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Is Death Preferable?

The Democrat’s will still be in discussion about transgender bathrooms while the Iranians are nuking us.  True there is humor in satire.  But, there is no humor when one hears Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer talk.  Absolutely diabolical.  Look at it this way as the GOP fights it out over health care reform, what is in the best interests of America?  The Democrat’s are in absolute disarray except for one item.   They stick together.  Otherwise they are conglomeration of assorted factions…Afro Americans, Hispanics, radical groups like Black Lives matter, no nothings and semi no nothings who see a D in front of a candidates name and that’s their decision, Hollywood elite’s, socialists, communists and those who are sincere to what their Party used to be.  The anything goes faction  now leads their Party.  Gut street fighters who will say anything and do anything to obstruct the Republicans and the President.  Why are they different?   Many come from inner city poor area’s.   Often uneducated with no awareness of what built this Country.   Texan Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s main duty is to be first next to the railing during State of the Union speeches. Maxine Waters has no clue about most anything.  Full of anger and ignorance.  And so it goes.  Who leads this mass of contradictions?   None other than Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders who vacations in Russia and Elizabeth Warren who pawned herself off as part Indian for political purposes.  They are both extremists as is their Party leaders like hated Nancy Pelosi and obstructionist in chief Sen, Chuck Schumer who will say anything, exaggerate anything to ply his trade.

So why does all this matter?   It matters because the Republican’s face a dilemma. Senator Lindsey Graham, as Jacksjargon has agreed in the past, believes just let health care die and let Obamacare wither and die and force Obama lovers see what they have done.  Wouldn’t you love to hear one, just one, reporter ask Schumer “Just what responsibility do you take for bringing us this Obamacare mess?” How can we forget the “Cornhusker kick back to get Neb. Senator Ben Nelson to vote yes on Obamacare.  Or the “Lousiana purchase to get Sen. Mary Landreu to fall in line. No Republican’s were allowed any input.  Sen. Harry Reid literally shut the door on them.

Here’s the problem.  If the Republican’s fail to pass a plan, it is likely they will have to work with the Democrat’s.  Sounds good right?  Wrong.   The Democrat’s will agree to nothing the GOP proposes and will win the day by their nonsense arguments of depriving the poor and favoring the rich.  All media outlets except one will favor the Dem.’s giveaway plan.  Single payer socialized Medicine will break us.  80% of all monies brought in go to Medicaid, Medicare and social security.  Get in line for months as Canada and Great Britain for a bypass or just die waiting.

So is death preferable for Obamacare?  Jacksjargon now feels it is imperative for the GOP controlled Congress to pass something.  Piece by piece might be the best way.  Sen. Rand Paul has come up with a two vote plan the Dem.’s may agree to.  If the Democrat’s were reasonable as in years long ago, something good might come out of both Parties working together.  Today it is impossible.  The Democrat’s are a ship without a rudder, but they know how to street fight and with the media behind them the GOP would be doomed.

In addition, the very key to the Trump Presidency is tax reform or at the very least tax cuts.  There is no question this will further stimulate an already prospering economy.  A new coal plant is opened, the Keystone pipeline is now in progress creating 38,000 jobs.  Business optimism reins.  The market is strong.  The Saudi’s promised President Trump billions of dollars to buy products built in the USA as an inducement for him to come and visit receiving a hero’s welcome.  Obama made enemies of our friends and friends of our enemies.  Trump is doing the opposite.  The world is aware.  Notice the price of gas declining as America is now shipping oil TO other countries. We are opening all kinds of energy production.

The trajedy of it all is Americans know nothing about it.  They are still being bombarded by the Russia hoax as CNN had to fire three employees for making up anti Trump stories. CNN’s extreme leftist pundit Van Jones is now shown on video saying the Russia story is a “nothing burger.”   93% of all stories on the networks and newspapers are negative to our President.  He needs to clean up his tweets but keep doing it.  One item often over looked is the connection Trump still makes with American’s.  What is ironic is that now that the Russia hoax is about over the big guns are now pointed at Obama who knew about Russia involvement in our election in August 2016 and did nothing.  Ex Attorney General Loretta Lynch is in trouble as is James Comey.  It is comical.   But not funny to the media in their attempt to gloss over it.

Let’s leave this on a laughable what next issue.  Infamous basketball legend Dennis Rodman visited North Korea again.  (I wouldn’t pushed that travel too much Dennis) He gave their goofball man/child leader a book.   John Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage?   Barack Obama’s Dreams From my Father?….Bob Knight on Basketball?   No….he gave him Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal.   Better watch out Dennis.

Personal issues have kept jacksjargon quiet for too long.  Let’s hope we are back in business on a more regular basis.


Much noise. Only one factor.

Stand by for an absolute bombardment of gobble de gook you will hear non stop on every news outlet.  But it boils down to only ONE issue.  Did President Trump commit Obstruction of Justice.   That’s it.  As the old song goes…”Is that all there is?”  Yes, that’s it.  Critically important.  Nothing else matters.

