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President Recount Worthless

This recount in the three States of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan is a farce. President Elect Trump won Pennsylvania by 70,000 votes.  Wisconsin by 22,000 and Michigan by 10,700.   Normally a recount occurs when the margin is less than 2-3 thousand.  Any and everything to try to delegitimize the election of Donald Trump.

Failed Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who in reality defeated Hillary Clinton by stealing her votes in the three critical States, has begun fund raising for a recount originally thought to need one and a half million dollars.  She has now been funded to the tune of five million dollars by leftists.  Originally thought she was seeking the recount for added monies to her Failed Green Party. Now there are multiple theories as to why this worthless recount is going forth.   CNN is now reporting any recount in Wisconsin must be financed by Jill Stein and the recount would only be done by a re-adding the county by county totals.  No hand by hand recount.   Hence this is a waste of time and money except for one other possibility.  Stein, with now upwards of 5 million dollars raised, may file a lawsuit based on voter fraud.  An attempt to say Trump did not win.

There is absolutely no evidence of any vote hacking by the Russians.  All votes totals were accurately totaled county by county signed off by representatives of both Parties. This is lunacy.  The Democrat’s are unwilling to accept their humiliating defeat.  So now the defeated Party wants to cling to anything, such as Hillary’s 1.9 million popular vote win, to justify any of their actions.  Trump won the electoral vote totals 290 to 232.  A decisive victory.  Had there been no electoral college totals and vote popularity was only counted, all that would have been needed was for Trump to have campaigned only in the three most critical States easily erasing her slight popularity vote win.

This recount will go no where.  Hillary is a hypocrite for during the debate saying one must always accept the will of the voters…the electoral college.  Poking fun at Trump for not saying the same.  Now she supports the recounts efforts.  Even if in the senseless recount there are lawsuits delaying the President Elect receiving the needed 270 electoral votes, it would get turned over to the House of Representatives dominated by Republicans.   Hence Trump is still the President.

It all boils down to the Democrat’s unwilling to accept the Presidency of Donald Trump. A ridiculous effort to hand cuff Trump and make his legislative proposals tainted.  It won’t work because Trump has already made positive efforts such as Ford Motor Company keeping their plant in Kentucky and now the  Carrier Co. negotiating in talks with the President Elect about their wishes to move to Mexico. They may change their tune.  The mass of American’s will support these efforts and more to come making the new President a solid leader.   And the Democrat’s simply sore losers that they truly are indeed.

Democrat’s might spend their time better by beginning to plan their 2020 campaign against Trump sending Tim Kaine as their Presidential nominee with Michelle Obama as the VP choice.   Just as viable as this recount nonsense.

Next….on to the Mitt Romney for Secretary of State controversy and the Kelly Anne Conway betrayal.  Might end quickly with Senator Tom Corker getting the nod.  Decent educated guess.  But, in the end, Trump will do what he wants.  As W. Bush used to say “I am the decider in chief.”   Stay tuned.

Yellow Journalism + Chutzpah

The American press is a disgrace.  TV news and the print media.  A mess.  Plus totally confused as to what to do next with regard to President Elect Trump.  First he was supposed to be too slow in his appointments.  He is well ahead of Obama 2008 at this point.  Now they are going after any appointment he makes looking for any type of dirt they can find.  The old axion jacksjargon used was merely, in covering a story, give the who, what, where, when and how with no opinion.  Can’t help but recall the old line from years ago TV series Dragnet…”Just the  facts mam. Just the facts” from sergeant Joe Friday.   (Jack Webb)

But now there are even more than the liberals/progressive media.  No nothing paid kids blocking traffic, entrances to buildings or business’ with really nothing they can do with regard to President elect Trump.  It’s a weak attempt at trying to display to the world how bad Trump is or is going to be.  Their problem is they are doing Trump a favor.  The vast majority of American’s resent and many despise what they are doing.

