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It’s just too funny

Last night as I crawled into bed I did something I can’t recall ever doing.  I was out right laughing.  When you step back and think about this Presidential campaign you would think the entire mess was written by the Coen Brothers.  (Ever see The Big Lebowski with Jeff Bridges as ‘The Dude?’)  With riot conditions and Mexican flags waving outside where he was speaking, doing Trump a huge favor, here is Trump mimicking Hillary.  “And Donald Trump is a terrible person.  And he buys real estate when the price is low.  Well….who the hell doesn’t?”  Now folks, in all honesty, that’s funny.  He is endless.

Now we have “crooked Hillary” as he calls Mrs. Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren getting into the act has now becomes Pocahontas.  In case case you are wondering where that comes from, Mrs. Warren claimed she was born of Cherokee Indian blood in her campaign that defeated Sen. Scott Brown.  The Harvard Law school held up Warren’s native American blood as an example of minority participation at their institution.  Nobody can confirm it.  Somebody years ago, according to Warren, she had Indian blood.  Later unconfirmed sources said it is possible she “might” be 1/32nd Indian.   Trump, naturally, says “she’s no more Indian then I am.”

Leave to Trump to quickly dig up info that Sen. Warren flipped three houses for profit during the housing crisis.  Naturally Trump is having the time of his life at his packed house rallies.  Several anti Trump people tried to disrupt his rally Tuesday night.  Ushered out quickly, said Trump….”Are Trump rallies fun or what?”

Briefly, on Wednesday night network coverage, what network was most comprehensive in Hillary scandal coverage?  ABC, David Muir buried it as a 4th story leading with tornado coverage.  NBC’s Lester Holt used veteran Andrea Mitchell to give mostly complete coverage after leading with last night’s riot and today’s trouble at  Anaheim, CA.  Charlie Rose, subbing at CBS for Scott Pelle, was easily the most complete coverage.  They’re the only network that led with the story and ex Fox News ace Major Garrett nailed it.  No network offered details on Elizabeth Warren flipping three houses.

With endless energy, Donald Trump talks with House Speaker Paul Ryan by phone Wed.night.  Ryan says no endorsement yet.  And, appears on Jim Kimmel’s late show. Kimmel has been a critic of Trump.  That might show sparks or Trump charm.  Who knows with Trump?

So, what goes from here?  Hillary is going to take a hit surely. Today’s news confirms what every informed voter knows. She lied again.  Huge pressure mounting on the FBI report.  All signs now pointing to a likely “death nell” for Hillary.  She can weather today with her old staple “Everybody did it.”  Top defenders well versed on how to combat the events of today are all out Wed. night and Thursday.  But, it appears with the FBI report to come soon, the odds are she is done as a candidate.  She’d have to be Houdini to get out of all this now.  The Democrats have been making plans for her exit for some time. Hence the sudden appearance of Senator Elizabeth Warren who has said in the past she loves the readings of Chairman Mao.  As a VP pick with Bernie Sanders we’d have two socialist/Marxist’s on the same ticket.  Not likely.  The Democrat convention is likely to be much more chaotic than the Republicans.  Bernie Sanders guarantees it.  How will their Party rid themselves of him and try insert a substitute such as VP Joe Biden should prove entertaining at the very least.

And, who knows.  The GOP may still launch an attempt to stop Trump.  Not likely. It would most likely end the Republican Party.  Millions love the guy. But, some insiders may try.

As for me, I’m no kid anymore.  In 1968, I was a newsman in Chicago where nobody but nobody had seen the likes of riots of Viet Nam protesters in Grant Park with police clubbing the likes of Abbey Hoffman and other radical protesters as the first Mayor Richard J. Daley disrupted Chicago’s Democrat convention.  He had ordered the put down by Chicago police as rioters threw human excrement out of hotel windows and much more. A new President had to be nominated as shockingly Lyndon Johnson decided not to run again.  Sen. Hubert Humphrey received the nomination but he was doomed as Richard Nixon made a historical come back.

it seems impossible to think anything like 1968 could happen again.  But, as this wackiest of all Presidential seasons concludes, anything is possible with outside agitators being paid to disrupt.  Presidential candidates mauling each other with issues being flushed away.  Who Knows?  If that happens, there will be no more laughing as I hit the pillows this time.

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Wed. AM Bulletin : State Dept: Hillary Guilty

In a statement just released Wednesday morning, the State Department says in a 78 page report given to Congress…Hillary Clinton did not comply with the agencies policy’s on records. Clinton and her top aides chose not to cooperate with the review. It hits her with the exclusive use of a private server and private emails and not properly turning over her records.  In conclusion:  Hillary Clinton did not comply with the State Department’s policy’s implemented in accordance with the federal records accounting.

