1st Annual Fake News Awards

Who else but President Trump would compile a list of his first annual fake news awards?   All true.  And mostly all funny, especially the final five.  Naturally last minute he had to throw in an 11th…”Russia, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on America.”  Republican website crashed when these were first announced.  So here we go.

10…New York Times claimed the White House hid a climate change report. Nonsense.

9…CNN had to issue a retraction after reporting then FBI Director James Comey contradicted Trump’s statement that the President stated Comey told him he was not under investigation.  In fact Comey told Trump that several times.

8…Newsweek falsely reported the first Lady of Poland did not shake hands with the President.   At seems at times news reporters are the blind leading the blind.

7…CNN again, plus the Washington Post, falsely reported short termed White House aide Anthony Scaramuccia met with a Russian leader.

6…CNN again (have they no shame) falsely edited a video of President Trump feeding fish with the Japanese Prime Minister.  They showed Trump ended up dumping all the feed at once.  Failed to show the Prime Minister had already done the same.

5.   Reporter David Weigel published a photo of a near empty arena waiting for the President to speak.  Truth was the picture was taken many hours before the President arrived.   The arena ended up over flowing as usual.

4…Time magazine White House correspondent Zeke Miller falsely reported that on his first day in the oval office, President Trump removed the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King. Carelessly used wishful thinking.  Routine excuses made.

3…CNN again…shows false emails trying to prove WikiLeaks efforts to give the Trump campaign documents.

Brace yourself…here comes the maniacal top two!

2…ABC’s senior investigative reporter, Brian Ross, was suspended from his network for this false report.  Ross claimed ex security advisor for Obama and briefly for President Trump, General Michael Flynn, was going to testify against President Trump, the Trump family and others in the White House after his plea bargain arrest for lying to the FBI. Due to his false report the stock market crashed to the point costing millions to some investors.

1…The one you have been waiting for……it comes from the most arrogant self aggrandizing economist/New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman.  Said Krugman ” The economy will never recover from the Trump victory.”

No one could have been more wrong as under the Obama administration of eight years of anti business regulations, the  American domestic growth was never over 2%.  In less than one year, the Trump administration has had it over 3% growth in two consecutive quarters.  Estimates are it will soon hit 4%.   A few examples of the optimism in America…over 240 companies have given bonus’s or wage increases since the tax cuts to business and the American people.  February workers across America will see their weekly tax’s cut.  Families will find an increase in earnings from $2,000 to $4,000 per year.  A few new examples these past few days. Apple is investing $350 BILLION in the USA bringing back 2.4 billion dollars from elsewhere. FedEx announced Friday they are committing 3.2 billion dollars to wage increases to hourly workers, bonus’s and pension funding.  Expanding their hub in Indianapolis.   Hourly workers get their bump beginning in April.   We now have the lowest unemployment and unemployment claims in decades.  African American unemployment is the lowest ever recorded.   Same for Hispanics.

President Trump was greeted with the highest enthusiasm and respect at the now concluded economic forum in Davos, Switzerland.  No walk outs.  No protests. A band played for him.  Among his words “America is open for business.”   The stock market has grown by 7 trillion dollars since his election.  “Optimism reigns”  “There has never been a better time to invest in America.”   Even CNN was forced to cover the positive news from Davos.  Yet, still trying to feebly suggest Trump is carrying on the Obama administration economic recovery.  Laughable.

So now the media’s job grows more difficult.  And yet they will find a way to hide the marvelous good news happening to America.   However, you can’t fool the people all the time.  In the infamous words of James Carville….”It’s the economy stupid.”   And American’s, as the song goes….”Are beginning to see the light.”