But the all time topper, in case you missed it, was a cast member of the hit Broadway stage play “Hamilton” lecturing our VP President Elect Mike Pence from the stage while he is trying to enjoy an evening out with his son.  The Jews have a word for this type of rudeness.  Chutzpah: unmitigated gall…arrogance.  This pompous ignoramus  telling Mike Pence what road the new administration  should take.  Even the liberals on morning Joe were appalled.  Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Former Governor Ed Rendelll among others were astonished.  To Pence’s credit he listened…made no expression of any emotion and walked out of the theatre telling his son…”That’s the sound of freedom.”  That’s Pence.  A very decent man working 12+ hours a day helping the new President elect.

Stay with me now because there is much to cover with the new President elect and what he is doing unfiltered from the liberal biased media.

What is yellow journalism?  It is the type of coverage that presents anything to grab a headline.  Well researched stories are absent. It uses exaggeration and sensationalism. Any and everything to present coverage that features their point of view.  For example, 91% of all stories during the Presidential campaign were anti Trump.  This is what our new President now faces and will continue for as long as they wish. They layed down for President Obama.  But the press has a problem.  The voters didn’t care and don’t care.  They ignored the media enough to give Trump a resounding victory.  In general the public has lost their faith in news coverage and dislikes the media.  Along with it, instead of Hillary leading a Democrat take over of everything, their Party is in total collapse desperate for leadership.  The GOP controls the House of Rep’s, the Senate and the White House. Making matters worse for a Party at a loss for direction, it is likely to get worse in two years.  2018 finds 25 Democrat Senate seats to defend against only eight for the Republicans. 70% of all State House Legislatures are now controlled by Republicans.  The public liked Obama’s style but hated his policy’s.

The point of it all is much like he was a man alone winning a Presidential election, President Elect Trump faces more than yellow journalism. He faces a minority public eager to display whatever they can do to harm or intimidate him.  Problem is they are picking on the wrong man to mess with.  Trump will fight back.  And effectively because now he will have the bully pulpit on his side to speak directly to American’s and present the who what and why he is doing what he is doing.  Plus, now he has support from his Party and those he shall select for his administration.

Trump has support.  That’s nice.  However, the tasks at hand…all his promises bring to American’s what is known as “the proof is in the pudding.” (in the eating) No President can ever deliver on everything.  Nobody has done it.  And the media critics are out there pouncing on his few administrative selections he has maid.   Where are the minorities?  Where are the women appointees?  This after eight years of two incompetent biased Black Attorney General’s, a President who always sided with any Afro American controversy before even knowing the facts.  He made enemy’s of our friends and friends of our enemies.  Always sided with Muslims barely throwing a bone to Israel.  Plus two secretary’s of State setting the middle east a blaze.

Trump must do the proverbial “hit the ground running.”  From his choices thus far, an openness in who he is meeting with transparency we have not scene in decades.  The men he has chosen in National Security and as Attorney General are doer’s.  Proven track records.  Ignore what the media is trying to criticize.  And, If President Elect Trump can truly ‘bury the hatchet” with Mitt Romney as Secretary of State, it will be a triumph to show the Country he’s selecting the best person for the job regardless of past differences.  That is leadership.  That is someone putting the best interests of the Country first.  Laura Ingraham, (a woman no less) if selected as press secretary will be excellent.  Smart as they come, direct and will give solid answers to questions and take no guff.  First on the agenda should be building “the wall.” Next will be dealing with the mess of Obamacare.  A debacle that will remain with us until some form of new healthcare can be provided before anyone loses coverage. This will be tough one and will take time. Lots of time.  A rebuilding of our military will have high priority.  Obama so weakened our Armed Services that our jet fighters do not have needed parts.  The military is actually having to steal parts (cannibalizing) from other and older aircrafts. Obama had no use for the military.  Plus immigration will be there as a priority and getting the economy truly moving again.  And of course ISIS.  The public has no idea how bad Obama is leaving us because the media always covered for him.  Long on style and short on substance.  And let’s not forget the VA.

