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Debate/a Cruz lose/Trump got a tip!

Headline in this morning’s Des Moines Register, Rough Night for Cruz”  And, so it was.  That in a moment.

First, Donald Trump knew what he was in for should he have shown up for Thursday nights debate.  He got wind of the clever ploy of Fox News showing actual video clips to be shown of candidates contradicting themselves on issues.  He knew he would be embattled and likely embarrassed badly. This farce of trying to make it seem as he was mistreated by Fox News and Megyn Kelly was  sheer nonsense.  A pretense to excuse himself. He made himself a victim of sorts in excusing himself.  Two ways to look at it if his absence helped or hurt him.  I see it as him trying to minimize damage to himself and allowing Cruz to be his usual pompous arrogant self that at one point showed his well known nasty side arguing with co-moderator Chris Wallace if he should be allowed to speak again. Even suggested he might walk off of the stage with boo’s heard loudly.  Cruz was put down by Wallace.  My mother used to have saying when she saw someone on television she thought “uppity”.  It went….”This guy is in love with himself.” I think of that when I see Ted Cruz.

The debate was more issue oriented and less exciting.  Or as MSNBC loved to say boring.  All on stage got B grades from Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin except for Dr. Carson who got a C.  Jeb Bush most felt had his best night.  Same for Rand Paul. The thinking being the fact neither were going to win anything and the absence of Trump made them more relaxed.

The notorious Frank Luntz focus group post debate on Fox News overwhelming felt Marco Rubio came off as the big winner of the night.  Three came in supporting him.  Nine to ten left supporting him.  Rubio, in addition to stating flatly what he would do as President in a convincing manner, had some solid zingers.  “Sen. Bernie Sanders would make a great President…in Sweden.”   As for Hillary Clinton, “If she became President, one of her first moves would be to pardon herself.”   “She has disqualified herself for President.”  Mrs. Clinton took big hits yesterday.  In the under card debate, Carly Fiorina said, “Hillary is unfit to be President.  She lied to the families losing loved ones at Benghazi.  Sean Penn should be interviewing her.”

My feeling at this point as for Hillary Clinton’s criminal charges a plenty is the FBI will announce clear evidence of law breaking on national security.  However, Obama will never permit his Attorney General Loretta Lynch to indict her on charges.   So no prosecution.  But, huge damage in the warranted publicity may force her out of the race.  V.P. Joe Biden still standing by.  And, he may be tougher to beat than her.

Some other notes from last night.  Said ABC’s Cokie Roberts on CNN, “Megyn Kelly won the night”  “She was not festered by Trump and was very good.”   CNN’s early ratings were doubled from the previous night, however, along with MSNBC, it was still only one fourth of what Fox News ratings coming in with early estimates of 12-13 million.  Second lowest debate rating for the GOP debate but still not bad considering it was the 6th one.  Trump had to be disappointed hearing this news.  Trump says he has no idea of what his absence might mean in the Monday Iowa Caucus voting. Best guess Iowa voters will resent his missing the debate.  They are very discriminating.  However, Trump may not lose as many voters as he would of had he attended the debate. It allowed Cruz to lay an egg.  Probably helped Rubio who is moving up regularly.

And, forget whatever Iowa polls you may have seen.  During the last four Presidential elections, candidates have jumped eight to ten percentage points in the last 2-3 days.  Many Iowa voters decide last minute often swayed by what they hear and or learn in their caucus.  Nobody knows what the outcome will be Monday.

Lastly, if I see one more stupid pillow commercial from that guy, I shall immediately hit the mute button or change channels.    Stay with www.jacksjargon for the latest updates especially Monday night and Tuesday morning results from Iowa voting.

Trump Is Hurt!

This time Donald Trump has gone too far.   He will not be in Thursday night’s Fox News GOP debate because he does not want Megyn Kelly to be a questioner.  He considers her to be unfair.  Mainly coming from her question asking him about his statements against women. For one example referring to Carly Fiorina…”Look at that face? Would you want that face sitting in the White House?”  This being written on Wednesday before the debate.

