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President Trump’s speech a triumph.

It was his finest hour as President.  And there is no doubt Tuesday night, with a towering speech, President Donald Trump established himself as the undisputed leader not only of America, but of  the entire world.  For the first time he was unfiltered by pundits constantly looking for anything to disparage him.  For the first time, American’s got to hear what he had accomplished in his first month.  The new jobs coming from GM, Ford, Intel, Boeing and many others with unions applauding his efforts to regain for America not just jobs, but good well paying jobs.  Said Chris Wallace of FNC, “I think tonight Donald Trump became President of the United States.”  “And I think everyone is going to have to accept that.”

But what might be one of the most memorable moments in any Presidential speech to a joint session of Congress, had to be the recognition of the widow, seated in the gallery next to President Trump’s daughter Ivanka, of William Ryan Owens, a career soldier killed in a recent mission that gained “large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future.” said Trump. With the longest ovation anyone can remember, tears streaming down her face. Trying desperately to hold herself together. Looking upward maybe to her lost husband.  Mrs. Owens sat and stood to thunderous applause that seemed to simply not want to end.  So emotional for everyone that news coverage would be foolish not to replay it for TV viewers.  Trump said “Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity.”  Incredible emotional television for any speech let alone a Presidential speech to a joint session of Congress.  Said Fox News Brit Hume, “In forty years of watching these speech’s this was one of those few moments we’ll remember for a long time.” “For the ages” added Bret  Baire.

The speech was a forward looking one.  Details one can read elsewhere. One item that appeared obvious, the Democrat’s diminished themselves who didn’t greet him.  They groaned when Trump spoke of victims of illegals. And yet, the speech had a post partisan tone. “American’s got to see the other side of Donald trump said Laura Ingraham who gave the speech an A+.   More of the same from Charles Krauthammer who said “if this was not an aberration of Trump, he will succeed.”

So now stand by for the media onslaught and Democrat’s to do their best to bludgeon the speech.  Democrat’s left early to make due for the media how he failed Tuesday night.  Those  forces will wail and wail at anything they can think of…maybe they can hammer their one issue they cling to…the Russian influence on the election who even the New York Times and two ex Obama intelligence chief’s have said there is not a shred of evidence to suggest Russia has any influence on the election.  It won’t matter.  American’s and the voters, who even mildly pay attention to these matters, (the low information people) they know what they saw and heard. And they liked it…a lot.  If media mattered, Donald Trump would not be President.

As for jacksjargon…thank goodness the TV camera’s stayed off of Melania Trump in a gorgeous black sequined outfit.  Otherwise the distraction would have been too much to hear and interpret what I was watching from our President.

Stay tuned to jacksjargon for regular political updates.


The Oscars Score one for the President

Jacksjargon is calling for a special independent council investigation of all things related to the  Academy Award show Sunday night.  It was sad and yet hilarious to watch these liberals, socialists, so called progressives and communists (yes from the black lists until today they still are a part of the Hollywood community) gag on one of the all time screw ups in any award show history.  President Trump, scorned throughout the night, gets the last laugh on these millionaire celebrities who arrogantly preach to American’s  at every chance and yet have no clue as to how our economy works let alone how America created the highest standard of living the world has ever known.

By now you likely have seen or know about the major award of any Oscar night, the best picture award, was wrongly named.  After the cast of La La Land are all standing on stage glowing in receiving  their best picture award when suddenly the entire Hollywood community got major egg on all their faces.  Actor Warren Beatty announced the wrong film as best picture.  it was Moonlight, not La La Land as best picture this year.  Beatty had been handed the wrong envelope.  Best picture is always the final and most special Oscar of the night.  This one will go down as the worst screw up imaginable for any award show, let alone thee most major of all award shows.  Maybe think of it as a well deserved pay back for their preaching arrogance throughout the years.  President Trump and family must have got a major hoot from it.

