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Can the Special-Counsel get rid of Trump?

There is no crime.  After one year of investigating a contrived media/political scandal, there is not a single piece of evidence to prove there was collusion with Russia to win the White House for President Trump.  Nothing.  That is why ex FBI Chief James Comey leaked a memo (potentially illegal because it was technically FBI property) to get Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to hire ex FBI Chief Robert Mueller and form the Special-Counsel to further investigate any Russian connection to the Trump election.  Now this investigation can go on and on indefinitely until they find something on the President dating back, perhaps, to years and years past.  There are no limits on Robert Mueller and his team.  And if you believe that was the only time Comey was leaking to the print media, than you must believe quarterback Tom Brady only deflated footballs one time.

It now becomes clear why President Trump is so angry with Attorney General Jeff Session who recused himself from all of the above.  Had that not occurred there  likely would have been no Special-Counsel.  The entire East Coast leftist media driven Russia hoax contrived by Democrat’s and other Trump haters will do and say anything to force President Trump from office.  Said author and ex Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, “The media is more hostile to this President then I have seen in my lifetime.  They will go after his family (already attacked his boy Baron and Melania), his campaign, all his finances, his businesses and stop at nothing until they find something to charge the President with and attempt to remove him from office.”

Ex FBI Director Robert Mueller should have recused himself from accepting the post as director of the Special-Counsel.  He is James Comey’s mentor and close friend.  He actually had interviewed with President Trump for being Comey’s replacement at the FBI Bureau.  Mueller has since hired a team of leftist investigative lawyers who all donated and supported Hillary Clinton.  All of them. Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley said “This was a huge mistake.”  It reeks of imbalance…unfairness.

Here is how the media coverage has gone and what the public is most interested in.  Thirty five per cent of the public’s main interest is health care. It has received 10% of media coverage.  Ten per cent think immigration is most important to them. O% coverage.  6% believe in the Russia investigation is important. It receives 75% of the coverage.  What does that tell you?  The public is ignoring it mostly.  But, the media will force you to believe their nonsense.  However, with endless coverage of the Russia story it becomes oblivious to the vast majority of the public.   Why else would Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer suddenly say “When you lose to somebody who has 40% popularity, you don’t blame other things (hear this Hillary?) like Comey and Russia–you blame yourself. So what did we do wrong?  People didn’t know what we stood for. Just that we were against Trump.  And they still believe that.”   Schumer is no fool.  He knows the Russia story has more than worn thin.  He knows his Party has no true leadership.  He knows they have no one emerging as a leader.  Who?   Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren?  Laughable.  And that my dear readers is the plight of the frustrated media and Democrat’s.  Can President Trump fire the Special Counsel?        Next up….stay with jacksjargon as we break down how President Trump can fire the Special-Counsel.

Trump vs Putin…who won?

They were scheduled for a thirty minute conference.  Instead President Trump and Russian President Putin talked for 2 hours and 15 minutes.  At one point Melania entered the room to curtail matters.  That went no where. They talked for another hour.  Who won?  Who got the best of it?  No way to know.  In the room were only Secretary’s of State, two translater’s and the President’s.  No notes were taken.

At the onset President Trump raised the concerns that the Russian’s interfered with our 2016 election.  Said Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, “The President pressed President Putin on more than one occasion regarding Russian involvement.”  Putin denied it as always and asked for U.S. proof.  At this point what should an American President do?  Raise hell.  Threaten retaliation. (which we likely have been doing all along.)  Demand an apology?  This will be the endless mass media hysteria story of the meeting you will hear now for an long as they can “milk it.”  Democrat’s are already hollering.   They have forgotten Obama mostly did nothing and Putin normally looked away from Obama, slouched in his chair looking entirely bored.  No respect a la Rodney you know who.

Instead President Trump pressed onward.  The best news of the day is Russia, Jordan and the USA will have truce in Syria beginning Sunday.  Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess.  But, a step in the right direction.  After the Syria issue they turned to the North Korea problem and than on to U.S. distain of the moves the Kremlin is making towards neighboring Country’s.   China and Russia want a freeze in North Korea.  America wants a roll back.  That’s pretty much it.  It is very unlikely President Trump is naïve of Putin as Obama and W. Bush were.  Perhaps other than a Syria truce, the two and a half hours amount to nothing.  But, better to meet and talk than do nothing.  And, Putin knows Trump is no push over such as Obama.

With all media blasting away at our President, except one, it is likely my dear readers, you and most Americans know nothing of what President Trump has done in his five months.  So let’s review.  He has OK’ed the Keystone pipeline where now we ship oil to other Country’s rather than be dependent upon others. The gas price decrease says it all.  We are exporting our natural gas supplies to other country’s that hurts the  Russian’s who rely on that income for their weak economy. The open energy to all sources, including wind and solar, has created thousands of new jobs.  The 2nd quarter report just out shows 220,000 new jobs were created in the 2nd quarter rather than 179,000 as predicted. Wages up slightly.  He has appointed an excellent Cabinet. A Supreme Court judge who already is paying dividends. He has scrapped many many job killing regulations Obama put in place. One the best items is speaking up and forcing other nations to pay up their 2% of their GNP for more defense of NATO.  That took guts.  He has befriended the Saudi’s and other Muslim Country’s.  Israel is thrilled with the improved relations with the USA.  He got America out of the Paris Climate Accord where only America had to tackle with huge monies while the rest did virtually nothing.  Remember?  China was to start in 2030.  Trump has increased military spending at a time when many of our air bases were stealing parts from other planes to keep critical ones in the air. Border illegals from Mexico are down 77%.  And sooner or later tax relief is coming that will further stimulate job and business growth for Americans in need.