Poor Donald….so he is going to “take his bat and ball and go home” so to speak. This is a cowardly act.  A man that has bullied virtually all his opponent’s.  And, he thinks he can throw his weight around and bully Fox news into withdrawing Megyn Kelly.  Forgetaboutit.  He thinks Fox would cave because of lost revenue due to lower ratings.  Fox News would never cave to him.  They make more money than MSNBC, CNN and CNBC combined…easily.  They have given him more time than any other candidate.  Interviewed him 132 times during the campaign.

The question is what impact will this have on Monday’s Iowa Caucus?   It is going to hurt him. It may allow unelectable right winger Ted Cruz to win Iowa.  Likely Marco Rubio will move up. Sure Trump’s devotees will stick with him.  As Trump said “I could shoot someone and they would still vote for me.”  Likely true.  But what about the undecided’s…Independent’s….crossover Democrat’s?   His arrogance and bullying have gone too far this time.  This stupid act is an example of the type of President he would be…arbitrary….vindictive…acting upon sheer emotion not relevence.   One thing clear about bullies such as Trump, they need to be confronted.  The head of Fox News will never back down to Trump’s demands. Roger Ailes has gone out of his way to accommodate Trump.

So now with an empty podium in the middle, it gives competing candidates more air time. When he sees reactions to his actions, he may change his mind. He is totally unpredictable. At present, Trump thinks it will help himself.  More over it shows him for what he is….unqualified to be President.   Try to intimidate a star and Fox News?  Fool hardy.

A cowardly foolish act that is self destructive.

Stay tuned to for post debate coverage.


Trump=Master: Hillary=Disaster

What greater disparity can there be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and their campaigns?  Of note, more “established Republican’s” are warming to Trump. They hate Cruz.  Next GOP debate Thursday, Jan. 28th on Fox News channel. Iowa Caucus on the following Monday, Feb. 1st.

Donald Trump has proved he is an absolute master at destroying his opponents.  Just think for a moment how he has done it with any fellow candidate who has moved up in the polls against him. First it was Jeb Bush.  “He’s a low energy person.”  “I don’t want to talk too loud because I might wake him up.”  And it caught on and worked.  Next it was Dr. Ben Carson.  “Who wants a President who says he almost bashed his mother with buckle”  “Why would we want a person who said he almost killed someone?”  So much for Dr. Carson.  On to Ted Cruz.  Has “The Donald” ever savaged better?  First he reminds everyone about Cruz being born in Canada and putting doubt on his being eligible for President.   Duel citiznship is Cruz.   And Trump is correct.  It is unsettled law according to Professor Lawrence Tribe of the Harvard law school.  This issue has caught on with John McCain and fellow Senator’s (who hate Cruz anyway…he is absolutely unlikeable and unelectable)  consulting Constitutional scholar’s.  Already a lawsuit has been filed by a mere American Citizen.  Do you think the Democrat’s would hesitate to sue should Cruz get the nomination?  No way. It would be tied up for a year or more. If that was not enough, Trump launches an attack on Cruz for taking out a loan against his account from the hated Goldman Sach’s firm.  Making matters worse, Cruz somehow forgot to notify the Feds on this loan. He only notified the Republican Party. Cruz said it was a mere over sight.  Yeah sure.  Iowa appears to be no longer in doubt as the latest poll states Trump has increased his lead to 11% over Cruz.  And Cruz is behind most everybody in New Hampshire.   So much for Ted Cruz.

There is one issue against Trump that I am surprised it did not come up earlier. Imminent domain. Trump believes in it and has done it for business.  It is finally being used in campaign commercials.  This is when a developer goes to court and gets a legal order to take somebody’s house, property or both for commercial development.  Here he is vulnerable.

