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Trump Does It Again. Likely for good.

One step forward.  Two steps backward.  This the story of Donald Trump running for President.  He is likely done now after his latest outburst at his own Party members.  Just when he seemed to be getting on track for a serious run, he just can’t seem to help himself from shots to his own foot. This will likely doom him.  Says Mark Halperin of the political show With All Due Respect  “The Democrat’s feel Trump’s biggest liability is his instability.”  He, and they are correct.  Trump can’t help himself and in all likelihood he won’t make it through the Republican convention coming in several weeks.  Temperament, arrogance and his thin skin has done him in.

His latest Fox News poll numbers Thursday are bad.  But, he could have made a run of it if he would stick with his new script. He is simply is his own worse enemy. Wednesday he took it upon himself, at one of his rallies where he loves to wing it, and called his fellow Republican Presidential candidates “sore losers” irked that they won’t endorse him.  Said Trump…”They signed a pledge. Now they say they won’t honor it.  And the press won’t go after them. In my opinion they shall never be allowed to run for office again because of what they did was disgraceful.”  He was referring mainly to Jeb Bush and John Kasich.

In the new Fox poll Trump has only 8% more Independents than Hillary.  Not nearly enough. Republican support for Trump is down 8%.  He lost ground with men.  There’s growing worry from the GOP.  Understandably.  Republican voter preference? 48% for Trump…51% for someone else.  Down 8% since May.  Although his State polls are encouraging, if he doesn’t have the backing of his own Party he simply cannot win.  Over half of Republican’s feel they don’t have the right guy.

As we’ve been reporting, Party leaders have been preparing for a change at the convention.  It’s possible, but not likely, they could make a move sooner to soften his supporters before the convention.  So there would be no surprise.  Remember, the rules committee meets before the convention.  They can change the rules any way they want.  Then a majority of the delegates must vote on the changes. If the rules committee frees all the delegates to “vote their conscience” as House Speaker Paul Ryan likes to say, it is very likely to pass.  And down goes Trump.  It’s is wide open then for who knows to win the Republican nomination.  True there will be a sure thing ruckus from Trump’s people.  Likely a walk out. But, to no avail.  Some might feel good riddance.  Who gets the nom?  Likely a gang of five or more.   Names such as Jeb Bush would get major support.  And he can raise money.  Big time money desperately needed. Throw in Ted Cruz heaven forbid.  But, he has so many enemies and most know he’d lose.  Marco Rubio will be mentioned as Paul Ryan.  Someone may put Mitt Romney’s name up again.  Scott Walker, John Kasich, Chris Christie…it could be anyone.   But, with so many Republican big donors fleeing to Hillary over Trump it is most likely who can raise money the fastest and best.  And that serves Bush well.  Name recognition will be important serving Romney well.  There may be many ballots to narrow down the field providing excitement….and, high ratings. That’s help to their cause.

Will the Republican’s destroy their chances having a chaotic convention?  Absolutely not.  Keep in mind there will be almost four months before the Nov. election.  The no nothings and semi no nothings don’t decide early.  Debates will be a key evening the playing field.  And never forget Hillary Clinton is a lousy candidate and still facing criminal charges.  It is why Bernie Sanders has hung around so long.

A Republican campaign money raiser with name recognition will decide it.  That points to Bush and Romney.  Who do I want?   The best man for the job has always been Mitt Romney.  Not a great campaigner.  But, he has learned from his mistakes.  He is business and politician all in one.  A terrific organizer, highly successful, a moral religious man of fine character and intelligence.  Remember he wrote the best seller…No Apology…The case for America greatness.   Now is that a great substitute for make America great again or what?

