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The O’Reilly Conspiracy.

Stories of Bill O’Reilly payoffs to woman have been around since 2004.  Never proven.  Even the catalyst leading to his dismissal at Fox News, Wendy Walsh, openly said there never had sex with Bill O’Reilly.  She says he hinted at it.

So why did it happen?  And what did happen?  Bill O’Reilly’s influence on politics in America was huge.   Only Rush Limbaugh could compete with him.  And Limbaugh may be next.  The Democrat’s have no leader except for 75 year old  Bernie Sander’s who still draws large crowds.  Under Obama’s eight years, the Republican’s now  control everything nationwide.  Hundreds in State Houses are now overwhelming Republican, as Governorship’s, House of Representatives, the Senate and now the White House.  Democrat Keith Ellison, now Deputy Chair person for the Democrat Party,  admits Obama’s inability to work with his Party destroyed it.  The Democrat’s have no power.  All they can do is stall things and try to block Republicans proposals.  So what is left?  Try to destroy what can be destroyed.

O’Reilly, with his huge audience nightly between three and a half to four million homes, was a huge plus for Republican’s.  Same for Fox News.  The one voice of media dominates all other media by making clear the other side of issues.  It’s why they are number one for more than ten years.  Extreme leftists of money people used their finances in conjunction with Progressives, Socialists and Communists who seek to create a revolution in America.  Total government control of most everything.  If they could cut off the head, O’Reilly, other Fox dominoes are sure to follow is their plan.  Jacksjargon has learned from multiple sources these revolutionaries plotted and worked a plan that toppled the head of prime time Fox News dominance.  Get the advertisers on board.  They went down the list of sponsors on The Factor and overwhelmed them with a bombardment of tweets, emails, protests making it seem the entire Country was against Bill O’Reilly when in actuality, his audience held and even grew some nights while this siege on his sponsors went on.  Who knows the truth?   But, the big time sponsors didn’t care.  Coming out of mainly the east coast, O’Reilly’s advertisers deserted him.  The leftist’s paid and used Wendy Walsh to publicize sex stories against O’Reilly.

However, the advertisers were just a part of it.  The head of News Corp, Rupert Murdoch, has his sons running a major part of the company he founded into a billion dollar empire.  21st Century Fox head, son James has a billion dollar deal pending to buy controlling interest in Sky News.  The satellite news operation of Europe.  News Corp reputation had previously been tainted and they feared the O’Reilly issue MIGHT blow the deal.  Then one more major happening.  Their wives.  They were extremely supportive of ridding Fox News of Bill O’Reilly. No matter that their news operation led by O’Reilly represented over 20% of their company’s profits.  Emotions began to take over.  Just who did this Bill O’Reilly think he is?  Their battle cry.  Money and emotion were more important to them then continuing Fox News dominance.  Without O”Reilly as their lead into prime time every night, Fox News is going to fall.  How far nobody knows.  Tucker Carlson taking over for The Factor is laughable.  Putting The Five into prime time?   Gone are Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren.  Without a strong foundation, any house will fall.

In time Fox News is going to have to go outside their house for reinforcements.  Doubtful Chris Wallace would want O’Reilly spot.  Eric Bolling is getting a prime time show as is Martha McCallum.  But, O’Reilly was unique.  He had that uncanny ability to touch upon complex or very important issues and the ability to convey to his huge audience with clarity that could touch the every day person.  Now that key element is gone from Fox news.

If you are one who is caught up in this nebulous sex scandal condemning O’Reilly, think for a moment.  Do you really think the same couldn’t be done to a host of present day news people such as Don Lemon…Lester Holt…Brian Williams…gay Rachel Maddow…Scott Pelley…David Muir…George Stephanopoules ( hanging out with Bill Clinton all those years) Chuck Todd and a long list of others.  Wolf Blitzer? No…sorry Wolf, no luck.  They are pure as fallen snow…right?   Nonsense.  Good looking and ambitious men and women with money, working together daily in close proximity.  Celebrities in their own right working with ambitious people of the opposite sex.  It is a constant problem everywhere. Plus groupies seeking celeb’s.  Jacksjargon worked in the business many years.  It’s a constant folks. It goes back years.   Bill Clinton with Hillary covering and handling his never ending “bimbo eruptions.”  John Kennedy having women brought to him nightly.  Even beloved President Franklin Roosevelt died in the arms of his mistress.