Up until then, the laborious three and a half hour live show was more entertaining than usual. Some bullet points.  Jimmy Kimmel as host grilled the President, but in general was loose, funny, creative and at the top of his game.  To his credit, even with the abundance of jokes of President Trump, he never showed malice and kept the mood light hearted. Actually, the entire night was very well produced with some clever comedy innovative happenings that kept the celebs enjoying themselves prior to disaster striking.

From the beginning with a really well choreographed opening song and dance by Justine Timberlake and ensemble through a wonderful acceptance speech from Best Supporting actress Viola Davis, a tear jerker for many, to a hilarious con job on unsuspecting tourists, it was a really well produced. Whoever produced it should do it every year.  Definitely moved right along without an abundance of the same old Hollywood celeb’s spouting their usual leftist nonsense.    No mouthy Meryl Streep this night.  It seemed like the Academy wanted no more offensive political mutterings that offended millions during the Golden Globes award show.  Kimmel did a funny bit showing his tweet to President Trump awaiting a retweet from the President that never was returned.  Amidst a comical twice droppings from above came candy floating down on the surprised celebrity stars like tiny parachutes. Then came the donuts as Kimmel was saying the celebs were probably getting hungry. “Next comes the coffee” said Kimmel. And an absolute hilarious bit played on tourists leaving their Hollywood tour bus thinking they were entering a whatever only to find they were walking onto the front row of the live Oscar show.   Aghast for some.  Others, incredibly, enjoyed themselves with Denzel Washington performing a make believe wedding ceremony for two newly weds.  Selfees endlessly going full blast.  One guy unabashed kissing the hand of Meryl Streep.  Kimmel asked the stars if they could pass on a souvenir to one couple and Jenifer Anniston donated her sunglasses to a shocked Afro American lady who truly appeared in a daze.  Kimmel asked her for her favorite actor.  Denzel Washington not a surprise choice.  Ryan Gosling got into the act posing with two other shocked tourists.  Hilarious, live television in what normally is a staid, often boring, Oscar night show.  Not this show for sure.  Just plain tourists having fun and in return the celebrity stars truly enjoying themselves.  A creative produced gem of the night.

Fashion comments?   Not jacks jargon’s thing.  However, obviously it was a glittery gown night.  Most looked quite good except for best actress award winner Emma Stone wearing a layered gown too lightly colored with her very light colored skin.  Of the men, Ryan Gosling stood out with a contemporary version of an old fashioned tux complete with a larger bow tie and a handsome black striped tux shirt.  Gorgeous Charlize Theron was un gorgeous with an ill suited hair style.  Still can’t forget her short hair style previously that made her the talk of the town at post Oscar parties previously.

Most minor of minor observations.  On the Red Carpet pre show interviews, best actor award winner Casey Affleck, still wearing a hideous beard in prep for a film still in the making, said “I know it’s not a nice look.”  But more or less said he had no choice.  it was good to hear him salute his brother Ben with a nice moment.  One he missed at the Golden Globe Awards.  Casey Affleck brought tears to the eyes of Denzel Washington when he said it was Washington who taught him how to act even though he first met him that night.

And it was nice to see the pairings of award presenters…Gosling with Emma Stone…Ben Affleck again with pal Matt Damen….Charlize with Shirley McLaine….the “Bonnie and Clyde” team of Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty until the ill fated catastrophe.   I was pulling for Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon to come out soon….but, of another era as jacksjargon’s age is showing regrettably.

Stay tuned next for President Trump’s speaking to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night.  The press knifes will be out post speech and Wednesday morning, but best bet is our new President will pleasantly surprise a lot of people.   Good guess his popularity might get a bump up a bit.

Stay tuned for analysis post President Trump’s speech Tuesday night.


Trump’s a failure/Obama a huge success

You like and agree with that post title?  So let’s review matters as they are at the moment.  One month of Trump versus eight years of Obama’s socialism attempt. (Let’s tell like it is as Howard Cosell used to say.)

