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What Does Impeachment Do?

Impeachment does not remove a President from office.  It acts more like censure or negative mark against a President.  It originates in the House of Representatives and requires only a majority vote.  There must be high crimes and misdemeanors to impeach a President. After such a vote the impeachment moves to the Senate for a trial on the charges.  It requires a yes vote of 66 of the 100 senators.  Conviction and removal from office has never happened.  President Nixon resigned from office when he believed conviction in the Senate was likely because of the Watergate issue that amounted to a massive cover up of a minor crime.

Thus far President Trump has done nothing constituting high crimes and misdemeanors.  Settling debts and paying money (so long as it was not campaign funds) to get rid of potential previous problems is not a crime. Most of the media has no clue.

The Democrat’s are attempting to down play the impeachment talk prior to the November 2018 non Presidential elections feeling it will cause more votes for the Republicans.  It would have the potential to arouse voters and enthuse Republican voters.  So they sacrifice the impeachment talk even though they have virtually no issues to campaign upon.   The economy is booming…more jobs available then people to fill them…lowest unemployment amongst Blacks and Hispanics than ever before.   Lowest unemployment for women in decades.  Wages are rising and there are more people now working in America that at any previous time.  This has come about because of two main factors President Trump has done.  1. Lower tax’s for corporations and the public.  2.  Got rid of business killing regulations heightened by Obama’s administration and his anti business ideology.

What is incredible is this success has come about in less than two years of the Trump Presidency.  Obama had nothing to do with it.   Also, the U.S military has been strengthened after years of neglect that found matters to the point where American fighter jets could not receive new needed parts and were cannibalizing older planes for those parts.  NATO is now paying what they owe and internationally the USA is far more respected.  Foreign country’s now realize America will no longer be taken advantage of in being “the piggybank” for their lands.

What fraudulently began as a special counsel presumably looking for the Trump/Russia connection is now investigating area’s having nothing to do with it’s stated purpose.  The counsel was created by those who wanted to rid the country of Trump.  What is cause for concern is eventually they will find something.  Nobody who becomes a billionaire in New York does so without “taking care” of many sources who want to be “taken care of.”  Eventually something will be found more significant than the menial happenings the media enjoys over blowing.  The question is how serious is what they will find.

The saddest part of the current President Trump saga is the lawlessness of Hillary Clinton who financed false documents used by corrupt officials in the CIA, FBI, Department of Justice and the Director of National Intelligence.  This is the most spectacular miss use of powerful people ever noted in American history.  Corruption never seen before at these high levels of government.  They have essentially created a coup to remove the President from office.

The only hope to expose such corruption is a second special counsel.  But hopes for that are small.  Gone completely should the Democrat’s take control of the House of Representatives with the coming November elections.  Republicans have exposed some of the leaders of noted illegal actions.  But, the media largely fails to report any of it and continues to bash the President on any tidbit or special counsel finding, now in the courts of liberal judges largely in New York.   The public knows little to nothing of America’s comeback.

However, there is one ace up President Trump’s sleeve.  And he is waiting for the best time to play that card.  It’s his best hope.

Stay with to learn what that ace is  and updates on the coup d’état of to topple President Donald J. Trump.


Trump has the major trump card… Part I

President Trump is going no where.  In fact most political observers, such as MSNBC’s screaming liberal/progressive Donnie Deutsch, believe the President will be reelected by a landslide.  Why?  Because of his accomplishments helping the USA and most voters.

The screaming media and hysteria that they may finally “get Trump” and over turn the election that they so badly wanted Hillary to win “just ain’t going  to happen.” How so you wonder as media pounds away….”co conspirator…co conspirator”  Well first let’s go over the Manafort and Cohen issues and conclude with what the President can do to end the noise and most of the nonsense.

Paul Manafort was found guilty of eight counts of assorted money schemes.  Manafort committed theses crimes 10-12 years before he had anything to do with the President.  in the past he had worked for President Reagan and Republican Presidential nominee Bob Dole.   He worked for President Trump running the campaign for approximately 100 days.  His conviction, forget media noise, has nothing to do with anything Trump related.

Jacksjargon expressed concerns of Trump’s ex lawyer Michael Cohen several times in previous posts.  As of now, matters appears better than expected for the President.  In fact, Cohen, through a plea bargain, may have pleaded guilty to two counts that were not crimes.  The entire current issue boils down to did the President, through Michael Cohen, violate the law by paying off two women in order to silence them going into  a Presidential campaign.  The key is not what some prosecutor or Cohen’s lawyers says.  The key is what is the law. Lawyer, author and television pundit, Greg Jarrett explains it this way. Two reasons Trump did nothing illegal. 1. if there is a duel purpose of payoffs, there is no crime.  Argument being the President may very well have been attempting to prevent embarrassment to his wife and family.  He had done the same thing at other times well before ever running for President. 2.  For a conviction the accused must know he was willful and knowing he was violating campaign finance laws.  Trying to convict and prove upon those violations is virtually impossible.

For example this comes from attorney, constitutional authority and now TV talk show host, Mark Levin. With his sardonic wit, Levin refers to Cohan’s lawyer Lanny Davis as general council for the Clinton mob family who talked his client into two crimes he did not commit.  Davis has always defended the Clinton’s no matter how many crimes they have done.  Says Levin “For instance, a candidate says we owe vendors a whole lot of money due to a dispute with them, but go ahead and pay them. I’m a candidate and I don’t want all this negative publicity.”  So he says to his private attorney…”You pay them and I’ll reimburse you. Get it done.”  Says Levin…perfectly legal… not a crime.”   Paid out of pocket or corporate is legal.  Same deal for a disgruntled ex employee to quiet them.  Get a non disclosure agreement to quiet them.  Paid out of pocket or corporate…nothing from the campaign…it’s legal.  Famed constitutional Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz agrees.

So where do we go from here?   New Fox poll finds voters in their districts will vote Democrat 49% to 38%.  While there is controversy within their Party about using impeachment talk in the November elections, it is clear if the Dem.’s win the House of Representatives, seems likely, there will be an impeachment vote soon after and likely pass depending upon how big a win total they receive.  The effect will mean virtually nothing. Two reasons for this. 1. At present there are no high crimes and misdemeanors.  (CNN Thursday still claiming Trump committed a crime.  And they take great pleasure in nit-picking minor President contradicting remarks that have no bearing on anything.   That’s CNN. Say nothing of his major accomplishments)  2. The Senate will never find 66 votes to convict and oust Trump from office.  It has never happened and won’t happen.  Plus, it is very likely Republicans will gain 2-4 new Senators.  On these flimsy House charges, it is laughable for a conviction.  And no President can be indicted while in office.

After being convicted of actual crimes, Bill Clinton was impeached, not convicted in the senate, and became more popular than ever nationwide. This illegitimate special counsel (because there was no crime to investigate) was created in search of a crime.  it was based upon a false premise of Russia involvement getting President Trump elected.  They found nothing so they turned to indicting Trump collegues over monetary crimes.  The Manafort issue with Trump was actually worthless. Cohen is all they’ve got.   Not much.  Special Counsel Mueller must now decide if he has enough to subpoena the President.  If so, it will be ignored and eventually decided by the Supreme Court with little chance of Mueller winning. The special counsel will keep digging because it is only about getting the President out of office.  Russia angle was a mere ploy to begin the process.

Stand by for the next Jacksjargon up next on how Trump can and will turn the tables on the Democrats by exposing the greatest smoke screen in American history.  Check back within 1-2 days.  It’s part II