“This is a show about nothing.” Seinfeld?

They forgot to bring a case. Democrat’s know President Trump is overwhelmingly likely to be reelected. Good chance of a landslide. Their only hope is to some how bring a case of HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS to the Senate in order to get 66 Senators to vote conviction and remove him from office. It simply is never going to happen.

Remember in trying to trump up (forgive me) something to convict the President they went through a Russia hoax, the two year Mueller investigation that found no obstruction of justice, a quid pro quo, bribery, extortion, treason…nothing polled well or could be proven. So they send to the Senate two nebulous Articles of Impeachment. Contempt of Congress and Abuse of Power. There is no contempt of Congress because the President has the right of executive privilege. Congress has no right to know all the conversations of the President and his administration. Otherwise the whole world would know the U.S business. Much like attorney/client privilege. Or for that matter a priest hearing a confession. Abuse of Power? it could be anything. Democrat’s are still working on that one. All Presidents abuse power in some way. In an open microphone Obama told the Russian President he’d have more “flexibility” after he is reelected. Heck, Franklin Roosevelt sent Japanese Americans to internment camps during WW II. It’s endless.

Knowing they have no convicting case, the Democrat’s are now attempting to strengthen their case in the Senate with witnesses. Problem is that should have been done in the impeachment hearings when the Republicans had no power. No way the Republicans in the House could produce a witness to refute the so called evidence. So in a “better late than never” attempt the Democrats want to re try the case in the Senate. But, it’s too late for that. Their case is simply those two weak Articles of impeachment. That’s all they’ve got.

Now comes word the four key Senators, Collins, Murkowski, Alexander & Romney, are upset with the Democrat presentation. Congressman Jerry Nadler told the 100 Senators that if they don’t vote for witnesses they “are part of the cover up.” How dumb can you get? Ignore media and Democrat plaudits. This whole trial issue is bombing. Ratings are terrible. The Senators can’t stand the length of presentations. Some asleep. Work crossword puzzles. Bored. They leave for snacks. It is very doubtful they will sit through weeks of additional hours from witnesses. Minority leader Senator Chuck Schumer hinted as much on Thursday. Add Joe Biden and his son Hunter having to take the witness stand. As seen on TV frequently, Joe Biden extorted Ukraine under threat of not giving the money they needed unless a prosecutor is fired, this trial is laughably absurd. Bet on no witnesses.

If you have paid any attention during President Trump’s years in office, you know Democrat’s and the media have been trying to get rid of him since the day he was elected. Even before. They simply can never accept that he beat Hillary. And the President, in his unabashed style, infuriates them more. Making matters worse for them is the Country is doing great under President Trump. Among many matters, our economy is the envy of the world thanks to tax cuts for citizens and business. Plus, ending Obama’s endless restrictions on business. Who’d believe we are now energy independent. We don’t need Saudi oil. We ship it out. Gas too. Plus our military is rebuilding. No more trying to find parts for a our jet planes by canabalizing them from other planes.

So the Senate trial will be broadcast seemingly forever. The media will make it sound like it’s bye bye Trump. It’s not. They and the Democrat’s actually really have a “Trump derangement syndrome.” They hate him so much they’d welcome an economic collapse. But, in the end nothing will happen. President Trump will continue to makes strides like wonderful new trade agreements, thousands of more jobs, keep our border safer, destroy terrorists and their leaders and the media will, as always, hide any good news. Doesn’t matter. The paying attention public knows it. They can feel and sense it. And the Democrat’s shall continue with their Seinfeld impersonation. It’s a trial about nothing.