So who’s left to destroy by Trump?   Why Hillary Clinton of course.  Although she has been doing a pretty good job by herself.  Hillary made the mistake of calling Trump sexist.  Wham bam.  Trump reminds everybody of her husband’s terrible sex escapades while President and Hillary ignoring or enabling the wrath brought down on long list of women who credibly accused Bill Clinton of these illicit acts including a rape allegation. “Politic’s ain’t bean bag” as the saying goes.  But, Trump is throws “bombs away.”  Absolutely remarkable his ability to destroy anyone who gets in his way.  He is a master at attacking far and away from what anyone has ever seen before in contemporary politics.  However, he is very thin skinned.  It’s a liability.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton can’t even beat a 73 year old Socialist Senator from Vermont who has virtually accomplished nothing in 25 years in Congress.  Sen. Bernie Sanders has all the momentum while Hillary is going down the tubes on many fronts. She can’t even win the women’s vote as Sanders leads her in that category by 8%.  One recent poll has Hillary losing in Iowa by 8%.  In New Hampshire it is even worse.  Money is pouring in for Sanders while Hillary is stopping her campaign heading home for fund raisers.  In favorability of Democrat’s, Sanders has 91% over her 65%.  She is an awful campaigner, (stiff and staged appearances) in a quandary of trying to get to the left of this Socialist opponent.  Care to guess where Sanders spent his second honeymoon?  No less than Communist Russia.  And, I haven’t even gotten to her possible indictment  from her email scandal that gets worse day by day.

The FBI has been able to obtain the emails she thought she had deleted.  True to form, whoever was to erase all of them did an unprofessional job, the Feds have them. But, there is more every day. Drip drip drip.  The FBI found on her home server two emails that were in the “Special Access Program.”  This is a higher classification than even Top Secret.  These are so important that when senior Congressional leaders are informed in extreme privacy meetings, any notes from those meetings have to be shredded before they leave the room.  I won’t bore you with even more of the same released today, January 22, 2016.  It seems endless.  Anyone else with this type exposure would be in jail by now.  What does she say….it’s those nasty Republican’s up to dirty tricks on her again.  Even though the key man over seeing the FBI actions was appointed by her husband ex Prez Bill Clinton.

What the Hillary Clinton scandal boils down to now is will FBI Director James Comey bring and expose charges against her.   Does he have the courage to do it?  Comey cannot be discharged by Obama.  Edgar Hoover seemed like he was the FBI Director for a century. Comey is well respected.  All these leaks against Hillary have been corroborated by multiple sources.  It has been reported the case will be done in thirty to forty more days.  The pressure on the FBI Director will be enormous.  And, if he does expose the crimes committed, what will Attorney General Loretta Lynch do?  This is an enormous situation.  A famous person…ex Senator…ex Secretary of State and a major candidate for the Presidency with severe charges faces jail time.  If charges are brought, it would be tied up in court for a long time even after she could be elected President. Or as Jeb Bush put it, “Hillary would be running from the White House to the court house.” Beyond anyone’s imagination.  It is simply hard to fathom.

Some how it always seems the Clinton’s get away with everything.  And, it’s a good chance it will happen again.  But, there would have to be some punishment.  Obviously, she would have to step down as a candidate if charged.  And, no way would the Democrat Party have Sen. Bernie Sanders heading their ticket.   V.P Joe Biden would be the likely candidate, but with many legal issues within States, it would be a complicated situation.  Other possibilities, Gov. Gerry Brown, John Kerry, Al Gore and maybe somebody could drag up Ralph Nader if he still is alive.  I think not.

So that’s it.  Our Country faces so many critical issues right now and we have this mess. Plus a Socialist leading the Dem. Presidential race.  However, he likely will fade when the primaries head South.  The Afro American vote would heavily go for Mrs. Clinton.

Let me leave you with this famous line….”Socialism’s great until we run out of other peoples money.”  Ex British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Stay with for updates and the final GOP debate before Iowa.




Debate Winner Is?