Included in the statement is a mention that former State Department heads did not comply at times with some regulations.   But, nothing  approaching the aggrecious nature of today’s charges.  This seemingly aims to offer Clinton some cover.  However, unwillingly as they have been in the past to make any reference of any Hillary wrong doing, the evidence is so clear and proven they are forced into this statement.

Keep in mind, this is only the State Department’s conclusion where Mrs. Clinton was in the director.  Not to be confused with the coming FBI report that now would appear to be ominous.  Any FBI report leakage to the State Dept. may have forced their hand into this mornings statement where in the past they have simply failed to comment.

Any punishment at this time is unknown.  It’s simply too early to know at this hour. Congress shall now take up the matter.  And the State Dept. has to make some clarity of what action they may take in the near future.

Wait until Donald Trump gets wind of this one.  Prepare for an explosion.  Hillary is now cornered and forced to come up with some kind of wiggle room nonsense in a statement.  But, when her own State Dept. comes forth with this statement turned over to Congress, any Hillary defense is going to be hard to swallow. One can only imagine the FBI report.  It all points to the titanic going down with Hillary arranging the deck chairs.   No wonder Sen. Elizabeth Warren has suddenly appeared with vicious and more effective condemnation of Trump.  Sen. Bernie Sanders has been hanging around with this in mind while always belittling Hillary’s judgment.  VP Joe Biden may be throwing harder now warming up in the bull pen.  Hell’s a poppin’.  Perhaps a bit early for her to be a goner.   But getting closer.   Much closer.

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Trump vs Hillary: New Poll Just Out. Plus His VP Pick?

For the first time, Donald Trump has out polled Hillary Clinton for the Presidential race to the White House.   Likely Hillary will never get to the other “Big House.”   Fox Poll, normally quite accurate has Trump 45%…Clinton…42%.  Poll taken before Trump’s meeting with Dr. Henry Kissinger and his Supreme Court nominees preferences.   All main stream conservatives.  At present, Trump is making all the right moves to establish his viability as a candidate.  While at the same time still throwing hay makers such as Bill Clinton being a sexual deviant.  Oh, wait until you hear what’s coming on Clinton’s horrendous past with woman and Hillary as the enabler.   Trump’s true forte.  Can he get Juanita Broaddrick to recall her rape by Bill Clinton?

Trump favorables..41%…Hillary’s…31%      Un favorables, Trump…56%    Hillary…65%.  In March Trumps favored by 37% and unfavored  by 61%.  Hillary was favored by 39% and not favored by 58%.  A swing of 10%  possibly due to Trump being the only GOP candidate.  Possibly.

Honest and trustworthy…Trump was 33%.  Now 40%.   Hillary was 34%.  Now 31%.  What the survey does not show is the all important State by State break down.

Donald Trump has said in selecting a Vice President…”I want someone that can help me get legislation passed so we don’t have to go the executive order route.”  Heading that selection process is Dr. Ben Carson.  Carson says it’s down to Kasich, Rubio, Cruz (yeah right) and Palin on the short list.  Forget Palin.  It’s a thank you to her for her support campaigning.  If this is truly the short list, Gov. John Kasich, as I’ve been supporting all along,, is the ideal choice.  Trump would get his vast experience as well as the State of Ohio. He will announce his selection at the July convention.   Trump has said he wants the convention to be entertainment oriented.  Who knows what that presents.  But, sounds like a good idea with no current opponent to add excitement.   One other mentioned as a possible VP candidate is a woman.  Sen. Shelly Moore Capito of Wyoming.  Well respected and long time House Rep. and now Senator.   But, to me, it appears a long shot.  Wyoming is instant Republican and her campaigning abilities unknown. Especially compared to an experienced recent candidate in Gov. Kasich.

Entertainment at the Republican Convention as proposed by Trump.  I can see it now.  Three jugglers working simultaneously followed by a magician act headed by Las Vegan David Copperfield.  With comedian Dennis Miller doing a routine and then introducing Trump for his acceptance speech.   With Trump, any thing is possible…and likely.

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Here’s How to Stop Hillary & Trump

This may sound goofy, but it just might work.  This according to Randy Evans, Chairman of the GOP Lawyers Association (who knew there was such a thing?)  Those in the “Never Trump” camp have hatched this plan.  Good chance Mitt Romney has something to do with it. It may be tried after the Republican July convention. Evans received this plot from a highly placed Republican source.

it would be started by GOP donors and political insiders.  The idea is to launch a “none of the above campaign.”  It could be done in a handful of States that neither Trump nor Hillary did very well. In the voting booth, inserted on the Presidential ballot would be a box to check for none of the above.  Many voters at present are planning on “holding their nose” and vote for the candidate they dislike the least.  It’s that bad. The none of the above box would be very attractive to a major block of voters in certain States.  Many Sanders voters want no part of Hillary Clinton yet wouldn’t vote for Trump.  And same for many Republican voters. Trump’s negatives are so high that box would be an attractive alternative.

