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Democrats/Major Media Love Covid 19

There is no question that Democrats and major media outlets are 100% in favor of States, cities and county’s wanting road blocks in favor of keeping American’s and business from opening up. How dare those people wanting a return to some kind of normalcy? It’s clear they hate seeing the huge rebellion growing by the public against their government shutdowns.

Check this: Victor Joecks, Las Vegas Review Journal “On Tuesday before it reopened, the State of Georgia had 934 new positive cases on 3,800 tests. Last Tuesday, it had 708 new positive cases on 10,900 tests. Other States that opened up early, including South Carolina and Florida, have seen a decline in new cases as well.”

So why would the media delight in giving you contrary news? It’s because it helps the economy and potentially hurts President Trump’s reelection prospects. It is that deplorably political. All one has to do is note the Democrat controlled States retaining the strongest procedures against reopening their State. The Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, just issued an additional 60 days of lockdown. Problem for the media and Democrats is it may, just may, be showing the opposite of what they intend. In a runoff election a Republican, Mike Garcia, just turned a strong Democrat seat to Republican. It was a blowout in California no less. So now the media is touting these American’s protesting are merely peddling conspiracy theories to justify their protesting . Leave it to Chuck Todd of Meet the Press to come up with that one. Anything to attempt to shame protesters wanting their Bill of Rights back.

Remember when all this pandemic began we were threatened with death? With progress the media and these scientific/doctors turned to “We have to see the problem ‘levelling off’ ” After that progress was made, the media doctors told us “we need to bend the curve.” Well, we are well past “bending the curve.” So now governors, with media touting, we need a vaccine before we can reopen our State, city , county or whatever. Have we ever found a vaccine/cure for cancer? Let’s face it. The medical people, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, are never going to stand up and say ALL CLEAR.

What is lost in the major media and most cable news is the unreported deaths and conditions leading to death by not reopening our Country. Virtually nobody reports all the needed tests or treatments for millions of the public going without tests and care. Chemo treatment anyone? Mamograms, kidney dialysis or the simply needed non hospital minor surgeries. Over 103,000 Americans die from cancer and heart disease every year. Anyone get checked or a check up recently? Plus, one has to note how many are now drug addicted confined to their homes. Or, alcoholism, child abuse, suicides, domestic violence, bankrupt or broke not paying the mortgage, depression, lack of food and heaven only knows what else.

During the Great Depression beginning with the “crash of 1929” President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Progressive (known as a liberal back then) used every kind of government program to stimulate the economy. “Make work” jobs and funding programs that appeared to give hope to the public. He is still thought to be Mr. Wonderful to scholars and those who study that era. During the last six years before Pearl Harbor, the unemployment rate stayed 20%+. Nothing brought back the economy. Today we are at 16.7% with constant media reminders. World War II brought our unemployment quickly down to under 3%. quickly and then less. It began the age of America greatness because of the economy and American’s work ethic.

So what next? Democrats know they must do something to get back in the game. They can’t count on Presidential candidate Joe Biden suffering from signs of dementia in his basement. Last clip from Biden…”We have lost 85,000 jobs.” Add to that credible female sexual abuse and involvement in the unmasking of General Michael Flynn in the Russia hoax for over three years. Leave it to 79 year old Nancy Pelosi to give us a new proposal. Let’s give everyone $2,000 per month. Maybe that can help them get reelected. Not to mention it included everything to illegals including cannabis mentioned 68 times. Her latest doomed legislation proposal. Even House Democrat’s are against it.

“Government cannot restore prosperity. Only entrepreneurs and risk takers can. Americans must master their fears of the virus and dare to go back to work. Otherwise, locked-down States will continue to borrow to pay out public assistance without creating wealth from labor, production and investment.” Their often (media) petty obsessions with destroying President Trump are long past monotonous.” Victor Davis Hanson, classicist and historian at Stanford’s Hoover Institution.

Beware of Democrat’s pushing for mail in ballots. Or, even worse, ballot harvesting where they go pick up votes at peoples homes. Unscrupulously consistent. Anything will do to win. It’s been said by many…”While alive I’ll always vote Republican. But, after I’m gone someone will find me to vote Democrat forever.”