 4% in Iowa. Plus he raised 82 million dollars from small donors alarming the Clinton camp.

How’s this for a closer, the man who leaked the scandalous Democrat emails disparaging Sen. Bernie Sanders in order to promote Hillary is in the news.  This was the fracas causing Dem. Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign and several others fired later.  He was shot in the back and killed while out jogging.   No money or wallet was taken.  WikiLeaks Assange says he was in danger making those leaks.  “Our sources take risks.”  But would not confirm the murdered man was working for WikiLeaks.  Based on past history, who wouldn’t think the Clinton’s would be involved?

What’s the point of all these happenings?   Obviously, we have two of the most despised people running for the highest office in the world.  One who simply can’t avoid shooting himself in the foot with regularity.  And the other a person with no scruples who stands for nothing.  Merely money and power her entire life who made a name for herself by marrying a man she knew was going somewhere in the world.  The epitome of a marriage of convenience where the wife accepts extraordinary infidelity to advance her own cause.  Who would you choose?   Doesn’t matter. Only a provable batch of scandal at the Clinton Foundation or WikiLeaks exposes catastrophic email damage will keep Hillary Clinton from being our next President.

But, then again, who knows what the GOP has in store for “The Donald” as he fades.

Trump: A bounce Back Week?

After last weeks disaster, Donald Trump must show a DISCIPLINED progress this week.  He is down in all polls both nationally and State wise.  This even includes the normally very red State of Georgia. Late last week he changed course and endorsed John McCain, Paul Ryan and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire where Trump and her are trailing badly.  But, his endorsement was a written statement given half heartedly.  Republican Chairman Reince Priebus has been furious with Trump’s lack of Party unity and especially not endorsing House Speaker, Paul Ryan. His campaign manager, Paul Manafort, when  asked last week, was rather unusually  blunt saying “Donald Trump is running his own campaign. I am just handling campaign details.”

With Hillary Clinton stumbling all over herself in her first so called press conference last week, she is highly vulnerable if Trump can merely stay on course.  Her press conference was only for Afro American’s and Hispanics with vastly full of “soft ball” questions.  Sample….Can you tell us about a meaningful conversation you have had with an Afro American.”  “Are you going to take the Hispanic vote for granted.”    Good grief.  A high school kid could offer more serious questions.  Jacksjargon would love to have a crack at it.  As for her disaster of the email scandal, she blundered again. Mrs. Clinton keeps repeating a silly narrative of FBI Director Comey said my answers were truthful.  A diversion.  That’s not the issue because it only refers to her in house interview with the FBI where it is a federal offense if she lied in that interview.  The issue is her lying for over a year about her answers of turning over all her emails, there were no classified emails, I had one server for convenience and other lies shown in Congressman Gouty’s questions to Director Comey.  Democrat operative Doug Schoen says he would have Hillary do no more press conferences.  Her answers to the email scandal are laughable and untrue.   Her problem is everybody knows it.

Trump’s economic speech today will lay out his plans for the economy in the one area he polls best along with fighting terrorism.  The two most important area’s if he could just stick to those issues.  His problem in such a speech is that the vast majority of Americans have no clue as to what makes the economy perform better.  Hillary will merely spend more money on short term  government programs.  Obama tried that blowing 800 billions dollars that did nothing but pay off his unions and political government cronies.  Followed by the indignity of laughing after no results saying “I guess there weren’t many shovel ready projects hah hah”  As Trump pointed out Monday, the approximate 5% unemployment figure in America is a hoax because it does not include the mammoth total of 94.7 million workers (labor dept. data) who quit looking for work.  40% of the American work force has quit looking for work.  A stat you will never hear from the media.  They enjoy to keep telling us unemployment has dropped so low.  It’s nonsense.

What Americans need to ask themselves is what gave America the highest standard of living the world has ever known?   The answer?   Labor and business.  Not government.  Obama has been a business adversary.  Hillary will be much the same as she has indicated.  Obama has over regulated business giving no incentives leaving us with an economy still very week with most new jobs being low paying and part time.  Many thanks to his horrendous Obamacare.  So Trump’s speech today will be largely criticized by the liberal media who believe only in more government.   New jobs are created when new small businesses are created and big business feels unconcerned for the future.   President Kennedy and President Reagan (and many others) knew if you cut tax’s on business they will prosper and create more PERMANENT jobs and the competition among businesses creates HIGHER wages.  A fact liberals, Marxists and progressives don’t want you to believe.  They want more control over our lives with government programs that secure them more votes and future election wins to keep themselves in power.

When business flourishes, everyone makes more money.  Businesses will pay more in tax’s as well as workers earning more money which in turn pays for the tax cuts and reduces government debt. The vast majority of Americans have no clue as to what makes America work.  So we get more Obama’s and Clinton’s with their hand outs keeping them in power.  And, with more illegal immigration we are getting mostly uneducated and poor people that have no concept of what built America and always vote Democrat for hand outs.