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Attorney Gen. Meets with B. Clinton

Here’s one for the book.  Bill Clinton gets off his private plane and waits for the Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s plane to land and then goes onto her private plane and talks with her for a half hour.  Nobody, not even Democrat’s, can believe how dumb this happening had to be.  Here’s the woman in charge of Hillary’s FBI investigation who would make the call whether to indict Hillary or not speaking with her husband!  “Oh, we just talked about grandchildren and golf” said Lynch to reporters.  Oh sure…that’s all.  And what a coincidence that they just happen to be at the same airport arriving at about the same time.  Loretta Lynch should now recuse herself from the case.

Let’s try and put this into perspective.  Let’s say you are charged with a crime against a woman.  And the husband of the woman charging you gets to have a private meeting with the judge for thirty minutes before any trial begins.  It is plain nuts.  A mistrial.  And yet that is what happened Tuesday.  Said Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough…”This is beyond optics. This is unbelievable.”  “There is no way you let him on your plane.”  Pundit and well known ex columnist Mike Barnicle…”We don’t know what’s going on with the FBI investigation yet.”  Bloomberg political editor Mark Halperin…”You don’t talk under those circumstances. I can’t believe no one would have said ‘this is a bad idea’ ”  It’s easy to figure Bill Clinton had a plan.  Said Dem. and Hillary supporter Doug Schoen…”Bill was probably taking the temperature of Lynch.”

In a related matter, the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post reveal 165 emails sent through Hillary’s private server were not turned over to the State Dept.  Said in a deposition, Huma Abadeen, Deputy Chief of Staff for the State Dept. under Hillary, “Hillary didn’t want any of her emails on her server to be accessible to anybody.”   At one point Abadeen, seemingly to protect herself, said “I tried to do the right thing.”

Meanwhile in Canada, our President Obama is in talks with newly elected and very liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau yesterday.  Terrorism the chief topic. Right?  After 41 dead, 230 just injured in Turkey.  No way.  Number one topic was dealing with gay people and climate change.   If this weren’t true, you’d swear somebody was making it up.

So what’s going to happen to Hillary Clinton and the never ending delay of the FBI report?   Most word in D.C. is the FBI evidence will be damning.  However, there will be no indictment because Hillary had emails with Obama on her server and he was aware of the server.  If charges were brought upon Hillary it would include Obama in this fiasco.  Plus, Hillary and Bill have so much trash to use against Obama, he simply wouldn’t dare.

All this is simply madness.  It’s hard to take anymore.  I think of the old line said by a boy during the 1919 Black Sox scandal…..”Say it ain’t so Joe.  Say it ain’t so.”  No reply from third baseman Joe Dugan.

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Some Good News For Trump

Ask yourself…has Hillary Clinton ever created one job?   Ever met a payroll?  Actually had to deal with employees?  Could she even run a lemonade stand?  You know the answer. She’d be Obama’s 3rd term.  Amidst major criticism, Donald Trump capitalized on these factors in a financial speech in a factory at Pittsburgh Tuesday.  Over and over it has been asked…can Trump stay on message.   So far he has been doing it.  And a new Quinnipiac U. poll out Wednesday shows Trump closing the gap nationally.  It says Hillary Clinton 42% and Donald Trump 40%.   Trump can capitalize on his work experience to captivate workers who want a change from the same old same old.  For better or worse, Trump amounts to change.  Just as we saw last week through the vote of Brit’s leaving the European Union.  Many say the USA situation is different.  But, what about American voters?  Bet on them most agreeing with the voters in the UK.

Voters were asked who is more trustworthy.  Trump 41% Hillary 25%. National polls are interesting, but not really worthy of how events will turn out. It’s the States and their voters that matter.  And, despite two very bad weeks in many ways, Trump is holding his own.  Critical battleground States, tied in Ohio…tied in Pennsylvania… Colorado…Hillary 40% Trump 39%…N. Carolina Hillary 44% Trump 42%…Florida Hillary 44% Trump 41%.   And, in Pennsylvania, Trump certainly didn’t hurt himself Tuesday.  A State that traditional goes Democrat.  The State percentages from the NBC weekend poll. Those numbers from the week Hillary went through her coronation.  Donald Trump has just begun with the “new and improved” Trump.  All this after weeks of anti Trumps ads in those States.  Trump has no anti Hillary ads..  Hillary has 732 campaign workers across the Country.  Trump has 70.  Should Trump get the State by State workers his new campaign manager, Paul Manafort is working on….maybe it’s possible…maybe.  And this week, no matter how hard Hillary and her surrogates put down Tuesday’s Benghazi report, it is bound to hurt her.   At least it should and will.

