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The Impeachment Mess

The Democrat’s are putting all their “eggs in a basket” in still another attempt to get rid of President Trump. It is complicated and created such noise it is virtually impossible for the average American to know what is exactly happening.  However, as former Ohio Governor John Kasich told CNN, “The people of Ohio simply don’t care. They are interested in their jobs, employment opportunities and wages.” And still the number one issue to American’s after the still highly successful economy is immigration.

Let’s see if jacksjargon can sort some of this out. After a two year Russia investigation (Impeachment committee chairman Adam Shiff lied saying he had direct evidence) nothing of consequence was found. So we’ve been through that plus the Supreme Court disgrace trying unsuccessfully to stop the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh with a phony witness, hope for Presidential lawyer Michael Cohen to “spill the beans”, push and hope for a recession, trying to pin a racist charge on the President…nothing has really worked. Hence, as a last ditch effort, the Democrat’s are trying to find some grounds, anything they can muster, to impeach the President fully realizing that he would never be thrown out of office because it is impossible to garner 66 votes in the Senate to convict.

So what’s it all about?   It’s about finding any tidbit(s) of negative information on the President to give to the Trump hating media allowing the attention to become so loud the public will believe it.  So far a poll has now shown 51% of the public favors impeachment. However polls are merely polls all dependent as to how questions are asked. And Democrat responses are always heavily weighted.  Keep in mind millions of registered voters will never actively admit support of Trump for fear of retribution front any possible source.

The Democrat’s, led by unscrupulous committee head Adam Shiff, are running a scam on the public.  Scam because only a full vote in the House or Representatives can pursue impeachment. And it is overwhelmingly unlikely thy will ever take that vote. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows a vote will expose approximately 25 Democrats who won their election in districts won clearly by President Trump.  Good chance the Dem.’s would lose their majority and Republicans would regain control in the 2020 election. So they resort to this tactic built upon a faulty premise…”making a mountain out of mole hills.”  Everything they are doing is hidden. Behind closed doors to Republicans.  In any witness testimony they “cherry pick”  any comment made that is useful to their cause and hide anything positive to the President. Republicans have no chance to cross examine or refute anything. Smartly, many are now refusing to comply with subpoena’s knowing there little to no chance of them being enforced.  And Pelosi has stated more than once there shall be no vote.

Meanwhile President Trump drew 20,000 in a Dallas arena last Thursday with 10,000 more outside watching on a giant TV screen. The USA has the lowest unemployment in 50 years, real dollar wages are up four times as much in three years compared to 16 years of W. Bush and Obama combined.  Border crossings are down 50% compared to a year ago (thanks to Trump threatening Mexico with tariffs), food stamps and unemployment claims way down, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports drugs prices are down 51% in the last two years and let’s not forget NATO members have committed to paying their agreed to share (2%) come next meeting. All thanks to unabashed Trump telling them…”America is tired of being the piggy bank of the world.”

So the Democrat’s know their top three Presidential candidates have no chance of beating Trump. They have scandal ridden Joe Biden who has trouble retaining his thought process (plus his campaign money is about gone) broken down 78 year old socialist heart attack victim Bernie Sanders and left of socialist Elizabeth Warren found on camera with another lie telling all to forget their Cadillac insurance health plans because she is going to give us all government health care.  Haven’t we heard that song before on that broken down Obama website.

The Democrat’s only hope is to find a different candidate such as Michelle Obama, who says no way, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, helping Sen. Mitt Romney beating Trump in primaries (no chance) or “in the believe or not category” Hillary Clinton still thinks she has a chance while out making appearances still coming up with new excuses why she lost.  They’d have a better chance nominating Professor Irwin Corey, Pat Paulson or maybe finding  John Kerry who has been out telling the Iranians to wait out President Trump and only he can get them a better deal.  What was it Jackie Gleason used to say?…”hardy har har har”