At times President Trump is his own worse enemy with tweets that make news and smother these accomplishments.  However, over 80% of his tweets do tell his followers what he is doing.  The media certainly won’t cover any of it.  In time his works will be felt and the public will know without the media.   His popularity has grown and CNN has made up stories, had to fire people and made fools of themselves with their never ending Russia hoax story that Trump had Russian help to get elected.  They are self destructing.  Fox News is number one again in prime time.

If you haven’t noticed, technically President Trump has grown comfortable using teleprompters as past President’s have done.  His speech in Poland was so well received universally it was talked as Reaganess in its content and delivery.

So take that “never Trumpters” as he has done more in five months than you know who in eight years.  America is back as the world leader.  And the world knows it both friends and foes.  It’s all about leadership.  Something President Trump has done all his life and is now getting comfortable in his new surroundings. Continuous warts and all, jacksjargon feels relieved.  This past 4th of July was the first time in eight years where yours truly felt proud of America again.  Feeling good about our future.   We have someone who believes in the goodness of America.  In spite of all Democrat’s obstruction and criticizing everything…in spite of a press distorting and actually leading the Democrat Party…after a long hibernation, America is becoming America again.

North Korea Destroyed?

Nearly 60% of the American people want the USA take out, so to speak, North Korea.   But they just don’t know the ramifications of that option.  The USA still has approximately 25,000 troops deployed there.  Even worse, if we strike first it would take only minutes for the North Korean’s to kill 10 million people in Seoul South Korea.  Seoul is the proverbial “stone’s throw” from North Korea.

But with the North Korean despot in charge he stuck it to us on the 4th of July by launching a missile that could hit Alaska and possibly our west coast if armed with a nuclear war head.  It’s a terrible dilemma for any President.  The last four tried, thought they made progress but North Korea ignores any treaties.  It is impossible to deal with them.

Russia and China hold the key to holding off North Korea.  Sanctions won’t work. China seemed like they were going to help but then backed off.  China does not want millions of Koreans crossing their border into their land. But, what move is in their best interests.  Russia might help.  However, they always want something in return.  They will squeeze President Trump when he meets with President Putin this week.

So what do we do?  The N. Koreans now have a mobile launching device making it even more difficult to track where a missile is coming from.  There’s always hope the CIA has a mole planted inside N. Korea who could take out their boy/man leader Kim Jong-Un.   But, he changes where he sleeps nightly.  We would have to have someone close in the inner circle.  It just does not seem likely.

Russia will want President Trump to remove his battle group from the peninsula. Forget that.  President Trump and his advisors won’t budge.  So how far will the North Koreans go.  They know we will destroy them if they launch. But, you can bet their leaders have already an escape plan should that happen.  Having Japan and Taiwan go nuclear might help.

Jacksjargon feels a continued stalemate will continue.  But, should N. Korea do the unthinkable, there is no question our military advisors have a plan in place for total destruction of North Korea.  A horrendous blood bath will happen and millions will die.  It is impossible to know what North Korea will do.  Only China MIGHT contain them.  As the Cuban Missile crisis comes to mind…we will wait it out.   But, stand by. It’s conceivable the USA could strike first if we see a nuclear devise upon a missile launch,  but it would have to be quick and complete destruction.  Nobody can predict this confrontation.

Trump with Putin this week MIGHT make a difference.  After all our guy knows The Art of the Deal.

Our Greatest July 4th

Our founding Fathers, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, were hateful to one another.  Both were Presidents. They had not spoken in eleven years.  Adams wanted more government while Jefferson wanted limited government.

After retirement, at the urging of friends and family, John Adams sent a letter to Thomas Jefferson wishing him many happy years to come.  It was January 6th, 1812.  Surprisingly, Jefferson wrote back two weeks later and for the next 14 years they carried on a remarkable friendship that lasted until their demise.  They wrote of family, memories of political battles and what they had accomplished together.  Truly a profound change made more remarkable as the time passed.

They died as good friends.  What is the most incredible irony, coincidence or divine intervention, they died on July 4th, 1826.  Exactly fifty years after the Declaration of Independence we celebrate on this day.  As john Adams took his final breaths, he said “Jefferson still survives.”   What he did not know was Thomas Jefferson had died four hours earlier.  Adams was 94.  Jefferson was 82.

They were the final Founding Fathers to pass.   Let us celebrate on this 4th of July and never forget what these two courageous brilliant men did for the lives we live today.