President Trump will face a bigger mess than Obama ever had and chances are he won’t keep blaming the previous administration. But Trump does hold some aces.  Senator Harry Reid will be gone.  The public always referred to Congress as a “do nothing” Congress.  What the media never reported  was the House kept passing bills to the Senate but Sen. Reid never allowed a vote on most any bill he felt Obama did not want.  Reid was Obama’s stooge.  Trump will have a worthy Senate minority leader opponent in Chuck Schumer who is far smarter than Reid.  Schumer will be tough but is willing to negotiate to get some things done.

Is President Trump up to the task?   Time will tell.  But the head of Ford Motors, Bill Ford has already called Trump saying he will not move his Ford Plant from Kentucky to Mexico.  Trump will be open to all forms of energy exploration.  Last week in Texas it was discovered the largest new oil supply ever found in the USA.  We have huge supply’s of natural gas.  Much cleaner than coal.

But, for those naysayers who are worried about oil drilling in Alaska and goodness knows what else at a terrible cost of cash in the hands of consumers, I ask do you really think wind mills, solar power and whatever else will be able to power your airplane to Grandma’s house for the holiday’s?   Think again about millions wasted on so called clean energy projects because other Country’s are needed to get the job done.  They are not of that mind set.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Stayed tuned for a whirl wind from the new administration.



Paid protesters=Communists?

Being paid $15 an hour to protesters, a tax exempt group known as the Progress United Fund (PUF) is funding a group known as ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism).  The Daily Caller is reporting PUF is funding ANSWER which is run by communists and international leftists who hate America and Israel.  They are the ones who are organizing these staged protests of Donald Trump’s election turning into violence.  You didn’t actually think these nationwide protests were mere happenstance and came out of no where did you?  Told to make home made signs to disguise their organized anarchist’s affiliation. PUF does not have to reveal their source of funding. The election of Donald Trump is their most recent excuse to seek and destroy America.   No question.  These extremists are paid and being organized using President Elect Trump as an excuse to cause destruction with the ultimate goal of an over throw of America as it now exists.   Now spreading nation wide, this is no fallacy.  It is their big chance.  The inauguration of new President Trump is their focal point.  Add to the actions are groups such as Black Lives Matter.  Frequent guests at the Obama White House.  As well as rapper’s mouthing filth in their words during White House performance’s far worse than anything the pro Hillary media accused of President Elect Donald Trump.  Ever wonder if Obama’s children were in attendance?  As Sarah Palin might say…”You Betcha.”

The organizational activities are largely being organized with the help of Al Sharpton and Michael Moore.  Funded by billionaire avowed socialist George Soros who has no use for America as a sovereign nation. He seeks world globalization.  As does Hillary and Obama. A movement Soros wishes to lead for self aggrandizement and further huge monetary gains.  He was a huge financial backer of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As usual Obama will say and do nothing, thus far, to discourage what is happening.  Those who truly know Obama and his ideology understand this fore mentioned action is what he failed to achieve. With the euphoria surrounding the election of a Black President, who speaks with eloquence, the truth is he was hardly vetted as a routine American Presidential candidate.  The mass of American’s didn’t want to know and still don’t know what and who Barack Obama is.  Anyone with an ounce of curiosity can google the name Barry Soetoro and sift through a wealth of information on Obama.  Briefly know his mother, Ann Dunham, raised by her communist father, was the same.  She married Barack Obama, the President’s father, who was a Shite Muslim bigamist alcoholic who she divorced and remarried a successful Indonesian Lolo Soetoro.  Mr.Soetoro cared enough for his step son to adopt him and rename our current President Barry Soetoro.  Barry attended school in Jakarta that only would teach the Islamic faith.  As famed Hall Of Fame baseball manager Casey Stengel used to say…”You can look it up.”

So brace yourself for more violent protests with ANSWER’s major objective is to ruin and or destroy the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump.  Jacksjargon is highly fearful of attempts upon our new President’s life.  Especially at that particular time.  It’s not just in the movies that long distance snipers can do often what they want to do.  Jacksjargon suggests a bullet proof bubble should surround President Trump on inauguration day.   Doubtful.   But, a worthy word of caution.