A final note on Benghazi and the lack of leadership and an abundance of political spin from Obama while our men are dying there, incredibly, it is now known the morning following the Benghazi attack, Obama skipped his daily intelligence briefing.  But why?  Overwhelmingly likely Obama didn’t want to read it and know it was a terrorist attack and more.  One can’t comment on details not known to answer the questions from reporters.  Instead we got the bland we are still gathering all the facts.  The we’ll let you know routine.  No, he did not.

Reiterating from yesterdays post.  See the film now out on DVD, 13 Hours: The secret Soldiers of Benghazi.  The story from accounts all coming from the men who survived there.  It will inform…make you proud…may shock you and it might bring tears to your eyes.

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Examining the Benghazi Attack

The speaker of the House, at that time, John Boehner, told the House Select Committee on Benghazi…”tell us what happened.”   So today we learned. However, the 2nd biggest travesty is what the main stream media will be dolling out Tuesday and Wednesday..  “No new evidence against then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”  That’s it.  That’s what you will hear.  A total crock to protect her candidacy at all costs.  I urge you to see the film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi now out on DVD from numerous sources.

Clinton and Obama did nothing to protect our Ambassador Steven’s and the three other brave men who died that day to  protect our embassy.  At 7:30 that evening with the attack still going on (seven hours after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ordered our military to move assets to rescue our people) Hillary was in a meeting for 90 minutes to two hours where half the time was spent preparing the cause of the attack being a youtube video while Tyrone Woods was still fighting for his life on the roof of an annex building.  That night Mrs. Clinton emailed her daughter that it was a terrorist attack.  The next day she emailed the Eyyptian Prime Minister that it was a terrorist attack while telling the media it was all because of a you tube video. This lie went on for days. Obama repeating it over a week later at the U.N.  Our U.N rep. going on five Sunday shows. A public/private contrast.

So why the cover up.  First, the Presidential election was just 56 days away.  Obama was bragging how he killed Bin Laden and was saving the world from terrorism.  Second, Libya was the crown jewel of Hillary’s foreign policy.  No “boots on the ground” and excellent diplomacy.  This would be critical for her eventual Presidential run.  Obama has still refused to turn over important documents.  At one point, before the attack, a diplomatic security agent came back from Libya and told the State Dept. “This place is a suicide mission. Everyone there is going to die.”

Benghazi happened because of political concerns this administration had instead of telling the American people the truth….Congressman Jim Jordan of the Benghazi committee.

Besides this travesty, there is one item that will always gaul me every time I look at that lying ex Sec. of State.  While the body’s were being taking off the plane and parents and relatives patiently waiting near the site, Hillary Clinton was going around and telling all those grieving relatives they died because of an attack on our embassy due to a you tube video.  To me, that is so shameful, so unspeakable it keeps stride for stride with this Obama Administration.  We can hope, but Obama won’t do it, the FBI demands she be indicted for her email scandal where she released to the world our most valuable information.  Martha Stewart serve eight months in jail.   Can anybody remember what for?  And, Mrs. Clinton could actually be President of the United States.  Please Donald…shape up and do things right.

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Trump is going to lose if…

Currently Hillary Clinton has 120 million dollars in her superpac.  This is money, more or less, for ripping up your opponent in commercials.  Donald Trump has 2 million dollars.  Hillary is using some of that money, at present, in battleground States.   Trump is running none.  Same strategy that worked against Mitt Romney.  Seek and destroy early…so to speak.

