Democrats/Major Media Love Covid 19

There is no question that Democrats and major media outlets are 100% in favor of States, cities and county’s wanting road blocks in favor of keeping American’s and business from opening up. How dare those people wanting a return to some kind of normalcy? It’s clear they hate seeing the huge rebellion growing by the public against their government shutdowns.

Check this: Victor Joecks, Las Vegas Review Journal “On Tuesday before it reopened, the State of Georgia had 934 new positive cases on 3,800 tests. Last Tuesday, it had 708 new positive cases on 10,900 tests. Other States that opened up early, including South Carolina and Florida, have seen a decline in new cases as well.”

So why would the media delight in giving you contrary news? It’s because it helps the economy and potentially hurts President Trump’s reelection prospects. It is that deplorably political. All one has to do is note the Democrat controlled States retaining the strongest procedures against reopening their State. The Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, just issued an additional 60 days of lockdown. Problem for the media and Democrats is it may, just may, be showing the opposite of what they intend. In a runoff election a Republican, Mike Garcia, just turned a strong Democrat seat to Republican. It was a blowout in California no less. So now the media is touting these American’s protesting are merely peddling conspiracy theories to justify their protesting . Leave it to Chuck Todd of Meet the Press to come up with that one. Anything to attempt to shame protesters wanting their Bill of Rights back.

Remember when all this pandemic began we were threatened with death? With progress the media and these scientific/doctors turned to “We have to see the problem ‘levelling off’ ” After that progress was made, the media doctors told us “we need to bend the curve.” Well, we are well past “bending the curve.” So now governors, with media touting, we need a vaccine before we can reopen our State, city , county or whatever. Have we ever found a vaccine/cure for cancer? Let’s face it. The medical people, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, are never going to stand up and say ALL CLEAR.

What is lost in the major media and most cable news is the unreported deaths and conditions leading to death by not reopening our Country. Virtually nobody reports all the needed tests or treatments for millions of the public going without tests and care. Chemo treatment anyone? Mamograms, kidney dialysis or the simply needed non hospital minor surgeries. Over 103,000 Americans die from cancer and heart disease every year. Anyone get checked or a check up recently? Plus, one has to note how many are now drug addicted confined to their homes. Or, alcoholism, child abuse, suicides, domestic violence, bankrupt or broke not paying the mortgage, depression, lack of food and heaven only knows what else.

During the Great Depression beginning with the “crash of 1929” President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Progressive (known as a liberal back then) used every kind of government program to stimulate the economy. “Make work” jobs and funding programs that appeared to give hope to the public. He is still thought to be Mr. Wonderful to scholars and those who study that era. During the last six years before Pearl Harbor, the unemployment rate stayed 20%+. Nothing brought back the economy. Today we are at 16.7% with constant media reminders. World War II brought our unemployment quickly down to under 3%. quickly and then less. It began the age of America greatness because of the economy and American’s work ethic.

So what next? Democrats know they must do something to get back in the game. They can’t count on Presidential candidate Joe Biden suffering from signs of dementia in his basement. Last clip from Biden…”We have lost 85,000 jobs.” Add to that credible female sexual abuse and involvement in the unmasking of General Michael Flynn in the Russia hoax for over three years. Leave it to 79 year old Nancy Pelosi to give us a new proposal. Let’s give everyone $2,000 per month. Maybe that can help them get reelected. Not to mention it included everything to illegals including cannabis mentioned 68 times. Her latest doomed legislation proposal. Even House Democrat’s are against it.

“Government cannot restore prosperity. Only entrepreneurs and risk takers can. Americans must master their fears of the virus and dare to go back to work. Otherwise, locked-down States will continue to borrow to pay out public assistance without creating wealth from labor, production and investment.” Their often (media) petty obsessions with destroying President Trump are long past monotonous.” Victor Davis Hanson, classicist and historian at Stanford’s Hoover Institution.

