Super Bowl Pick/Belichick Leaves New England

Quarterback Tom Brady vs. Nick Foles?  Only an ignorant boob would pick Foles.  But, this years Super Bowl is more than that as always.  Philadelphia is bigger, stronger, more talented than New England and loves being an under dog.  4 and a half points at present.  So what’s the deal here?

As shown in the past, the only way to beat New England and Brady is to maul Brady. No quarterback can throw effectively while sitting on his butt.  Or constantly pressure him.  Hurry him.  Move him off his spot.  The problem is time after time no matter how strong the defensive line pressure is initially, by the 4th quarter that pass rush is never the same.  It is why the Patriot’s come from behind so often against better teams.   Same situation this year.  Plus the Eagles defensive back seven are not top grade.

Then there is the matter of Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles going to have a near perfect performance as his last game rout of Minnesota.  Very unlikely. He is a substitute 2nd string QB finishing out the year following the injury to a far better injured Carson Wentz.

What I call the big 3 will finish off Philadelphia.  Experience…less mistake prone…and luck.  Yes, jacksjargon has long felt the Patriot’s are the luckiest team I have ever witnessed.  There is no substitute for experience in a Super Bowl game.  This is old hat for New England.  Nearly an annual event.  The Eagles?   I feel for them.  That never ending half time show (double the normal length) is routine for New England.  Tough when you have never experienced it before. Intensity rebirth can be non existent. Plus Coach Belichick is the best at half time adjustments.  What is seldom noticed, Coach Belichick selects players who are smart, normally not problem children and consequently more disciplined.  All this makes them less mistake prone.  They next to never beat themselves with penalties and turnovers.  Fumble the ball?  To the bench you go.

Finally the element of luck.  Tom Brady is a marvelous quarterback.  A sure Hall of Famer and an all time football icon.  But, the greatest of all time?  No, not really.  Coach Bill Belichick may be the greatest football coach of all time. Lombardi and Belichick were and are incomparable. He is unapproachable, nasty to the press, and a proven cheater.  Does anybody really believe he didn’t know Brady was lowering air pressure on footballs?  But when it comes to coaching football as a teacher and strategist he is a football genius. And seldom does that word come in to play. Hated by  the public and press outside of New England.  However, he has reached legendary status already.

Returning back to the luck factor.  The press likes to refer to Tom Brady as the best of all time.  He’s won 5 and lost only 2 Super Bowls.  New England wins year after year. Think of this for a moment.  Seattle is first and 10 from the one yard line to beat New England in the Super Bowl.  They have a bull dozer of a running back waiting to run it in.  Inexcusably they throw a pass that’s intercepted in one of the dumbest plays ever called in the history of the game.  Atlanta outplays the Pat’s all game, defense out of gas because they scored so fast early, nevertheless, a mere field goal would beat New England last year.  The second dumbest call of all time.  They decide to pass, Matt Ryan gets sacked and they lose the yards needed to make a game winning field goal. Take away the two dumbest play calls of all time and Brady wins 3 Super Bowls…loses 4 and is no longer the greatest quarterback of all time.  Argue all you want, but stick Drew Brees instead of Brady into the Belichick system…little difference. Brady out the first 4 games this year…two inexperienced subs win three of four games.  It’s Belichick and his system.  An absolute master at his profession.  Only by luck turning things around…New England creating mistakes (nobody is perfect) can Philadelphia win Sunday.  They MUST pressure Brady all game.  That is the absolute key.

Finally a word about coach Bill Belichick.  Multiple reports indicate Belichick will be coaching his final game for the Patriots. Tensions between him, owner Bob Kraft and Brady are at a boiling point.  Belichick demands and always has had full authority about everything with his team.  Kraft has over ruled him this year. And he has admitted it recently about the disagreements. Plus Belichick is left with no back up quarterback. His two prospects unwisely were forced to be traded with next to nothing in return.   Kraft wanted Brady to feel no pressure knowing how quick Belichick can make moves if he sees slippage in play from a player.   Brady is 40 years old.  Both his offensive and defensive coordinators are leaving.  And one other oddity.  The coach inexplicably is enjoying himself this Super Bowl.  Happy banter with the press he has hated.  He arrived from the plane unusually well dressed sporting a Sinatra like fedora.  This is so unlike him.  A beautiful lady friend who adores him…a legendary status…all the money he will ever need.  Why not?  He has had it with being overruled and having to placate owner Kraft’s favorite and a Brady trainer who the coach banished. Best guess he decided some time ago he had had enough.

Nevertheless, come game time Sunday, see the coach dressed always in his hoodie.  Should they win again, as expected, he likely will show the unusual joy he showed after beating Jacksonville.  And, let’s see how “the greatest of all time” does with leadership changing.  Playing until he is 45… not likely.