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, in his new book, says the three most important words in running a campaign is CASH ON HAND.  That’s where the Trump is going to lose if…comes from.  McConnell said Sunday he supports the Republican Presidential candidate, but failed to endorse him.  If Trump can’t get away from his business interests and start raising money big time, he is going to be a goner as the Republican nominee. And Trump has made it clear he really dislikes asking others for campaign money. Leaders like McConnell and Paul Ryan in the House will do whatever it takes to stop Trump at the convention unless major changes occur.   Likely, plans for a different candidate are in the works now at the convention merely three weeks away in Cleveland.  Surely mechanics of the change are being worked upon.  Not an easy assignment.

New poll numbers out today are ominous for Trump.  ABC News poll has Hillary at 51% Trump with 39%.  Their last poll had him up by 2%.  NBC News poll has Hillary with 46% and Trump with 41%.  Their last poll had Mrs. Clinton up by 3%.  Looking even worse is his support from Republicans has dropped from 85% to 77%.  And 64% of those polled believe he is not qualified to be President. “The Donald” had two weeks before Hillary clinched the nomination to “make hay”, so to speak.  Instead he frittered it away with racist comments about a judge in a case that had nothing to do with the campaign.  He has gained nothing from the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack.  Plus a business trip to Scotland.

While his new campaign manager, Paul Manafort, appears to have Trump on the correct path, one can’t be sure Trump is all that thrilled with having to read speeches off of a teleprompter. And it shows.  He needs work on it.  The question is can he keep Trump on message and free from winging it on issues and making more mistakes.  In his Sunday column, Jonah Goldberg, says Trump is lying about having ten billion dollars and says every financial expert agrees.  Forbes has him with 4.5 billion and Bloomberg says it’s below three billion.  Says Goldberg “most of the billionaires hold the theory that Trump never expected to do this well. It was  P.R. stunt that got out hand. The dog caught the car and now doesn’t know what to do with it.”

Fox New pundit Greta Van Susteren says the election will be decided by the debates before the election.  The heavily watched, all important, first debate standing along side Hillary Clinton, she feels is the key to everything. Very high risk even if Trump is still around.  The best thing Trump has going for himself is most Americans feel our Country is headed in the wrong direction…a la the UK surprising vote.

Returning to political columnist Jonah Goldberg, who writes like he thinks Trump is a blow hard, “If Trump really has 10 billion dollars, spending one billion is no sacrifice. The Founding Fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.  Put your money where your mouth is.  Surely America is worth a tenth of your alleged fortune.”

Mighty tough talk.  Trouble is Goldberg is likely correct.  Donald Trump is never going to spend one billion dollars of his own money.  President or not.  Ready or not, be prepared for an “anything can happen, convention.”  Where’s the FBI when you need them.

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Brits tell EU…bye bye!

In a startling move, Great Britain voted to withdraw from the European union.  This means more politically to the USA than anything else.  However, some shared intelligence may be lost.  Brit’s feel it’s their Independence Day.

So why the withdrawal?  Number one reason was the resentment of immigration. Syrian and Iraq refugees pouring in as part of the Unions globalization issue.  Unchecked people on open borders.  Muslims. Other main resentments: government intervention on too many fronts, job losses, lack of a voice in European decisions, corruption and ignoring the wishes of the people.  Government intervention backfired.   It was a no to a European welfare state.  In short, a rejection of socialization.  The people wanted their country back.  Brussels was making decisions for Brits.  No to a one world globalization.

This is an historic irrevocable decision. It came as a surprise as late polls showing it going the opposite way. There was a huge turn out vote of 72%.

As luck would have it, and with some criticism leaving his campaign, Donald Trump arrived in Scotland to support his redone golf club.  And, mainly to support his children who did most of the work.  It has been long held if the children are well bred it says a lot about their parents.  Say what you think about Trump, his children don’t drink, smoke and enormously love and respect their father.  Trump has never had a drink of alcohol.  His dying brother’s wishes to Donald.  His brother was alcoholic.