Folks, what we had here was a leftist coup d’etat of Bill O’Reilly done for political reasons.  Like him or hate him (polls showed 25%-30% of his nightly viewers called themselves liberals)  Bill O’Reilly was good television.  Entertainment, tough thought out questioner who took on everybody and highly informative to millions. There is not only a huge void at Fox News, but nationwide.  The leftists love it.  But, millions more morn his loss.  James Murdoch and brother Lachlan and their wives think they knew what they were doing.  They didn’t

Bill O’Reilly Fired!

At present there is better than a 50-50 chance he will be let go due to a mainly New York Times report that the Fox New Channel and Bill O’Reilly personally paid thirteen million dollars to five woman who accuse O’Reilly of sexual conduct while working with them   But, there is much controversy surrounding the story.  Such as it is old news first reported 2004.  And many O’Reilly supporters at the network agree it was consensual.  Women seeking advancement of their careers on O’Reilly’s programs and Fox News as well.  Big time sponsors have pulled their commercials from the number one cable news program for eighteen years.  Often his program is number one on ALL cable channels with as many as close to four million viewers recently even when the scandal news had already surfaced.. Two and a half times the combined ratings of MSNBC and CNN.  Some of the payments confirmed.  Only one source confirmed and it is a dubious one.

It’s Wendy Walsh, who has publicly accused O’Reilly of sexual advances saying she was coming forward to protect future women.  That’s a B.S line.  More likely she was paid by competitors.   She admits no sex was involved.  Just hints.   However, her emails to O’Reilly have been shown that praise him for all he did for her being on his program often and getting her work on other programs such as The View.  Walsh is the one who kicked this issue into high gear.

Here’s the problem the mammoth New Corp company faces.  Bill O’Reilly’s program is the lead in for all Fox News prime time shows.  This is critical.  For instance, a news program at 10 or 11 PM may just be mediocre, but the entertainment program right before it may have such a huge audience that it keeps viewers tuned to that channel.  Finding a replacement for O’Reilly would be extremely difficult.  Tucker Carlson just isn’t going to cut it.  Nor Hannity.  Their prime time dominance would likely be badly hurt if not beaten.  Fox News is responsible for 20% of 21st Century Fox profits.

On the other hand, here is likely the reason solidifying his release.  20th Century Fox, headed by the son of billionaire founder Rupert Murdoch,  James Murdoch has a fourteen billion dollar buyout pending for the remaining interest in European satellite giant SKY.  This is European broadcasts that Fox has been coveting to purchase for years.  They have failed before due to negative publicity from Murdoch’s newspapers printing false scandal articles.  It tainted everything. The O’Reilly issue MAY jeopardize matters.  But, it is not clear if O’Reilly is the issue.

Word is Rupert Murdoch wants O’Reilly to stay.  His sons Lachlan and James want him gone.  The board is scheduled to meet Thursday.  It might be decided at that meeting.  O’Reilly attorney, Marc Kasowitz says “Mr. O’Reilly is subject to a brutal campaign of character assassination  that is unprecedented in post McCathyist  America.”  “There is evidence that the smear campaign is being orchestrated by far left organizations bend on destroying Fox News and Bill O’Reilly.”  Says Claire Enders, London based analysis “Not one broadcast would pass the ‘fit and proper’ test.”  Says top PR and marketing wizard Scott Tarter  “Some time off maybe the most useful strategy.”

Jacksjargon believes the firing of Bill O’Reilly would be asinine.  Fox News slashing their wrist’s.  First, this deal with SKY satellite news of Europe is still a POSSIBILITY. No guaranty.  Look at it this way…you fire a man who made you and still keeps you on top of all cable news channels by a huge margin.  He has made his company billions and would continue to do so.  True, nobody is irreplaceable.  But, Bill O’Reilly  is a rarity.  Prime time will be devastated for Fox News.  Faithful followers will be furious.  Sponsors will return in time.  3.5 to 4 million viewers per night is irresistible.  What has actually been proven?  Still unclear what has transpired.  Would it not have been a terrific idea for CNN and MSNBC to hatch this plan in cooperation with the New York Times.  The liberal media will do anything to destroy Fox News.  And O’Reilly is the key. Put him out to pasture for a while such as Brian Williams, who we know lied on stories many times.  Or Ed Henry was banished after his scandalous affair made Fox News look bad.  But, fire him?  Lose a huge portion of the 20% profit his program earns for the company?   It’s nuts.

Television suicide.  If Fox News wants to can someone…be it Shepard Smith.  Arrogant, pompous, opinionated on what is supposed to be a straight news show.  My mother had a saying…”this guy is in love with himself.”   It’s Shepard Smith.  Not Bill O’Reilly.

Jacksjargon…stay tuned.