Beware of Democrat’s pushing for mail in ballots. Or, even worse, ballot harvesting where they go pick up votes at peoples homes. Unscrupulously consistent. Anything will do to win. It’s been said by many…”While alive I’ll always vote Republican. But, after I’m gone someone will find me to vote Democrat forever.”


America has more than the virus problem. Millions of American’s have no money for routine expenses such as groceries, rent, mortgage money and bills. People are not working. Jobs gone. Layoffs everywhere. True, we have to be virus careful. Very careful. But, lack of money is not being covered by the media. It’s COVID-19 all day all the time. There needs to be balance. So let’s take a look at where America is right now.

The death rate in the USA has remained at 3.7% with a high percentage being the elderly, minorities and those with serious pre-existing conditions. Remove deaths in New York and the death rate is 2.1% France, for instance, has a death rate of 10%. All signs point to a reduction of new cases in the States. Hospital beds vacant, ICU reductions and thousands of ventilators not being used. The media is scaring the wits out of people ignoring balance needed. PEOPLE NEED MONEY. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, also a doctor, ” There has to be a balance between what we do for physical health and what we do for their financial health. We’ve lowered the curve. The problem is we have kind of put the weight on the physical health and now the financial health is suffering.” This why the President and loads of bipartisan governors are clamoring to get more funds into the hands of those who need it the most. This is about small business, 50% of our economy, and those who need money the most. Waiters/waitresses, cooks, those who do construction work, franchise businesses, hotel & casino workers, cleaning people and millions of others on the lower end of the wage scale living paycheck to paycheck. The media virtually ignores it The virus and the fatality scare is a better story for higher ratings.

President Trump says he is about to make the biggest decision of his life. When to tell Governors they can, if they wish, re-open their States as they please. He knows, along with the governors and economics advisers, that if nothing is done soon we are headed for a depression that some believe we are in right now. The crash of 1929 is ancient history but results live on. Now is the time to take action. The media won’t cover the ramifications of that disaster until it happens. Think about it. True, there will be more virus deaths. But, also domestic violence, suicides, bankruptcies, loss of all savings, stock market crash and even the possibility of civil unrest. Have you heard? Guns sales at their zenith. People can do terrible things without money and good food.

The President, Treasury Secretary, economic advisors and business leaders understand where we are now headed. Money allocated for small business runs out April 17th it is estimated. Trump and Republicans in the Senate proposed a bill hoping to get 250 billion immediate funds for small business. A so called “clean bill.” With another larger proposal, if needed, later. The Democrat’s, Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Schumer defeated it as usual. Among other demands such as money for new elections procedures. Maybe they want more money for the Kennedy Center. Yes, they put that in the last emergency package. The question is how much of what Democrats want will Republicans agree to in order to help common workers in small businesses. Democrat President’s of the past, Kennedy, Carter,Truman, Johnson, Clinton and Obama would never back a Congress hurting American’s in time of crisis with such nonsense.

Statistics in some States help keep matters in perspective. Here are current deaths percentages. Keep in mind these stats are of people who have contracted the virus. Not a percentage of 320 million total Americans. Lowest totals: Florida 2.2%, Texas 1.9%, California 2.7%, Pennsylvania 2%. States with the highest death rates: Louisiana 3.9%, Illinois 3.2%, New York 4.6%, New Jersey 3.5% and Michigan 5%. It’s likely when States with lower case numbers are reopened for business, they will have massive surveillance with care and treatment standing by ready to move in.

The media is waiting to pounce on President Trump when he eventually gives the green light for some States to re-open for business. Most certainly there will be more to die when that occurs. The networks and most cable news will never balance it with lives lost if nothing is done. As always they will attempt to damage the President. However, the governors will make the final decision for what they believe is best for their constituents. Does anyone believe North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and others should have the same restrictions as States with a more major problem? We’ve been through the media and Democrats Russia Russia Russia, the Mueller report,, Judge Kavanaugh hearings and impeachment that have found and accomplished nothing. While Impeachment was going on the nation began COVID-19. Eventually, it is likely indictments will be issued against those who illegally conspired to form a coup against President Trump. Long awaited coming report will deal with it. Indictments seem likely.