No way to be proven regardless of what ex CIA Director James Cosey says Thursday.  If Comey felt it was Obstruction of justice (the Prez demanding he drop the charges against General Michael Flynn) , then he was legally obligated to report it immediately.  He did not.   May 3rd this year, months after his meeting with President Trump, James Comey told a Congressional Committee, when asked, did he understand his obligations when obstruction of justice would occur.  He answered yes.  Has it happened?   “No, not on my watch.”

Here is the critical part of Comey’s opening statement released Wednesday.  February 14, 2017,  “The President said, speaking of General Flynn, ‘he’s a good guy and he’s been through a lot. I hope you can see your way to letting this go’ ”  That’s it.  All four officials testifying said Wednesday…NSA Director Coats…”I never felt pressure to intervene or interfere in any way shaping intelligence in a political way.”  All four agreed to the same.

Comey will word things Thursday making it sound like he was wavering on the obstruction of justice charge.  But, that is immaterial.  The President did not demand or try to force the ex FBI Director to drop the General Flynn case.  With testimony today saying they were never pressured by the President and Comey’s opening statement, try as the media and Democrat’s will do with all their might, they do not have an obstruction of justice charge against President Trump.

That’s the core of the entire matter.  Dismiss all the noise you will hear hence forth.  They have no case.  Just noise and speculation.  “Wishin and a hoping.”   Stayed tuned.

Tuesday D-Day/Thursday C-Day

It very doubtful and sad kids today have no idea how on June 6th, 1944 American’s along with mostly Brit’s saved the world from the Nazis and Hitler.  Don’t know and don’t care thousands of our young dead soldiers on the shores of Normandy.  They care about Comey day coming Thursday where it is let’s get President Trump day. The media will lead the way when they find even a small morsel of alleged evidence that our President committed obstruction of justice when he supposedly asked the FBI Director, at that time, James Comey to go easy on the General Flynn.  Flynn suspected of illegal activity serving under Obama and President Trump.

Nothing is going to happen to our President no matter how much smoke the media and the Democrat’s can generate out of that day that will go on for seemingly forever.   The Russia Hoax pretty much over so here’s their new venue. The media and Trump’s enemies will make it seem like he should jailed immediately. Forgetaboutit.  Democrat esteemed constitutional law Professor Jonathan Turley made the issue of obstruction of justice clear.   Said Turley “Obstruction of Justice is normally anchored in some type judicial or congressional proceeding.  There has to be an act of corrupting influencing. If the President was expressing concern for a decorated General… a friend, he wasn’t corrupting a pending proceeding.  If the President DEMANDED from Comey to drop the case. That is impeachable and indictable.”

Here’s the problem for Former FBI Director James Comey.  Had the President demanded the case be dropped against General Flynn, than Comey had to report it immediately.  That’s the law.  Or resign if no action taken.  He didn’t do that.  In fact on May 3, 2017 he said on camera under oath that he has never experienced such a thing.  He said he was aware of responsibility to report such obstruction.   In addition, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, special counsel for the Russia investigation, may have Comey under wraps, so to speak, limiting what he can answer for concern of tainting Mueller’s investigation.  Any memo’s of any kind Comey may have taken after that dinner meeting with Trump may not be admissible at this time.  Even if memo’s are released it proves nothing.   Comey already said it never happened. It could boil down to two versions of the same conversation.

James Comey has been criticized and very disliked by both Parties.  Hillary put Comey among her 40 reasons (yes, 40) for losing the election.   FBI’s agents who produced the case against Mrs. Clinton were furious with Comey’s trumped up excuse for issuing no Hillary indictment because of no intent.  A made up nonsense excuse.  That’s the sort of thing that has terribly damaged the ex FBI chief.   His last appearance in front of a Congressional committee  was a mish mash of mistakes.  But, now he is the darling for the media, Democrat’s and Trump haters.

Some final thoughts.  The media will find something to hammer Trump with affording hours of pundits speculating  as to how they can get rid of the President. Every week they find something new to widely speculate over nothing.  Last week it was the President’s son in law Jared Kushner hours and hours and even days speculating whatever that is now forgotten.

President Trump is not going to be thrown out of office. No way.  Impeachment does not remove a President…a la Bill Clinton.   It’s more or less a censure. Then on to the Senate for conviction that needs 66 votes to remove a President.  Clinton was impeached on federal charges of lying to the Feds…lying to a grand jury…and lying to all American’s on television.  The Trump issue is a pittance compared.  It all boils down if President Trump demanded from Comey to drop the case against General Flynn.   Virtually unprovable unless recordings exist.  The House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans.  It will take provable evidence to move them for an impeachment vote.  That is just not going to happen.   Compelling Thursday television.  But, as award winning journalist Charles Krauthammer says…”It’s likely to be a bust.”

Jacks jargon will summarize post Comey’s Thursday testimony.

