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Big time changes @ Fox News

Laura Ingraham begins in the 10 PM (all times eastern) October 30th.  Already the most successful female in talk radio, Ingraham is a star to most “in the know” circles.  Especially among conservative circles. The Five moves back to 5 PM.  Sean Hannity gets the key time slot now at 9 PM directly opposite the growing popularity of Rachel Maddow at MSNBC.  Liberal versus conservative battle on.  Tucker Carlson remains at 8 PM.  Two top conservatives voices will lead into the “Ingraham Angle.”  Maddow’s rise came only after Bill O’Reilly was fired.

Coming somewhat of  surprise, Shannon Bream, who rivals only Fox’s Trish Regan for the prettiest of the Fox female hosts, begins her new show extending the Fox News Prime time live into the 11 PM hour.  Her show will be unique in that it will be live. Most nightly  cable news program are pre taped.  Fox News @ Night features Bream who has outstanding credentials having covered the Supreme Court for years at Fox.  Her, Laura and Martha McCallum form a female team unpresented in cable news separated only by the Hannity and Carlson times slots.

The loss of Bill O’Reilly has cost Fox News prime time dearly.  He never should have been fired.  A big time suspension would have been sufficient.   But, wives of the sons of the mogul Rupert Murdoch insisted.  With age, the billionaire business man has had to promote his sons into key top management positions.  They are not examples of the “Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” old saying.

Meanwhile O’Reilly is taking time away planning his comeback and allowing memories to subside after his female firing controversy.  No question Bill O’Reilly will be back on television.  Most believe he will be given a prime spot on another cable channel competing with Fox News.  What cable channel (or network for that matter) would not compete for the millions of viewers O’Reilly would bring to that station.   O’Reilly is shrewd.   He will wait until he finds the best venue for himself.  He is in no rush.  But as Arnold used to say…”I’ll be back.”

A word of well known Fox host Eric Bolling.  He was let go by Fox News after it was learned a number of years ago he posted a sexual picture of himself around the Fox News headquarters.  Only two hours later he learned his beloved 19 year old son died mysteriously of still unknown causes.  He and his wife, Adrienne, are not only devastated, but astonished nobody knows the cause of death even after an autopsy. No suicide drugs involved.  How much can anyone take in just one day?

“Life is funny with its twists and turns as all of us sometime learns.  But, when things look darkest when you get hit.  Fret if you must…BUT DON’T YOU QUIT.”


North Korea…”What Me Worry?”

“Most wars don’t start with intent. Most wars stumble into themselves when mistakes are made.”  Mike Morell former acting director of the CIA now working for CBS News.   Such was the case for WW I.

What is certainly true rising tensions create the environment for mistakes.  North Korea’s explosion of a hydrogen bomb stirs the pot more so.  That nutcase running N. Korea actually has no intention of bombing the USA.  It is his ploy to be able to blackmail America into giving him South Korea or else.  It won’t work.  But, in his paranoid mind he thinks he needs all his missile toys also for protection from our Country attacking him.  Unless attacked, the USA has no intention of attacking North Korea.

However there is one more frightening aspect to this episode.  North Korea will share their nuclear technology with Iran and in doing so gives power to terrorist groups.  That may very well be the largest threat.  Morell makes the point of us building up our missile defenses.  A point worthy.  We lack in consistency to explode a missile headed to Hawaii or even our west coast.  We need more missile defense tests.

Where do we go from here?  There are two choices. A military response now with devastating consequences and no guarantee of total success.  America could wipe out 18 missiles, but two likely would still exist headed our way.  The other option is acceptance of the situation a la the Obama administration.  Along with W. Bush and President Bill Clinton that has gotten us to where we are today.

One more option now in progress is ramping up sanctions to any country that trades with North Korea.  Terrific pressure on China.   Also terrific pressure on places like Walmart showing many empty shelves.  But, todays public is oblivious to the sacrifices American’s made during WW II.  There would likely be more of an out cry about Walmart than any consideration of hurting our enemy that could destroy our country.   Ignorance is not bliss.

In spite of the Trump haters, he has an excellent cabinet surely giving him the best advice.  Just a thought…I wonder if his haters and places such as CNN or NBC ever give a thought that no one person is wrong or right on everything they do.  No political party is right or wrong on everything.  The media retains their one way is the only way to constantly criticize everything the Trump people do. Who can forget actual consistent criticism of Melania’s shoes?   Nutcase haters.  Me?  I love looking at her.

There is one other option the Trump administration might being considering.  Limited strikes upon known North Korean missile launch area’s.  Would North Korea actually launch a full fledged attack that would insure their total destruction?  Doubtful.   But, highly dangerous thinking.

Nobody knows the answers to these perplexing circumstances.  It’s possible it may resolve itself with trade pressure on China and their badly faltering economy.  Want to irk the media?   Making them show President Trump kissing babies in Houston and loading trucks with water supplies.  A definite plus for Trump.  Want to irk President Trump?  Chief of Staff General Kelly wanting to review his tweets before release.   Forgetaboutit.  More than irksome.  Catastrophic.

As it stands as is…pray that nobody stumbles into a mistake starting the most horrendous carnage the world has ever scene.  Hurricane Harvey a pittance to that one.