Chrysler/Fiat to invest one billion in USA.  3,000 new jobs for an Arizona new plant.  General Motors to invest one billion dollars in a U.S factories.  Minimum 1,500 new jobs to start.  Market rising since his election.  Optimism abounds.  Record new highs on the DOW. Rasmussen new poll has Trump now up to 55% approval.  Was 43%     Ford Motors is keeping their plant in Kentucky (not headed to Mexico anymore) plus building a new one…Detroit likely.   He put a needed freeze on Federal hiring.  He is active to eliminate illegal sanctuary cities.  Approved the Canadian pipe line, saved the clean coal industry heading for lower energy costs and thousands of jobs…well paying jobs.  That’s a start.

Trump has his military leaders developing a plan to defeat ISIS.   Nominated a conservative judge to the Supreme court that will balance the court again.  In the process, a five year ban on any ex politician becoming a D.C. lobbyist.  New sanctions upon Iran for their ballistic missile program advancement.  Plus, Trump, along with Israel’s Bebe Netanyahu, now have other Arab countries aligned with them against Iran. Negotiated lower prices on the building of U.S. F 35’s fighter jets and had Boeing reduce their costs significantly on Air Force One.  Created a task force to reduce crime.  Signed an order to further protect police officers. Active in methods to target drug cartels.  He’s launched a council for the advancement of women entrepreneur’s.   And he has met or talked with over 30 world leaders.  Even the Democrat’s grudgingly confirm Trump selected an excellent cabinet.

Enough yet?  Now the work will begin soon on the border wall with Mexico.  The USA spends millions (or is it billions) on illegal aliens…their health care, educations, food stamps and other government entitlements.  And, oh my gosh, he is actually going to enforce federal laws on illegals who have committed crimes, abused their visa’s or falsified their identities. The media and protesters are blowing this up as horrendous. How dare the USA enforce their laws violated big time the last eight years?  Protesters have no clue to the current actions.  The media surely won’t tell them.  The law breakers have taken it all for granted. Unforgettable gall to fly the Mexican flag in our face. Remember? There will be extreme vetting of those entering our country from ISIS dominated lands who have no known identity.  The Democrat’s will continue to fight him on ever detail.  Try to grow hysteria such as paying and organizing protesters at Republican politicians rallies.  Try to emulate the Tea Party Movement that came about as a natural protest.  Worst of all, Democrat hold overs or partisans are leaking the most important of Trump plans and conversations to the bias media.  We have a bureaucracy of Edward Snowden’s. These leaks are criminal offenses.

But, let’s be fair now and review the Obama record.  At present, the USA has the lowest working participation rate since the 1970’s.  That silly 4.5% unemployment rate is a falsehood.  There are 95 million American’s who gave up looking for work…not included in the unemployment rate.  Those thousands of Obama created jobs were largely retail/fast food hires and part time work.  We have been in the worst economic recovery since the 1970’s.  Now the lowest home ownership in 51 years. Thirteen million more on food stamps since Obama took office. There are now 43 million American’s living in poverty.  All this from the Census Bureau, Treasury Dept., Bureau of labor statistics and the CBO.  Obama accumulated more debt in eight years than all years prior to his election.  Never a word or criticism from the media.  Nowadays Trump is still an absolute blow hard to the media. Still a novice politician, “The Donald” never fails to mess something up and oh how the media loves it.  But, guess what? The public doesn’t care.  Trump is simply doing what he said he was going to do.  A political novelty.

Ask yourself, Democrat or Republican, did you know any or have partial knowledge of any of the aforementioned?   Not likely.   But why?  Let’s use a Wednesday morning comment from Mika Brzezinski, co host of Morning Joe on MSNBC.  Angry that Trump gets his message across to the public one way or another…Said Mika, It’s the media’s job to control what people think.   To reminisce with media liberal Icon Walter Cronkite…”And that’s the way it is”  Until Trump came along. Now that’s the way it was.


Trump’s Ship Sinking?

