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Pres. Trump: 2019 Top Ten Accomplishments

10. Unemployment now at record lows. Wages up the most for those who earn the least. 9. More jobs than workers to fill them. Able bodies must work to receive food stamps. 70% say they are doing better since he was elected. 8. NATO now $130,000 billion richer. Number of countries now contributing their 2% has doubled. 7. Signed the Democracy Act standing up to China in favor of protests in Hong Kong. 6. Withdrew from IMF Treaty that prohibited USA from expanding weapon progress while our enemies had no such impairment. America can now improve missile systems. 5. Iran is crippled from tariffs. Inflation out of control now limiting monies destined for terrorist organizations. 4. Forced Mexico, through tariffs threat, to not only guard the U.S. border but now controlling their own southern border. Illegal immigration reduced substantially. No more caravans en route. 3. Cut funding for abortion clinics with the Protect Life Rule. Selling baby parts and terminating babies at birth greatly reduced. 2. Killed the head of ISIS and the second in command. Considered far more dangerous than killing Bin Laden. 1. Appointed 50 conservative judges to Federal Courts. The Supreme Court hears only a fraction of Federal Court decisions.

Not bad for somebody the Democrat’s want to get rid of anyway possible. Too bad the vast majority of media never informs the public. Doesn’t matter. American’s can feel it. Christmas sales huge increase from 2018. Let’s face it. The media and Democrat’s know odds are overwhelming President Trump will be reelected. Most likely by a larger margin this time. Landslide? Quite possibly. May even win Minnesota. The only State Walter Mondale carried versus Ronald Reagan. Mondale’s home State no less.

Pelosi’s Paradox

Things have gotten so bad for the failing impeachment hearings that Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell may not even have a trial if the House impeaches President Trump. He may simply have an immediate vote on an acquittal. He and Sen. Lindsey Graham think it’s best to end it quickly. President Trump wants to embarrass the Democrat’s. Things like bringing Adam Shiff under oath on the stand. Jacksjargon supports end it quickly. Give no more credence to this baseless event. TV hearings are a ratings disaster for the Democrat’s. President Trump’s approval rating is now higher than President Obama’s at the same point in their Presidency.

“Impeachment is so destructive to the nation that it has to be overwhelming, compelling and non partisan.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi May 2019. Fact is none of it has happened. Democrat’s forgot to bring a “case.” First it was quid pro quo. Poll tested that wasn’t strong enough. Next Dem.’s switched to obstruction of justice. No proof. How about extortion? When poll tested that failed along with bribery. So at long last they came up with “abuse of power.” Vague enough it might allow give them an excuse to just keep throwing up anything they think might stick. This is one of the few times Republicans have stuck together and defended themselves very well. Nationally only 44% of American’s favor impeachment. Plus in Battle Ground States President Trump beats all Democrat Presidential candidates. In their hearts Democrat’s know Trump will win reelection. Said new entry former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg….”Trump will mop up the floor with all of them.”

So why do it the impeachment thing? Originally it was thought the proceedings would damage the President so severely he could not win reelection. Instead Trump’s poll numbers have increased. The public confidence is way up as wages have increased. Plus, there are more good jobs available than people to fill them. The USA has the lowest unemployment in 50 years. The impeachment issue has failed and Democrat’s want to get rid of it ASAP.

Now here comes Pelosi’s biggest problem. Her paradox so to speak. There is a battle within Democrat House members. 31 Democrat’s won in Districts that the President won by healthy margins. Their reelection is in danger if they vote for impeachment. Some already have had to face chaos at their town hall gatherings back in their districts. A rebellion of sorts. To win impeachment Pelosi needs 217 votes. There are 233 Democrat House members. If 17 of those 31 members vote no to impeachment it will not pass. An enormous rejection after endless televised waste of time hearings. Nobody will know until until the House votes. If it is delayed from next Tuesday it means Pelosi does not have the votes. Not likely. But possible.

Normally Speaker Pelosi can whip those Democrat’s back in line by her well known tactics against those who stray. Things like run a strong candidate against them in their next primary. Well finance this opponent. Also strip them of committees they are on or want to be on. That works normally with a few who stray. But 17? That’s a different story. This the mess she now faces. Some of the straying Dem’s want merely a censure. A slap on the wrist. A disaster after weeks of hearings that proved fruitless. Tactics against a group that large could not only create havoc, but more importantly, cost the Democrat’s the House of Representatives Nov. 2020. The entire case of impeachment has back fired. Pelosi knows it and is beside herself. She will push for new legislation to distract from the mess she is now in.