Line of the night…..”If Hillary Clinton is elected, she’ll be running between the White house and the court house.”  Jeb Bush.   Who said politics can’t be funny.  As to the winner, nobody really.  Trump had his best debate.  Consequently, being the poll leader nationally, it could be deemed Trump was the winner.  Said MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle, referring to Donald Trump, “I have never seen a faster learner.  Never seen anything like it.”  Trump gave two terrific answers and again brought up a key issue that is effective and is simply not going away.  That in a moment.

Here’s Bloomberg’s political editor Mark Halperin’s grades from last night’s debate.  Trump A- Cruz B+… Rubio B…Christie B…Bush and Kasich B- and Carson a C.    Says ex  Congressman, TV political pundit Joe Scarborough “More and more pro’s believe Trump can win.  If he wins the Iowa  caucus, it’s over.”   Well, perhaps.  Last night Trump destroyed Cruz while answering Cruz with regard to “New York values”  Trump’s calm sobering answer harkening back to 9/11 and the valiant New Yorker’s dumb founded Cruz.  “You owe them an apology.”  said Trump. Cruz had no answer.  Famed columnist Charles Krauthammer called it “The moment of the debate.”   When Trump was confronted with a question about him being accused of being angry by Gov. Haley of South Carolina, rather than argue, he answered “I am angry.  I agree”   And went on to elaborate on how our Country is being destroyed by terrible leadership.  That was a sign of the seasoned politician Trump has become.  It was excellent.  There is no doubt Trump could actually destroy Hillary during a campaign.   He already has shut up Bill and Hillary on the silly “war on women” issue.  Not a peep from them since.  Cruz may have looked good to some, but he is too arrogant, preachy and strident with no chance of winning the Independent’s, or the no nothings and the semi no things.   Then there is the Cruz birther issue that is simply not going away.  More on this later.

As it stands now, the GOP primary race is boiling down to a threesome. It being Trump, Rubio and Cruz.  It could change If something unsual happens in New Hampshire with the latter two. Rubio is remarkably consistent in all the debates.  A positive message of hope for the future, a can do message, always armed with facts that destroyed Cruz’ Senate voting record late in the debate.

A noteworthy comment from extreme leftist Democrat Van Jones earlier this week,  “The Democrat Party is in open revolt against Hillary Clinton.”  This tends to support the notion of more than Sen. Bernie Sanders will oppose Hillary before all is done.

Then there is the matter of Ted Cruz and his legal, native born status, for him to  run for President.  True, it’s another Trump ploy to tear down Cruz before the Iowa caucus where Cruz still maintains a small lead over Trump.  However, there is merit to this issue.  Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother.  Last night he defended himself, after Trump brought up Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Tribe, calling  Tribe an extreme liberal Hillary Clinton supporter having no credibility on the matter.  Wrong.  After the debate, Professor Tribe was interviewed on CNN and stated the birther issue is unsettled law.  Simply put, it is Tribe’s contention that the original 1776 U.S. Constitution clearly stated a President must be a native born citizen.  He went on to say following 1788 there were follow up cases where at times it was recognized that one could be a natural born if both parents were native born, but living out of the Country. Then there was a time if the father was native born that would be sufficient for a child to be considered a native citizen.  Again, Tribe contends it is unsettled law.  Other scholars agree.  Cruz tried to point out examples such as Rubio and Trump were not native born.  “Trump had a mother from Scotland.”   To which Trump merely replied, yes, but I was born in America…as was Rubio.  For what it’s worth, Tribe claims he never supported Hillary Clinton.

Here’s the problem for Cruz.  It is quite possible, perhaps likely, some State with a Democrat Secretary of State could refuse to put Ted Cruz on the primary ballot. Forcing a court test.  Or the Democrat Party as a whole would sue.  This is likely.  The matter could be tied up in court for a year or more and eventually it might take a Supreme Court ruling.  Disaster for the Republican’s.  Trump is correct.  This issue must be resolved now.  Before an election. Would Cruz follow up and comply?  Who knows?   Prof. Tribe also had as students Barack Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts.  Making matters worse. Cruz took out a loan against his account with Goldman Sach’s, of all firms, to help finance his Senate campaign.  He disclosed it to the GOP, but not to the Feds.  A mere oversight he says.   Throw in when asked about his duel Canadian/American citizenship, he suddenly remarked he was renouncing his Canadian citizenship.   Like it or not, Cruz and his candidacy is in trouble.