It’s a helava situation. Nevertheless, the President approval ratings are at an all time high. Even Democrat’s know joe Biden can’t beat the President. He’s never had the intellect of Trump or Obama even before his onset of early dementia. Party leaders have not given up on finding a different Presidential candidate. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s name keeps coming up. Democrat’s and the media (same thing) will make every effort to make the COVID-19 and the nations recovery appear as a disaster. But the loyalty of Republicans, Independents support, every day American’s and disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters will back the President. Mature people vote in higher numbers. They see through the three and a half years of nonsense. Joe Biden to beat Trump? The jokingly New Jersey State motto comes into play…forgetaboutit.

Coronavirus: Don’t Panic

The good? A pandemic is not necessarily lethal. This one is not. All this needless panic, hoarding of personal items (why people have sold out toilet paper is beyond me) this overwhelming fear is not justified. Thus far only 60 old people and those suffering from serious illness have died. Florida alone had 100 die from the flu in January. Nobody under the age of 50 has died. 14,000 died from the flu in the USA 2019. Over 20,000 die annually in auto accidents. For the vast majority of those who have the virus recover from their flu like symptoms within a short time. America had 1,000 die from Swine flu before President Obama called for a national emergency. As of Monday morning: 3,813 U.S. reported cases. 60 deaths (40 in Washington State) making the death rate 1.5%. Remove Washington State death is .005%

The bad? It is highly congtagios. Science is still studying ways it is transmitted from person to person. Yes, it is still possible to be more serious. With more testing there will be more cases. But the death rate likely to go down because many will learn they have the virus and did’t know it. The core of all the disturbance from this coronavirus is fear of the unknown. Mass media is non stop on the issue because they are enjoying huge ratings. Plus, it is supposed to hurt President Trump. A poll just out from Minnesota overwhelmingly says Americans do not blame President Trump for the virus uproar.

Most Americans have heard about washing their hands and using sanitizer until they are blase’ about it. Some may have not heard…ventilate your homes, AC or open windows. Sterilize utensils. Do not seek a test if you have no symptoms. Washing hands with cold water makes no difference. If you have a fever, dry cough, some breathing shortness, fatigue (like the flu) and have tried medication with no success, only then call your doctor. Don’t just show up at a hospital emergency room. Follow doctors or health department instructions. And stay hydrated.

The reason for the massive problems in Europe now comes from them taking no precautions. A Cavelier atmosphere. European countries such as Italy allowed all China flights to continue. The Chinese love Italy. The single best thing President Trump did was in January he stopped all flights to and from China. China hated it and protested. Democrats cried terms of racist in origin. The cooperation now with business and government working together is a huge plus. A positive sign is China and South Korea reporting few new cases. The USA is in a “better safe than sorry” mode. Odds are we are in the middle of the crisis. A significant positive sign and the market will soar and Americans will likely feel it was all overblown.

There are a host of conspiracy theories surfacing. President Trump has badly hurt the China economy in his tariff trade deal. Some believe the virus was created on purpose. They have no regard for human life. A chance at hurting America. Perhaps a blackmail attempt to keep their drug manufacturing away from our nation. Forget it. China needs our business badly in their weakened economy. And, deep down, they know President Trump. In no way will he allow Americans to suffer from lack of Chinese made drugs. The administration already has plans on such measures and warned China. They have 80% of all prescribed medicine ingredients.

The administration will stop at nothing to protect Americans. World wide some country’s may snicker at the President’s ways. But, they respect him. And they know he will do whatever it takes to protect the USA. He can be unpredictable, a man of action and for that there is the element of fear. America comes first at all times for President Trump.