After supporting his Scotland project, Trump held a press conference.  It was the new Presidential Trump.  Calmly taking and answering all questions.  What Great Britain has done is in direct support of what Trump has based his candidacy upon. Check those reasons aforementioned.  Said Trump…”People want a united country.  You unite people by having a happy country.  People pouring into the country…it doesn’t work.  You don’t unite a country by forcing things down their throats.”   Obama loves the thought of one world open borders.  Said Trump “I was actually very surprised President Obama would come over here and be so bold as to tell the people over here what to do.  A lot of people don’t like him.  If he had not said that, the result might have been different.”

This move by Great Britain parallels U.S politics.  It could not have worked out better for Trump.  Especially if he continues upon his new more Presidential approach.  Of note, many polled must have lied to pollsters for fear of rejection. Might this be the case of millions of closet Trump supporters.

As of this hour the U.S. Dow jones average are down over 500 points.  Gold souring.  Mainly any significant change scares investors.  British companies taking the biggest hit.  Many American market analysts agree with Trump about meddling in foreign politics escalates the problem.

The American stock market is in a scary position these days.  Built on quick fixes, overvalued say some with participation down.  Says market guru Jeff Seger…”This market has a ways to fall.”

Stand by America.  Much more change is in the wind.

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Attorney General to terrorists…love them

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the best way to treat terrorism is to show them compassion, unity and love.  Yeah sure, that’ll work as they chop a few more heads off.  Or throw more gays off of roof tops.  If you didn’t know by now, you know now where the administration is and has been for the last seven and a half years.  And, this is the woman who is going to indict Hillary Clinton?  Good luck anti Hillary people.

However, the wheels of justice in the USA can be terribly slow, but sometimes no news is good news.  The National Security Agency (NSA) doesn’t agree.  Disgusted with the FBI slowness, they are now leaking information about the Hillary Clinton email scandal.  And, it is not good for Mrs. Clinton.  The scandal expanded the case some time ago making the Clinton Foundation part of the scandal.  The man who set up Hillary’s email server in her house has been granted immunity by the FBI and is a key to this huge scandal.  Bryan Pagliano testified in front of a civil case where he had no immunity.  Wednesday he took the 5th 125 times.  The leaks say Pagliano will “bring down the house upon Hillary.”

As for the Clinton Foundation…bad news.  Charity Navigator, the service that rates charities, won’t even rate the foundation. That’s how bad their expenses ratio’s have been.  Also, word is women executives make $83,000 less per year than their male counterparts.  Strictly a rumor on the latter.

The Democrat’s demonstration in the House of Representatives last night was a nasty horror show stunt.  Totally out of order in a sit down display not done in 100 years over a bill that was already defeated in the Senate.  They were demanding a vote on a bill that had no chance of passing.  This was absolute gutter nonsense.  A political stunt that MIGHT help them in November.  To underscore this disrespect for the Peoples House, Thursday they are sending out leaflets everywhere possible asking for donations for their cause. Gun legislation that would have had no impact upon Omar Mateen. What does that tell you?  Remember James Carville’s old line during Bill Clinton’s first Presidential run…”It’s the economy stupid.”  Today it is…it’s radical Islamic terror stupid.

Elsewhere, during the madness of Trump’s campaign during it’s first two weeks, the poll number are shockingly good for Trump.  He is only 6% down nationally and a poll out today shows he is only 3% down.  Plus, he is close or beating Hillary in key battleground States of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida and elsewhere.  And, all this before his anti Hillary speech Wednesday that got rave reviews from most all except Democrat’s.  Sen. Bernie Sanders people polled said only 55% would vote for Mrs. Clinton.  22% would vote for Trump.  The remainder would vote for neither.

Other notes…new director of Trump’s campaign, Paul Manafort, is off to a very good start.  The key, or problem, is can Trump stick with Manafort’s winning idea’s?  Yesterday, unlike the old Trump, he didn’t spout off the record following his speech.  The speech spoke for itself.

