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The REAL story of Thanksgiving

History books, the media and the traditional thinking is 90% nonsense.  Perhaps this post can reveal what really started it all.  It’s been authenticated many times.  But, American’s would prefer the fairy tale that exists because forces have forged this tall tale out of ignorance or political reasons.  The actual story doesn’t fit present day media views.  Thanksgiving day is far different from what we all have been led to believe.

During the British Empire days, the King was everything.  The State was to be the end all of all end all’s. No other entity was to interfere.  Sort of the “All Hail Caesar” mentality.  God?  The Almighty?  Forgetaboutit.  The problem was many of the states subjects were religious.  They had no choice but to go along or lose their life potentially.  But, there came a time when many believers fled their homeland.  Our pilgrims mostly went to Holland.  After eleven years, still feeling unsettled, they embarked upon a plan to flee to the new world across the Atlantic ocean.  However, without funds they took on sponsors who hoped to profit eventually.  Risky yes.  But, money was no object to many of them.

As these forty hearty souls prepared to leave to a new world they signed a pact saying that when they arrived everyone would share equally in everything.  Their leader forced the issue upon everyone.  Seemed like a comforting idea at the time. With their strong conviction in their religious faith, off they went on this noble but extremely dangerous venture.  Religious freedom was at the heart of everything.

After their long journey they landed on the shores of New England.  It was November and cold.  Think about it for a moment.  No Motel 6 ready for them. No warm home to go to. No shelter from the cold.  Food getting low.  No Indians helping.  Half of them died that winter including the wife of their leader.  Absolute misery.

With the coming of Spring, the 20 survivors were visited by local Indian tribesmen.  The Indians curious, but better yet, friendly.  They taught the new settlers how to plant corn, how to fish, and essentially taught them how to survive in this wilderness. But, with time it became apparent there was a self defeating problem. Per human nature, some of the pilgrims were simply lazy and would not give the effort others were giving.  Why should they?  They knew with their pact they would get the same as everyone else.  That was the agreement. So the results of their farming, fishing and game hunting was not as abundant as it should have been. It is unclear as to who forced the change. What was clear was the pact they felt comforting at first was now working against them.  So majority agreed everyone would work for themselves and reap their own rewards. The results were amazing.  Suddenly production of food became abundant.  So plentiful that they now set up trading posts with the Indians. It was becoming apparent that success was at hand.   Even better than they had hoped.  Eventually, word of their success began to spread back to their original homeland and thus the pilgrimage to America began. The foundation of America was being cemented.  A new country began to form.

The roots of their success made our earliest settlers grateful. Grateful to their God that brought them to this new land.  It was then that their foundation of religious beliefs led to the first Thanksgiving. These first Americans wanted to share their joy and show respect to the Almighty.  It was this thinking that led them to invite Indians to share in their respect for what God had done for them. So yes, the Indians helped the pilgrims. But, the first Thanksgiving was not to thank their helpers. They were actually benefactors. It was to give thanks to God.

George Washington, as President, issued a proclamation to celebrate this day. As later, John Adams and James Madison did the same.  But, it was not until 1863, the very heart of our civil war, that President Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday. A thanks to God is the essence of this wonderful day.

Hopefully, to my faithful followers, one sees the elements of the pilgrim’s early triumph as what made America great. It was that system of early capitalism that grew to make American’s develop the highest standard of living the world has ever known.  It was, and still is, labor and business that made America great. Not government.  To those who want to remake the USA more to their liking remember those most famous words, “Ask not what your Country can do for you.  But, what you can do for your Country.” President John F. Kennedy.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all from



Fire The Special Counsel!

If President Trump wants to carry on, he has no choice.  His only hope is to stop the special counsel.   Why?   Because everybody but everybody in Washington D.C., including many Republicans, and the east coast media want him gone.  He is the only threat to their unlimited power.  With a handful of Hillary supporter attorneys working with Counsel Chief Robert Mueller they will absolutely find something strong enough that will not only Impeach him in the House, but convict him in the Senate and he will be a goner.