Joe Biden: Not Even the Nominee

Joe Biden will not be the Democrat nominee for President. It’s bad enough to have a scandal ridden son, brother and himself. It will be an issue. Over this week end…Joe Biden, “Unite! Democrat O’Biden Bama ticket.” “We cannot re elect…cannot win this re election…excuse me, we can only re elect…..” This is not only not electable it is sad pushing him into this long campaign. He cannot hide from his problem. His party, with him likely winning again Tuesday, and Warren dropping out, would be smart to keep him out of the next debate with Bernie Sanders. A strategy to save him from himself.

Democrats shocked the political world on Super Tuesday by essentially torpedoing the Bernie Sanders campaign and Michael Bloomberg to boot. Nobody but nobody saw this coming…including If anything, it was thought Bloomberg might put the knocks to Sanders. But, Biden? The man who called it Super Thursday. The man a week ago told his rally of 200 people he was running for the Senate. The man who on Tuesday night said he was hugging and introducing his sister when it was his wife he was hugging. Yes, that guy. A coalition of Party leaders (Afro American Congressman James Clyman was instrumental), candidate dropout endorsements from Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke and Democrat voters wanted no more of Bernie Sanders. A man saying sweet things about Fidel Castero. Senator Ted Cruz had a great line…”Yeah, Castro taught them to read and write before sending them to a firing squad.”

So what dos it all mean? True, Biden’s a nice guy. But winning the Presidency from Trump? Biden’s a guy who regularly mentions the wrong State he is campaigning in. This was more of a get rid of a socialist/communist than a historic triumph. As it stands now, Sanders is in a world of hurt. Although he did get Jesse Jackson’s endorsement As per norm, Sanders youthful followers failed to vote in mass. Liz Warren took votes from Sanders that could have changed the entire night for Sanders. Michael Bloomberg bowed out of the race Wednesday. One of the all time worse Presidential candidates. Coming Tuesday more critical primaries including no Florida hope for “Crazy Bernie” due to his Castro backing.

It is now a two man race. More than anything, Sanders needs a top notch showing in the next debate scheduled for March 15th. It might be smart for Biden’s camp to claim coronavirus for “old Joe” and have no debate. Or, better yet, Bernie debating himself. They need to keep Biden “under wraps” as much as possible. Keep him on a teleprompter (problematic too) and keep him away from extemporaneously talking at campaign stops. Sounds silly I realize. But, it’s close to being spot on true. There is no question Biden is having mental lapses more than the old Joe Democrats want to believe he still remains. It has become clear he is having mental issues. Or as Fox News Senior political analyst Brit Hume said Tuesday night…”He is becoming senile.” Two weeks ago Biden said he was arrested with Nelson Mandela in South Africa. And then took it all back. There was no truth to it. Over his 40 yr. career it is not the first time he made something up.

Biden wears down quickly campaigning. For him to make it until November is a tall order. Can’t resist the old adage….”He can run. But, he can’t hide.” However, if well protected and rested, it’s possible, but foolish, Biden could be the nominee of the Party. But, debating Trump? Latsa luck. Even if Sanders keeps Biden from the necessary majority to win the nomination, the second round of votes from so called Super delegates will make it a certainty. If Biden does make it through to November, Democrats already have other(s) ready to stand tall. Hillary would be thrilled. She’s waiting. Or possibly somebody out of no where. Maybe an earlier candidate such as Camilla Harris. Democrats are already working on a contingency.

So bet on a different Democrat Presidential nominee. Wait until the public sees commercials with Biden’s gaffe montage. Or the wacko policy issues he raised his hand for in the debates. As for his past record, the only Defense Secretary to serve two Presidents of opposite Parties… Robert Gates…”I think he (Joe Biden) has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” In spite of what you’d like to believe, he is not mentally fit to become President. If elected he would be a puppet President. it’s impossible to keep Biden totally isolated. The Obama’s and Clinton’s are working on a stand by substitute for Biden at the convention.