Syria raid…fact versus fiction

Thursday night America became America again.  And outside of our enemy nations, the world applauded.  Many Arab nations are thrilled.  President Trump acting boldly and quickly, (a key component) ordered 59 missiles to take out Syria’s poison gas holding area at least nine Syrian jets and more of their equipment.  An action that put our enemies on notice they don’t have fumbling do nothing Obama to let them off the hook.  If he was still in office, it would take months to decide this type of action and then announce what we will do to the world before doing it.

Senator Rand Paul may be a wonderful doctor, but he has no clue as to what our constitution and founding fathers cleverly put in our nations document to make what President Trump did to Syria entirely legal. Congress has to put their stamp of approval to a DECLARATON of war.  Under the War Powers Act, the President has the option of a strike such as Thursday.  Our founders wanted the President to be able to take swift action when he feels it is necessary.  Then, shortly,  he must explain to Congress why he took such action.

That swift action by President Trump was perfectly timed  Coincidence or not. The Russians were informed one hour before the strike and the President of China ,visiting the White House for talks and festivities, gets the word at dinner that the USA is shooting  missiles hitting Syria.  Now there’s a wake up call for you.  China is now on notice it would be in their interest to dampen down the nutcase running North Korea.  Also, he now is aware, as Secretary of State Tillitson said, we have nothing further to say to North Korea. If North Korea shoots off anymore missiles toward America, we will shoot them out of the sky. And of all things, Tillitson visits Russia next week having a stronger hand than Obama’s people ever held.  Worth paying attention to.  The world changed for the better Thursday night.  Even socialist Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer supported the attack.  But, them both being the prototype politicians, were quickly aware American’s will mostly approve and give major support for the President’s actions.

That swift action by our President, two days after the gas slaughter of Syrian people (which visibly moved our President) makes everyone aware we will move quickly to attack when necessary.   Says Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul…”Trump has done more in less than 100 days than eight years, to save lives in Syria.”  The quickness of the attack is huge. Our enemies now know, like it or not, they must be more on guard.  But it is likely Syria will challenge the U.S. again.  Trump MIGHT  take out all of their air fields.

There’s talk of Trump’s original base of supporters might not value the event.  Jacksjargon says so what?  Are they suddenly going to back Democrat’s?  Forgetabouit.  Our President keeps an eye on his poll numbers, but his actions will be what he thinks is best under the circumstances and the poll numbers will take care of themselves. He is surrounded himself with some of the most intelligent , experienced and successful people in our nation.  He carefully listens and likes to hear their arguments over policy and tactics.  As Kellyanne Conway says…”There are no “yes men” around him.  Plus, Trump will make moves with his staff when he judges a change is needed.  Word is more staff changes coming soon.

Meanwhile our new U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is doing a first rate job.  Her speech, directed to the Russians and others who wish us harm, made it clear we don’t want to strike again.   But, we will if we have too.  She is distinguishing herself.  And, the USA must be ready as Russia is presently sending a ship near where our ships struck from.  Fear not.  History has shown time again nobody wins when they show weakness.  President Reagan showed that often.  Peace through strength.  “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall.”  And it happened.  Bullies back down when they know their opponent won’t back down.  Nobody ever got into a war because they were too strong.  Again, Trump has the best advisors and he listens.   No Susan Rice’s or Muslim Valerie Jarrett.  Ever wonder what qualified Valerie Jarrett?

So what next?   Syria’s Assad may be making plans to strike again his own people. What shall the White House do then?  The Russians may encourage it.  Our administration is well aware and already has planned ahead.  But, enemy countries now know what they are up against.  We may be weaker militarily than years past, but we are still the strongest militarily in the world having the most sophisticated weapons.  Plus, as President Trump shows leadership, other countries will join us.  It simply works that way when there is successful strong leadership.

Plus Judge Gorsuch was confirmed.  The Democrat’s go boo hoo sighting the Republicans didn’t give their nominee, Merrick Garland a hearing.  What they and the media never remind us that in 1992, then Senator Joe Biden on the judiciary committee said….”We should seriously not schedule hearings until after the election.”  It’s endless with these people.

President Trump had quite a week.  A successful week.  Take note though of challenges just ahead.  According to retired General Jack Keane…”Another chapter is coming and likely involving some application of force.”  But, fear not.   As our enemies now see our Tomahawk missiles actually go into tunnels and take out jet planes they will be even more weary.  They know…”They ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”

Rice Boils Over

She lied on five Sunday political shows about a video causing the attack at Benghazi…she told us of the heroic efforts of army deserter Bowe Bergdahl…and now we are supposed to believe “I told nuthin’ to nobody.” That’s Susan Rice, Obama’s co-chief advisor.  This woman can be trusted even less than Obama. And if you think Obama didn’t know Rice was getting intelligence from illicit and illegal sources you are either incredibly naïve or incredibly partisan.  Hell, he probably ordered it.  She will have to take the fall for him when she is inevitably going to be forced to testify, under oath, before Congress Congressional committees.  The only question is whether she will take the 5th or not.  She may need a 5th the night before.