Think of it for a moment.  Nobody becomes a billionaire, especially in New York city project developments, without doing whatever with politicians, city officials, unions, contractors and whoever else needs to be taken care of to get a project done.  Legal or otherwise. That is impossible.  And this is only one area the Special Counsel could find what they need against him.  Surely tax evasion is on the list. Legal arguments forever on tax legalities are endless.  If that was strong enough to jail gangster Al Capone, it surely would be enough to take down a President.   They’ll find something worthy or die trying.

The trajedy of it all is President Trump has many major accomplishments in a very short time.  ISIS has lost their calafate.  The VA is in major improvement.  Mexican border crossings are down 60-70%.  The economy is booming.  Unemployment lowest in 20 years. Trade deals are being renegotiated.  Who else but Trump would have the guts to tell other NATO countries to pay up their fair share.  Many are now shamed into doing it.  Many foreign lands respect him…France, the Saudi’s rolled out the red carpet, Israel, Muslim nations respected his speech given to over 50 leaders.  Our enemies know he means what he says.  Food stamp users are down.  The stock market continues to soar because they know Obama’s regulations are ending.  He is business friendly as growth and wages are up.  An excellent Supreme Court judge now on the bench as other outstanding judges keep getting appointed.  Sanctuary cities are now threatened.  The gross domestic product went over 3% last quarter.   Obama was pleased with 2% and really didn’t care.  He had it in for business.  The public knows little to nothing of Trump positives.

The question is…does President Trump have the power to get rid of the special counsel?   First, understand that in order to appoint a special counsel there has to be a crime.  There is none.  They are merely looking for one.  There are disagreements among constitutional scholars about the way the President could remove Mueller if he wanted to, and the legality of such moves.  So yes Trump could end the special counsel.  Some ways complicated.  One is not.

After huge Democrat and media pressure over a phony dossier created by Trump’s enemies and the Democrat National Committee paying anywhere from six million to nine million dollars, it was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s decision to appoint Robert Mueller to head a special counsel.  Russia, Russia, Russia, with still no evidence, was the heated cry to Rosenstein.  Attorney General Jeff Session recused himself from the Russia matter.  Remember there was and is no crime to be investigated.  President Trump could fire Rosenstein.  But, some regulations say only the Attorney General (in this case the acting Attorney General) can remove the special counsel and it has to be with just cause. i.e. misconduct, dereliction of duty and so forth.  With Rosenstein’s refusal, President Trump could keep firing replacements until one agrees to cancel out the special counsel.   Very much a mess.

There are two other much more realistic possibilities to rid the special counsel. Neal Katyal, professor of national security law at Georgetown U. says Trump could order the special counsel regulations repealed then fire Mueller himself.  Katyal  helped write the regulations repeal doctrine in 1999 now cited by Rosenstein.  At that time Attorney General Janet Reno had hired him to do so.

Jacksjargon believes the best and easiest way is this.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions could non recuse himself BECAUSE THERE WAS NO CRIME to be investigated.  Robert Mueller and his special counsel is simply an investigation. Merely end the investigation.

The uproar would be enormous.   Almost never ending.  But, largely nothing but endless noise.  TV  scholars would be coming out of the wood work.  Their arguments against this tactic would seem logical, but a failure.  And no impeachment could be pursued because the President broke no law(s).  As jacksjargon sees it, it is either this or the end of the Trump Presidency.  Take your pick.

Take heart dear faithful, keep in mind Congress has now given the green light for an FBI informant to testify.  They lifted his non disclosure agreement.  He has papers, emails, tapes and more to reveal the history of the FBI, Democrat National Committee and all of the Obama administration illegalities and cover ups.  He wants to blow the lid off the real scandals and likely can do so.

That is unless he has some mysterious unfortunate  accident before he gets his chance to testify.