Bernie Sanders get nomination? Super Tuesday 3/3/20

The Democrat Party is going all out to stop Bernie Sanders from getting the Democrat nomination for President. Their leaders know he has little chance of beating President Trump. Forget Joe Biden’s So. Carolina win. He has no organization, little money and can hardly put two sentences together without stumbling. He won thanks to 50% of the voters being African American. His candidacy is on life support. Tuesday, March 3rd, is known as Super Tuesday as primaries are to be held all over the nation. 38% of all delegates to the convention will be elected. Of note: Tom Steyer, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar have all dropped out of the race presumably to help gain some delegates for Biden.

Bernie Sanders is well financed and organized most everywhere. Especially in delegate rich California and Texas. He will do very well Tuesday. The question is how well. Here’s the nuts and bolts so to speak. The nominee needs 1991 pledged delegates to win the nomination. A key to stopping Sanders is how well mayor Michael Bloomberg does. And if Biden can win some delegates. Bloomberg, with millions to spare, purchased two three minutes commercials on major networks and was on 60 Minutes Sunday night. He is bland, no charisma and a terrible debating candidate. However Democrat insiders see him as their only hope, as of now, in stopping Sanders. Meaning nobody has enough votes to secure the nomination. That is likely. After one round of delegate votes with no winner, round two is when the super delegates vote (Party hacks) and likely could steal the nomination from Sanders. Then it is wide open to almost anybody including Hillary (yes, that is correct…she is standing by), Michelle Obama or anyone else the Party thinks has a chance of beating Trump. Quite a few think it will be awarded to Bloomberg. The Clinton’s and Obama’s will likely be instrumental in that process. Joe Biden has a slight chance…very slight. Pat Paulson and Professor Irwin Corey have no chance.

Meanwhile, President Trump held a South Carolina rally Friday night. It is worth noting 38.6% attending were Democrats and Independents. Plus 16% of African American Americans attended. Blacks, generally, want no part of Bernie Sanders. Sunday they turned their backs on Bloomberg as he spoke to an African American church. The night before Trump’s rally, attendees were camping out such as an NFL tailgate party. If the election is “stolen” from Sanders, his fanatical followers will vote in mass for Trump as in 2016 or not vote at all. If you ever watch a Sanders rally note the people standing behind him. Largely what most would call kids.

So what does jacksjargon think? Well forget the coronavirus hurting him even though Democrats despicably try to make it a political issue. It was Trump, angering some Democrats at the time, not permitting an influx of people coming in from China or flights to China in January. Or, we’d be far worse. Whatever the President loses in white suburban women (it’s a personality issue largely) he will gain in African American votes. From 8% in 2016 to 12% or higher 2020. Many Blacks realize the benefits of Trumps best economy in 50 years and Blacks unemployment is the lowest ever. Majority of voters who pay attention to the news feel the President has their back. He’s been treated unfairly. Plus, Democrat’s have become so radicalized a high percentage of voters want none of it. Sanders calls himself a democratic socialist. Nonsense. It’s his way of getting around that deep down he is a communist.

President Trump will win another four years. Good chance of a landslide. If somehow Sanders gets the nomination, nightmare scenario for Democrats , they won’t just win the Senate. They are likely to lose the House of Representatives. Sanders having no coat tails. Whoa Nellie. Bye bye, soon to be 80 years old, Pelosi once and for all.

Why Michael Bloomberg is a loser.

It has been said “You don’t bring your wallet to a knife fight.” Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, who is worth over 60 billion dollars, made his first debate appearance Wednesday night. . As CNN’s Gloria Borger put it…”Bloomberg was awful.” That feeling is universal. He was worse than awful. Many who have watched debates for over 50 years say it was the worse performance in a debate they have ever seen. After spending 40 million dollars on ads to become President, five fellow candidates brought up his past as a Republican, women abuser with multiple non disclosure agreements he won’t release, overly cracked down only on minorities as New York city mayor fighting crime, voted against minimum wage increases, voted for Bush over Obama and called women fat and lesbians called terrible names. There’s more. But, you get the picture. He was smug bordering on a snob, rolled his eyes, totally unprepared and seemed lethargic.