What could this possibly do?  In some States there will not be a clear winner.  It would deny the electoral votes from going to either candidate.  Hence, it decreases the electoral votes available and if enough States are denied a winner, it creates a situation where neither Presidential candidate could get the 270 electoral votes needed to be elected.  If both are short the 270, then the election would be thrown into the House of Representatives which the Republican’s control.  They would then select the next president of the a United States. Therefore, so much for Hillary Clinton, who may in court anyway, and Trump gets passed over by others nominated by the House.

Said Randy Evans, “when I looked at the deadline for the States and the polling data in terms of the number of people not satisfied with either candidate nominee, I realized this is not just some screw ball idea. It could work if it had the right amount of funding.”

It has happened before.  Going way back to 1825, John Quincy Adams was elected in this manner.  It’s about the only way he could get elected being a mere fraction of his famous father.

When one considers this possible strategy, it may be a suitable ending to the nuttiest Presidential election of time.  The means to an end to end all ends.  Whoa…..

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Paul Ryan Meets Donald Trump

It lasted 45 minutes.  That is a first meeting between presumptive nominee Donald Trump and the House Speaker Paul Ryan.  They really did not know each other.  And, Ryan is yet to endorse Trump for the Presidency.  They were brought together because they both need each other.  Trump won’t get legislation he will want passed without the House of Representatives backing. And Ryan wants a unified Party to defeat Hillary Clinton and hopefully get Trump to modify some of his positions in order to become more acceptable to the Republican Party and, most importantly, the nation.   Such as Trump’s wacky posture on stopping all Muslims from entering the USA.  He will be on Hannity Thursday night.

So how did it go?  Party Chairman Reince Priebus said it went extremely well for a first get together.  The tone was civil.  He and Ryan would not reveal any specific topics or detailed opinions.  And, that’s how it should be for now.  Ryan had a press conference post the meeting.  Articulate as one can be, he did not discuss specifics.  But he reiterated the Priebus remarks and spelled out issues that are important to him such as reform to save social security and medicare.  The two of them exchanged positions upon issues.  And, remarkably, released a JOINT statement following the meeting.  That’s a very good sign.  It is known the Party Chairman is in constant touch with Trump.  Sometimes several times per day.  Remember, Trump is a business man.  Not a politician.  He is  unaware of the ways of Washington.  He has always been his own boss on virtually everything.  He is learning and whatever Reince Priebus is being paid, the Party should double it.  He has done enormous work to a never before situation in the nomination of a candidate for President.

At this hour, Trump is off to meet with Senate members.  One noteworthy item.   Trump went to D.C. not pressing the issue to come to Trump Tower.  As this significant day progresses we shall learn more of what transpired. Washington is leak city.  Senator John Thune was supposed to address the press following the Senate meeting.  He may have cancelled.

One thought that all doubters will be thinking after the day is done.  How much of what Trump said to all members will he switch positions on in the future?  He changes with the wind.  If the Republican Party can garner enough support for Trump, MONEY and congressmen endorsements, he has an excellent chance of becoming President.  The most recent polls (two now) indicating Trump can win in key must win States had to shock Trump doubters.  Traditional Democrat voters backing “The Donald” are registering in huge numbers.  Double in some area’s.  It is possible Trump can win in States the GOP has not won in decades.  Pennsylvania would be remarkable.

There is some conjecture Trump might, before the convention, announce he will be putting former New York city mayor Rudy Giulianii in charge of immigration.  The former mayor’s reputation could quell any leeway Trump might be wavering upon with regard to allowing Muslims entering America.  Why not name his cabinet as well?  Christie, Attorney, Dr. Carson,  Health and Human Services and Giuliani, Homeland Security.  Instant credibility for doubters.

Over at the FBI, Director James Tomey is saying he is feeling the pressure to come to a conclusion on his investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.  Hillary is calling it, more or less, a security review. . Tomey says he never heard of such a thing.  For what ever it is worth, Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday on Good Morning America he would have made the “best President.”    As he shows up more and more on national television….well, let’s just say I have never been much of a believer in coincidences.