The President’s rallies are now bigger and more energetic than ever. Polls indicate Trump might receive more than 20% of the Black vote. The swing States are still in Trump’s favor. Sometimes when one hates someone so badly they try too hard. Don’t see themselves as others see them. They go “over the top.” And it shows. This time it does doesn’t just show. It glows.

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The Impeachment Mess

The Democrat’s are putting all their “eggs in a basket” in still another attempt to get rid of President Trump. It is complicated and created such noise it is virtually impossible for the average American to know what is exactly happening.  However, as former Ohio Governor John Kasich told CNN, “The people of Ohio simply don’t care. They are interested in their jobs, employment opportunities and wages.” And still the number one issue to American’s after the still highly successful economy is immigration.

Let’s see if jacksjargon can sort some of this out. After a two year Russia investigation (Impeachment committee chairman Adam Shiff lied saying he had direct evidence) nothing of consequence was found. So we’ve been through that plus the Supreme Court disgrace trying unsuccessfully to stop the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh with a phony witness, hope for Presidential lawyer Michael Cohen to “spill the beans”, push and hope for a recession, trying to pin a racist charge on the President…nothing has really worked. Hence, as a last ditch effort, the Democrat’s are trying to find some grounds, anything they can muster, to impeach the President fully realizing that he would never be thrown out of office because it is impossible to garner 66 votes in the Senate to convict.

So what’s it all about?   It’s about finding any tidbit(s) of negative information on the President to give to the Trump hating media allowing the attention to become so loud the public will believe it.  So far a poll has now shown 51% of the public favors impeachment. However polls are merely polls all dependent as to how questions are asked. And Democrat responses are always heavily weighted.  Keep in mind millions of registered voters will never actively admit support of Trump for fear of retribution front any possible source.

The Democrat’s, led by unscrupulous committee head Adam Shiff, are running a scam on the public.  Scam because only a full vote in the House or Representatives can pursue impeachment. And it is overwhelmingly unlikely thy will ever take that vote. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows a vote will expose approximately 25 Democrats who won their election in districts won clearly by President Trump.  Good chance the Dem.’s would lose their majority and Republicans would regain control in the 2020 election. So they resort to this tactic built upon a faulty premise…”making a mountain out of mole hills.”  Everything they are doing is hidden. Behind closed doors to Republicans.  In any witness testimony they “cherry pick”  any comment made that is useful to their cause and hide anything positive to the President. Republicans have no chance to cross examine or refute anything. Smartly, many are now refusing to comply with subpoena’s knowing there little to no chance of them being enforced.  And Pelosi has stated more than once there shall be no vote.

Meanwhile President Trump drew 20,000 in a Dallas arena last Thursday with 10,000 more outside watching on a giant TV screen. The USA has the lowest unemployment in 50 years, real dollar wages are up four times as much in three years compared to 16 years of W. Bush and Obama combined.  Border crossings are down 50% compared to a year ago (thanks to Trump threatening Mexico with tariffs), food stamps and unemployment claims way down, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports drugs prices are down 51% in the last two years and let’s not forget NATO members have committed to paying their agreed to share (2%) come next meeting. All thanks to unabashed Trump telling them…”America is tired of being the piggy bank of the world.”

So the Democrat’s know their top three Presidential candidates have no chance of beating Trump. They have scandal ridden Joe Biden who has trouble retaining his thought process (plus his campaign money is about gone) broken down 78 year old socialist heart attack victim Bernie Sanders and left of socialist Elizabeth Warren found on camera with another lie telling all to forget their Cadillac insurance health plans because she is going to give us all government health care.  Haven’t we heard that song before on that broken down Obama website.

The Democrat’s only hope is to find a different candidate such as Michelle Obama, who says no way, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, helping Sen. Mitt Romney beating Trump in primaries (no chance) or “in the believe or not category” Hillary Clinton still thinks she has a chance while out making appearances still coming up with new excuses why she lost.  They’d have a better chance nominating Professor Irwin Corey, Pat Paulson or maybe finding  John Kerry who has been out telling the Iranians to wait out President Trump and only he can get them a better deal.  What was it Jackie Gleason used to say?…”hardy har har har”

Google is a Trojan Horse!

