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One Fun Nun/Final 4 Prediction

Who would ever think a 98 year old nun, in a wheel chair after breaking her hip, would dominate Saturdays famous Final Four basketball weekend.   Now jacksjargon has seen everything in sports.  Small enrollment Chicago’s Loyola Ramblers take on mighty Michigan in the first game.  Loyola an underdog again.

Said Las Vegas Review Journal’s Ed Graney….”Bless me Father, for I have sinned.  I purposefully whacked the guy next to me in the head so as to secure the perfect angle for Facebook Live because , as the moderator just said: “Sister Jean is in the house.”  “Sister Jean has become the face of this NCAA basketball tournament.”   She is all Loyola all the time.  Loyola has become the Cinderella team of the tournament.  An 11th seeded team next to never makes it to this day. Media availability Friday looked like Tom Brady at the Super Bowl.  And Sister Jean is having none of it feeling it all should be about “her” team.   But she is so friendly…so quotable …clear headed…and likable.

The Loyola Ramblers have NO media coverage in Chicago.  No radio deal.  No fancy practice facility.  The only publicity comes from the University’s college weekly newspaper.  And yet here they are on college basketball biggest stage.  But, face it.  Michigan with all their might, a 6 foot 11 inch center and guys that can shoot 3 point baskets with ease are very likely to win.  They are five point favorites. However, the Ramblers play as a team.  None will make it to the NBA.  But, two of them have been playing together since 3rd grade.  So it’s possible.  Just not likely.  Villanova, in the 2nd Saturday game is figured as the team to win it all.

But, let’s close with the words of now famous Sister Jean.  “I pray for both teams, but only partly because at the end of the prayer I always ask God to  be sure the scoreboard indicates the Rambler have the big W.”  God always hears but sometimes he thinks it’s better for us to have an L than a W.  And we have to accept that.”   “We have a little slogan: Worship, Work, Win.”

Jacksjargon simply has to add….”They are on a mission from God.”

Tuesday Pennsylvania election matter?

It never ends.  Once again a Democrat trying to pass himself off as an independent spouting Republican issues he favors.  Conor Lamb (D)  is attempting to win a special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th District vs the Republican nominee Rick Saccone .  This is a Democrat district that votes Republican.  President Trump won it by over 20%.   This election became necessary to replace Tim Murphy (R) who resigned in disgrace after suggesting an abortion for his mistress while always touting against abortion.

Lamb is a good looking ex Marine and prosecutor who says he is against abortion and yet favors “late term abortion.”  Go figure.   The election is close with Democrats enthused and Republicans apathetic.  Typical in an off year election following a Presidential election.  Lamb is doing his best to act like he is not a typical Democrat posing as a pro Trump guy.  Says he is pro gun…pro tariffs.   Anyone who follows politics knows it’s a crock.  He will caucus with the Democrats. He will follow the typical Party line should he win. They always do much more so than Republicans.

During his Saturday night Pennsylvania rally for Republican Rick Saccone, President Trump was spot on saying….”Pelosi’s Party in Congress is full of people who tell their voters one thing during an election and then go to Washington and vote lockstep.”  Meaning straight down the Party line in voting.  Trump’s rally was vintage Trump.  Irreverent…raucous…funny…whipping up the crowd as always bolstering Saccone who spoke to the crowd twice.  At one point Trump said “Maxine Waters is low IQ.”    Called NBC’s Chuck Todd “Sleepy Chuck Todd and a son of a b….”   Off the cuff.  Winging it.  At one point he repeated a comical line he used before when asked (North Korea)  “How will it be dealing with a maniac?  That’s his problem.” Said Trump.  Fire marshals had to turn away many wanting to get in.    That rally may have just done it for Saccone.  Jacksjargon believes he will win without a huge margin leaving Democrats buzzing how well they did in “Democrat Trump land.”

So why is it a Democrat district votes Republican?   Pro Romney…Pro both in the Bush family.    And just what is a Democrat these days?   Let give it a shot speaking in generalities.  But,  quite prominent nationwide.   They believe in open borders…totally pro immigrant (not really noble. It’s their votes from the hand outs they dish out to them when here.)  They believe in protecting all illegals. Criminal or not.  That’s sanctuary cities folks.  Abortion?   Absolutely.  Any time during pregnancy if possible.  They disdain the military and police.  In favor of protecting minorities.  All in on subsidies and entitlements.  More big government and less State power.  Willing to put down religion and any display of such.  Never discuss self reliance.  Not in favor of business or corporations.  Portray them as evil. Legalization of drugs?   Sure.  Democrats normally support any gun regulation. If possible, they’d confiscate them from all.  Universities full of leftist professors educating our students to defy authority and be against speakers who do not share their views.  Essentially they are taught intolerance of views they oppose.  Against any tax cuts.   In fact, raise tax’s whenever possible.  And not prone to displaying the flag on those special days.