But why? With a fortune of top people surrounding him, why would he “lay an egg.” There are two main reasons. 1. He is obviously not fully committed to running for President. He’s in it merely to beat President Trump. A man he hates. He will do and spend whatever it takes to beat him. He still believes he can do it with his billions of dollars. Flood all media continuously with ads showing how wonderful he is. Debates? Well, just something he has to do. It’s like he believes he is above it all. Commitment is the basis for success in any field that a person attempts to attain. Bloomberg is not committed enough.

Number 2. Bloomberg is not a people person. He simply does not like people. Use them to make a fortune. But, don’t play to his workers. Just pay them well. People who run for the highest office in the USA are willing to show and generally like being with people. Ronald Reagan was terrific at it. He won 49 of 50 States. Franklin Roosevelt, very wealthy, showed humor and caring. Always went out to farmers and workers. How else get elected President four times. Not permitted anymore. President John Kennedy, another wealthy President, went into machine shops and steel mills. Unperturbed at wearing a helmet. President Trump is well known for being on site. Talking with construction people and foremen while building his flock of buildings. It was a key to getting his jobs done on time and for less money. Like him or hate him President Trump is a people person and it shows. He too is a billionaire. Bloomberg wouldn’t do that to “save his soul.” His manner is just buy, or pay, for getting what you want. He is well known for paying and bribing his way to success…especially with Red China. He is trying to buy the Presidency.

After being humiliated in his first debate appearance, Bloomberg is sure to show improvement at next Tuesday’s debate. But, he can’t escape his elitism aura that is such a part of him. He will spend whatever it takes. But, American’s want to vote for somebody they feel communicates with them. Somebody that gets through to them. Michael Bloomberg is a snob. Democrat Party leaders want so badly to nominate him they will do whatever it takes. They believe he is their only choice to beat Trump. They may take it away from Bernie Sanders who is leading big time in many polls. A likely open (brokered) convention is capable of doing it. But, Bloomberg will never beat President Trump. Trump gets through to people. Bloomberg doesn’t have a clue.

And the Super Bowl winner is…

There’s a saying in sports, “Offense wins games. Defense wins championships.” If that rules on Sunday, than San Francisco will win. The 49ers are a more complete team with good offense and extremely good defense. Kansas City has the edge on offense. They are explosive with the most dynamic player in the NFL these days in quarterback Patrick Mahomes. There is no “villain” in this game. Both teams are worthy and fun to watch with two outstanding coaches Kyle Shanahan and Andy Reid with the Chiefs. K.C is now a 1 and a half point favorite meaning if you wager on the Chiefs they must win by 2 or more points. A close game is likely.

So who wins? Well, let’s analyze a bit. San Francisco’s front four is maniacal. They will come after the quarterback (Mahomes) with a vengeance. What makes them special is they don’t have to blitz much so they can drop back 7 players on defense that should make it somewhat easier to stop a terrific passer in Patrick Mahomes. Their quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo (ladies love this handsome guy from Chicago suburb Arlington Heights) normally does not pass much because their running game simply bowls over their opponents. Their offensive line makes holes so large even a so so running back will look like a star. It’s their running game that keeps Mahomes off the field and slow down his passing game. That’s the key for San Francisco to win. Strong running game and lightening fast defense. Exceptional.

On the other hand…Kansas City’s defense has improved in the latter half of the season. They stopped a beast in Tennessee’s Derrick Henry. He was just average two weeks ago. Their front will blitz more often and could give Garoppolo all he can handle. The key to everything, and most pundits overwhelmingly agree, is protecting quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He is not just above average. He is a generational talent with a strong arm, extremely accurate, and can run very well when he sees an opening. But, his greatest gift is his innate ability of extremely quick perception of what to do in all type defensive set ups. He is “the whole package.” He is a calculated risk taker. A player like Mahomes comes along about once in a decade or more.

Who and why does one team win?