Jacksjargon has learned what’s an open secret in Silicon Valley.  Google is working with Red China. They decided to share it’s cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) software with China. It’s unprecedented.  They are hooking up with the Chinese military. Not America. This AI loyalty involves processing satellite images, processing data on drone warfare and cyber warfare. It’s also for civilian usage.  China keeps track of all their civilians and they are rounding up Muslims and putting them into concentration camps. Or as they call it “re-education camps” with armed guards posted.

At first thought one might think it’s all a hoax, or wild conspiracy nonsense.  Most people don’t believe it at first until they learn facts.  This is all black and white.  Originally, this was all sent to the U.S military.  However, their employees protested.  They threatened a massive walkout and management caved. Google, known as alphabet on the NYS exchange, has always been a left leaning company.  This issue is not an American left/right issue. It’s a threatening America issue.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says it is a national security risk. President Trump is aware and won’t let it go back to status quo. It’s a part of the trade war and a reason he is so bold. Our trade war is also a “tech war.”  There is no question our FBI and CIA should be working on this action that many feel is an act of treason. China is all over Silicon Valley working with other U.S companies.  They have spies galore.

Much of this information is being exposed by Pay Pal founder and venture capitalist Peter Theil. He knows Google is the world wide leader in technology.  This nightmare is like a U.S. company helping the Japanese during World War ll.  Google’s dealings is likened to the Manhattan Project during our WW ll. (The Manhattan Project was building the atomic bomb that ended the war with Japan.)  Economic advisor for President Trump, Larry Kudlow affirmed  this recently as well as Thiel.

America is still ahead in technology, but not by much. Many in Silicon Valley think it’s crazy what Google is doing.  It’s an open secret tech war.  One has to wonder does the world really want Red China dominating the world?   Making things worse, Google sets up their responses on the internet always favoring the leftist slant.  Normally they want the site request answer always giving “top billing” to liberal point of view. Sophisticated studies now showing they can and do swing millions of votes to their preferred persuasion.

So just how did this all come about?  It began under the Nixon/Reagan era when their administrations feared the Soviet Union, now Russia, with their nuclear arsenal, more than China.  China was considered a lesser threat. But, how did it get to the present situation?  Google has always been a very liberal company. And they hired primarily liberal people who at present have become radicalized.  Most believe Google thinks of their company as a globalist entity.  Not a USA company. They have become isolated in their success with minimal interest in the outside world. At least that’s the innocent version.  They may also be thinking it is inevitable China, now putting military bases all over the world, will eventually obtain what they offer through the back door anyway, so why not turn it over now. If ever there was dumb justification of what they are doing that’s it. A truly sorry excuse.

This is a terrible state of affairs.  Any wonder why the President is so adamant in his trade war with these people.  So what can any  of us do?  Three possibilities. 1. Spread the word to as many others as possible. Many won’t believe it, but do your best. 2. Do not vote for these radical Democrat candidates.  It’s clear to anyone what their ambitions amount to. 3. If you own stock in Google (alphabet) sell it.  Yours truly already has done so. America is at a cross roads of civil unrest and radical views to change the USA into something it was never intended to become.  Or as Obama put it…”to remake America.”   Love him or hate him, President Trump is the one President with the courage to fight this radical take over. He’s reminiscent to what President Truman used to say…”I don’t give em’ hell. I just tell em’ the truth and they think it’s hell.”

New Democrat Poll Results

From Quinnipiac polling August 1-August 5: Dem. Voters only

Biden…32%…Warren 21%…Sanders 14%…Harris 7%…Buttigieg 5%    Nobody else over 2%.  Harris major decline due to last debate performance.

Not A Winner In The Bunch

Things have gotten so bad for the Dem.’s, Michael Moore is pleading for Michelle Obama to run.  She has said no way. Let’ see if we have this straight. The top four agree…it’s agreed no criminality or Mexican border wall…free health care for all illegals (pushing for a lawyer for them also) and billions for clean air because we all know we are going to be under water in 10 to 20 years.  And take health care away from all in favor government health care. 85% of Americans are pleased with their healthcare plans mostly from where they work.  It’s all laughable.  That is some platform to run on.