How ironic it all is the hope and change promised over and over from Barack Obama that gave us little hope and bad change causing the election of his replacement, now truly comes from a man Obama loathes to the highest degree.  Him wishing Trump well along with Hillary’s declaration of “give him a chance” is rubbish.  Anyone who believes in their sincerity is naïve to the highest degree.  All you’ll have to note is what they do, not say, following the election of President Donald Trump.  A man who will lead and be the one who actually not only does give hope, but actual change as well. Bank on it.

Jacksjargon wishes to thank so many of you who have faithfully followed this blog during the campaign in offering your kind remarks, likes on facebook, and spreading along the word to more followers.    And, if you think we are wrapping things up post election, think not. Jacksjargon is just beginning roll in defense of our great nation.  Warts and all, it has given us, and still does, the highest standard of living the world has ever seen.

Trump’s 60 Minute Interview

Please be mindful of a jacksjargon follow up blog with regard to how organized militant anti America demonstrators are bought and paid for by outside sources.

For the most part the President Elect Donald Trump interview on 60 Minutes was quite good.  Quite good in the sense he came off as solid in his answers, thoughtful, serious, well aware of the significance of what he is about to under take. He stuck to his priorities he campaigned upon.   Any non partisan viewer had to be impressed.  He knows what he has to do.   At one point he said his businesses “are peanuts” compared to the office of the Presidency.  Any fair minded individual, on the right or the left, had to realize this is a serious man about to inherit the worst mess of a Country and world any new President has to embark upon.  Most importantly, he oozed leadership.  A mind set of getting many things done.   When asked about any vacations he would take he said he thought of none.   “Too much work to do.”

His family came off excellent.  His wife Melania was open, honest and beautiful as always.  “I tell him what I think.  Sometimes he listens to what I say (follows her advice) and sometimes he doesn’t.   He is his own man.”  His children, all of them, gave intelligent input.  They will run the Trump Company.   Melania wants to concentrate on the bullying that goes on in many venues.  Trump and his wife both spoke well of Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and Hillary and Bill’s phone calls.

Now the controversy as Jacksjargon sees it.  The idea of CBS interviewer Lesley Stahl equating the minimal antagonistic incidents from Trump supporters to non supporters versus the violent organized demonstrations from paid protesters going on for three days and counting was bias, wrong and insulting.  To his supporters causing trouble Trump said “Stop it.”  For that to be an issue against the burning of businesses, cars, violence against police and goodness knows what else now or later is preposterous.  No comparison.  Stahl did her liberal bent to make it seem that way. Shameful.  Plus, reports floating out of the interview that Trump was now backing away from previous positions on issues…compromising himself already…hedging his bets…sheer liberal bias nonsense.   Trump made clear his priorities once again are still the same.  And for Lesley Stahl to try and make an issue out of lobbying he is now using in setting up his administration was beneath her.  In D.C. at this time, there are no others in the know that can show the way around Washington to help him get ready.  Somebody from elsewhere…what do they know of the entire gambit of what is needed in the White House and the stocking of certain positions in the new administration.  Surely an experienced reporter such as Lesley Stahl can select more pertinent questions than such foolishness or feeble attempts at creating some kind of a story. There is no story there.

Veteran reporters such as Miss Stahl become celebrities themselves.  But, can they handle any such off base pronouncements?  Well let’s give it a try.  Please please Lesley Stahl tone down that horrendously awful over blown lipstick.   Yikes.  This is the world of 21st century cosmetics.   Not the 20th century cosmetics.   Next…the vengeful despicable nationwide out of control so called anti Trump protests blog ready to be published.   Stay tuned.  You will be shocked at what is happening in cities across America.