Note: This post was written prior to Gen. Flynn’s resignation.  Arrows coming at Trump from everywhere. An all out siege.  The inside on that in the next blog


It’s all a crock.  If you pay attention to the media, one would think President Trump is already going down with his ship.  It’s endless.  Oh poor immigrants being deported.  They fail to say those being deported have felony charges against them.  Oh the wall is so expensive and worthless as bias media decries.  They never mention the millions, perhaps billions, illegals cost us in the USA taking care of them in hospital’s, other medical care, education and endless subsidies and entitlements.  Not to mention they vote.  Always Democrat.  That’s why the Democrat Party, in complete disarray, welcomes them any and all.  No matter the terrorist threat.  Political power comes first over USA security.

The media and Democrat Party working hand and hand will continue to find fault with any and everything the Trump administration does.  Goofy ex Sat. Night Live cast member, Sen. Al Franken is now trying to tell us Trump is not mentally stable.  If you followed Franken, you’d know he’s the one unbalanced.  The problem with all their noise is the new President is doing so many things he promised so fast that they get drowned out by more Trump newsworthy events. They just keep on coming.   Try as they might, nothing sticks.  Never has any political observer seen a political party so desperate for any power that they take punitive measures to delay his cabinet anything else they can blow up..  It’s pointless and they know it, but what the heck, try anything to potentially hurt President Trump.

But here’s the media problem…and the Democrat problem, Trump’s popularity has been growing.  Even those who voted against him, Gallup survey shows, are now simply watching and intrigued.   And why not?   In a little over three weeks, Trumps has Boeing reducing their prices on jets and Air Force One, Intel has just pledged billions for new outlets and more jobs, General Motors has announced they are expanding in America, same with Chrysler/Fiat.  Ford Motors will build a new plant here and kept one from moving from Kentucky to Mexico.  Billionaire Japanese businessman investing fifty million dollars (or is it 500 million) for new business in the USA.  So what do you think the average American is thinking about Trump?  Think they are all worked up about Gen. Flynn, Kellyanne Conway promoting Ivanka’s retail product line or angry about Trump stopping suspects at airports in a too hastily established Presidential Executive. Forgetaboutit.  Not a chance.  They like what they are seeing and hearing.  What they want is to be safe from terrorists, (let’s not forget Fed troops may have to go to Chicago as the slaughter continues) they don’t want sanctuary cities protecting felony charged illegals.  They want good paying jobs and more jobs.  Fair trade.  Better education with school choice for minority youth in the mess of inner city public education.  They want a good health care plan to replace the ill fated Obamacare mess. And, they want America to re-establish itself as a world leader and not bullied by a two bit kid North Korean dictator or the Iranians taunting our Navy.  And they want that wall he promised with Mexico.

No question our new President has plenty on his plate.  And jacksjargon detects concern on Trump’s face as his daily intelligence briefings are scary, were unknown to him pre election.  Things are even worse than he thought as Obama did nothing for years.  His inaction has left our Country in far worse condition than when Obama took office.   Plus there is a problem bothering him more than he will let on.  There is someone, or some ones, leaking detailed information of White House happenings and plans.  It could be coming from the Intel community, State Dept, Obama bureaucrat’s want no part of Trump’s plan to cut waste and jobs in our bloated government.

The key to it all is for President Trump to keep his priorities constantly in front of himself.  There are so many daily happenings that it’s easy for a President to get distracted.  Especially when even his children are hurt by the anything goes press.  He’d love to fight back with tweets.  But, man oh man he is busy.  Nobody out works him though.  And there’s an old army saying I have never forgotten from my years in military service.   “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”  jacksjargon believes Trump knows the “main thing.”   Some health issues have slowed down my posts.  Stand by for more regular posts.   And, thanks for your continued support.