Does anyone really think it’s a good idea for the USA to spend billions on an unproven case of man made global warming.  Think of it…will China, with their 1 billion 420 million people, spend what these candidates want to spend to stop global warming…or Russia…or India and the rest of the world. Never.  So anything America would spend would be a “spit in the ocean” on the problem. Assuming scientists will prove conclusively that man is creating global warming. So “the sky is falling” theory of global warming has to wait indefinitely.

The Democrat debates have shown there are mainly four unelectable candidates for President. Bernie Sanders is nothing more than a blowhard demagogue socialist millionaire. He’s mainly a distraction spouting the same old same old.  Elizabeth Warren is meaner than a “junkyard dog” with even more giveaways. Forgive all college debts plus all of the above. She’s the best debater and smarter with even more radical plans most American’s want no part of.  Joe Biden even forgot his own website that seeks donation money.  He was a little better fighting off his multiple attackers.  But, he stumbled his words haltingly early in debate II.  It’s obvious he has not the strength nor the ability, not a clue, of what he is trying to do.  He is somewhere between Obama and a radical. He’s working on figuring it out. And then we have Kamela Harris who Democrat faithfuls were putting their money on.  Problem came up.  Her record as a California prosecutor.  Hid evidence…jailed people for marijuana abuses then laughed on her own usage… wouldn’t allow DNA testing until pressure made her finally cave. More sure to come.

The Democrat’s are desperate. They want rid of Trump so badly they will do anything. And they already have done most everything with a two year investigation that wasted 31 million dollars. Plus it appears the Justice Dept. is moving in on the plan so many illegally concocted from Hillary Clinton, the FBI, State Dept and the CIA to launch the ridiculous Russian Hoax against President Trump.  Keep an eye for if and when a grand jury is summoned.  Now that their last hoax failed they have turned to racism.  They like this one better because they don’t have to prove it. A new poll show it’s failing.

There’s about 15 months before the next Presidential election. Forget all polls.  Hillary Clinton was shoo in to become President all the way to election day.  Polls are always weighted towards Democrat’s.  It will be women, 57% anti Trump, and Independents who will decide the next President.  A lot can happen in 15 months.  But, it’s going to take a near disaster during that time (or a new unannounced candidate) to unseat the President.  He is heavily financed, organized well in all States, volunteers everywhere and he is one helava tireless campaigner.  In 2016 he received more Black votes than McCain and Romney combined. He is good at it because he is clear in his pronouncements and one of the best communicators we have had since Ronald Reagan.  Like him or hate him, he knows how to get through to people. He’s a natural at it. With all his faults, his accomplishments are huge.  He understands how America works and he knows his way dealing with foreign leaders.  He’s been doing it all his life. Plus…he knows how to destroy political opponents.  Pocahontas anyone?

Post Debate: Dem’s Big Four

Joe Biden survived. Attacked from all sides and handled himself better, but certainly no major gain.  Who else but Biden would approach opponent Kamela Harris at hand shake time pre debate and say…”Take it easy on me kid.”

After watching two nights of Democrat’s competing for a Presidential nomination, it’s pretty clear it boils down to four contenders for now. All four are Senators. Governors, typically, make the best Presidents (or a smart worldly knowledgeable businessman) because they have administrative experience.  Governors have to make the final decisions call.  Senators do not.

Let’s take a review of the supposed big four contenders. Ex VP Joe Biden is a good decent man. But over a long career he has never shown the smarts to become a President. It’s his third attempt. Once he withdrew a run because of plagerism. Defense Secretary for three Presidents, Robert Gates said of Biden, in his book and on television, “Biden has never made a smart foreign policy proposal ever.”  At age 76 now, 78 if elected, he simply has the ambition but not the mental clarity of a good decision maker. Plus, his ideology at this time is all over the place. It’s nebulous where he stands on today’s matters. Simply not really fit for all mentioned reasons.

Elizabeth Warren appears to be the best debater.  Combative as they come. And smart. She thinks well on her feet. But her extreme views on most every subject indicates most American’s will find her hard to support.  Open borders?   Sure, why not.  No punishment for illegals plus let’s give them all free health care.  She wants to forgive all college debt. And, of course, her Medicare for all proposal won’t ever fly.  There is no way hard fought union contracts for the best health care plans for workers will give them up for government coverage. We’ve been all through that before.  95% of all seniors like their Medicare plan as is now. Plus, 85% of American’s like their private health care plan.  She has no concept as to how America built the highest standard of living the world has ever seen. And, she is a proven liar as to being Native American used to get into college and related matters. She comes off mean and too angry…unlikeable.  Elizabeth Warren is simply unelectable.