So stand by for all the pundit chatter today on how all went well with the Trump multiple meetings.  Time will tell.   But, one thing about Trump, with all his bluster, arrogance, audacious behavior, he is very smart.  He can charm most everyone. He has exceptional instincts.  It will be notable if he can keep his comments about the days events respectful.  Or will his undisciplined ego fall back and his bluster pooh pooh todays happenings.  That is his key to everything he wants.  He will be on his way to gaining enough Republican unity to get the money and support he desperately needs.  Hillary has a huge vault of cash bulging out to fight him. His focus must remain on the economy.  Jobs.  Good paying jobs is what the voters are pleading.  If he refrains from degrading the days events, he can have a good chance of winning.  If not….oh I hate to think of the alternative.   I’ll hit the mute always when I see her as I do for our  eight year national mistake.  We likely will never bounce back.

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Want a shocker? Poll: 3 Battle Ground States

It took this writer a dose of reality he never expected.  Especially so soon.  Fox News and CBS news reporting results from a Quinnipiac U. poll just out of registered voters taken April 27th to May 8th.  It includes the all important three States that may decide the next President.

Traditional Democrat State of Pennsylvania:  Hillary 43% Trump 42%. A tie. Florida, with all it’s Hispanic voters: Hillary 43% Trump 42%. A tie.  And all important for a Republican win in Ohio: Trump 43% Hillary 39%.  Ironic, Bernie Sanders, who is hanging around waiting for Hillary Clinton’s FBI report, beats both of them in those States.  But, Sanders is never going to happen.

So what does the new poll tell us?   He can win.  Overwhelmingly, with all his mistakes feuds and faults, people want an outsider.  Someone different. Most feeling both Parties have betrayed them.  Or just plain failed them.  So what are some money men saying?   Billionaire Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone….”Kasich was my guy.  However, I am all in for Donald Trump.  And, you want to know something?   I think he’ll do a helava good job.”  Former top Republican National Committee official, David Norcross…”Hillary Clinton is the great unifier.”  “I was not a Trump guy. But, I’d rather have a fender bender than an absolute train wreck.”

Currently Donald Trump is doing better than Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain in 2008 and Gov. Mitt Romney in 2012.  Another mention in the poll was Trump is widely regarded as the “best guy for the economy and terrorism.”

All of this is huge news for Trump.  But, there is much more coming out if you have been keeping tabs on my Facebook page.  Bill Clinton’s abused women in the past are beginning to come forward.  In particular Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick. Willey was sexually abused in the oval office as she was a volunteer asking for help.  Later, after her speaking out, she received threats. Broaddrick stands by her story of being raped by Bill Clinton.  Who can forget his line to her as he was leaving….”Better get some ice on that lip.”  What makes it so damaging to Hillary is there is no question she was aware of Bill’s philandering  (for years) and was in charge of arrangements to hush all these women.  Still to come could be Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and heaven only knows who else. If it was just one it’s meaningless.  But, keeping a lid on all of them is impossible.  They corroborate the stories.  Trump, being the ultimate gut street fighter, surely will use one or more of the abused women of the past to combat Hillary’s basic calling card…”I’m a woman.”  “I’ll fight for you” nonsense.  And there is more to come out.

Meanwhile Trump is putting together a transition team head by Gov. Chris Christie.  This is smart because it is being done well in advance of the norm and shows crucial leadership and organizing skills.  Plus, Trump has his campaign manager and Dr. Ben Carson working on the selecting of Trump’s Vice President nominee.  This is critical to his being elected and the help he is going to need dealing with what could likely be a hostile Congress.   He wants someone already in politics for a lengthy period so vetting has already been done.  Rubio has said no as did Gov. Susana Martinez.  Cruz?  No way.  Trump has said he always liked Ohio Gov. John Kasich.  And Kasich’s sudden dropping out of the race after saying on to California….sending that morning a staffer to a campaign event at 10 AM….Kasich was headed for a scheduled news conference/townhall in Virginia saying he was not quitting until somebody got the 1,237 delegates.   Then suddenly at midday…poof.  He announces he is dropping out.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But Kasich has said “There is zero chance of me being vice president.”  No out right denial and he is exactly what Trump in looking for.  Plus Kasich would almost clinch all Important Ohio.

On the Hillary Clinton email scandal, things are getting worse for her.  A Romanian hacker named Marcell Lazar says it was easy to hack into her server.  He did it twice and has been arrested.  Also, news this day, the State Department has announced that all emails from Bryan Pagliano, the man who set up the email server in Hillary’s house, cannot be found. Later this day they did find a few.  And the Clinton Foundation is suspect.    The plot thickens and no telling when the report will be done.   Word is Bryan Pagiano, granted immunity from prosecution, is singing like a canary.  More on this story later.  And, Hillary refuses to respond to any of Trumps attacks.  Sooner or later she will have to.