Most Americans have no clue as to the historic vote in Great Britain where they are counting votes as of this hour.   Boiling it down, the vote was… should that country stay in the European Union.  The importance to the USA is they stay in the union because it will keep the intelligence flowing to us at this most dangerous time of Radical Islamic terrorism.  The decision is irrevocable.  Right now it appears Great Britain will stay in the union.

The Queen should be smiling tonight.        Stay with for daily updates on news and political happenings.

Start of a Comeback? He Scores Big Time

“Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person every to run for the Presidency of the United States.”  And so it went for Donald Trump.  A thirty minute bombardment upon his opponent citing a laundry list of her failures and corruptions.  No matter, having just heard from her the day before, her and her spokes people will have a difficult time answering, attempting to deflate, pointing out untruths and making them stick.  Why?  Because there were so many.  At the beginning Trump said, “I am running to give back to the Country that has been so good to me.”

Trump not only point by point critiqued Mrs. Clinton’s failures and corruptions, but made a positive case for America’s future.  Jobs, Jobs, Jobs he declared. “We can’t rely on politicians who created our problems.”  Even Democrat Jessica Tarlov, senior political strategist for the Schoen Foundation said….”The speech was genius. Totally effective. No change in his voice the entire time. Very effective.”

It might be best to simply share some of Trump’s remarks that may very well have saved his Republican Presidential Candidacy.  “She deleted emails that our enemies probably know every single one of them.  So they now can have a blackmail file over someone who wants to be President of the United States. This fact alone disqualifies her as President of the United States. ”  My message is things have to change…this is our one chance and maybe our only chance to do that change.”  Then Trump looked straight in the camera and said, “if we don’t do it now folks I don’t know if we will ever ever have another chance.”     “We have to have real change. Not Obama change.”

“Hillary Clinton’s slogan is I’m for her.  Mine is I’m with you America”  “Her motivation came from the more than 1,000 donations she failed to disclose while she was Secretary of State.”  “She let our ambassador to Libya die while she was sound asleep.  As in the commercial, she didn’t take that 3AM phone call.”  “She created the politics of personal profit and even theft.  She did favors for oppressive regimes and many others for cash.”  Her actions created ISIS.  “No Secretary of State has been more wrong more often and in more places than Hillary Clinton. Her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched.”

Near the end Trump touched upon something that likely touched the heart of many Americans.  “Our Country settled the West…dug the Panama Canal…put up satellites and so much more.  But somewhere we started thinking small. Something happened to our mentality.  We stopped believing in what America could do.  We became reliant upon other Countries, other people, other institutions.  We lost our sense of purpose and daring.  BUT THAT’S NOT WHO WE ARE!  Americans are going to start believing again in the future of our Country.  We are going to make America rich again.  We are going to make America safe again.  We are going to make our Country great again FOR EVERYONE.

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Third Party Candidate

John Leboutiller, ex Republican congressman….”Is it too late for a third party candidate?  There is still a month for another candidate to step in.  Either Republican or Independent.”   Pat Caddell, long time Democrat and pollster…”The Democrat’s are eating the Republicans lunch.  Hillary is quite beatable and Republicans are wondering if they picked the one candidate who cannot beat her.”

Here’s the situation. Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus is checking with State Party leaders to determine their Trump support.  Remember, before the convention the rules committee meets.  They can change anything they wish.  Then it goes to the convention floor looking for a majority vote.  The never Trump movement, gaining strength, would like the committee to open it up for a floor vote on unbinding delegates during the first vote. Most think it won’t happen.  However, another bad drop for Trump in the polls along with key money people withdrawing support is the key.  Money is always at the heart.  At present there is little.  Democrats have put in close to a billion dollars in commercials in the battle ground States.  Republicans have next to nothing.  The “eating their lunch” comment is apt here.  This was the maneuver that beat Romney.