A Bad Deal is a Bad Deal is a Bad Deal

To have approved the Paris Climate Change Accord would have made about as much sense as a Kathy Griffin news conference. There was virtually nothing in it to be good for America.  Think about it.   China gets to do nothing until 2030. India can keep up their filthy air blitz  because they are behind in their country’s basic human needs.  Pakistan says they are working on a goal which means do nothing.  The USA is to ship our coal industry essentially to help India and China and pledge 100 billion dollars a year towards combating global warming. This was Obama’s ideology of globalization.  And it is Trump’s ideology to do what is best for America.  In this Accord nonsense “The U.S. must reduce our carbon output by 20%.  How in the world can that possibly be fair.”  Senator Rand Paul.  It is supposed to be non binding.  However, the word is agency’s would be set up, costing billions to a trillion over ten years, to monitor if country’s are living up to their goals that they established for themselves.  President Trump says he can get us a better deal.  With all his flaws, “The Donald” is showing courage, leadership and “street smarts.”  Jacksjargon had hoped the President explained to American’s, in a rare chance of getting full coverage, more details why he made this decision.

Possibly the most critical note to all this Climate Change Accord, there is only a “CONSENSUS” that global warming is caused by mankind.  THERE IS STILL NO SCIENTIFIC PROVEN EVIDENCE THAT GLOBAL WARMING IS CAUSED BY THE WORLD’S EMISSIONS. (mankind)”  Trillions of dollars to be spent on unproven science.  Absolutely nuts.  Says President Trump   ” I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh. Not Paris.”   Media hates that remark.  Majority of American’s love it.   That’s why they voted for him.

How important is all this to American’s?  Here’s the list from Pew research public policy priorities this year…terrorism 76%  Economy 73% Education 69%  Jobs 68% Housing costs 66%. Out of 18 categories climate change is number 18 at 38%.

So why the hysteria?   A combination of factors.  The Trump media haters of America need a new issue to batter President Trump.   Word is CNN’s top brass has decided they will run all negative stories on Trump.  At present 93% of their coverage is anti Trump.  NBC the same at 93%.  CBS 91%.   Then there are the Democrat’s making outrageous remarks how our grandchildren will die. The oceans will rise creating havoc.  It’s all crap.  Look again at what that climate change accord would do.  Nothing except harm the USA while others do nothing.  Obama legacy nonsense.  Then there are two other factors creating this hysteria.  Climate zealots who back anything of global concerns.  And always there are the no nothings and semi no nothings (low information voters) who have zero knowledge of what is in the climate change accord.  This my friends is what is known as a boondoggle.

The Democrat’s still cling to the hope the Russia angle will bite the President.  But, their hopes wane.  Don’t you think if there was clear evidence of President Trump or his administration was in collusion with Russia it would have been leaked by now?  Ironically the entire matter has brought in big time trouble for the Democrat’s, Obama and his cohorts. The Congressional Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed  three of Obama’s appointed people to testify with regard to using intelligence sources for political gains.  Mostly against the Trump campaign. But, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Friday he believes he was unmasked as well.  The leaks and unmasking private citizens is a crime.  A major one.  The notorious liar Susan Rice,  ex CIA Director Comrade John Brennan and, of all people, U.N representative Samantha Powers are among those subpoenaed to appear.  Most info is pointing to Powers as a chief culprit.  How on earth does our U.N. rep. get involved in illegally using intelligence sources to unmask and spy on Americans?  Beats me.  But jacksjargon has learned there is far greater evidence in this case versus anything President Trump or his campaign staff might have done. A Democrat proposed scandal still in search of evidence.

Leaks of the Trump Administration are more important to our country than any foolish Climate Accord.  Leaks have been endless and dangerous.  It mostly points to Obama’s people in and out of government.  It is believed Brennan opened the intel info for others now being called in to testify under oath.  He has shown to be untrustworthy.  He served many years Muslim nations.  Learned the language. Good reason for Obama to hire him.

And then there’s the case of the Hillary Clinton excuse tour in progress..  A list of 40 excuses have been charted.  She is angry, whining and as Charles Krauthammer said “I truly feel sorry for her.”  Successful talk show host, Laura Ingraham, believes Hillary may be having mental issues.  There very well may be some truth to that.  She is obviously a narcissist.  Get ready to chuckle.  Here comes a partial list of her excuses for losing.  The FBI, low information voters, Russian Prez. Putin, misogynists, bad polling, suburban women, New York Times, Netflix (yes that’s right), cable news, content farms in Macedonia, (what?) TV exec’s, face book and twitter, fake news and, get this, she indicated her staff failed her.  That was the last straw.  They have fought back. “We didn’t tell her to hide her pneumonia,  We didn’t suggest she insult the core of Trump’s base calling them deplorables. We didn’t teach her to be tone deaf.”  Her overwhelming anger at this time is very unusual and weird.

Said George Washington Carver….”99% of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

Next….Comey is coming…Comey is coming.!  Will Trump call for shutting down Comey’s testimony by executive privilege?  How close will Comey come to conflicting his blatant testimony on film May 3, 2017?   His June 8th testimony could be historic in nature.  Huge interest.  But, rest assured, President Trump shall remain in office.  Stay with pre his appearance and post his appearance.