The bottom line to this post is things are looking up for Trump and down for Hillary Clinton.   I do think it would be very wise for “The Donald” to be cooperative with House Speaker Paul Ryan this coming Thursday.   Like it or not he needs GOP support.  He needs the Party behind him.  And most of all the money from big donors.  Clinton has plenty of cash and the anti Trumps adds have begun.  Look for Hillary to get clobbered in the Tuesday primary in W. Virginia.   “Oh my, I just misspoke on abandoning the coal industry.  It was taken out of context”   Ever the chameleon.  Horrible candidate is she.

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And the winner in Indiana is….

Senator Ted Cruz says he is standing on the edge of a cliff.  By Wednesday morning he will have fallen off that cliff.   It’s over.   Not just In Indiana, but nationwide.  Donald Trump is going to be the Presidential nominee of the Republican Party 2016.  True, polls are mixed In Indiana.   But, what makes anyone think in sophisticated States such as Connecticut where Trump romped plus all over the East in five States hitting 60%+ in some, that Indiana voters are somehow going to see the philosophy of Ted Cruz as their “guiding light.”  No way.  Coach Bobby Knight’s endorsement  is an Indiana clincher.  Plus, ignorant Cruz calls basketball rims “rings.”  Trump will work California in a last attempt to hit the necessary 1,237 for a first ballot win.   But, even if he falls short, he will be close enough where some renegade delegates will fall in line for Trump.   Cruz has shown his more nasty side recently.  He’s become more hyper in interviews talking over questions from TV pundits.  Former Speaker John Boehner did speak for virtually all Washington Republican’s in saying Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh. I have never worked with a more miserable son of b—- in my life.”   D.C. Republicans are now falling in line for Trump.  However, can he beat Hillary?   Polls show the women vote going for Hillary at present by about 20%.

Says long time campaign manager for numerous campaigns, Steve Schmidt, “The idea that she beats Trump in a “cake walk” is absolutely wrong.”  “Trump is totally infectious and unconventional like nobody we have ever seen before.”  “Democrats know what a formidable opponent Trump will be.”   “He will effectively position Hillary as a figure of the past.”   Says TV pundit Mike Barnicle “There is a teflon aspect to his candidacy.”  “He’s totally unpredictable.”   It’s true.  Millions out spent Trump in TV ads condemning him have failed miserably.

So how can Trump win the Presidency without the Hispanic vote, Afro American vote and the women vote?  Says Bloomberg News Political Editor Mark Halperin “Hispanics dominate the West where no Republican has won California since Ronald Reagan.”  “Trump will soften his immigration stance and make head way with Hispanics in area’s where Whites are more dominant.  Places such as Illinois, New Jersey and North Carolina.”  Already polls show the Black vote for Trump way ahead of Mitt Romney’s 10% total.   Closer to 20%.  Why?   Because Trump means jobs.  “Trump will get far more of the White vote than Romney” says Halperin.  Trump supporters vote.  He has enthusiasm…Hillary Clinton doesn’t.  Millions more are voting Republican in the primaries than Democrats.   “Sen. Bernie Sanders crowds are five times bigger than Hillary Clinton’s.”  As I see it, Trump needs to select a Vice President candidate that will complement his candidacy.  Again, my pick would be a woman. And that woman should be Hispanic. To me the choice of Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico would be a natural. Gov. John Kasich a second choice.  Ohio anyone?  Marco Rubio third.  Florida anyone?

Hillary Clinton will clearly be positioned as a relic of the past.   Says Barnicle. “people want a clear break from the past.”  Steve Schmidt….”Many people have lost everything.  Millions of job losses, millions of mortgages went under, home prices still not bounced back, loss of retirement income all adds up.”   It all reminds people of the 1968 Democrat convention in Chicago.  Demonstrations and violence got Nixon the Presidency.  It was the John Wayne mentality versus the Jane Fonda mentality.  Violence now is benefitting Trump big time.  It wins over long time Democrat voters.  Many in the female category will cross over to Trump.   He can definitely win.  That is why he now has my support.  No way Cruz or Kasich can do the same.  Somehow suddenly Hillary Clinton is going to build trust? Forgetaboutit.

One other interesting note.   Has anyone noticed Vice President Joe Biden now making the rounds internationally?  First unexpectedly to Iraq.  Next off to the Vatican and the Pope. Appearing at major sport events on camera.  The Oscars Show.  Why this all of a sudden in the “September” of his VP years?   Think about it. What does that hint of  happening?  It speaks for itself……and Hillary Clinton.  Draw your own conclusion.

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