Word is more and more people, both Parties, say they want a 3rd candidate.  Don’t believe it can’t happen.  Trump’s campaign is in chaos.  His children are advising him. But, the truth is Trump will continue to make mistake after mistake.  He cannot be trusted.  His thin skin and arrogance will always cause dumb off message comments.

The opinion here is that it is better than 50-50 that Trump will have opposition soon or at the convention.  Anybody’s guess as to who will be the chosen one.  But, it has to be someone with massive name recognition.  Word is if Trump feels he may lose, in any sense, he will quit the race.  His ego will not tolerate a loss.

As he contemplates his VP choices most feel it will be Newt Gingrich, Scott brown, Rudy Guiliani or long shot Sen. Jeff Sessions.  The best thing Trump could do is name a cabinet soon….Chris Christie for Attorney General, Rudy Guiliani for Homeland Security and Dr. Ben Carson to head Health and Human Services.  This would help.

Of note…Loretta Lynch was forced to retract from hiding the Orlando killers Islamic statements.  And, yet, they never quit.  She (Obama) changed Allah to God in the released statement.  Author, Phd. and Republican pundit Monica Crowley made it clear last night….”Obama’s father was a Muslim…his step father, Lolo Soetoro was a Muslim and Obama spent years in Indonesia where Islam is thee religion.”  It had enormous influence upon him obviously.

So now we wait.   If and when will movement come?  I say it will come.  Sooner or later. The future of our Country as we once knew it is at stake.

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Obama Censors Islam Attack

It is virtually incomprehensible.  The authorities recordings with the Orlando killer will be released WITHOUT any mention of his motive…radical Islam. In other words, his motive will not be released.  This according to Attorney General Loretta Lynch no doubt at the direction of Obama.  Over and over he will not reveal anything negative about his original religion.  He says he is a Christian, but there is no record of the conversion and his 20 year minister ,Jeremiah Wright says Obama would only convert if he could keep his Islam faith.  Often Obama referred to the teachings in the Koran and references in his own book.  Now that he has only six months remaining in office he is dropping his cover.  Also, so far, best estimates reveal he has allowed 10,000-12,000 Syrian refugees into the USA.  They have no vetting because there are no records.  Furthermore, Gov. Rick Scott of Fla. says, after many attempts, the Obama administration refuses to tell him where or how many of these potential killers  are placed.   Does anyone need a roof to fall on them to tell you what this President is about?   Horrendous.

Meanwhile Obama and his fellow Democrat’s have managed to confuse the situation with another partially successful attempt  at blaming it all on guns.  Anything to not blame radical Islam.  Terrorists use any and everything in addition to guns to kill.  It’s not about guns.  It’s about Islamic terrorism.  Any votes today on all kinds of new gun restrictions, so many it gets confusing, will be defeated.  House Speaker Paul Ryan says he is willing to compromise on this legislation.  Democrat’s more than likely won’t.

Democrat pundit Doug Schoen says we need to declare war on radical Islam. “We need to deploy more troops and display more assistance to groups willing to fight Isis. We need a systematic effort to win here and abroad…not tolerate it one more day.”  Obama has never had a plan.  Merely minimal actions that have stopped nothing.  It was Obama, with Hillary support, who pulled out all troops from Iraq that led to an opening for ISIS to originate.  All commanders were against this move. It just never ends.

Elsewhere, any further drop in the polls will escalate the movement to drop Trump as head of the Republican ticket.  Most say it is impossible to drop him.  No it is not. Not at the risk of losing the Senate and even now the House of Rep’s is being mentioned. This blogger supports this dropping of Trump for one main reason.  He will continue to make major mistakes over and over.   He simply will not change.  His rallies “Preach to the choir” not the mainstream voters.

As the fictionalized version of the “Mad prophet of the airwaves used to say, (Howard Beal in the classic film Network) ‘Open your windows, stick out your head and yell I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  At this time any protest will do.

Stay with, almost daily now, for the latest happenings in this madness of Obama and the Presidential election.