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The Comeback of Mel Gibson

It took me nearly 10-15 minutes to pull myself back together.  I waited for the end of the credits.  A man Black Listed from Hollywood for ten years has a smash movie with his perfection in directing Hacksaw Ridge. Voted one of the top ten films of the year by The American Film Institute.  Mel Gibson has begun a comeback after being Black Listed for a drunken rage uttering multiple ethnic anti Jewish remarks.  “Jews are responsible for all the wars.”  Not smart in Tinsel Town.  He went on a “pilgrimage”  apologizing to Jewish groups and leaders to no avail.

Hacksaw Ridge is a true story of a pacifist’s determination not to carry a weapon while working as a medic in World War Two.  Desmond Doss won the Congressional Medal of Honor and the only medic never to carry a weapon in that war.  Heroic is not a strong enough word.  He saved 75 lives during the bloodiest battle on Okinawa  A stepping stone island to the Japanese mainland.

This film is not for the proverbial “faint of heart.”  It is the most violent bloodiest war film ever made. The second half shows war as horrendous as war could possibly be.  Still, at the first screening to the film community, they stood and applauded at the films conclusion. The Japanese soldiers could best be compared with the ISIS nutcases on the contemporary scene.  And, yet it is a story of family, love and forgiveness.  Something of an atonement for Gibson.  Famed movie review website, Rotten Tomato’ gave it a 95% audience rating.   About as high as possible.

Mel Gibson has been through it all.  Huge stardom and fame…losing most of his fortune through multiple divorces…the battle with alcohol leading to an arrest and shame of his anti Jewish remarks.  Today he says “I’m sober and view things dim in the past.”  The media has a penchant for tearing the most famous and successful down.  And yet, they love a come back story as Mel Gibson appears now to be engaging.

If Gibson wasn’t an outcast, Hacksaw Ridge surely would receive multiple Oscar nominations.   However, less we forget, the leftists in Hollywood, along with the progressives of today, don’t give plaudits that portray Americans and our soldiers in a positive light.  If they had their way today, there would be no Okinawa’s.  Merely hand things over to our oppressors because America deserves no better as such a flawed Country according to their warped thinking.  Leave it to Fox to bankroll much of the film.

As I was moved by the film in watching it, I had this nasty flashback several times.  The media coverage of Michelle Obama in 2008 repeating how this was “the first time I am proud of my Country.”   No matter our boys saving the world from domination from Hitler and the Japanese.   The Brit’s could not do it.   The French were largely cowardly soldiers with even a faction fighting along with the Nazis. Russia, under Joseph Stalin,  would have kept on conquering the world if we hadn’t been there.  Most anytime there is a disaster in the world, America is the first to come to the aid during that catastrophe.  All countries have flaws.  What German can lift his head with pride today.  And yet they do. As the Russians, slaughtering millions of their own people…Japan slaughtering millions of Chinese…France ten times better at wine making than showing any military strength.  Not to mention Italian’s better in the under world than doing any fighting.

Thank goodness the Obama’s are goners.  After eight years I can finally again feel good again on the 4th of July. Only question is how much damage can they come up with in their final six weeks.  How many felony pardons can he give?  And goodness knows what else.   We have had more leadership by a President elect in eight weeks than we have had in the past seven years.  We shall regain our self respect and world respect in the coming years. And no more shall we hear about suddenly becoming proud of our Country.  And for those still whining about losing the election, they will be drowned out by twitter releases and the 17% growth in respect and confidence the President elect has now gained.  Or as he put it to recent demonstrator’s…”They are supporters. They just don’t know it yet.” has largely been a political website.  However, as many of you have noticed, entertainment and sports are not foreign to our jargon.