Again…this week is critical and will be revealing if Donald Trump’s supposedly new message of unity and direction being spot on without rambling nonsense and new controversy’s.  If he can discipline himself, he will get back in the race because Hillary is a weak candidate.  If not, than we know “The Donald” will not only lose to her, but demonstrates characteristics of an unhinged man likely with mental issues.

From 1923 until 1929 America’s President was Calvin Coolidge…known as “Silent Cal” because he was not known for being loquacious.  But he is well remembered for what he did say.  If only American’s knew it and or understood it.   “You don’t build up the weak by pulling down the strong.”  and “The business of America is business.”   That folks is what built America.  Not government.



Kamikaze Candidate May Quit

Fox poll out Wednesday finds Donald Trump down to Hillary Clinton by ten points.  Questions are now being raised of  Trumps mental health.  More on this and Trump quitting the race in a moment.

Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate.  A congenital liar…incompetent Secretary of State…poor judgment even according to Sen. Bernie Sanders…selfish and devious motives her entire life leading to revealing our nations top secrets on her exposed home email server…inability to effectively campaign…everything is always contrived…refuses to hold a press conference…sold out for millions for heaven knows what…70% of the Country thinks she is untrustworthy…FBI Director Jim Comey  threw the book at her before letting her “off the hook.”  Plus, her progressive agenda as in her devotion to Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals will take our Country down a road it was never intended to be…a socialist nation with a socialist Supreme Court.  Likely there will never be turning back because her giveaway programs will seal all the votes she will need for an eight year Presidency.  And yet, she is the luckiest Presidential candidate of all time.  Why?  Keep reading.

Donald Trump is more than a terrible candidate.  Alienating everyone including his own Party. Now refusing to endorse Sen. John McCain and House Speaker Paul Ryan.  Another pay back. The list is endless. Needless to review them all other than the polls have him down 8% to 10% nationwide.  Trump is a man running against everybody.  He’s no Republican.  Not spending money on ads in the battleground States while Hillary’s campaign has spent 12 million dollars. It is one senseless battle or controversy after another.  His only hope is the debates with Hillary Clinton.  And that still is not likely to “bail him out” to win the Presidency.   The situation with the Republican Party is so bad that they are now merely trying to hold on to the Senate, the House, governorships and State Houses.

The question is why?  Why does Trump act this way? He listens to nobody. This includes his family now and there is chaos within his advisers. It is in a complete uproar.  Campaign manager Paul Manafort may not last much longer.  Now comes word some of the faithful, such as Newt Gingrich and others will confer with him this weekend.  However, sons Don Jr. and Eric have left on a hunting trip.  So much for a major get together.  Worthless.  Trump won’t change.

I think I know the answer as Republican host Joe Scarborborough of “Morning Joe” is discussing daily now.  Says Scarborough he is receiving floods of calls from Republicans who now believe Trump has mental issues.  It is becoming obvious. It is my belief I have found the condition that best defines him.   Donald Trump is a SOCIOPATH.  I urge everyone to Google that word for a definition.  Google has extensive definitions that fit Trump to the proverbial tee. It is an illness that is easy to disguise under regular circumstances.  Sociopaths, normally men, are very intelligent and have an aura that attracts other people to follow.  This is Donald Trump.

Both of these candidates are unfit to hold the office of the Presidency.  But, Trump is more than unfit.  At present he has nothing going for him except uneducated White voters.  He cannot win the Presidency with merely uneducated people.  As his poll numbers continue to drop he will become more unhinged with the pressure exacerbating his illness.  This is where there is a chance he just might drop out of the race.  Sociopaths must always win.  They except no blame for anything they do and never apologize.  Everything is “rigged” against them.  This sets the stage where Trump just might drop out of his campaign for the Presidency.  Defeat is intolerable for a sociopath.  If and win he realizes he is likely to lose to Hillary Clinton,  that sets the stage for “blame everybody under the sun” and a possible exit.  It could happen.

If Trump was a dropout, what happens next?  The 168 Republican Committee members would have to reconvene and select a nominee in complicated process.  And it would have to be done by early September in order for the new nominee to get on the ballot in all States.  The usual suspects are being talked about as the new nominee.  Very doubtful Paul Ryan would take it.  VP candidate Mike Pence would be considered.  Knowing Mike Pence he already has an idea it could happen.  Jacksjargon believes it would have to be someone well known, respected and an experienced person.  That would eliminate Ted Cruz.  Preferably someone who has run for President.  This would be a whirl wind campaign.  All signs for that person would point to Mitt Romney.  No question Romney would do it.  With Hillary Clinton being such a flawed candidate, even with a late start, a different Republican candidate would draw immediate favor…money would pour in…the Party would go all in…a new boundless enthusiasm would take hold.  True, it’s a long shot.  But, incredibly, there is a possibility with Trumps mental issue it would compel him to leave before losing, a fourth time could be a charm for Mitt Romney.  Anyway, I certainly hope so.   He could beat her.