Why Michael Bloomberg is a loser.

It has been said “You don’t bring your wallet to a knife fight.” Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, who is worth over 60 billion dollars, made his first debate appearance Wednesday night. . As CNN’s Gloria Borger put it…”Bloomberg was awful.” That feeling is universal. He was worse than awful. Many who have watched debates for over 50 years say it was the worse performance in a debate they have ever seen. After spending 40 million dollars on ads to become President, five fellow candidates brought up his past as a Republican, women abuser with multiple non disclosure agreements he won’t release, overly cracked down only on minorities as New York city mayor fighting crime, voted against minimum wage increases, voted for Bush over Obama and called women fat and lesbians called terrible names. There’s more. But, you get the picture. He was smug bordering on a snob, rolled his eyes, totally unprepared and seemed lethargic.

But why? With a fortune of top people surrounding him, why would he “lay an egg.” There are two main reasons. 1. He is obviously not fully committed to running for President. He’s in it merely to beat President Trump. A man he hates. He will do and spend whatever it takes to beat him. He still believes he can do it with his billions of dollars. Flood all media continuously with ads showing how wonderful he is. Debates? Well, just something he has to do. It’s like he believes he is above it all. Commitment is the basis for success in any field that a person attempts to attain. Bloomberg is not committed enough.

Number 2. Bloomberg is not a people person. He simply does not like people. Use them to make a fortune. But, don’t play to his workers. Just pay them well. People who run for the highest office in the USA are willing to show and generally like being with people. Ronald Reagan was terrific at it. He won 49 of 50 States. Franklin Roosevelt, very wealthy, showed humor and caring. Always went out to farmers and workers. How else get elected President four times. Not permitted anymore. President John Kennedy, another wealthy President, went into machine shops and steel mills. Unperturbed at wearing a helmet. President Trump is well known for being on site. Talking with construction people and foremen while building his flock of buildings. It was a key to getting his jobs done on time and for less money. Like him or hate him President Trump is a people person and it shows. He too is a billionaire. Bloomberg wouldn’t do that to “save his soul.” His manner is just buy, or pay, for getting what you want. He is well known for paying and bribing his way to success…especially with Red China. He is trying to buy the Presidency.

After being humiliated in his first debate appearance, Bloomberg is sure to show improvement at next Tuesday’s debate. But, he can’t escape his elitism aura that is such a part of him. He will spend whatever it takes. But, American’s want to vote for somebody they feel communicates with them. Somebody that gets through to them. Michael Bloomberg is a snob. Democrat Party leaders want so badly to nominate him they will do whatever it takes. They believe he is their only choice to beat Trump. They may take it away from Bernie Sanders who is leading big time in many polls. A likely open (brokered) convention is capable of doing it. But, Bloomberg will never beat President Trump. Trump gets through to people. Bloomberg doesn’t have a clue.