Senator Bernie Sanders has become a blowhard demogue. He’s of the same ideology as  Warren. Aren’t you tired of his arms waving and shouting the same old same old? His appeal very limited. Mostly to college educated youth and Caucasians. His time has come and gone.  He has campaign money and leftover support from 2016 to keep him in the race. But, no chance at the nomination.

Senator Kamela Harris is the best of the four.  She had a weak debate Wednesday. Got challenged and lost some of her edge.  However, she is more appealing to the masses because of smarts, a minority and a good talker/campaigner. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich agrees with jacksjargon that she is the likely Democrat nominee for President.  Winning it is about gaining the necessary delegates. From California, she has that huge delegate count. Plus minorities will vote for her in mass. The Carolina’s and the South and States with heavy minority counts will back her over the other three.  She is another who wants to rid American’s of their health care plan with her ten year phase out plan for government run health care.  She tries to gloss over this issue, but it’s clear and big government is what she is about. But, she’ll appeal to many who care nothing of her plans. Won’t know of her plans. They’ll vote for her because of what she is.  And forget about strong border control.

More than likely the Democrat convention will be a brokered convention.  Meaning nobody will have enough delegates come that time. There will be deals made and roll call votes. Likely Cory Booker will throw his delegates to her when he knows he is kaput.  The extreme left controls her Party and she would be the ideal compromise candidate.

So how will Sen. Kamela Harris do against President Trump?  The women’s vote will be a key. 57% are anti Trump. That’s based upon not liking his style. Plus Harris would be the first female President. That’s appealing to many.  However, come one on one debate time the uninformed voters will learn how well the Country has done under four years of President Trump. Real wage income up 4% just this year.  More people are working now than ever before.  Lowest unemployment ever for Blacks, Hispanics and Asians.  Lowest for women in 67 years. ISIS stopped chopping heads off.  The economy still booming thanks to Trump cutting business regulations and his major tax cut for business and American’s.  It’s laughable Obama had anything to do with it. He was anti business.  Who else but Trump would have the guts to  tell NATO leaders pay up. “American’s are tired of being the piggy bank for the world ” and they are paying . Economy growth during Obama’s eight years was not close to Trump..  Plus, the incumbent President always has an advantage.  Men will be for Trump. And women will have to choose between success or style.   And don’t forget, immigration is the number one issue to all American’s.  75% back the President on this key issue.  Harris?  Awe let ’em all come in…free health care she has raised her hand for on camera.  She’ll back off that during a campaign.  But commercial footage will remind everyone.  Success breeds success. It’s hard to see American’s turning away from it.  And President Trump is an energizer bunny and terrific campaigner.   Success is more important than style.  Most American’s will agree.

Robert Mueller Appears Wednesday

Every time  the Democrat’s bring up the unsubstantiated conspiracy or obstruction of justice charges accusing President Trump, all the Republican’s need to do is repeat this question “Do you stand by your statement (to Robert Mueller) that this report does not conclude the President committed a crime?”  Point made from former President W. Bush advisor Karl Rove. Spot on from Karl.

Here we are over two years later with Democrat’s still trying to make something out of nothing from the useless Special Counsel Robert Mueller report. Rather than doing something for our Country, like our border mess, the Democrat’s dig their grave deeper.  They are thrilled and ready to try and get the appearance of Mueller Wednesday before Congressional Committees to somehow come up with something (anything) to charge President Trump with a crime either to impeach him or lay ground work for charges to be brought against when he leaves office. It is a complete waste of time because it will be virtually impossible  to remove him from office.  Needing 66 conviction votes in the Senate to convict, with 53 Republicans, that simply is not going to happen. President Trump stays put.