Once in a life time

Jacksjargon has been watching, following and involved in politics for almost 60 years. Never in my lifetime have I seen the likes of what Donald Trump did Tuesday night. It is truly historical in nature. It was him against the entire Country.  A man alone.  With help from VP Mike Pence.  91% of all media stories were anti Trump.  He had little backing from even his own Party.  Hillary had everybody out there working for her….Obama…Michelle…VP Joe Biden…all the celebrities lambasting him…the full backing of the Democrat Party and their excellent ground game of  getting out the vote.   And, to top it all off the Republican’s held the Senate along with the House of representatives.  True to form, Trump won it big.  A thorough thumbing of  a woman who never deserved to be even being running for the Presidency. And most American’s could see it.   President elect Trump was gracious in his acceptance speech at 3 AM Eastern time.  He complimented Sec. Clinton and how hard she worked. He showed humility, thanked so many for their help, expressed his goals and promised to be a President of all the people. In short he acted with dignity, grace and he was Presidential.  It was terribly moving, historical and simply a miracle that could have only happened in America.   Our Country has many problems.  He will need the support of all Americans. One thing for certain, he will make mistakes, accomplish many things but most of all he will give his very best for our Country at all times.   He knows no other way.

So the American people have spoken.  They don’t want anymore of the same they have had with Washington D.C. and a President who led our nation down a road it was never intended to be.  A lesson for all of us from Donald Trump. Think big…never quit…give it all you’ve got…and most anything is possible.

For those who doubt Trump…yes he has many flaws…as we all do.   But, never question his intelligence…his leadership qualities…and his ability to get things done.   You don’t become a billionaire without those qualities.  Trump wore a different mask for the entire campaign.  What he doesn’t know now, he is sharp enough in hiring people…very perceptive and there is no way he could have raised such a wonderful devoted respectful family without good character.   All this time he was so ridiculed…made out to be something of a buffoon.   If any of you fear Trump as President, don’t be.   He is a far different man than what the public saw.   He will give his very best to keep his promises.  Plus, he will have all of Congress controlled by his Party.

But, as always, Trump will “march to the tune of his own drummer.”   Now let’s see what kind of grace or dignity from Hillary and our President show.   Integrity and good character has never been their strong suit.   Perhaps they will surprise and the rest of the Country.  Hillary Clinton did not speak Tuesday night.  Her shock of losing has to be terribly hurtful.

Oh…one final thought.   His campaign manager, Kelly Anne Conway, is deserving of Trump buying her ten Cadillac’s of any color she wants.  And now Trump will begin to “Make America great again.”

Scrape Me Off The Floor

As of 8:30 Central time…Florida looks like Trump will take it.   It’s still early, but as Al Michaels said on the brink of our amateurs beating the Russian pro’s in hockey for the gold medal….”Do you believe in miracles?”

Trump just may SHOCK THE WORLD.    Hillary’s concession speech?  A must.   But, not over yet….but lookin’ good at this hour.

3:30 PM (CT) Election Update

CNN and MSNBC are revealing virtually nothing about how things are going for Hillary.    That in itself says something.  Or maybe not.

However, Fox News continues to give insight.  In North Carolina, A Wake Forest U. Professor of political science says his State is among the best at gathering early voting info.  Professor John Dinan reports in early voting from Afro American’s it is down significantly.  Also, he says the Democrat vote is about normal.  Republican vote running 12% above normal.   But, here is the topper.  Unaffiliated voters are voting 40% higher than normal.  Who are these people?   Speculative of course.  But, they aren’t Black American voters…and they don’t claim to belong to any Party…all of which indicates they are not really into politics.  Common sense would indicate they are not so excited that they are coming out of their shell to vote for Hillary. Who would rally those type of voters.  You know who.

In Pennsylvania…CNN is showing a line so long they used a drone to survey the line.  One to two hour wait to vote.  This is Trump country.  “It has gone from busy to ridiculously busy” says the CNN reporter.  However, Philadelphia voting is heavy.

