Plea bargain: no big deal

If you are waiting for the dismissal of President Trump, you shall be disappointed.  It is not going to happen.  General Michael Flynn, who worked for Obama and President Trump in foreign affairs pleaded guilty Friday to a charge of lying to investigators working for Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel.   You know the one always created to investigate a crime.  But it’s President Trump.  Exception made because there was no crime.  It’s the “let’s get Trump crowd…Russia, Russia, Russia.”  I urge you to read an earlier post on jacksjargon’s  Fire the Special Counsel!

Flynn, a decorated General for meritorious service, was charged for lying to the FBI just as Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart and never to be forgotten Scooter Libby. Flynn pled guilty and agreed to tell all to gain a limited sentence.  The idea being he will reveal other law breakers with Democrat’s and media ‘wishin’ and hoping’ to get President Trump.  The matters centers around the possibility that the Trump administration got involved in policy with Russia before he was in office. Some say before he was elected.  The core issue being Obama’s ousting of Russian diplomats while the new administration was attempting to smooth over the issue so when Trump took office he begins with a decent relationship with Russia’s leader Putin.

It’s thought to be K.T. McFarland, of the Trump transition team, who gave the go ahead to General Flynn.  And up the ladder, hopes the Dem’s and media, going all the way to President Trump. Says Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano, “If Mueller has enough credible evidence to charge the President with a crime, a constitutional crisis will come when he decides what to do. Does he indict the President…it has never been done, or transfer it over to the House of Representatives?”

Hogwash.  It will never get to the President.  Why?  Because should Gen. Flynn reveal damaging testimony and the issue continues up the ranks, nobody in President Trump’s administration will testify against President Trump. One reason is President Trump will pardon anyone who may have broken the law.  Plus it is very likely Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner was the key man passing the message down to Flynn. This was Kushner’s area of involvement.  Even if President Trump told Kushner what to do, does anyone really believe he will turn on his father in law the President?   Flynn would have to have something material against the President. His word against his word won’t work.  Jacksjargon has long felt FIRE THE SPECIAL COUNSEL!   Again I urge all to read or re read the post on this issue.  Mass hysteria if President Trump did it.  Never ending noise from media pundits and Democrat’s, but legally there is nothing they can do.  The President does have the legal power to rid the Special Counsel that is out looking for an issue with a band of Hillary supporter lawyers. The fix was in all along..  Why not fix it the other way?  Leak to Flynn he will be given a full pardon.

This will drag on endlessly providing the cable news networks continued high ratings  they now enjoy earning them more money from higher priced commercials.  Never mind our Country is doing great.  Lowest unemployment in 16 years, new plants opening, public optimism high, business flourishing and the stock market setting record highs.  And much more that the media hides.  Keep this in mind. The media attacks are essentially emotional issues…personality issues…attacks on any and everything the President and his family do.  Hear about criticism as to how Melania was Christmas decorating?  They never end. This façade over shadows how well the country is doing.  And Trump adds fodder with his never ending tweets and antagonistic remarks that many, such as Jacksjargon, frequently finds hilarious. Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren anyone?

Winner of the week?  Republican’s passing tax legislation that will pay for itself. Eighty percent of the tax cut goes to middle income American’s. Explanation at another time. (If the economy improves 4 tenths of one per cent in he next ten years, the cut is paid for) Tax cuts have worked over and over through Democrat and Republican regimes. The public has no idea the good this will be for the economy and the working class.  They give us help…Democrat’s give us Obamacare and two trillion more debt in the past eight years.  And suddenly the “Tax and Spend” Democrat’s are worried about the nation’s debt. Laughable.

Loser of the week?   Actually losers of the week…Matt Lauer, Al Franken and known to all what he had been doing for decades, Representative John Conyers.  By the way, does the media ever say DEMOCRAT Franken or Conyers or Lauer for that matter. Goodness how they must hate having to keep reporting these so called women defenders being women offenders.  What’s that old saying….”what goes around comes around.”

Stay with for further updates.