Super Bowl Postmoretem

Did we really need nearly a 40-45 half time?  Surely Lady Ga Ga could have trimmed down her show 10-12 minutes and nobody would have missed a thing or cared.  To jacksjargon thoughts, that needlessly lengthy half time was the killer for Atlanta…clearly the more talented team.  And, better team to most in the know.  Seven Super Bowls for New England and they could handle that same old same old half time.  Meanwhile, the Atlanta Falcon’s secondary (pass defenders) are mostly kids.  Hyped beyond belief.  They did a terrific first half job, but were clearly cooled to a frazzle for by the 4th quarter.  They left so many pass lanes open in the decisive 4th quarter, even Jay Cutler could have made that late charge.  Clearly they were out of gas.  To his credit, Brady knew it and did what many of the best quarterbacks could do.  Tom Brady is the best SUPER BOWL quarterback.  Seven chances help make it so.  But, greatest ever is absolute folly.  It was easy to see in the first half what a consistent pass rush could do to him.   At best, he was ordinary.  Anyone could see it.

Even though out of gas in the 4th quarter, Atlanta made the biggest mistake that cost them the win.  They were well within field goal range. A 3 pointer there and it’s Atlanta with the trophy.  Inexplicably, Matt Ryan passed at that critical juncture.  All the Falcon’s needed to do was run the ball and set up for what would have been the clinching field goal.  So what happens?  Worse thing possible.  A sack taking them out of field goal range.  Stupidity.  And that was the opening that the Pat’s needed.  Make the field goal? Tom Brady is not touted the greatest of all time. The sack and suddenly the media goes crazy for a guy and a team that ignored the rules so many times they are still facing a loss of a first round pick coming up.  How can we forget the Patriot’s illegally filming their opponents practice causing more penalties several years ago.  And, there’s more.

So Tom Brady, a player known to have cheated for who knows how long, along with his genius corrupt coach Bill Belichick has won his last two Super Bowls by the skin of their teeth.  How can we forget the all time stupid Seattle play on the one yard line by passing to an interception.  First  and goal for the Seattle win over New England and they pass? No way on earth that human wrecking ball Marshawn Lynch could not have scored with four attempts.  The game winner.

Two of the dumbest plays of all time makes Brady a five time Super Bowl winner.  Reverse the stupidity and Brady and Belichick are 3 wins 4 losses.  So much for greatest ever nonsense.   Famed Hall of Fame pitcher, Whitey Ford, had a saying one still hears years later.   “I’d rather be lucky than good.”  Who couldn’t think of that for Tom “Terrific.”   Oh, and he’s lamenting about losing the jersey he wore in the game Sunday. Maybe the kid who deflated his footballs has it and will make a deserved fortune by selling it some day.  He earned it.

Who Wins the Super Bowl?

If anyone tells you they know who will win Sunday’s Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, don’t listen. Nobody knows.  But I can tell you, after the two week siege of info on the game, who is likely to win.

What’s become nearly a national holiday, it captivates millions.  Many men obsessive about the game.  Many women, certainly not all, obsess about the commercials and the Lady Ga Ga halftime show.  Me?  Most of the time I can’t figure out what the commercials are selling or don’t care to even watch them.  The game is everything.

So here goes.  New England is a slight favorite.  Three points. Meaning if you wager on the Patriots, to win they must do it by 4 points or more.  As they say in Las Vegas gambling parlance, lay the points and take New England.  I agree.  Allow me to touch on five key issues for them winning.  Atlanta wins games by a very strong offense with a multitude excellent receivers. New England is no slouch on offense, but critically, have a much stronger defense. 1.  Six of the last seven Super Bowls have been won by the better defensive team. 2. Atlanta’s center Alex Mack is hurting.  His ankle injury kept him out of practice Thursday.  Surely he will play.  But, at what level?  The center is a key as he snaps the ball to quarterback Matt Ryan.  The center sets the tone for the all important offensive line. The center/quarterback combo is critical.  Ryan must have time to throw. 3. Experience.  This is New England’s 7th Super Bowl with a much disliked coaching genius in Bill Belichek.   Give him two weeks to prepare and there is nobody better.  Tom Brady is great, but how great would he be on another team.  Remember, the Patriot’s won their first three games without Brady. A second string back up won the first 2 games, then injured, and a third string nobody with no experience won the 3rd game.  Belichek is the key to everything.  It’s Atlanta’s first Super Bowl.  Overwhelming pressure. 4. New England is like a chameleon that will quickly assess what the Atlanta defense is giving them and exploit it.  Might start slowly.  But, they adjust well as always. 5. New England’s superior offensive line almost always protects Tom Brady giving him time to find his best target receiver.  When’s the last time you saw Brady get hit and fumble the ball away.   Virtually never.  5. The game most always is decided by mistakes of one team.   The Pat’s seldom fumble, throw an interception or drop a punt or kickoff.