Defenses wear down late in the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th quarter. That is why most scoring comes late. Also, in Super Bowl’s it is common for teams to over use their anxious energy early in the game. This is when Mahomes can be at his best. They have a load of terrific receivers.. Look for Mahomes to get sacked early in the game. But, after that it’s a toss up. If the Chiefs can be within ten points at the half, they likely will win. They are simply too explosive. Unstoppable at times. I’ll take Kansas City in a small wager. I’ll also take the big props odds on the game going overtime.

Enjoy the game everyone from

“This is a show about nothing.” Seinfeld?

They forgot to bring a case. Democrat’s know President Trump is overwhelmingly likely to be reelected. Good chance of a landslide. Their only hope is to some how bring a case of HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS to the Senate in order to get 66 Senators to vote conviction and remove him from office. It simply is never going to happen.

Remember in trying to trump up (forgive me) something to convict the President they went through a Russia hoax, the two year Mueller investigation that found no obstruction of justice, a quid pro quo, bribery, extortion, treason…nothing polled well or could be proven. So they send to the Senate two nebulous Articles of Impeachment. Contempt of Congress and Abuse of Power. There is no contempt of Congress because the President has the right of executive privilege. Congress has no right to know all the conversations of the President and his administration. Otherwise the whole world would know the U.S business. Much like attorney/client privilege. Or for that matter a priest hearing a confession. Abuse of Power? it could be anything. Democrat’s are still working on that one. All Presidents abuse power in some way. In an open microphone Obama told the Russian President he’d have more “flexibility” after he is reelected. Heck, Franklin Roosevelt sent Japanese Americans to internment camps during WW II. It’s endless.

Knowing they have no convicting case, the Democrat’s are now attempting to strengthen their case in the Senate with witnesses. Problem is that should have been done in the impeachment hearings when the Republicans had no power. No way the Republicans in the House could produce a witness to refute the so called evidence. So in a “better late than never” attempt the Democrats want to re try the case in the Senate. But, it’s too late for that. Their case is simply those two weak Articles of impeachment. That’s all they’ve got.

Now comes word the four key Senators, Collins, Murkowski, Alexander & Romney, are upset with the Democrat presentation. Congressman Jerry Nadler told the 100 Senators that if they don’t vote for witnesses they “are part of the cover up.” How dumb can you get? Ignore media and Democrat plaudits. This whole trial issue is bombing. Ratings are terrible. The Senators can’t stand the length of presentations. Some asleep. Work crossword puzzles. Bored. They leave for snacks. It is very doubtful they will sit through weeks of additional hours from witnesses. Minority leader Senator Chuck Schumer hinted as much on Thursday. Add Joe Biden and his son Hunter having to take the witness stand. As seen on TV frequently, Joe Biden extorted Ukraine under threat of not giving the money they needed unless a prosecutor is fired, this trial is laughably absurd. Bet on no witnesses.

If you have paid any attention during President Trump’s years in office, you know Democrat’s and the media have been trying to get rid of him since the day he was elected. Even before. They simply can never accept that he beat Hillary. And the President, in his unabashed style, infuriates them more. Making matters worse for them is the Country is doing great under President Trump. Among many matters, our economy is the envy of the world thanks to tax cuts for citizens and business. Plus, ending Obama’s endless restrictions on business. Who’d believe we are now energy independent. We don’t need Saudi oil. We ship it out. Gas too. Plus our military is rebuilding. No more trying to find parts for a our jet planes by canabalizing them from other planes.

So the Senate trial will be broadcast seemingly forever. The media will make it sound like it’s bye bye Trump. It’s not. They and the Democrat’s actually really have a “Trump derangement syndrome.” They hate him so much they’d welcome an economic collapse. But, in the end nothing will happen. President Trump will continue to makes strides like wonderful new trade agreements, thousands of more jobs, keep our border safer, destroy terrorists and their leaders and the media will, as always, hide any good news. Doesn’t matter. The paying attention public knows it. They can feel and sense it. And the Democrat’s shall continue with their Seinfeld impersonation. It’s a trial about nothing.