As a whole, Fox Business Network did a very good work handling the debate.  There is one more debate, this time on the Fox News Channel, before the Iowa Caucus.

As for Obama, ten months and counting.  Keep in touch with for updates as we travel along this almost incomprehensible campaign trail.

Hillary: FBI Closing In On Two Fronts

Bill O’Reilly says yes.  Former W. Bush spokes person and talk show host, Dana Perino says no. About what?  Whether Attorney General Loretta Lynch will follow up and indict Hillary Clinton when the FBI finishes their lengthy investigation.  That said before the FBI probe is now expanding to the Clinton Foundation where there are three intelligent sources, according to FNN reporter Catherine Herridge, saying there is possible corruption charges pending.  One report indicates, coincidence or not, that after Saudi Arabia donated three million to the Clinton Foundation they received a thirty billion dollar deal for fighter jets.  Good grief…what next?

Earlier, after a 1:30 AM email document dump New Years Eve, one email reveals Hillary instructed a top aid, John Sullivan, as to how to send classified material to her unsecured private account.  Reportedly, Hillary told Sullivan to take the top secret heading off and send it to her as usual.  No question this is criminal conduct.  Says well known pundit/reporter Laura Ingraham, after hearing from a former U.S Attorney, “The FBI is on the verge of a major revolt.”  Famed author/reporter Bob Woodward says “The voters care about whether we are going to find out who she really is and what she did.”   In addition, that document dump was only a partial of what was ordered.  Delay delay the Clinton way.  In addition, it now appears Socialist Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is not just gaining on Hillary, but might very well beat her in Iowa and New Hampshire.  No way the Dem.’s would want Sanders heading the ticket should Hillary get indicted or continue to draw flies at her staged rallies.  Hence, the word is out Al Gore, Sec. of State John Kerry and V.P. Joe Biden are beginning to warm up in the bullpen.  If this was not all true, one would believe nobody could make this stuff up.

Meanwhile Obama continues to spout off about a “gun problem” and the climate change issue.  More than likely to turn attention away from his Islamic terrorism problem where he essentially would prefer to ignore the whole matter.  Still, along with Hillary and Bernie Sanders, refusing to calling it what it is…radical Islamic extremism.   All this during a Presidential election year. Oy yoy yoy.  Is there any doubt when Trump says our leaders have no clue as to what they are doing?

Meanwhile, speaking of Donald Trump, he is now fanning the flames that Ted Cruz may not be a natural born citizen.  Cruz was born to a natural born American mother in Canada (he produced her birth certificate no less)  Another clever ploy, possibly desperate, because Cruz is polling ahead of Trump in the coming Iowa Caucus in under three weeks.  The issue is overwhelmingly considered nonsense, but it is true there is enough “wiggle room” where the Democrat’s would likely sue should Cruz get the nomination and tie up the issue for a year or two.   But, thankfully, Cruz is not going to get the nomination.   Iowa yes.  New Hampshire no.  He is well behind Trump and Rubio there and recent polling shows Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Gov. Chris Christie are making significant gains.   Depending on the endless massive contradicting polls one cares to look upon.  The latest test Hillary versus whoever….Rubio beats her the worst, Cruz second and “The Donald” beating her by a the slimmist margin.  Incredibly, one poll shows women prefer Trump more than men by 6-7%.  Go figure.  Leave it to Trump to shut up the usual female sexist “war on women” nonsense by bringing up Bill Clinton’s horrendous illicit sex past and Mrs. Clinton being the one to handle all of Bill’s past “bimbo eruptions.”  Here comes Juanita Broderick, Katherine Willey, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lowinsky and Paula Jones out of the wood work again.  Several speaking up.   Broderick still claiming her rape by Bill Clinton ruined her life.    So much for the “War on women issue” for Hillary.

