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Build Wall! No need for Dem.’s

Potential new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so concerned for those not working during the partial government shutdown, she had to get away and meditate on a deal. Right?  But where?  Hawaii’s exclusive Fairmont Orchid resort hotel at $900 a night for a standard room.  Suites go for up to $4900. Need a massage Nancy?  Only $549.  But, it may include for two.

She doesn’t care about any compromise.  All she cares about is stalling any deal to make certain her new radical base votes her in as the next Speaker of the House January 3rd.  Senator Chuck Schumer is ready to deal. Think about it.  Pelosi spends shutdown time in Hawaii—media silent.  President Trump stays at the White House for Christmas except for a jaunt to Iraq to be with the troops. Media explodes!

Christmas sales 2018 best in many years. American’s were buying like crazy. Pundits giving us “gloom and doom” while our GDP (Gross Domestic Product)  is still at 3.4%.  That’s double Obama’s typical GDP.  The Trump haters bitter, angry and just can’t stop looking for ways to tear the President down. “Trump derangement syndrome” is endless and gets nuttier.

Make no mistake. Trump will get money for the wall one way or another. It shall be built.  Plus, he doesn’t need Pelosi or Schumer to do it.  It doesn’t hurt his cause that another policeman gets killed by an illegal arrested twice for DUI’s.  California’s sanctuary State never notified anyone.  Surprisingly some networks seemed forced to report the murder by an illegal.  CBS made it clear Saturday morning Dec. 29th.

It’s been obvious to anyone why Democrat’s want open borders. These largely unskilled poor and criminals will live off of Democrat hand outs and vote their way.  The object being wipe out the Republican Party so they can “remake America” (remember who said that?) to a socialistic if not communist country. Jacksjargon is serious.  How much more do we need to hear from ignorant freshman Congresswoman Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez who compared the aliens trying to break into the USA as “Baby Jesus.”   A self appointed no nothing leader economics major who could not name the three branches of the U.S. Government. It’s true. Not a clue as to basic civics.

So here’s how Trump can get the wall and more built without Pelosi and Schumer. They will never give in to much of anything. President Trump can declare a national security emergency (remember more caravans are planning to invade…just heard a 7,000 one) and re-assign 25 billion dollars from the military budget.  Or, pass it out of the Senate using “budget reconciliation.”   That requires only 51 votes.  Thank goodness Trump got Mexico to hold illegals out of USA until their pitch for entrance.

Sounds good.  But, a bit simplistic.  So let’s dig a little deeper and use remarks from Brett M. Decker, an assistant professor of business at Defiance College and  attorney James Renne.  Former Trump transition official.  “There are sources of revenue in the executive branch that the President has authority to use without congressional approval.”  “Legal authority comes from many angles.”  “Obama stimulus loans ($2 billion to $5 billion) could be separated out and used because they involved no ‘year money’, meaning the loans don’t expire. He could tap into USDA’s Community Facilities monies.  President George W. Bush was criticized for keeping billions in war spending off the books so it could be diverted to secret operations free of oversight.  President Obama spent billions on health care without congressional authorization.  Unless there is some last minute deal that he will accept, the only way the wall will get built is if the president uses executive power to do it. This type of an approach is a sure way for Trump to regain the initiative and give him leverage as pressure mounts.”

A wall will get built.  There will be howls even from his own Party should he employ such tactics.   But, so what.  Many of them hope he fails anyway. He is showing them up with accomplishments.  Jacks jargon thinks there is one more outlandish, yet effective, way to get funds for the wall from congress. Merely threaten or actually veto every single piece of legislation that comes from Pelosi or Schumer.  Senator Harry Reid, essentially did it for years.  Just don’t bring up House passed legislation for a vote.

So now let’s relax and watch the “fur fly.”  The team of Maxine Waters and Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez will be the Republicans best friend.  Truly a match made in heaven…or more likely…the other place.