NFL Week End Weather Havoc

Kansas City set for huge storm of ice and snow beginning Friday night. Snow showers may linger into Sunday. Baltimore expecting strong wind gusts Sunday with warm weather. Passing game disruption. Green Bay to be in the 20’s Sunday, but snow anywhere from 1 to 12 inches as of Friday forecast. San Francisco to be seasonal. All of this makes three games totally unpredictable. Most believe to take points under strong weather conditions. Best guess is to take San Francisco minus seven points. Kirk Cousins luck runs out. The rest? Forgetaboutit.

NFL Wild Card Week Pic’s

Jackjsjargon spent years in the sports reporting business so let’s give it a go. My guess is at least worth a look.

Game 1 Saturday has Buffalo at Houston. As of Monday the Texan’s are a 3 point favorite playing in Houston. Don’t under estimate the Bills. With them it’s defense and defense travels well. Plus a young QB in Josh Allen with a rocket arm, can run, but still learning his craft. Houston is a good week bad week team. They get by with QB Watson who loves to throw long to wide receiver Hopkins. And he can run. Plus, they may have J.J. Watt back on defense. But, their inconsistency makes them not a great play. Also, Buffalo is much better coached. Take the points.

Game 2 Saturday finds Tennessee at New England. The Patriots are a 5 and a half point favorite. Experts agree the Pat’s dynasty is in decline. Something is wrong with Tom Brady’s arm. He lacks receivers and their once thought great defense has declined likely because they have been on the field too much. Plus Bill Belichick always has trouble beating his ex coaches. Tennessee is a sturdy lot. They have enjoyed a brilliant QB out of no where in Ryan Tannehill. Well coached. They have better players. But beating the Pat’s at Gillette stadium and the great Bill Belichick is always a tough go. That’s why the line is too high. If Miami could beat them Sunday in a important game, so can the Titans. New England should win, but I’d go with Tennessee plus 5 and a half. Wouldn’t surprise anyone if the Titans win out right.

Game 1 Sunday features Minnesota at New Orleans. The Saints are a heavy favorite at 8 points. Wagering against New Orleans in their domed stadium is almost like a knife at your throat. And they are on a roll. Drew Brees looks like he got his 2nd wind after his four week injury absence. Minnesota finished with 10 wins and 6 losses. They feature a stout defense. However, scoring points doesn’t come easy for them. Their QB, Kirk Cousins, reminds us all of the proverbial Forrest Gump line…”You never know what you’re going to get.” His reputation for not winning big games is pretty well founded. Hate to give that many points. However this is a time it might be worth while. New Orleans should find “The Beat Goes on.”

Game 2 Sunday has Seattle at Philadelphia. The Eagles are an insignificant 1 point favorite. You can flip a coin on this one. Seattle has better players. They won 11 and lost 5. While the Eagles won 9 and lost 7. But there is a time weathered phrase in sports…”He has carried his team on his back.” Philadelphia has had more players out with injuries than most teams ever experience. However, they have a quarterback, Carson Wentz, who has been nothing short of sensational. He has been passing successfully to replacement players who replaced other replacement players. His favorite receiver tight end Zach Ertz is out. Nobody knows the status of who will be playing Sunday. With all their problems Philly beat out Dallas for the division title. Seattle is a better team and they normally play well away from home. QB Russell Wilson is one of the best at what he does. In a spectacular finish Sunday night they almost beat San Francisco. 49ers considered at the top of most lists in the NFC. Their defense not good. They too have had injuries. And coming off that extremely emotional game travelling all the way East to play in who knows what weather does not bode well. I wouldn’t wager 50 cents on this game.

Weather in January can be awful for football. Luckily two of the games are in a domed stadium. If the Patriots get bad weather it should help versus a Tennessee team. Also it likely would help the Eagles. So this post is all for fun and meant to enhance your enjoyment of the NFL wild card week end. Any wagering you are strictly on your own. The great thing about sports is it is live and totally unpredictable. No team is unbeatable.