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Pelosi Won’t Offer The House

It has never happened before.  A Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, refuses to allow the President to give his State of the Union Address in the House as scheduled.

At first she said there were security concerns making it difficult to protect the President.  This was nonsense as the Secret Service and other security agencies said there is no such security problem.  As of Wednesday, Pelosi now refuses to permit the President saying she won’t allow it until the partial government shutdown has ended.  Problem is she refuses to sit down and compromise.  Obstinate. She has made a calculated political decision.  She, Schumer, Hillary, Obama and a host of other Democrats voted for or favored the building of a Mexican border wall.  This is all politics.  Nothing more.

Her problem is a number of Democrat’s are now giving pause.  Some have said give him the wall and we will get much more than ever expected in return.  Her Majority Leader in the House, Steny Hoyer, is now saying a wall would be effective. Congressman James Clyborn says a wall would help. The question is how will the Independents, the middle of the road average American approve of her decision.  Jacksjargon believes her move will hurt her more than hurting President Trump.  He has been willing to compromise all along.  Think about it.  If you are a hard nosed liberal/socialist Democrat endowed with Trump “Derangement Syndrome” you love her move.  But, politically it’s a dumb move.  The public has overwhelmingly, for years, disliked Nancy Pelosi. Now the scene is Pelosi won’t compromise…the President will and has already.  You decide.

President Trump, in part, says “It would be so sad for our Country if the State of the Union speech was not given on time and in the very important location.”  It was scheduled for Tuesday, January 29th.  So now what?  Delay the speech?  No way. Deliver it in a rally format in a friendly State such as Indiana. Being given consideration.  However, many channels, even major networks, likely would not televise it.  Jacksjargon urges all involved in decision making GIVE THE SPEECH IN THE SENATE.   It’s controlled by Republicans and the speech will have a more Presidential atmosphere.  It’s likely to receive more live coverage. Hands down it’s the way to go.

Meanwhile…the President reached an agreement Wednesday with major drug manufacturers to lower prices.  The public simply never hears good news.  It is always slanted against the President.  CNN and MSNBC merely make noise over-blowing stories like the Catholic Kids causing trouble in D.C. wearing their MAGA caps.  Once again having to retract what they wanted to believe.  And the President often makes matters worse with tweets.  The average American would be shocked to know how well the Country has done during the last two years.

Let’s put it this way.  The average cost for a Harley Davidson motorcycle is $8,000. in America.  Elsewhere across the ocean it is averaged at $20,000.  President Trump has made a good relationship with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Negotiating this week with them as their economy has weakened significantly thanks to the Presidents actions.  While ours is the strongest in the world at present.  Plus our military can now protect the USA better than ever.

The President will never give in on building a wall at the border.  He may compromise and modify to end the partial government shutdown.   Pelosi?  She won’t budge…unless the polls show she is losing favor.  And that just might happen provided the poll question isn’t slanted to the left.



Well Done Mr. President!

Tuesday night President Trump delivered his first address to the nation from the oval office.  It was flawless.  He stressed facts and gave examples of tortured Americans who have lost love ones to illegal aliens.  He was Presidential in every way.  It was facts coupled with an emotional element. His ease and style in front of the camera was spot on.  A rare moment for every American to judge him like never before.  Some cable news channels will do everything in their power to point out wrong facts.  They shall direct attention to anything they can exploit as to how awful the President is acting in wanting a steel wall built to protect those inside our country and the pain and suffering who travelled far only to suffer greatly. That element of concern the President showed for those who have been tortured to come here was an excellent remark.  Also included in Trump’s remarks was reference  to how many politicians have walls around their property. That speaks for itself. Plus, he included how Senator Schumer, in the past, has voted for monies to spend building a wall. Don’t believe it.?  Go to youtube or look at the facebook page of this writer. Whoever helped the President write that speech should be given a bonus check.

After his approximately ten minute address,  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Senate leader Chuck Schumer stood side by side and and gave their rebuttal. Frankly their appearance standing together appeared awkward.  Pelosi rambled on how terrible the President is acting. Her voice raspy and appeared ill at ease.  In television, appearance can be everything.  This being the first time of such an event brings recall to the old expression…”You get only one chance to make a good first impression.”  Communication skills at this level is not her strong suite.  It marred what she was saying.  She flunked.

After Pelosi, Senator Chuch Schumer spoke.  Blame blame blame. In essence he tried to make it seem like only the President needs to compromise.  However, the White House has offered several compromise options.  Schumer and Pelosi won’t even listen.  In reality, this really isn’t about the value of building a wall to protect the American border.  It is about denying any victory for President Trump. It’s about diminishing his accomplishments heading into the 2020 Presidential race. Hillary, Sen. Feinstein, Sen. Patty Murray and a host of other Democrat Senators previously voted for money for the wall.  As a Senator, President Obama supported a wall. Neither Pelosi nor Schumer did themselves much good.  They looked like “Mutt and Jeff” together. Their skills in front of a TV camera is not their thing.  Especially compared to the President.  Schumer came off harsh. Self rightious. The President was natural, sincere and easy to listen to his message.

Meanwhile, over at CNN, John King dragged out the same old silly argument…”It is known these illegal immigrant’s have a lower crime rate than native born American’s.”   Will someoneone…anyone…a pundit…columnist…Republican politician please stand up and loudly proclaim…”IF THEY WEREN’T HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE THEY’D HAVE NO CRIME RATE AT ALL.”

So now we wait.   Wait for the public reaction President Trump asked for in favor of buiding the wall.   Both Parties will claim victory Tuesday night.  They are not at issue.  It is what does the independent average man or woman voter, who don’t follow the news or politics closely, what do they think?  Jacksjargon dislikes using trite catch phrases, but here goes anyway.  Building a wall on the Mexican border is a “no brainer.”  John Doe knows it.  The middle of the road voter knows it.  Heck…even Pelosi and Schummer know it.