Here’s the line up for Thursday night’s, January 14th  Republican debate on the Fox business network.  All Eastern times, under card at 6 PM includes Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Rand Paul who, as of now, says he won’t show up.  The main event begins three hours later. Thankfully, it’s down to seven now, Trump, Cruz, Rubio in the middle with Carson and Bush on the right and Christie and Kasich on the left.  Republican Chairman, Reince Priebus, says there is another debate in two weeks and three more in February.  He reports very high public interest and Fox News enjoys even more high ratings.

That’s it for now.  Stayed tuned to as the laughs just keep on coming.

The Legend Continues

This website was never intended to be all politics all the time .  Politics, sports and entertainment have been my life.  It’s just been such a political time making it the main thing. Or as we used to say in the Army….”The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”  And, I’ll touch on the main thing post these comments.

Hard to believe, but having lived in Indianapolis many years, it is honest to say I have watched Peyton Manning’s every game including him with Denver.  What I watched him do today may have been his most remarkable accomplishment.  Not having played in six weeks due to assorted injuries and relegated to the back up quarterback role, many thought he would never play again.  And yet, with Denver playing a key game to the playoffs, the Bronco’s playing horribly with five turnovers, Bronco’s Coach Kubiak called Peyton off the bench to begin the 2nd half and what followed was truly remarkable.  The crowd roared for him as his familiar trot took him onto the field.  Within minutes he sparked the team eighty yards for a touchdown.  His remarkable career (the only five time MVP) of experience and guile led the Bronco’s to a huge win for his team where they will have two weeks to rest his banged up body.  Peyton will always be an Indianapolis Colt having spent fourteen years there, where I witnessed not only a man who revolutionized the Quarterback position, but was such a gentleman at all times.  He paid for a new wing at a major hospital.

Several times in restaurants I would see Peyton with his father and older brother Cooper dine at the cities most famous restaurant.  Never one to hide from the public in Indy, he would sit in the front area, instead of the back dining area’s where the likes of Al Michaels, John Madden and Chris Collingsworth always tread, and enjoy himself while fans would stop by and say hello, him sign an autograph and actually enjoy himself talking with fans.  Hoosier’s are known for hospitality and proper decorum.   Peyton was always Peyton.  He’d need constant body guards in Chicago or New York.

And so as I watched him come on the field this afternoon I asked myself could he do it one more time?  Turning forty this late March, his foot just out of a cast, how much could he have left?   He had plenty left and true grit as the movie told us, he was in command immediately. He was the catalyst that sparked the team.  So now, will he face Tom Brady one more time?   Can he win his second Super Bowl?   Can he stay healthy long enough to make it to season end?  Who knows?  But, if anybody can pull it off, it should be Peyton Manning.

Mean while back to politics.  It is still doubtful Donald Trump will get the nomination.  He’s well behind in Iowa coming in a month and nine days later is the all important New Hampshire primary.  Christie has surged there….Rubio and Kasich hanging tough.   How will “The Donald” handle a loss?    He and Ted Cruz are the main two that polls indicate would lose big time to Hillary.    However, politics can change on a dime.  One major terrorist attack….or the pending indictment by the FBI of Hillary Clinton could shuffle it all.  Reports today indicate there is more than enough law breaking by Hillary through releasing top secret documents on her personal server to easily put her up on charges.   But, odds are overwhelmingly, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, with Obama’s firm backing, will fine a way, wiggle room somewhere, not to charge Hillary.  But, huge damage will be done.  Add to that the considerable contingency of cross over Democrat’s and Independent’s backing Trump, there just might be…might be….enough to push Trump to victory.  The planet’s would have to spin just right.   And, that, as far as I’m concerned, is just not going to happen.

Remember, January 24th the next GOP debate on Fox Business channel. The group likely will be down to just five or six on stage.  Might be a deal breaker for some.   Stay tuned to  for the latest developments.    Eleven months and counting.