Jacksjargon has learned from several sources, including former Senior Director of the National Security Council, Michael Foran, that President Obama perfected his technique of using secret intelligent sources, beginning in 2015, to listen in on conversations between Senators and Congressmen speaking with opponents of his useless Iran deal. Anything to learn their strategy as Obama always favored Iran and other Muslim countries.  Susan Rice received detailed spread sheets on Trump and his transition associates.  It will take time, maybe never, to gather enough to expose Susan Rice. It’s conceivable Obama may be forced to testify.  The GOP heads all committees.  However, there are logs held in intelligence archives that can indicate the validity of illegal listening to conversations that had nothing to do with Russia.  It was political as was eight years of Obama charming American’s into believing how much good he was supposed to be doing.

As President Trump gets pummelled day after day in print, social media and all network television like no President in modern history, it is incredible, his lists of accomplishments are startling.  The public never hears about.  Is it any wonder his poll ratings are low.  But, change is in the wind.  His actions may be forced to the fore front.  He is furious that Syria’s Assad slaughtered his own men, women and children.  Trump referred with passion on Wednesday…”tiny babies dying” due to the horrendous acts of gassing his people.  Heinous is not a strong enough word.  He has changed his position on  President Assad what once was leave Assad in power.  Stay out of it.  Jacks jargon believes if Trump can get other countries, more the better, to work with the USA, he will take out Assad and dare the Russians to interfere.  He needs some form of a coalition to ward off Russia that supports Assad.

New jobs, good paying jobs, are being seen like nothing in years.  Illegals are at the lowest level crossing the Mexican border in 17 years.  Check this out…Trump has: signed executive orders to protect our police and go after drug cartels, formed a council for the advancement of women entrepreneurs, called or met with over 35 leaders of foreign government getting obvious support from Jordan and Egypt  Wednesday who are very convincing in their belief Trump will get things done and lead the fight against ISIS. They are “all in” in their belief.  He is getting rid of scores of regulations from Obama that stifled business. He has signed a joint resolution to help the clean coal industry. He reduced prices on F 35’s jets and AF 1. He has new job commitments from Samsung, Intel, Ford, GM, Carrier and others. A task force has been formed to reduce crime.  Amazingly unions such as Hoffa Jr. Teamster’s are thrilled with Trump’s knowledge of building as he called out to a cheering crowd of carpenters, plasters, electricians, plumbers and others “we will get things done…we will build the Keystone pipe line with American steel (much foreign steel has already been purchased) and infrastructure.  Business leaders are delighted regulations to build a new business are being banished as he pointed to a chart for them.

Don’t listen to all the Russian nonsense which is a hoax to tear down his Presidency.  Obama intelligence leaders James Clapper and CIA Director Comrade Brennan (as many call him)  have already stated there is absolutely no evidence that Trump’s election was collusion with Russia.

Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer knows it is a mistake for his party to force the so called nuclear option as judge Gorsuch will be confirmed to the Supreme Court.  He did it because he had to please the leftist wing of his Party and money people.  It would have been better to let him pass Gorsuch as he replaces a justice with the same beliefs.   Why?  Because should another opening come up during Trump’s term it will look like the same old partisan effort that the public sees through.

Frankly, there are times I get a hoot out of President Trump as he says such things as “I inherited  a mess.  An absolute mess” He points to North Korea…the middle east…Syria…a weak economy and no real job growth.”  What the media absolutely hates is seeing President Trump making deals and, most importantly, forming real alliances with countries who believe in him.  It is obvious.  He is going about the business of being a working President.  Getting better…fewer tweets but he couldn’t resist Wednesday’s tweet…”Susan Rice has committed a crime.”  Never before have we seen a President such as Donald Trump.  What jacksjargon likes best is America finally has a President who will actually fight back at Democrat’s. He takes no prisoners.  Warts and all, mistakes and all, a businessman, no politician, is getting things done.  Sooner or later the media won’t be able to hide the good he is doing.  Watch if he forms a coalition and takes out Syria’s Assad. My guess he will try to do it.  He was simply furious in what he saw. And jacksjargon thinks most American’s will support him.  The world is noticing.  There’s a new sheriff in town. We finally have a leader as President coming of age as months go by.  Ignore the media except for Fox News  They are absolutely furious he is President and they are absolutely nuts.