To sum it up.   This Democrat Party is not the Party many of us grew up with.  President Kennedy would lean more Republican if alive today.  His tax cuts worked much as President Trump’s are working.  300,000 more now have joined the work force as of February.   Black unemployment lowest in decades.  Todays Democrats have become extremely progressive.  Their Party is now controlled by radicals calling themselves progressives with a large contingent of socialists and silent communists such as CNN’s Van Jones.   They don’t really like America.  They believe it needs to be fixed.  Over haul the constitution.  Patriotism is not their thing.  They bring up America’s past and exploit negatives.  Never once recalling Germany’s extermination…Japan slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Chinese…Russia wiping out thousands under Stalin.  Russians are still doing it today.  The British Empire was intolerant of those they controlled in foreign lands. The list is endless.  Yet, somehow Democrats view their country as a huge negative.  Never would they acknowledge they would be living under German or Japanese rule if it weren’t for our boys dying on beaches winning WW II.  More people live well in the USA than in any other country.  America is always charitable and helpful when other countries experience disaster.

And Democrats are led by a woman who infamously said “We have to pass this bill to find out what is in it. (Obamacare)   However, Nancy Pelosi even topped that one recently.   To control the influx of immigrants….”Let the grass grow really tall that would keep us from the illegal influx.”

Think about once last thing.  Do you ever see happy Democrat’s.  Other than when they are roasting Republicans at dinners.  They always appear to be an unhappy lot.  Much like jacksjargon has always felt about atheists.  Have you ever seen a smiling happy atheist?   They appear miserable and their duty is to make the rest of us as miserable as they have become.

I’d wager on Rick Saccone winning Tuesday.    Should he lose it might be a rare time we see happy Democrats.

Trump Will Be Impeached!

Ultra liberal advertising executive and frequent guest on MSNBC’s  Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch says President Trump would be reelected in a landslide. Other Democrat’s agree with him.  It is why it is imperative the liberal and radical leftists must find a way to get rid of Trump before the next Presidential election in 2020. Impeachment is always on their mind.  And with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel still investigating there is a good chance he will find something to be the basis for such a happening.

Most Americans do not understand impeachment and its ramifications. So let’s give it a try to clear things up.  First, impeachment alone does not remove a President from office.  It takes 218 votes in the House of Representatives to impeach the President.  BUT, it then goes to the Senate for a trial, as Bill Clinton went through, needing two thirds of the 100 Senators to convict.  That’s 67.

In the House of Representatives they can impeach a President, technically, at any time for any reason.  Normally though it must be found that there has been high crimes and misdemeanors.  A President cannot be indicted while in office.  It is why our Founders created the impeachment and Senate trial.  Out of office a President could then be indicted.

But, here’s the catch.  Although there is a good chance the Democrat’s will win back the House of Representatives this November, best guess about 65-70% chance, the Senate is a hugely different story.  Let’s dig into the numbers.  It is a long tradition the Party out of power after a Presidential election wins back many many seats.  Often retakes the House.  To win back control the Democrats need to win back 24 seats.  Over the past ten mid term elections the average loss is 20 seats. Obama lost 52.  W. Bush 30 and Bill Clinton 63.  They have no message but are highly motivated due to their “Trump derangement syndrome.”  Republicans have been ernest in financially supporting their candidates.  And registering new voters.  For instance in Nevada, they have doubled the amount of new Democrat registered voters. However, the Democrats hatred of President Trump combined with Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss could yield overwhelming Democrat turn out.  In addition, possibly seeing the “writing on the wall” 38 House Republicans are not running again compared to 13 Democrats.  Good chance Nancy Pelosi is done as Speaker in the likely Democrat take over.

The Senate is another matter.   Remember 67 out of 100 must vote conviction and ouster of the President.  Democrats are defending 26 Senate seats.  Republicans only 8 seats.  Plus ten of those Democrats are in States President Trump won.  Most likely Republicans will increase their small majority of 51 Senate Seats.

So…what does this all mean?  Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel is the key to everything.  With his heavily weighted Democrat lawyers working on the Russian story (16 months and still no proof) that counsel will find something negative on the President.  Jacksjargon believes no doubt.  It appears they have turned their attention to dealing into past Trump business dealings.  The proposed new building in Russia was aborted.  One does not become a billionaire in building varied ventures, especially in New York city, without having to please many factions in numerous ways.  Factions such as unions, sub contractors, politicians, mayors, lawyers, angry property owners and heaven knows what else.  This is where Trump is vulnerable.

The key will be finding something significant enough against the President and proving it.  Credible witnesses must testify.  Plus, how vulnerable is the leader of our Country for deeds done before becoming  President.  There must be something found that is so heinous, so immoral, so illegal leaving Republican Senators no choice but to vote for conviction following impeachment.

Finding Republican Senators being a major part of the 67 votes for throwing Trump out of office?   In the surfacing of corruption of Mueller’s staff and info of Obama’s Administration falsifying documents and spying on the Trump election team.  Hillary always at the heart of  issues. Trump conviction?  Nah…ain’t gonna happen.  Forgetaboutit.  Trump survives two terms as his popularity continues to grow.  More money in paychecks and bonus’s works wonders with the voting public.  As Sarah Palin would say “you betcha!”