And the Super Bowl winner is…

There’s a saying in sports, “Offense wins games. Defense wins championships.” If that rules on Sunday, than San Francisco will win. The 49ers are a more complete team with good offense and extremely good defense. Kansas City has the edge on offense. They are explosive with the most dynamic player in the NFL these days in quarterback Patrick Mahomes. There is no “villain” in this game. Both teams are worthy and fun to watch with two outstanding coaches Kyle Shanahan and Andy Reid with the Chiefs. K.C is now a 1 and a half point favorite meaning if you wager on the Chiefs they must win by 2 or more points. A close game is likely.

So who wins? Well, let’s analyze a bit. San Francisco’s front four is maniacal. They will come after the quarterback (Mahomes) with a vengeance. What makes them special is they don’t have to blitz much so they can drop back 7 players on defense that should make it somewhat easier to stop a terrific passer in Patrick Mahomes. Their quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo (ladies love this handsome guy from Chicago suburb Arlington Heights) normally does not pass much because their running game simply bowls over their opponents. Their offensive line makes holes so large even a so so running back will look like a star. It’s their running game that keeps Mahomes off the field and slow down his passing game. That’s the key for San Francisco to win. Strong running game and lightening fast defense. Exceptional.

On the other hand…Kansas City’s defense has improved in the latter half of the season. They stopped a beast in Tennessee’s Derrick Henry. He was just average two weeks ago. Their front will blitz more often and could give Garoppolo all he can handle. The key to everything, and most pundits overwhelmingly agree, is protecting quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He is not just above average. He is a generational talent with a strong arm, extremely accurate, and can run very well when he sees an opening. But, his greatest gift is his innate ability of extremely quick perception of what to do in all type defensive set ups. He is “the whole package.” He is a calculated risk taker. A player like Mahomes comes along about once in a decade or more.

Who and why does one team win?

Defenses wear down late in the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th quarter. That is why most scoring comes late. Also, in Super Bowl’s it is common for teams to over use their anxious energy early in the game. This is when Mahomes can be at his best. They have a load of terrific receivers.. Look for Mahomes to get sacked early in the game. But, after that it’s a toss up. If the Chiefs can be within ten points at the half, they likely will win. They are simply too explosive. Unstoppable at times. I’ll take Kansas City in a small wager. I’ll also take the big props odds on the game going overtime.

Enjoy the game everyone from