What is odd is Atlanta has better players.  Faster and simply more athletic.  However, New England has smarter players, more disciplined with better instincts when there are critical times in the game.  Less mistake prone.  When New England has been beaten in Super Bowls, there is always one simple reason.  QB Tom Brady is rushed and pushed off his spot.  No quarterback can throw successfully when smashed down on their butt.  If Atlanta can put pressure on Brady with just four pass rushers and drop back seven on defense, they have a chance.   Blitz Brady is suicide.  He sees it and gets rid of the ball to the open spot in a heart beat.

So that’s the heart of it.  If Atlanta can get off to a good start, Ryan has the protection and poise needed (the moment isn’t too big for him) can handle the blitz and they score early, they have a chance to win. They have the best and multiple receivers and the highest scoring offense in the league this year.  But, the first Super Bowl can be overwhelming.  Plus a once a year 30 minute half time show.  Some veteran players have said in their first Super Bowl game they were so nervice and keyed up that they were tired out by half time.  That’s where experience comes in to play.  And discipline seldom matched by a New England opponent.

There an old saying in sports….’Offense wins games.  Defense wine championships.”  New England’s defense is better.   Much better.  But, who knows?   That’s why they play the game.  But I’m looking for New England to cover three points.  It may be close.  But the odds are in New England’s favor.   Enjoy the day and the game everybody and please please Lady GaGa, no politics.  Just shut up and perform.

Remembering Sportscaster Brent Musberger

As I observed Brent Musberger watching his lady play the slot machine at Las Vegas’ favorite hotel/casino for locals, South Point, I kept thinking should I bother him.  It’s been a life time ago.  But, I thought, what the hell, all he can say is no.  Musberger recently retired from TV sports casting as one of the best known in the business.  Or, in the USA, as well, for that matter.  So I wondered was it worth the bother.  Brent has been known for being cantankerous.   But, I thought, what the hell and walked over to Brent and said….”Brent, can you possibly remember what happened 46 years ago in Chicago?”  He rightly seemed puzzled as I told him…”you were doing TV sports at channel 2.  Johnny Morris (ex Chi. Bears receiver) was doing the same at channel 5 and I was the guy doing more of the same at channel 7.”  He was taken aback for a moment and than recalled “I sure remember your zany weatherman John Coleman.  He had something to do with the weather channel.”    To Brent…”John is the guy who invented the weather channel.”   He did really well after his stint with Good Morning America. Made a fortune and recently retired in San Diego.”  Having dinner with Joel Daly and John Coleman, usually at Berghoff’s was pandemonium.  John was always on…especially with restaurant employees.”   “Hey, said Brent excitedly, you brought us good luck.  She just hit a jackpot.”  And so she did.  But, it was small potato’s on a 25 cent machine.  We briefly chatted further, I saw a look in his eye that was one, I suspect, of recall.  One doesn’t forget those early days of a career. Shook hands,  and I said good bye and wished him well upon moving to Las Vegas.  He is having a stage built at South Point beginning on Sirius Radio program on how to handicap on sports wagering.  Gambling info.  What else in Las Vegas?

What I was thinking, but never would mention, was the TV competitive ratings back then. His channel 2 sports report was dead last.  We at channel 7 were number one.  Especially on Sunday nights.  It’s fun to remember those things as we both are in the September of our years.  It has been said many times….”Memories are the only things in life that lasts forever.”  Especially those nice ones.

Stand by for jacksjargon fearless Super Bowl forecast.