Meanwhile…two Florida election officials have been fired for not adhering to  proper voting procedure.  Voting in Durham County, North Carolina has been so heavy, officials are asking for an additional 90 minute voting time.  Also notable in N. Carolina, FIVE precincts have switched to paper ballots because of problems with voting machines.  Wait until “The Donald” hears about this. Utah also having problems with voting machines.   Reports out of Virginia, thought to be a Democrat strong hold, say voting is very heavy.

Yours truly worked the polls for many many years in Indiana and suburban Chicago. Not once in all those years did I ever encounter a problem with a machine.  While most news this early is encouraging for Trump supporters, Florida still holds the key.  And Latino voting is heavy.  But in this craziest of all Presidential elections, would it not be absolutely astonishing if Trump lost Florida, but picked up an unusual amount of “Blue States” that he still won.    Who knows?    Stand by for anything.  Nothing is certain except the voting is huge.

Early Election Day Reports!

Dan Henninger, highly respected Deputy Editorial Director for the Wall Street Journal…when asked what is driving this enormous turn out today….”It’s the desire for change. The race really tightened at the end. ”   Thus far it appears “the voters cannot abide by four more years of a Democrat Presidency.  Democrat’s cannot attract the issue of change.”  “I predict the Republican’s will hold on to the Senate.”  “I think Trump might just pull this off for the reasons I am describing.”

According to    Number one issue from exit voters ( one third of total) is the desire for change…Elsewhere….Black vote way down in Cleveland, Ohio.  Cincinnati normally goes Republican.  Since 1960, the way Ohio votes indicates the Presidential victor.  Millennial’s voting (age 18-34) so far is well below normal…..A Democrat heavy county in FLA finds Trump up by 8,000 votes….Pollster Frank Luntz says in Michigan he is seeing an overwhelming number of “working class voters” are voting.

All this encouraging for Republican’s.  But no way a sure thing this early 12:30 Central time.

Trump Will Lose

Anyone who says they are undecided right now needs someone to help them figure out what shoe goes on the left foot and what shoe goes on the right foot.  Hopeless.

The main reasons Trump will lose is the Hispanic vote and the women vote. Plus the know nothings and semi no nothings will vote Hillary.  Pre election voting in Nevada show the margin so large in Hillary’s favor that even with major Trump support Tuesday, the State is lost.  A State many thought he could win.   Even with momentum behind him, Donald Trump, his odds to win are slim to none.  In order to win Trump needs to (using proverbial metaphors) draw to an “inside straight.”  Or better yet, he needs to “run the table.”  All of which means for Trump to win he needs to win all the “battleground States” plus pick up one or more traditional Blue States (Democrat States.)  It’s within the realm of possibility.  It’s also more likely well within the realism of improbability.  It would be a monumental upset of historical proportions.

Sunday, FBI Director James Comey, who’s FBI career has been disgraced, suddenly announced no new charges in the latest news on the Hillary Clinton email scandal. It’s virtually meaningless with all the high octane verbiage coming from both campaigns.  Hillary Clinton campaigns saying merely mush…”We must win for all America.”  What?  That screeching unbearable Hillary rally voice will never be missed.  Nobody in the semi to no nothing class of voters really have any clue as to what she stands for.  I guess it’s…I’m a woman, a Democrat and Trump is bad.  Her entire campaign has been devoted to destroying Trump and hiding from what she really stands for.   At least Trump hammers away at his traditional themes headlined these days by the horrendous premium increases and failures of Obamacare.  Comey is likely “washed up” regardless of who wins. Both candidates have no further respect for him.  Interesting that her Foundation scandal gets no mention.  Reports indicate the case is much stronger on the Foundation fraud.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch will likely stay on as Attorney General with a Hillary win.  She’ll protect Hillary from indictment.  Most believe Bill Clinton promised her that in their airplane half hour discussion.  That’s the way the Clinton’s have always handled matters.  Ruthless.

