Coronavirus: Don’t Panic

The good? A pandemic is not necessarily lethal. This one is not. All this needless panic, hoarding of personal items (why people have sold out toilet paper is beyond me) this overwhelming fear is not justified. Thus far only 60 old people and those suffering from serious illness have died. Florida alone had 100 die from the flu in January. Nobody under the age of 50 has died. 14,000 died from the flu in the USA 2019. Over 20,000 die annually in auto accidents. For the vast majority of those who have the virus recover from their flu like symptoms within a short time. America had 1,000 die from Swine flu before President Obama called for a national emergency. As of Monday morning: 3,813 U.S. reported cases. 60 deaths (40 in Washington State) making the death rate 1.5%. Remove Washington State death is .005%

The bad? It is highly congtagios. Science is still studying ways it is transmitted from person to person. Yes, it is still possible to be more serious. With more testing there will be more cases. But the death rate likely to go down because many will learn they have the virus and did’t know it. The core of all the disturbance from this coronavirus is fear of the unknown. Mass media is non stop on the issue because they are enjoying huge ratings. Plus, it is supposed to hurt President Trump. A poll just out from Minnesota overwhelmingly says Americans do not blame President Trump for the virus uproar.

Most Americans have heard about washing their hands and using sanitizer until they are blase’ about it. Some may have not heard…ventilate your homes, AC or open windows. Sterilize utensils. Do not seek a test if you have no symptoms. Washing hands with cold water makes no difference. If you have a fever, dry cough, some breathing shortness, fatigue (like the flu) and have tried medication with no success, only then call your doctor. Don’t just show up at a hospital emergency room. Follow doctors or health department instructions. And stay hydrated.

The reason for the massive problems in Europe now comes from them taking no precautions. A Cavelier atmosphere. European countries such as Italy allowed all China flights to continue. The Chinese love Italy. The single best thing President Trump did was in January he stopped all flights to and from China. China hated it and protested. Democrats cried terms of racist in origin. The cooperation now with business and government working together is a huge plus. A positive sign is China and South Korea reporting few new cases. The USA is in a “better safe than sorry” mode. Odds are we are in the middle of the crisis. A significant positive sign and the market will soar and Americans will likely feel it was all overblown.

There are a host of conspiracy theories surfacing. President Trump has badly hurt the China economy in his tariff trade deal. Some believe the virus was created on purpose. They have no regard for human life. A chance at hurting America. Perhaps a blackmail attempt to keep their drug manufacturing away from our nation. Forget it. China needs our business badly in their weakened economy. And, deep down, they know President Trump. In no way will he allow Americans to suffer from lack of Chinese made drugs. The administration already has plans on such measures and warned China. They have 80% of all prescribed medicine ingredients.

The administration will stop at nothing to protect Americans. World wide some country’s may snicker at the President’s ways. But, they respect him. And they know he will do whatever it takes to protect the USA. He can be unpredictable, a man of action and for that there is the element of fear. America comes first at all times for President Trump.