Reportedly the Congressional Democrat’s have been rehearsing with Mueller as to his Wednesday testimony.  So what?  What’s gauling about this entire episode is Robert Mueller put a haze over his report by saying he could not recommend charges because a President cannot be charged (indicted) while he remains in office. He’s lying.  During President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, where actual crimes were committed, Special Counsel Ken Starr brought charges to the Department of Justice. That’s the point of a Special Counsel.  Whether to bring charges or not.  Then the Justice Dept. decides what to do with those charges. Mueller took this route because he wanted to leave an opening for nonsense like this Wednesday in front of Congressional Party hacks. Mueller and his team of all liberal Hillary Clinton supporter attorneys were disappointed they found no wrong doing so Mueller came up with this vagueness aura.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must be ready (internally) to throw up her hands and say to hell with it all.  She wants no impeachment because she knows it will damage chances for Democrat’s to hold power in the House of Representatives and for her to retain Speakership.  Plus she has this “Squad” team of immature nutcases providing the worst premise of proposals she knows is the death nell for her Party.

Meanwhile President Trump continues to battle the “Squad” because he wants them to remain in front of the public.  Their approval rating is anywhere from 9 to 14%.  With a plethora of errors, Trump’s political instincts remain intact.

Only die hard Democrats and no nothing voters could possibly back this monstrosity.   But, auh oh…I’ve laid the ground work for to be called racist.

Joe Biden is washed up!

New polls tell the story here. But, we didn’t need polls to tell us Joe Biden is through as a candidate. Post debate poll from CNN: Biden 22%…Kamela Harris 17%…Elizabeth Warren 15%…Bernie Sanders 14%…Pete Buttigieg 4%.    Another poll from Iowa.  Iowa is the first State to have a meaningful showing being a caucus State.  Biden 24%…Kamela Harris 16%…Elizabeth Warren 14%…Bernie Sanders 9%.  Might as well throw Crazy Bernie in the garbage heap with Biden.   Nobody else over 3%.  Buttigieg will likely drop out just when I finally remember how to spell his name. But, he is raising money.

With Biden he is simply one gaffe or mistake after the other.  “I was never against bussing.” Nonsense. He is now on video shown on the news saying he is against bussing years ago. When is the last time you saw a candidate for President in a debate suddenly say…”My time is up.” Stopped mid sentence.? Senior moment?   Lost chain of thought?  Who knows.  It’s anybody guess with Biden.  Politicians next to never quit talking during their time in a debate. Oh, but there’s much more since the debate.  Speaking in Seattle to an audience Biden made comment that things have really changed for the better in the past five years.  “Five years ago there would be snide remarks about a gay person.”  Trouble is Seattle elected a gay Mayor five years ago.  Not to be out done.  Biden declared kids “in hoodies” may grow up to be something really special. Ah oh…Cory Booker fumed referring to kids in hoodies normally refers to Black kids. And this is all in the last few weeks.  Memory lane Biden comments would have you laughing a good while.

Bernie Sanders fading fast as predicted.  Same old same old.  Old news.  Others have picked up the baton much better.  Before the next round of Democrat debates a candidate must have at least 130,000 proven donors.   Booker doesn’t…Castro doesn’t.  Might be down to ten or less next contest.

Kamela Harris is off to a good start.  However, she made a critical blunder she is still trying to live down.   She raised her hand when all were asked in favor of health care for illegals. She’s the best of the bunch.  Being from California she will garner huge delegate votes.

When watching both nights of the first Democrat debates, jacksjargon kept thinking….of the millions of Democrats in America…is this the best they can do?  In an atmosphere of anger, “pie in the sky” giveaway programs and condemnation of President Trump, this is going to give us the next President of the United States.   Fuddgetaboutit.

Brief look at Wednesday debates

NBC pushed the candidacy of Elizabeth Warren by asking her the first four questions. Among other comments she tried to convince Americans that they need to drop their company health plans, many of which are Cadillac plans, and go on government doles. Losing position.

Democrats favor open borders.  Merely want better care for illegals breaking our laws. Losing remark.  Three candidates pandering to Hispanics by speaking Spanish.  Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio did it to no avail.  Bedo O’Roarke appeared lost. Unprepared. Major loser.  Cory Booker saved his candidacy by not bringing up how much he favors reparations for Afro Americans.

And trying to convince Americans how bad the current economy is for small business and average people in general is absolute nonsense to the point of being silly.  Optimism reigns  for small business, we have the lowest unemployment ever for Blacks and Hispanics, we have essentially full employment in the USA, wages went up 10% last year…highest increase in decades and unemployment claims lowest in a decade. Only an ignoramus would believe these  Democrats.  Nobody on that Wednesday stage has a chance of being President.