Too much happens post early voting.  Laws should be changed on no early voting until one week before the election. For Trump to win the Presidency he must win Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.   He still needs upsets in States that have not gone Republican in decades.  Pennsylvania for one….Michigan another and Colorado.  If Trump could win Michigan plus all the others (not counting PA)  he has 280 electoral votes of the needed 270.   Odds of all that happening are miniscule.  Ohio leans Trump…PA finds Hillary up mostly by 4 to 6%.  And North Carolina tied. Florida tied.  But, polls in these States are still iffy. Michigan not likely, but Hillary’s people are hastily going back to Mich. and PA.   If Trump loses Florida, you can probably go to bed early.

There are several events happening that does bode well for Trump.  Fewer Afro American’s are voting.  He actually has a message. Hillary has none.  The huge unknown is how many closet Trump voters are out there.  These are he ones who fear criticism saying they are voting for Trump to pollsters and colleagues. Early voting shows Republicans voting at a much higher rate than four years ago.. But, same for Hispanics in Florida.  Most Republicans tend to vote on election day. Trump finally has effective TV ads competing with Hillary’s.

Anything is still possible.  The Senate is a toss up.  Likely a new minimal Democrat majority.  The House will stay solid Republican thwarting Hillary.  But if she wins, and leaves the borders open for more poor uneducated illegals flowing in as she has said, it will insure much of the nation will become more and more Democrat because of goodies the Dem’s hand out  This is what happened to California.  That’s what the Democrats want.  Retain power and change America into a socialist country.  No matter the USA built the highest standard of living from business and labor.  Not government.  Power is everything to the progressives. They don’t really like America as is.  Traditional liberals who still believed in the greatness of America are pretty much gone.

So if you are in the Trump camp, pray for heavy rains in the eastern United States.  Fewer Dem’s  vote when it rains…Republicans vote regardless. And Trump loyalists will vote no matter what…come “hell or high water.”   But, should Trump pull off a huge upset, Hillary might think of taking her hundreds of millions made, somehow as a public servant, elsewhere because a new attorney general won’t look the other way at her criminality.  It simply seems too much to hope for.

Stay with for updates.


The Commercial That Would Stop Hillary

If only this could be concisely done in a one minute television commercial.

Hillary Clinton sold 20% of America’s uranium to the Russians in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

WikiLeaks shows Hillary knew Qatar and Saudi Arabia were funding the Islamic State group, yet she took their donations to the Clinton Foundation.

WikiLeaks (from her emails) reports Hillary took 12 million from the King of Morocco at the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary supports and defends the terrible Iran deal, the most one-sided deal in world history. We paid that terrorist State of Iran $150 billion so they could fund terrorism all over the world.

Iran got everything they ever dreamed of and the deal literally guarantees they will have nuclear weapons to one day destroy Israel and threaten the rest of the world. Obama has always had a covenant with Iran.

Hillary has publicly admitted she will bring 500,000 poorly vetted Syrian refugees to America in her first term.  What if one of them is a killer?  What if one if one of them sets off a “dirty bomb.”   Approximate kill estimated 150,000 depending upon  where it explodes.

The cost of bringing in 500,000 Muslim refugees? $400 billion. We could fix our major cities with that amount.

Hillary said in a prepared speech her dream is of open borders. She has no intention of protecting our borders.

Hillary mainly wants to flood our Country with more Democrat voters.

Hillary and her mentor, Obama, refuses to say Islamic and terrorist in the same sentence.

To wit Hillary might say….”At this point what difference does it make?”  If only the blind could see…the no nothings and the semi no nothings knew something.  So many will vote because Trump said some vulgar female remarks or she is a woman.  Or out of simply blind loyalty to a Party that is no longer the pro American Party it once was.  Most labor unions now back Trump.

And if elected Tuesday, the FBI likely will recommend a grand jury to the compromised Attorney General Loretta Lynch who will either deny it or go forward knowing Obama will pardon her.

Thanks to Las Vegas Review Journal columnist Wayne Allen root for his partial contributions to this blog.

Stay in touch with for updates and commentary.