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Robert Mueller Appears Wednesday

Every time  the Democrat’s bring up the unsubstantiated conspiracy or obstruction of justice charges accusing President Trump, all the Republican’s need to do is repeat this question “Do you stand by your statement (to Robert Mueller) that this report does not conclude the President committed a crime?”  Point made from former President W. Bush advisor Karl Rove. Spot on from Karl.

Here we are over two years later with Democrat’s still trying to make something out of nothing from the useless Special Counsel Robert Mueller report. Rather than doing something for our Country, like our border mess, the Democrat’s dig their grave deeper.  They are thrilled and ready to try and get the appearance of Mueller Wednesday before Congressional Committees to somehow come up with something (anything) to charge President Trump with a crime either to impeach him or lay ground work for charges to be brought against when he leaves office. It is a complete waste of time because it will be virtually impossible  to remove him from office.  Needing 66 conviction votes in the Senate to convict, with 53 Republicans, that simply is not going to happen. President Trump stays put.

Reportedly the Congressional Democrat’s have been rehearsing with Mueller as to his Wednesday testimony.  So what?  What’s gauling about this entire episode is Robert Mueller put a haze over his report by saying he could not recommend charges because a President cannot be charged (indicted) while he remains in office. He’s lying.  During President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, where actual crimes were committed, Special Counsel Ken Starr brought charges to the Department of Justice. That’s the point of a Special Counsel.  Whether to bring charges or not.  Then the Justice Dept. decides what to do with those charges. Mueller took this route because he wanted to leave an opening for nonsense like this Wednesday in front of Congressional Party hacks. Mueller and his team of all liberal Hillary Clinton supporter attorneys were disappointed they found no wrong doing so Mueller came up with this vagueness aura.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must be ready (internally) to throw up her hands and say to hell with it all.  She wants no impeachment because she knows it will damage chances for Democrat’s to hold power in the House of Representatives and for her to retain Speakership.  Plus she has this “Squad” team of immature nutcases providing the worst premise of proposals she knows is the death nell for her Party.

Meanwhile President Trump continues to battle the “Squad” because he wants them to remain in front of the public.  Their approval rating is anywhere from 9 to 14%.  With a plethora of errors, Trump’s political instincts remain intact.

Only die hard Democrats and no nothing voters could possibly back this monstrosity.   But, auh oh…I’ve laid the ground work for to be called racist.

Joe Biden is washed up!

New polls tell the story here. But, we didn’t need polls to tell us Joe Biden is through as a candidate. Post debate poll from CNN: Biden 22%…Kamela Harris 17%…Elizabeth Warren 15%…Bernie Sanders 14%…Pete Buttigieg 4%.    Another poll from Iowa.  Iowa is the first State to have a meaningful showing being a caucus State.  Biden 24%…Kamela Harris 16%…Elizabeth Warren 14%…Bernie Sanders 9%.  Might as well throw Crazy Bernie in the garbage heap with Biden.   Nobody else over 3%.  Buttigieg will likely drop out just when I finally remember how to spell his name. But, he is raising money.

With Biden he is simply one gaffe or mistake after the other.  “I was never against bussing.” Nonsense. He is now on video shown on the news saying he is against bussing years ago. When is the last time you saw a candidate for President in a debate suddenly say…”My time is up.” Stopped mid sentence.? Senior moment?   Lost chain of thought?  Who knows.  It’s anybody guess with Biden.  Politicians next to never quit talking during their time in a debate. Oh, but there’s much more since the debate.  Speaking in Seattle to an audience Biden made comment that things have really changed for the better in the past five years.  “Five years ago there would be snide remarks about a gay person.”  Trouble is Seattle elected a gay Mayor five years ago.  Not to be out done.  Biden declared kids “in hoodies” may grow up to be something really special. Ah oh…Cory Booker fumed referring to kids in hoodies normally refers to Black kids. And this is all in the last few weeks.  Memory lane Biden comments would have you laughing a good while.

Bernie Sanders fading fast as predicted.  Same old same old.  Old news.  Others have picked up the baton much better.  Before the next round of Democrat debates a candidate must have at least 130,000 proven donors.   Booker doesn’t…Castro doesn’t.  Might be down to ten or less next contest.

Kamela Harris is off to a good start.  However, she made a critical blunder she is still trying to live down.   She raised her hand when all were asked in favor of health care for illegals. She’s the best of the bunch.  Being from California she will garner huge delegate votes.

When watching both nights of the first Democrat debates, jacksjargon kept thinking….of the millions of Democrats in America…is this the best they can do?  In an atmosphere of anger, “pie in the sky” giveaway programs and condemnation of President Trump, this is going to give us the next President of the United States.   Fuddgetaboutit.